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I'm 30 yrs old. 8 years ago I was a 32A and...

I'm 30 yrs old. 8 years ago I was a 32A and decided to get saline implants placed under the muscle. It was 225cc. I went to a 34c. For 2 years ago I have noticed my left breast has a large dimple & there is rippling. Doesn't hurt, and now 6 months after giving birth to by daughter, my left breast is a D cup while my right has remained a C. I do breast feed, but even with a shirt on after breastfeeding there is a noticeable difference. I scheduled my 1st consultation with Dr. Brian Reedy for 3/10/14. So far the office staff, Stephanie was very friendly which is comforting. We scheduled for Mar bc I'm still breastfeeding and to do the procedure I have to be "dry". I'm so nervous, I'm leaning mostly to remove them, simply because the idea of having these in my body no longer appeals to me and I just feel uncomfortable. I got them done @ a time I really didn't know who I was, and felt I would feel better about myself and now after life experiences, I find myself wishing I hadn't done it. So I'm just hear sharing my journey and hoping to find some comfort and encouragement from you fine ladies...

Got my op notes and pics

So I contacted my original dr. Dr Keith Berman of Staten Island NY. I do recall he was an awesome surgeon! Anyways, I got my opnotes and pictures from before and after my surgery. I had Allergan saline moderate profile 270-300cc under the muscle filled at 325ml for both right & left. It was done nearly 8 years ago. 1. It is a shock to see my little babies. I used to call them Mary Kate & Ashley lol as the girls were super young and twins then lol!!! So different to see them after 8 years and it makes me nervous because they have obviously stretched a bit. My biggest fear is removing them and being super stretched out and saggy. :-((( I know I have a while before my decision but I so don't want to redo them and am desperately hoping they are gonna bounce back. I'm gonna take a shot from below laying down so you see the dimple on the left boob better.

Consultation moved up!

So Dr. Reedy's office contact me today about moving the consult to 2/24/14. Excited to be able to consult with the Dr sooner than later.. Still super nervous but I really feel I'm going the right direction. I'm excited to soon be explant free. :-)

After consultation! Confused...

Had my consult with Dr Reedy this am. He's awesome knowledgable and very friendly. I went in KNOWING I wanted to have these suckers removed. Yet, after leaving I find myself questioning. Will I really be happier? What are the pro's and con's? Replacing them pros: my shape stays the same, they will feel more natural, no rippling, bra size stays the same. Cons: still unnatural, possible revision on 10-20 or even 30 years & $6900 fee. Removing them pros: back to being natural, no necessary revisions down the road. Cons: $4500 fee, although natural possibly saggy, small again.. Neither list can tell me if I'll be happier... I'm happy with myself as is, and don't think my boobs play a role but what if they do? Ugh... So difficult... I'm giving myself until the end of this week to make a decision. Either route I go I'd much rather get it done by April. Hmpf... Anyone have any suggestions for my confused state?

After more consideration

So after more than 12 hours after my consult. I felt like all the original reasons for my wanting my implants out, scream out to me above any reason to keep them or redo them. So after the consideration, I'm still deciding to remove them. I might visit a few different drs offices to determine if I'm making the right choice. I hear wonderful things about my dr but one can never be too safe when it comes to their body. I don't want to side tracked from my decision. I just want to be understood and continue my journey to being natural.

2nd Consult Scheduled

So after much deliberation and a good nights sleep, plus paying attention to my inner voice, my decision hasn't changed. Removing the implants is still my goal! Fear did set in but it will pass and I'll probably get scared again but I know no matter what removing them is what I want. I just want to be sure with the Dr I'm choosing. I scheduled my consult with Dr Johnny Chung for 3/10/14.

2nd Consult

Despite not having the best week being at 2 different drs appointments for unrelated issues and for some reason feeling super exhausted... And getting some sort of bug over the weekend, I'm at my 2nd consult hoping this is it and I can book my surgery date.

April 3rd, 2014

Set my appoint for 4/3/14 for the removal of these balloons. Dr Chung was very easy going and didn't try up selling me on the newest and the best implant replacement. He asked why I wanted them out and that was that. He was really easy to talk to and said we can do local anesthesia as the capsules are fine, but left the choice up to me. He explain incision location would be same place I had them (aureolas) and they would pop the implant and then remove. I chose no cocktail (mixture of Vicodin & something else). No talk of needing drains. Total cost $2480 w/o anesthesia or $2900 with.

Should I push the surgery date? How did you feel 1-2 weeks post op?

I have a vacation planned for 4/18/14-4/27/14 - nothing crazy just going to Disney World. So... Now I'm having thoughts that I should move it to after the vaca. With 2 weeks basically between the time I have the surgery and actually go on vacation. What is your opinion? Aahh... I really want to get this done. I have an 8 mth old and I do plan on getting on rides. I haven't asked my dr yet which I should probably do....

