Ready for my Breast Lift and Rounder Booty! Back to Monterey, MX

I am 29 years old and mother of three boys. After...

I am 29 years old and mother of three boys. After weight changes and nursing even for a short time I think my breast say HELP! Already blessed with a DD to DDD depending on bra I think gravity took a major road trip on these boobies! Soon to be 30 this is my last time I hope getting cosmetic surgery. This is my little gift to myself to get my sexy back. I'm 5'ft 5'in and 170 alil thick and love my curves. Last year went to MX for my extended tummy tuck lipo on sides and thighs. Schedualed to go back on March 8th 2012. Me and three girls are going to the wonderfull Dr. Rojas. I will be finally getting my breast lift, touch up on my tummy from tt last year and fat put on my booty! I am nervous and excited but know Im in good hands.

Well only nine more days and Im headed back to get...

Well only nine more days and Im headed back to get my tt upper abdomen touch up, breast lift, and fat on booty! Please say your prayers for me and keep in touch. I am nervous but I guess because I was in pain last time with tt and Dr Rojas dosent give good pain meds. I have alittle from my Dr home was wondering if I can bring them with me? The worst part is the first two to three days though. I know I can do it.

Well one more week left and I will be in MX! I am...

Well one more week left and I will be in MX! I am nervous but ready! Dr. Rojas can make me cute for the summer.

Well ladies pray for me and wish me luck! Today I...

Well ladies pray for me and wish me luck! Today I will be in Moterrey MX!

Well seen my doctor today! Im excited because he...

Well seen my doctor today! Im excited because he is doing the lipo on my tummy and thighs again with no charge. Im getting the breast lift and fat put on my booty! Today is Friday and Im going in Sunday!

Well here I go! Today is my big day. In one hour I...

Well here I go! Today is my big day. In one hour I will be going into surgery. Getting a small TT revision, breast lift, lipo on thighs and neck or chin. Also a rounder booty! Keep me in your prayers I will be updating with pics before and after soon!

Well today is day three for me post op! Woohoo!...

Well today is day three for me post op! Woohoo! The first few days are the worst by far. I stayed in the hospital the first night. Had my tt touched up with lipo and Dr. pulled alittle more skin down in my mid low tummy. I finally got rid of my hangers! The big boibies that were ruined by nursing and loosing weight! I love the way my news ones look so far. I think I will end up a C or D cup. The pain is not so bad! I am glad to say that. My butt is nice and round and also I am swollen so to soon to say how I will look when Im done recovering! I took pictures but this website seems to be giving me a hard time. I will try again. Cant wait till my lipo spots stop draining! Well I hope everyone is doing well. Keep me in your prayers!

Well Im now one month and a few days post op! Got...

Well Im now one month and a few days post op! Got to say I love the new boobies! Im still not sure of my bra size because the right breast is slightly swollen . I think I will try a couple of my bras on though and see. He didn't take off to much breast tissue mainly extra skin and sag. I love the round full look the doctor gave me. It looks as if I have implants alittle but I don't. Mabey when they settle more they will look more natural. My right areola is taking alittle longer to fully heal. The left breast is doing really good! Hope everyone is doing well with great heling. Oh and my booty is great. Nice and round Dr Rojas did lipo on my low back to make the booty stick out more. It looks great but still have swell days. He also touched up my tummy with lipo. Last year was my tummy tuck and he does lipo of upper abs after recovery so I have swelling that area on and off. Wish I could figure out why I cant upload pics. The website sent me a email to delete cookies but when I did still cant upload pics! Any suggestions?
Dr. Rojas

I got to say I have a great Dr. he is honest and takes his time. Most Dr.'s dont take the time that we would like to get. He is now in a new hospital right next to the one I was in last year. It is very nice. A lot of the same nurses were there and even remember me.

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Are you going to post pics? Glad everything went well for you.
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Hello everyone updating since surgery Im at my five month mark. Breast look great and tummy even tighter. I still get alittle swelling if I get any salty foods or exercise a lot. Most of all I love my butt!!!!!!! How is everyone else doing
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Thanks for the update! So glad you are loving your new body...and booty!!
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Oh ok I do have a tablet. That must be it. Thank you how are you doing?
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I'm doing great Faith! I'm constantly amazed at what a change the surgery has made in my every day life. I hit my goal this week with my time on the treadmill, so now I will step up to the next stage of preparing for a 5K this summer...that never would have happened without the surgery. I am fully recovered from the lipo, just waiting another month to see if any more swelling goes down and then we will determine if the PS is going to do any more or a slight excision of breast tissue to get me reduced a bit further, but no matter where I end up I am OK with it. Even though I'm bigger than I hoped to be, I am so happy with the changes that I could never regret it.

Glad you are feeling so well and hope you can get those pictures posted!
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I'm not sure why the pictures won't upload. I always just did it from the update review section and attached them there. Are you using a computer or a phone or tablet? I've heard that some people have problems if they are using their phone/tablet.
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I am trying to figure out why I cant post pics. I guess I have to delete cookies according to realself.
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Hello Dear, Do you have any Pre and Post Op Pics? I hope that u are healing well!!
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So happy you are doing well and can't wait to see your pictures!
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You've got it Faith! Can't wait to hear from you!
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Good luck on the 12th, Faith! Hope all goes well. Let us know!
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Pregnancy and nursing can take a huge toll on your body and I totally get why you're having this done. Thanks so much for sharing your story so far on RealSelf. I hope you'll keep us posted!

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