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Friday, Feb 11 2011, I had Lasik surgery on both...

Friday, Feb 11 2011, I had Lasik surgery on both eyes. The surgery was painless and the recovery was painless.
The following day I had a follow up visit and the doc said everything was healing fine. I was not 20/20 and I had blurred vision. The rest of the weekend, there wasn't much improvement and I was non-functional thinking that I made a huge mistake.

I ended up calling the doctor in Sunday night because I was so upset,because I just needed some reassurance. He assured me that the surgery was a success and healing takes time.

Monday morning, I received a call from the doc office and his assistant explained to me that each person heals differently, and I am among the 10% that do not see immediate results, but will with time.

Today I have seen improvements and am 100% functional. My vision is clearing up for both far and near, although I am temporary wearing reading glasses until my eye completely adjust.

It was a rough weekend, but I am thinking positively that this will work out for the best.
Right now, I will have to mark my review as undecided but I have a feeling, it will be worth it.


Hi Golfaz,

Welcome to the Lasik community. The same situation happened to my best friend except she kind of was blind for two months, and was really worried she two made the wrong decision. Her doctor told her the same thing as your's told you about being the small percentage that it takes time on. After that two months her vision came back and after I believe 6 everything was perfect and she had 20/20 vision. So, since it sounds like you and her are very similar in the healing based on her experience I have all the faith in the world everything will turn out great for you. Please keep us posted.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Thank you so much for the reply. You are kind.
It was a horrible weekend, but I do have the faith.


Keeping the faith is really all you can probably do right now, but that's a good thing :)

Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011. Wasn't much...

Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011.

Wasn't much improvement today. I am back to worrying. As of right now, I wish I wouldn't have had the Lasik surgery.

I did have a post-op yesterday and he continues to tell me that things are healing normally. He said time will heal.

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Monday, Feb 21. My vision has improved since last...

Monday, Feb 21.
My vision has improved since last week. Slowly, but have improved.
Still see halo's and star bursts, and eyes are still blurry, although a little less.
I have been reading articles and it appears that patience and time is what I need most right now.
I will remain optimistic for now.

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July 24, 2011. I had my follow-up eye exam with...

July 24, 2011.

I had my follow-up eye exam with the surgeon and healing is going as planned. My vision improved from my last visit, and most side effects are gone. I still have dryness in the morning, but it has decreased.

At this point, my vision is the same as what it was with contacts/glasses, so I am satisfied. My healing took much longer than most people, and it was very scary for the first few months. The Dr was right, everyone heals differently.

My next appointment is in 6 months and will post a follow up.

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It has been over a year now. My eyes have healed...

It has been over a year now. My eyes have healed and my distance vision is great. I do need reading glasses for some smaller print but I don't mind.

Now that I am recovered, I am glad I had it done.


I am having very similar symptoms, my left eye is clear (aside from some bothersome glare peripherally under unnatural light) and my right eye is far from it. At my one week post-op he said it was -1.5 and I may need an enhancement/contact. Was your blurriness this severe before it got better? I am 26 years old and really didn't expect to have difficulty with healing.... feeling very down.
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It was a struggle for me to say the least. I couldn't even read a street sign. Halos around any kind of light and just overall low quality vison. I panicked and thought I had ruined my eyes but in weeks and even months it improved. For whatever reason, my eyes healed super slow. I can tell you that I was depressed over it. Today all is well and I have had no issues. Hang in there
I concur with everyone who said it sometimes takes a while to heal. I'm 1+ year post op and my eyesight is very good. I went through periods of seeing better and seeing worse, but after about 3 months my eyesight evened out. I do need "cheaters" for up-close reading, but I'm ok with that occasional need (I'm 45, it comes with the territory!) . Good luck, Sarahfv!!!
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