Recovery time...........

Hi, My name is Misty I am a 28 year old mother of...

Hi, My name is Misty I am a 28 year old mother of 3, my son is 7 and I have 2 daughter 5&3. I gained a ton of weight with each pregnancy. When I had my youngest I was just shy of 250lbs. Since then I have worked hard to get to 175lbs. I'm 5'8 and my goal is 150-160lbs. I had 3 C-sections all three had different incisions. I have the sexy apron look going on in the front.(the fat and extra skin that hangs over) I have some hanging saggy boobs also. So I will be having a nice new set of those as well. And a little lipo of the flanks and outer thigh. A total body contour transformation. I am super nervous about the surgery and the recovery but think it will be all worth it. I will post before pics 1 week prior to my surgery.

My surgery is being pushed back one day. My Doc....

My surgery is being pushed back one day. My Doc. is going to be speaking at a conference. I think about having the surgery every day...I know I can handle the pain my biggest fear is not waking up. I have decided to stay at a hotel with my husband the 1st night after the surgery. Don't want to freak my kids out, and I have to see the Doc. the next day. My house is about 45 min away. I have my homework from the Doc. still, I have to go to a store and try on a non padded bra, with the 3 different sizes I like, and I have to do a procedure called "the dip" to determine the volume difference in my boob's, seeing as one is larger then the other...

Well I have had a crazy few weeks. My husband got...

Well I have had a crazy few weeks. My husband got a awesome opportunity to move up in his career, but we to relocate. I now live much closer to my surgeon, which is really nice.I had to push my surgery date back a week, so I can unpack, and organize our new home. I am so super excited to go to my pre op on Thursday next week, I think it will make this feel like its really happening. I am so excited!!!!! The amount of money it cost is sinking in for sure, I have never spent anything close to this on just myself. My husband is being really supportive about not making me fell guilty. Also I cant decide on what size implants to get. I have friends who went to big, ones who wish they went I cant decide!!!!????? I will definitely be checking out more of every ones stories on here to better help me prepare.

Tomorrow is my pre op I am so excited!! It was...

Tomorrow is my pre op I am so excited!! It was supposed to be Thursday but my sister in law is having my niece that day. Inland cosmetic is so great about working with my schedule! Gotta go get a big fat cashiers check tomorrow... yikes! I hope it all well worth it! I have to do a dip test tonight to determine the volume difference of my boobs, that should be entertaining. I am going to write down a list of questions to ask and make notes while I'm there about things I will need for after. If anybody has any awesome tips I would sure love to hear......

I had my pre op today! Wow it was a lot of info. I...

I had my pre op today! Wow it was a lot of info. I am so anxious....They did my before pics, what a humbling experience, made me all the more excited to get my body all beautified! My surgery is all paid for now it's just getting the prescriptions filled a few after care items and make sure the house is ready, turn the down stairs into my living quarters for a week. I AM SOOOOOOOOOO FREAKIN EXCITED. I don't think I am going to be nervous till the night before/morning of. Going to post before pics on Monday. I am also excited to spend this Sunday taking the kids to Disneyland... :0)

Just posted 1 week before pics, can't believe I am...

Just posted 1 week before pics, can't believe I am doing this, but I also can't wait to post the after pics!

I am seriously confused about implant size. I want...

I am seriously confused about implant size. I want a nice full C. I was given 2 different options for implant size. 420cc, 250cc, and 475cc. I thought I was going to go with the 420cc but now a week out from surgery I am thinking I won't b big enough with that size. does anyone have any ideas on how to decide. It's a behind the muscle also.... running out of time to decide. Also I went and tried on swim suit bottoms, to bring in and show the Doc. for incision guidelines......let's just hope and pray this surgery can b a total miracle, cuz the bottoms are so not gonna happen if it ain't!

Just talked with my PS office, I have to be there...

Just talked with my PS office, I have to be there at 6:45 am Monday morning. HOLY COW....this is really happening, so freaking excited! Trying not to be nervous but I think that's just a given. It's crazy how many thoughts go through your head when you are just a couple days out from surgery. I really hope it all turns out good. I trust my PS but u just never know. It better be worth the $$$!!!! If I complain about my body after this is all said and done my husband will freak out! He can't wait for me to be happy with my body. All the stress of this made me start late, so now I have that going on right now, so just imagine what my emotions are like.....Gonna b a long couple days.

So, I just realized my husband is the best man in...

So, I just realized my husband is the best man in a wedding exactly 1 month after my surgery. I usually heal pretty fast and have high hopes to with this surgery. Anybody have any info on where they were 1 month out????

