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Hi Realselfers I'm 23 years old and ready for a...

Hi Realselfers I'm 23 years old and ready for a change. I am a vey active person I go to the gym 4 days a week and play sports. Right now I weigh a horrible 204 and I'm 5"6. I haven't always been this way though :(. 2 years ago I found out I was pregnant with twins. I was so excited because my husband and I were told we couldn't have children. I reached 5 months and had a terrible stomach ache and ended up having both still born. I was devastated and pretty much gave up. My husband was always there to try and cheer me up and make me smile but after something like that you just don't feel whole. As I started to feel a little better I returned to the gym and tried to move on. Before I got pregnant I weighed 148 lbs. Through all of the bad I gained 56 lbs and now it wont seem to come off no matter how hard I try. So that is when I decided to get the bbl. I have never had a nicely shaped butt and I needed to get rid of the "extras" on my upper and lower abdomen, flanks, my inner thighs and arms. When I talked to my husband about it he was thrilled that I was finally starting to think of myself again. So with his support I made an appt. with Dr. Tower at inland cosmetics. I was in the office within a week.( I called June 12th and was in June 17th.) She is amazing! She is so sweet and very understanding and informative. She makes you feel so comfortable its unreal. After I spoke to her and we decided I needed liposuction instead of a tummy tuck I went ahead and scheduled my surgery. It is now less then a month away and I am so excited. I cant wait for my surgery. I have been scouring the boards here and was wondering if any of you ladies have any tips or things I should get? Questions I should ask when I go for my pre-op on the 2nd? I will add before pics tonight. I warn you it wont be pretty lol
Thank you ladies. I will look at the other posts I've been reading so many I'm obsessed. :)
The strength of a woman cannot be measured..... I admire your strength and wish you a successful journey. Much respect

before pics :(

So here are the dreaded before pics and a couple wish pics. It can only get better from here. Im getting more and more excited each day as my pre-op gets closer. Im even starting to dream about my new butt lol . I hope all you girls are doing well :)

so here

are the wish pics since they didn't go with my first post lol

2 days

Only 2 more days till my pre-op appointment and 17 until my transformation. As the days get closer I get more excited. I find myself coming on here more and more to see all of the amazing results. I am waiting until Tuesday to do all my shopping for the sx because I don't know what size compression garments to buy and maxi dress sizes. Through my reading I have found that most girls drop 2 sizes is that right? I wish all you ladies good luck and happy healing!!
Good luck to you and can not wait to see your transformation. Sending recovery hugs
thank you hun and I wish you luck and hope you get your situation figured out soon.

Can't sleep

I'm so anxious for my pre-op tomorrow morning I can't sleep. I guess it's finally setting in that I'm doing this. It is an undiscribleable feeling of happy , nervous , scared , excited ,etc. If its a feeling I have it right now lol. I hope I get some sleep because it will be 10:30 before I know it. How you ladies are doing well. Happy healing :)

Pre-Op Done

So my pre-op is done and I'm so ready for surgery. Only 14 more days!! I had my blood work done and now I'm going shopping to get all the things on my list :) My hubby has been making excuses to take me shopping for after surgery clothes lol . I explained to him that we didn't know what size I would be and he said its ok we can just buy more if they don't fit. I think he is getting excited too. I'm adding a pic of my before stats too! I cant wait for the big day! Hope you are all well.

Good luck with your upcoming surgery, I hope it all goes well and you have a smooth recovery!

Do keep us updated on your progress.

Thank you much :)

Its only 6 days away

I cannot believe how quick time is going by. I guess a lot happens when you get stressed out. First I find out my grandma who beat cancer 5 years ago has the same cancer ( melanoma) masses in her lungs and liver. So the have started an experimental chemo and she has a 50% chance. Then because her insurance doesn't cover her chemo she is going to have to pay for all of this out of pocket and she only survives on her ssi. So my husband and I have moved her in with us and my mom can help look after her when im working. Next is my husband has a tournament in Laughlin the 11-14 so we have to go up there and then get ready for my bbl on the 17th. Talk about a hectic few weeks ugh. Im just trying to stay positive and pray that everything goes well. That's all for now happy healing ladies.
Thank you and us locals should get together after we have time to heal it would be nice to meet some other bbl girls :)
Good luck with surgery!!! I had surgery last week on 7/2 n healing now! Btw-I'm in Rancho too!

