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I've always known I wanted breasts for as long as...

I've always known I wanted breasts for as long as I can remember. All the women in my family have fairly large breasts and starting my period at only 11 I figured it would happen for me. I was the first of all my friends to develop and even passed down my first bras to them only to quickly realize that was as big as I would ever get...a 32A..barely. I can even remember asking my mom when I was in middle school to get a boob job when I was old enough because even then I knew if they didn't come naturally that was what I wanted. I was always someone who wanted to have breasts and feel womanly and I've always been very much a girly girl. It was never a question of getting them it was a question of when. Ive never not worn a push-up bra every bra I own is a very sexy push-up bra including all sports bras and bathing suits.
I am a ballet dancer so it was a concern how big I would go because I still want to feel comfortable moving in leotard and doing all my moves. I wanted to stay around b/possibly a very small c cup. Oh I'm also pretty small at 5'1 115lbs I also figured if/when I need to replace them after I've had children then I can go for a bigger size ;)


Welcome! Congrats, you look great!
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5 days post op

so five days post op and I still have not been able to poop! I've been taking stool softeners since the day before surgery and still no luck I've tried coffee, juice, peaches, salad, red meat, and just about everything I can think of and nothing has helped so if anyone knows of anything or when I should start freaking out. I just think I'll feel so much better if I can get it out and I want to have an idea what my body proportions will end up looking like but my stomachs so full and sticking out I only unbutton my shirt dress i've been living in to look at my boobs lol

on a side note I'm so happy with my size I hope the muscle and upper pole fullness calms down but I hope the swelling doesn't shrink too much because I don't ant them much smaller :(


Have you tried any liquid laxatives? Sometimes they work better then the pills. Also walking will help, and if you're still on pain killers maybe try to take less if you can stand it. I didn't go until day 4. I would call your doctor and ask her when you should be concerned and if she has any suggestions for getting things moving. I really think that walking helped me the most. Your results are looking really great so far! I hope you find some relief soon!
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All of my bras we're the same! Push ups, ultra padding, etc. I opened my bra drawer the other day and realized I will no longer be wearing any of them!! You look great btw! Keep us updated! Oh and I was super bloated as well. I was able to go to the bathroom around day 4 with help of some coffee. I wish I could help you out! Maybe an enema? They sell them at Rite Aid and help clean you out if your "clogged up". I know its the last thing anyone wants to use, but its worked for me in the past and made me feel fresher haha
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Two weeks post op

So I tried to take a dance class today didn't get approval from my dr since it was impromptu. I'm not sure how quickly one is supposed to get back into exercise but it was definitely hard maybe because I went under the muscle my chest felt so tight and there was definite pain so I decided to sit out half way through and took some pain meds right when I got home and have been icing but now I'm afraid to go to the gym and do cardio since it felt hard to breath and I had pressure on the incisions which were under the boob so wondering how quickly everyone else went back into exercise routines???

On a side note kinda disappointed my right boob is obviously larger hoping it's just dropping slower and they will even out eventually also wish I could have went larger now that the swelling is going down they feel kind of far apart but I trust the doctor did her best with my starting point just already so anxious for the final results already. Very hopeful!


Congrats on ur sx, i had my breasts done by Dr. Quardt 3 years ago, very satisfied with my results. Enjoy!
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Thank you! Actually I think it was the Starbucks green tea that helped move things along lol it took six days but I've been good ever since thank goodness plus now I'm actually looking thinner since I'm not so bloated :)
Hahaha thanks you so much! Actually Starbucks green tea did the trick thankfully! lol loving your results though almost wish I had gone larger but I know with ballet having a d cup is just a little too much :( but they look so pretty maybe after children I'll try to go bigger just a tad jealous ;P

16 days post op

Thought I'd post some more pictures pretty unhappy that the right boob is so much larger to me not sure if I need to calm down and be patient or if it's an actual problem

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Just shy of a month

I'm loving them starting to feel like they're really mine and been here all along. Still icing and trying to get rest my doctor says they're still high and swollen and will get rounder and fuller at the bottom and softer. I can't wait! I was worried about the incisions since I'm a picker but I've totally been fine haven't even touched them unless I'm putting neosporin on them. Don't know if anyone else experienced this but my nipples have been so sore and I think they have stretched a bit and are veryyy sensitive


you look amazing!! and i don't think the size difference between them is noticeable, at least in the pics you posted!!
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Wow love the size, i'm going for the gummy bears too =) SQUISHY and soft hi hi
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3 month update!

Sorry it's been so long! It's funny now that I've had them I feel they've always been there. I feel like they're so small now too because they just feel so natural and like they've always been there so now I want bigger lol. I definitely recommend every woman to go bigger now. Another thing I didn't realize is under the muscle can push the implants further apart and I wish they were closer maybe if the cleavage was more noticeable without a bra I would think they were bigger. Also one definitely looks larger than the other but only in pictures when I look in the mirror they seem symmetrical to me. And I got round implants so i'm a little unsure why there seems to be an indent on my right breast when I push them together. But overall I'm beyond happy and they look so much more natural than I ever thought possible. I'm going to wait till after I have children but I already can't wait to go larger ;P

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Palm Springs Plastic Surgeon

I loved Dr Qardt she did an amazing job. She gave me exactly what I wanted and I can't wait to see how they turn to when they are done healing because I think they already look great. She even held my hand the whole time the anesthesiologist was putting me under to help me keel comfortable and calm. The whole staff was really amazing.

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