I am so freaking out! Can't believe it's happening...

I am so freaking out! Can't believe it's happening tomorrow!! I can't wait for it to be done, so I can stop being nervous about surgery and just get through recovery. Gonna go get my bags packed so I can take that off my list of things to worry about!

Well the time has come.....I am so ready to b done...

Well the time has come.....I am so ready to b done with surgery! Please let me get a few hours of sleep. Good night!

So I am 3 days PO. Everything is going pretty...

So I am 3 days PO. Everything is going pretty good, considering what I have put my body through. The pain has been manageable. I am just very sleepy. The surgery went great, they predicted I was going to be under for around 7.5hours. It only took 6. Very strange feeling walking into the OR looking around and then being woke up in recovery. I got to peek the next day, when my PS took the bandages and garment off to check everything out. I think it will all look amazing when the swelling is gone and my new boobies settle down and soften. I was told they took 2.5lbs of loose skin, and they took about 1000cc's of fat when the did the lipo. I have a 450cc implant in my left side and a 510 in the right side. I liked the look of the 420, so they said I needed to go with the 452 since they were going behind the muscle. I can't wait to get rid of the 2 drains, those r a pain! I will post pics in the next couple days.

So I haven't used pain meds since 9pm last night,...

So I haven't used pain meds since 9pm last night, not bad considering I was only 3 days PO. I had to break down and take some this evening around 5. Mt back hurts so bad!! The gas pains I have are excruciating. I have only been able to pass gas 2x's. So frustrating, does anyone have any advise or tips for me. I have been on stool softeners since day one. Anything advise would b helpful!

Slept really good last night, Still have bad gas,...

Slept really good last night, Still have bad gas, no #2. I just drank some smooth move tea, really hoping that will clean me out. I am so swollen, my PS said he promises it will subside and it will be flat. I trust him, I hope it doesn't take too long. All I know is it's already 100x's better then B4. If all it's gonna do is getter .....then I know I will say 100% worth it.

8 days PO... I am feeling great, can't believe I...

8 days PO... I am feeling great, can't believe I am only one week PO and doing so well. No more pain meds, just the swelling. I went to my one week PO visit and had the tape replaced and one drain removed. That was awesome, I will get the other one out along with most of my stiches removed on Monday of next week. I am so not liking the be patient the swelling will go away. Doc says they will not do measurements or pics until around 6 weeks, because by then about 70% of swelling should b gone. Very happy to be doing as well as I am! I will post new PO pics tomorrow.

10 days PO. WOW! I am thinking I should NOT have...

10 days PO. WOW! I am thinking I should NOT have stepped on the scale! I am 10lbs heavier then before surgery! I really really hope it's all swelling, I was expecting to be about the same weight, not heavier. Crazy! I swear I should have a nursing baby or something, I get the feeling off and on all day of that engorged your milks here and leaking, I have actually checked several times to make sure I am not weird! I am feeling better today, besides the scale scare. Happy to b one day further into recovery.

Has any one ever had "burning mouth syndrome" from...

Has any one ever had "burning mouth syndrome" from getting dry mouth because of pain meds or possible trauma to inside of mouth from the local anesthesia?? I love spicy food! Ever since surgery I haven't been able to eat anything spicy, when I went to brush my teeth I felt like I was using acid to clean them! Hurts so bad!

I am 2 weeks PO..... Yesterday I got my drain and...

I am 2 weeks PO..... Yesterday I got my drain and stiches removed, soooo happy about that! Can't really complain about anything, OTHER then the lovely swelling. I wont even post a side view pic because it's ridiculous. The nurse told me yesterday the hardest part of recovery is waiting. Next Wed, I am going to have the ultrasound done to help with the swelling, I knew this would b an issue for me, it has my whole life. I have been wearing a maxi skirt for like 2 weeks now, just not comfortable in my clothes yet. I am excited to shop for a dress next week to wear to a wedding in Carmel, although I may not be in a smaller size yet, My shape is so much better. Under my right boob is way more swollen then the left, gonna talk with Doc about this, I hope it will all b ok. I hope everyone is happy and doing well! I am posting my 2 week pic also.
Jacob Haiavy (Inland Cosmetic)