Another sleepless night

So the hubby and I are leaving Laughlin today and I can't sleep. The closer the day gets the less I seem to sleep. I am every emotion under the sun lol. The only thing that's bugging me about surgery is they said they will call me on the 16th and let me know a time for the 17th which seems kinda strange to me. Has this happened to any of you ladies? I wish they would have told me already so I would know if I could work a few hours or not. Anyway I have gotten my list taken care of and have started using the antibacterial soap. I'm ready surgery day get here quicker!!!
Sounds good! I agree, meeting others would be great!

Tomorrow is surgery day

I am so nervous and excited I cant wait!! I go in at 8 am. I have my bag packed and ready to go. I just hope I get some sleep tonight. :)
Good luck good luck sending you safe surgery hugs :)
So excited for you! Praying you have a wonderful surgery and fast recovery! God Bless you!!
Hi there, wishing u positive thoughts for your surgery tomorrow! I didn't know my time until the day before either! Hope all goes well! :)

Only 7 hours

I can't sleep I'm too excited! Lol I will post once I'm on the other side. Ill try to right after surgery but I don't know how I'm going to be feeling do it might take me a couple days but I will definetly keep you lovely ladies in the loop. Happy healing :)
thank you ladies I'm very sore and the bruising is terrible already but it will be worth it :)
Good luck! I'm in sacramento looking for a good dr! Hope ur results are what u were hoping for!

I made it!!

I am on the other side. the dr. was amazing e were laughing and joking till the anesthesia knocked me out. She is wonderful. I already started bruising and I'm just a little sore no major pain. I think its more awkward the anything. You have to find a comfy place and stay there. I will try and post pics once I strand up. Hope all of you are doing well Happy healing
Please keep me posted I live in chino hills I'm lookin for a great doctor local ... Happy healing can't wait to see your pics
Happy Healing
Can't wait to see pics of ya :)

here are pics from last night

I was too tired and sore to post them then. I will take more after my apt today when they take my garment off. :)
Thanks all :)
thanks for posting pics. good luck with your healing...looking forward to following your journey...can'twait to see your complete transformation

Oh my goodness

Taking the garment off to shower freaking hurts. I took a shower yesterday and got so nauseas. It feels like all the support leaves your body and I'm draining like crazy. I'm gonna shower against and post pics if I can stand that long. Yesterday's pain was the worst so far and my swelling is ridiculous. My arms are the worst. :( hope you lady's are doing good and happy healing


Again not against my IPhone doesn't like posting with fat fingers lol

No garment

I love the way its coming along! where did this butt come from? I cant wait til the swelling goes down so I can see what ill look like :)

Forgot to add

Thank you :)
You should definitely set up an appt for a consultation so you can see what she's like but I love her she is an awesome dr.

day 3

I am not taking any pain meds I don't need them. I'm only sore where the bruising is and that's only if it gets touched. I think I'm healing pretty well besides the swelling in my hands. I called the dr about it and left a message she called me back in less then 2 mins. I was shocked!! Anyway just updating for the day hope all you ladies are doing well and happy healing :)
Perfect I will especially since we are in the same county !! Btw you look fabulous
thank you :)

day 5

I think I'm recovering pretty quickly. I am already driving with a foam roller and pretty much doing everything on my own. I was just wondering if any of you ladies have had the bottom of your butt get soft and the top still be hard as a rock? It feels really weird. Hope all of you are doing well :)


im swollen more then I was right after surgery I hope it goes down im not suppose to look bigger now :( but my butt is getting bigger so that's a plus :)

7 days

I cant believe its been a week and my slope is starting to show and im super excited!! My bruises are healing nicely and are disappearing on my arms. I go to the dr again on Friday to get my stitches removed I cant wait the bug the heck out of me. Also I am so itchy and my best friend is hydrocortisone. How all is well with you ladies :)
Are you taking bromelian and arnica? Pineapples too. All that helps with pain and brusing. Make sure your waist is getting enough compreshion...looking good!!
Dr. Irene Tower

She is amazing and very caring and listens to What you want a gives you it. Her staff is very professional and the office is clean and beautiful. I will highly recommend her. Have already received a call from the office checking on me. There is no wait to very little. They do not overbook so it makes you feel at ease not rushed. I am very happy with my results I know after the fluffing happens my butt will look even better.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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