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I had Restylane injected under my eyes 4 weeks ago...

I had Restylane injected under my eyes 4 weeks ago and this has been the worst month of my entire life since!! My eyes looked hideous and it aged me 5-10 years. I went back to get it dissolved 3 times and my eyes are in the process of healing now, but are not back to normal. Have consulted several dermatologists and oculoplastic surgeons who say I now have to play the waiting game to see how long it will be before I return to normal. Some say a few month, some say a year or more and not one recommends fixing them with lasers or surgery wince my eyes have been too traumatized. Please do not ever do this to yourselves. I would not wish this anxiety and pain on my worst enemy. Money was refunded to me, but I would literally pay 20 times that amount to have my old eyes back. SO sad.

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear how unhappy you are with the results. I didn't realize that the fillers sometimes have to be dissolved multiple times. Does the area hurt at all?


I have since gone back for a 4th shot of targeted...

I have since gone back for a 4th shot of targeted hyuloronidase. It has helped, but I am still not back to 100%. I am thinking I need one more targeted dose in remaining lumps. I think Restylane is more resistant. I guess I should have just had my eyes "flooded" with hyuloronidase from the beginning instead of getting smaller doses.
Sorry to hear about your experience - mine too was very similar. I did end up getting 5 hyaluronidase injections over a period of 3 months, in addition to two rounds of oral steroids and one set of steroid injections. I am finally returning to normal after 5 months of complete agony - although the skin under my eyes was stretched so much from the reaction - I do have deeper wrinkles than before. I have done a round of Selphyl since and I will be doing laser treatment starting this week. Best of luck on your recovery!
im so sorry to hear that as well. i think i know what you are going through. i had surgery to remove bags under my eyes. My doctor said that there are no real risk in the surgery and that he always has good results with his patients. My eyes looked the best when they were bruised from the surgery but it all went down hill after that. Now i have huge dark rings around my eyes that make them look worse then they did before. I have been so depressed about it that i cant eat, sleep, work, or anything. It has been hell. I wish you the best, keep your head up!

Well, I don't know that anyone is refusing to tell us, I just plain never looked into it.

Thanks for updating us Claremont3343, please continue to do so. I hope your next treatment of hyuloronidase, if you decide to do another, clears this up for you.


It is now been 7 weeks since getting injected with...

It is now been 7 weeks since getting injected with Restylane. I have had 6 rounds of hyaluronidase (last round 9 days ago). The swelling under eyes is finally subsiding, but my eyes don't look normal yet. I will be getting an Ulthera treatment in 5 days to help build collagen, then wait a while to see if I will need a laser treatment or something for resurfacing. Getting Restylane under the eyes was the absolute worst decision I ever made!

It sounds like you are at a point where things are finally turning around for you. That is so good to hear. I would love it if you would post an Ulthera review as well so we can follow you on both reviews and hear your thoughts on that specific treatment.


I have since had the Restylane dissolved and had...

I have since had the Restylane dissolved and had Ulthera done to help tighten up the lax skin. I had to have a bit more Restylane put back in the corners and am going back in a few days for a tad bit more. I did not bruise or swell at all this time, but I went to a reconstructive plastic surgeon this time who knows exactly what he is doing. I trust him and am happy so far with his ability to "fix" my eyes after a HORRIFIC experience at the medspa.

I am so glad to hear you are feeling confident with the doctor you are seeing now. How fantastic to hear things are looking better! :)


The last 3.5 months have been a nightmare. I have...

The last 3.5 months have been a nightmare. I have seen several plastic surgeons since and cannot stress enough the importance of having this done by a plastic surgeon or someone with a proven track record. Any problems may very well be permanent.
I had a comparatively better experience with restylane under the eyes. But it still left me with fine lines that I didn't have before the restylane. I experienced stretching of the skin too. The restylane has now dissolved. But I now have my old tear troughs again and I'm not sure how to address them. I don't want to do the restylane again. Any suggestions?
Since last post tried fractional co2, had vein removed via sclerotherapy under eye, had some of the new restylane removed, then belotero to disguise bumps. Nightmare. Finally found a great plastic surgeon who was able to dissolve EVERYTHING. Turns out those bumps doctors thought were pads were really restylane from original injections. I had to trust him and he injected 1 syringe of retylane back in properly and I go back next week for another. My problem was exacerbated, but fractional co2 may work for you if you don't want fillers back in. Ulthera under the eyes wasn't enough. I think that once you jump on the filler-under-eye train it is is almost impossible to get off as it seems your anatomy changes with fillers. My new doctor charges 850 a syringe, but I think it is worth it. Once he dissolved everything I was really hoping I could go filler-free, and maybe I could have looked alright if I had waited it out a few months to see what my body could do, but I just want to be able to look myself in the mirror and move on with my life.
Dear Anika1, let me know how it all works out in the end for you. I hope you get your life back soon. It sounds like your current plastic surgeion may finally do the trick. I went to a plastic surgeon who dissolved most of the Juvederm, but it took many sessions because lumps of Juvederm kept swelling that were missed. I had about twenty injections of the dissolver in the eyelids alone. They look better bet not smooth like before Juvederm. Radiesse was injected deep to help fill in the hollows of my eyes, but under my eyes still have wrinkling that was never present beforehand. I heard about Belotero, but I'm afraid it will attract loads of water to my lower eyelids like the Juvederm did. I heard it does that also. Juvederm injected into an underliying fat pad, and then Botox injected into the same pad, lifted it above the surface of my skin causing an unsightly oval shaped lump that is very disfiguring. One doctor tried to move it to a higher location, from next to my nose, to the top of my cheek. Now it looks even worse. This caused the lump to swell the to the size of plum on my face until a doctor injected in with Saline dozens of times. He thinks something got blocked, in my face, to cause that type of swelling. It was scary! I'm looking into laser surgery on the raised area, so I'm sure several more months of my life will be lost. I still can't see an end to all of this.

15 Months Later

Below are some pics- The first is 5 months after Restylane (after 7 dissolving attempts, reinjection of Restylane, more dissolvant, then finally Beloter in an attempt to smooth out area (and after Ulthera and fractional laser)- a hot mess! The second is now- after having it dissolved by an expert last Decmeber, reinjected skillfully, and 2 TCA peels early this year to deal with traumatized and stretched skin. My eyes are not perfect, but you can see that they are better. I wanted to give hope to those in despair that bad Restylane does not need to be a life sentence. I also found during my trial and error phase that I was intervening too often. I DID need to completely rid all Restylane first, though. It has been a complete nightmare that I would not wish upon anyone!

Second Pic

I had the same thing happen to me with Restylane. It basically ruined my under eyes. And, it has not gone away after 1.5 years. I am going the doctor this week to see about getting this removed.
I can totally relate except this has been 8 weeks of an infection, 6 shots of hyaluronidase, one steroid, 2 IM injections of antibiotics, 4 weeks oral. It is beyond a nightmare and had a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon do it but after several attempts to have him take my concerns seriously, he said it would be better to see someone who can deal with complications! No money back since I can't sign a waiver because now I am going to need surgery. I have to remove it because I have had such problems with infection and I am scared to death and it will be a huge cost. I cry everyday over this because I know it could have been avoided. I sent my doctor photos that first night and told him something was wrong, I had never looked like that but he brushed me off. It subsided but came roaring back 2 months later. I asked about biofilm infections but said no in the tone that I didn't know what I was talking about. I have written some reviews on Voluma and photos. I really feel for you and hope the both of us will get through it.
its really confusing , some people say the filler is fantastic others have had nightmares with it. Hard decision really....very risky.
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