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Suddenly Slender Body Wrap - Waste of Time and Money - Reading, PA

I wanted to firm up for a beach vacation - so I...

I wanted to firm up for a beach vacation - so I researched the body wrap systems and read that most experiences were positive as far as losing inches. So I went, and was totally disappointed. It took approximately 2 hours. I was wrapped in ace bandages soaked in some kind of mineral solution. Then I was placed on a "Gizelle" exercise machine for three 15 minute sessions, being "basted" in between with the solution. It was somewhat uncomfortable,quishy liquid coming down my legs, plastic bags on my hands and feet to collect the fluid, hobbling back and forth swaddled in bandages. It would have all been worth it had it worked! I noticed absolutely no change. My clothes fit just the same. I did not seem any firmer. Complete waste of time and money.

I love these wraps. I look totally different around my waist especially. My hubby loves my new waistline.
Sadly you were not educated in the wrap process. I personally owned and operated a Suddenly Slender for 5 years and never promoted it as a fat loss method but to assist in weight loss. It contains minerals, elements the body can metablize. The body releases impurities to make room to hold onto the minerals. The compression of the wrap reshapes the body. I had the majority of the clients lose 1 - 2 inches off their waist in one wrap. The record was 9 inches in one wrap off of one ladys waist and a total of 29 inches with all her measurments added together. She had no belt and had to walk out holding up her pants. I always gaurenteed results, if the clients didn't achieve a minimum inch lose we got them back in for a free wrap. Sometimes the body needs a little more to respond to the minerals. I no longer work in this industry and have nothing to gain by supporting it. I only speak of my experience as a former owner.
I have been using It Works Body Wraps and I am losing inches. If there was a miracle body wrap out there, then these are it. It also reduced the visibility of my stretch marks. I am excited at the results I am seeing.
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Whole procedure was a waste of money

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