Decided I'm just going for it 4/3/14

9 days to go before I get my implants removed. I'm starting to get super nervous... Bah! Trying not to think of the what ifs and just be excited that I'm getting them out! They are part of a very emotional past that I can never forget but by ridding myself of them I hope to reduce the amount of times I have feelings of regret and hopefully be symbolic of getting rid of that part of my past..

2.75 days left!

I can't believe it's almost here.... So nervous but excited, I've been looking online for bralette's. Never really enjoyed bra's but looking forward to being small and bralette's, I dunno seem sexy to me especially bc there's so many varieties. Anyone using them, after explanting?

1 hr 45 mins to go

My stomach hurts I'm so nervous


Well here it is ladies! Dr Chung was amazing... We laughed and told stories during the surgery. He's a really good guy so was the assistant that was there. Soon as I got in the room, they had me undress top half only. Then I layed down and he marked my incision line about 1.5-2" where my original incision was (bottom part of the areole). Then he injected the local anesthesia whIch he said would pinch and burn but I didn't feel it much. Then he cut the incision n with that little lazer thingy to prevent a lot of bleeding be kept at each layer until he got to the impant. The right came out very easy, he stitched me back up and then went to work on the left. He said I was starting to develop capsule hardness but that it wasn't to all bad and I had scarring which is what caused the dimple in my left boob. Sooooo he did the same he did to the right but the pocket was a little tighter due to the capsule developing... He kept trying to get the stupid implant and bc it was smooth it kept just going back in! Lol... So funny bc at one point he was poking my rib and it tickled soooo much I kept laughing... Anyway, eventually he got the implant and I said... This one is probably gonna pop! Low and behold not even 1 minute after the implant burst and we all were sprayed with the saline. Lol! No worries it was cleaned up, he made sure there wasn't a piece of the implant inside of my breast cleaned it up and stitched it. Within 15 mins of that I was out the door. Craaaaaazy! But it was a good experience that I will never have to do again. None the less here are my little munchkins looking all sad and abused but he said it will take 3-6 mths for the skin to retract and said I'm ok to go on rollercoasters as long as nothing pulls on me and I can shower right away (thank goodness bc I have my boob water on me) and I can go to the beach and get in the water! Yaaaay! I'm very happy and am being very realistic these babes look sad right now but in the coming weeks are going to be so pretty and will bounce back slightly. And I'm ok with that because I'm natural. ;-)

Love dr chung!

So touching and really nice to get a phone call from Dr Chung. He asked how I was doing and recommended I take Tylenol to help with the coming discomfort. I absolutely was taken by that! That means a lot to me :-) I am starting to get discomfort though.

Less than 24 hrs Post Op

Not feeling to well. Pretty sore... Think I'm going to stay in today instead of what I originally wanted to do which is to to work. :-/ my left breast is more sore than the right. Probably because the ps fiddled around more in the left and that was the one that popped! So I think I'm going to rest. Here's a shot! I'm going to try to take 1 pick a day for 6 mths to see how it progresses and to show you all how it progresses.


Here's today's

3 Days Post Op

Still looking good and droopy! But they are so soft... I love my natural small boobies

4 Days Post Op

My incisions are sooo itchy OH MY WORD ! Otherwise feel good! Got some new sports/bralette's today. I had some medium ones and they don't seem to have enough compression to it. No big deal. Can't wait til the skins retracts. But good news my hubby actually said I looked sexy! And he likes the feel of the soft boobies


Oh 1 more in my bralette

Follow Up Appt

At my follow up appointment 6 days post Op! Feel great, doubt I'll get any bad news. Still itchy but what can ya do?

Vacation & Feeling free

So it's now about 18 days post op. I feel wonderful, have a little bit of scar tissue that's hardening but I'm massaging it according to dr's orders and can feel it getting smaller. Am in Disney, did a rollercoaster ride yesterday where the bars went over my chest. There was a gaping spacing between my chest and the bars (yaaaay, best feeling). I'm seeing slight improvement with the way the small tatas sit on my chest now, doesn't look as concave.

New update

Almost 4 weeks now. Noticing my right breast is higher n fuller than my left. Not sure if it's fluid build up or just my right progressing faster than the left. Well here are the snap shots.

More pics

More pics. Noticed if I where a more fitted shirt then my boobs look like they actually exist but other times id wear a looser shirt and I looked pretty flat. Lol oh wells stuff happens at least I'm all natural. The bathing suite had some serious padding so my boobs look bigger in it but I removed the padding, so now I look flatter but I find that more comfortable.