Very good reviews and he has specialized in body contouring. I went to a couple consultations and I liked him and the staff the best. I felt most comfortable there.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Looking fabulous!! Congratulations and happy healing!
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You look amazing!! I couldn't help but smile when I read your post. I confided in my sister that I was afraid of not waking up. Also, 6 months after I had my daughter, I had to have my gallbladder removed. Days later, I was severely depressed to the point that I wanted to die. After I came out of it, I inquired at the hospital and they felt that it was something to do with a reaction to the anesthesia. I guess maybe it triggered postpartum? IDK. It has been so long ago. However, I am praying that I never feel like that again and having to be put under for this surgery is scaring me a little. I hope that your swelling goes down enough for the wedding. Did you try arnica montana? I read great reviews about it and I bought it for the swelling.
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I am 10 days PO and 3 days ago at my 1 week check up I would have been capable of desk work with little bits of walking. You will b a little hunched over still when u walk. I really hope u will have some help though, because u will need it those first few days. I had a real light case of postpartum with each of my babies, as far a depression goes after this surgery, I wouldn't even call it that. For me it was just a bad day or two, of irritability kinda moody I think it was because of the pain meds. I asked my PS about arnica they didn't really recommend it, not sure why... I hope you don't stress to much. Best of luck to you!
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I can't believe you are only 8 days out-- you look amazing!
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Wow, you look fantastic. You and I have similar body styles and it's amazing to me to see how the larger boobs have given you a better overall shape. I'm not sure if you had anything done to your thighs or lower body but you look so proportionate now. Loving your new shape. I hope I get similar result.
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Looking good !Congratulation .
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You look great!!! Glad you're doing so well!!!
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wow!! those boobies look so good already! and don't worry, the tummy swelling will go down. slowly but surely.
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Looking stunning. You will be fine for the wedding in 1 month I feel as long as you don't drink (swelling) and buy a nice baby doll or maxi dress. I'm day 17 into my recovery and even form fitting clothes with CG and binder look hot so maybe you can even rock a tighter dress. Your surgeon did a great job. Feels good doesn't it:) happy healing
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Very beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!!
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Milk of magnesium helps and it doesn't hurt your stomach
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keep us posted and heal fast!
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Try some prune juice before going to bed and firs thing in the morning that worked for me the best.
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Ugh, gas pains were miserable for me around that time, too. I took stool softeners every day, but eventually I had to break down and take a mild laxative. I really, really did not want to do it, but once I did I was so happy to have relief!
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Ughh how miserable :0( did u just take stool softeners or a laxative? I made my dad bring me some prunes... They worked for me! I hope u get some relief...
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Hope you were able to get some rest last night. I wish you best of luck on your surgery today. Im sure everything is going to go perfect and you be on your road to recover w/ your new & improved beautiful body. Keep us posted.
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Congrats ur almost there girl ur gonna look great n I think u will be happy w the 475 cc. I am scheduled for 4/19 so u and I will be recovering together lol. I will be thinking about u
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Well 4/19 is my b day, so I know it will b a great day! Thank u so much for the thoughts, tonight was a hard night! I hope your surgery is perfect and u have a smooth recovery.
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Best of luck keeping calm in the next couple of days. I'm sure you are going to have amazing results and its all going to be worth it!
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When deciding on implant size, my ps told me that one of the most important factors is your BWD. Every implant company has a chart that details each style of implant, cc amount, and corresponding width. For example, my bwd is 13 cm, so my ps told me I could go with 371s (at 12.9cm) or 397s (at 13.1 cm) with a max of 421 (at 13.3 cm). If you go much smaller than your bwd, you'll find that the implant may not fill what you need it to in order to get a full-looking breast. If you go too large, you may achieve an unwanted "fake" look where you can see the shape of the implant. As an example, this is an online link to the chart specific to my implants: All of that said, remember that you lose about 25 ccs by going under the muscle. So, if you liked the size of the 420s when you tried them on, go up to the next size! I also battled with implant size for several weeks before my surgery, even trying them on multiple times to be sure. Ultimately, my surgeon assured me that he has never once had a patient say, "Oh, I wish they were smaller" but he can recall many patients who wished they had gone just a little bigger. I hope this information helps! Whatever decision you make will be the right one for you, so try not to get too caught up in it-- I know that's tough the week before surgery!
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Thank you very much for the info. I will check out the web site. I don't know what BWD stands for??? I don't want to make any last minute decisions and not be happy with my results, but honestly I just need to chill and know almost anything is better then what I got going on now. Thanks again!
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It stands for breast width diameter, which is why that number should be very close to the diameter of the implant. I'm sure your surgeon has taken this measurement; I'm sure your office could provide you with the number... I think it's difficult to get an accurate measurement yourself. And you're right-- you will be so happy to see boobs on the other side of this procedure that 25ccs really will not make much of a difference one way or another! Good luck and peace to you in the week before your surgery!
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf and congrats on your weight loss! Here's a list of supplies you might need for recovery. Please keep us posted.

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Thank you, that list is pretty handy!
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