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I am not sure whether to have lipo or not. I saw a...

I am not sure whether to have lipo or not. I saw a surgeon and he told me that if I did I would get cellulite. I'd love a flat belly but not sure if having cellulite will make me any happier than I am with what I have right now? Not sure how bad the cellulite will be. Really wanted it done before...
Thanks for sharing on RealSelf.  I've never heard of someone getting cellulite from lipo.  Was he talking about rippling and that it would look like cellulite?  Just curious.  You look pretty thin and I've heard of rippling being a risk when there isn't a lot of fat to remove.  

What do you think you are going to do?  
The surgeon said that I have cellulite in my upper abdomen (I've never noticed it before to be honest, and I am quite critical of myself so it suprised me. There is slight dimpling when I bend over and crease my belly which must be cellulite but standing up it doesn't show). The surgeon said that my cellulite doesn't show at the moment because I am like a balloon with the fat under the skin smoothing my belly out and he said if the fat is taken away all of the imperfections will be much more prominent and that cellulite will be visible. I asked if he coul show me pictures of women who have had the same problem but he said no because he could either put me off having it done when actually be a lucky one and not get it as bad as te person in te photo or maybe get it worse than te photo and then say that they didn't tell me it would be that bad. I felt it was a bit of a cop out cos now I have no idea how bad e thinks the cellulite could be!!! I did research and there I such a big range I just can't cage it. I have asked for a second opinion so hopefully when I see another surgeon I might get more answers.... I'm also considering trying fat freezing and cavitation instead but have seen very mixed reviews. A friend had it done and loves the results but I've seen a lot of reviews saying it didn't work.
It will be interesting to see what the second doctor says and if they agree about the cellulite.  Definitely let us know!

Fat Freezing and Cavitation

I think I am going to take a noninvasive approach and try fat freezing and cavitation first. If there are no results then I will turn to lipo.
I still have an appointment with another surgeon for the lipo so I will go along and see what is said. The first surgeon put me off a bit saying I would have bad visible cellulite if I have lipo.
Benefits of fat freezing and cavitation are that it doesn't make cellulite worse.
I will update on progress...
I would go for Fat freezing and Cavitation since you don't have much to lose on you abs.
Thanks for Your comment. I went for fat freezing and am already starting to see results. I will post a picture in a couple of weeks
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