7 week Post Op

Hi, having been around in a while, had vaca and super busy since! But I have my latest pics, also saw Dr Chung on 5/21 and all is well, I haven't been massaging the scar tissue was still there so I have been hard at massaging it since. The swelling is going down, he states, that as I work out I will experience swelling and fluid build up. But that the fluid will be absorbed by my body naturally. AWESOME! They do look sad still but it's ok I love them! I even went running training for a 5k and boy the difference was amazing!
Reading Plastic Surgeon

So far the coordinator Stephanie was very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to meeting the dr and going from there. After meeting Dr Reedy for my consult. He was very nice, understanding of my desires and seemed to only want the best for me, he did recommend just replacing my implants with gel out of fear I may not be happy once they are removed. That left me a bit confused of what I really wanted but after a week of debating the end result was the same but I feared going back to him for fear the same thing would happen. So I decided to consult with another surgeon Dr. Chung of Allentown Aesthetic Associates. After meeting with him on 3/10, I really felt good about him as my surgeon. He asked why I wanted them removed but after hearing me didn't try to change my decision. That's really important to me! So he was my choice. I'm not saying Dr Reedy isn't good, but that was the one personal thing that drove my decision.

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you truly have great results.
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you look great. I think you look happy and healthy! God bless. This inspires me. I have to save up $. I am thinking of doing a fundraiser. :)
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I still think you look beautiful!
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Thanks! I don't dislike them lol they are awesome :-)
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Mine are out now and looks like I'm going to be pretty small too, but I think I'm going to love them:)
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I think you look wonderful! Mine came out six days ago, and I'm SO happy. I'm wearing a sz S shirt right now that I would never have worn before. For the first time in 20 years, I feel trim and proportionate. I hope I don't get too involved with the day-to-day or even week-to-week changes. Right now, I'm just enjoying being natural, soft, and looking SO much better in clothes. xoxoxo!
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Thank you & I'm glad your recovery is going well. I think your right best thing to do is not focus on the day to day but just be happy :-)
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You look amazing ! Did you get the capsules out ? I seem to be small like you , just wondering as my capsules were taken out , perhaps that's why I'm a more droopy ! :) but I love them so much ! Natural soft ! Petite is definitely beautiful , love the way clothes fit so elegantly ! love that ...the Audrey Hepburn style with the petite frame .. Love your pic in black and white! You look amazing ! Keep your head up high! And be proud to be natural and comfortable just the way you are the unique you not the way society try's to conform and control women. Soft hugs xxxx :)
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Hi! Thanks sue! I did not have the capsules out, he said there was no need too. My left is currently droopier than my right but I might retaining fluid in my right. Well see soon
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You look amazing regardless ! Not even noticeable in the pics , I think being in this and with my own breasts , I don't think two breasts every look identical , my both seem different shape , my right seems droopier but then that was the one that was harder when I had implants and larger , and I think more capsular contraction ( skin thickening ) , but in saying that prior to implants my bitu breasts were different shape , and I was a 34A in right breast and 34AA in left breast. Anyway not too bothered now how I look as long as I have those toxic bags out I'm happy :) Can you still get fluid in your breasts ? At your stage ? You are about 3 months post op? I thought it was more in the early days ... It may not be fluid , maybe just needs firming up , you could try Aloe Vera gel , I use it every day xxxx :) soft hugs
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Actually I'm a little over a month post op. So I guess it's possible at any point. I did have sooooome capsular contraction in my left boob so the dr said it was a great idea to do it now and even with the little bit he found still said there was no need to remove it. Which is fine by me bc he said that could make me look droopier. Just gonna give it time. :-)
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Time and patience is a great healer , you are doing just fine the way you are ! Mine was complete removal of capsules but I'm really happy with that , glad nothing is left behind and I'm really happy with the way I look ! :) xxxx Happy healing xxxxx :)
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Yes I think you look amaziiiing!
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You are such a lucky lady! You have my ideal outcome after an explant. I'm so happy for you! : )
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Thanks! It can happen for anyone as long as you have a good n honest surgeon. :-) I expected much worse although my left boob has the dent I was worried about but whatever's no loss since it's the same dent I've been living with for years
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You have such an adorable family! The B&W photo is like out of a magazine - you look fantastic! :-)
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Aww thanks! My hubby is a photographer so that's his work. :-) altho the subjects weren't too bad. Lol
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By the way, how is your sensation now that you're a few weeks out? I'm still debating having them out through my original incision (aerola) vs. having them removed from the fold. My biggest fear is losing the sensation I've regained - but my doctor seems to think either way should be fine.
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I never lost sensation when I got them in and it was the same getting them out immediately had sensation once the numbing wore off. :-)
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Lucky duck!
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You give me hope as I am thinking about removing mine as well and a year later getting fat transfer to my boobs for a little full ness.
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I'm glad I could be of help. It is just my opinion but I would just let it be. I definitely don't think they will be what they once were, but to be honest over time out boobs have a natural lack of elasticity and especially if we have had children. Some are luckier than others :-). But whatever you do just think of the main reason why your doing it... :-)
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You are beautiful & look fantastic!!! Your natural boobs got your body & you do not look flat!!! I go for my deflation Monday..... Emotions are all over the place, but I know I want them out & will just have to deal with the outcome of how they look.
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Thank you so much! I don't look flat in the tighter shirts but naturally if I wear a medium size it hides my tatas a bit more lol
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You will get through the emotions. My recommendation is to def not think about how they look for the next 6 months. Especially for the first 2 weeks they look horrible but they get better
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