"Your Thighs are Almost Model-Like." Four Procedures w/Dr. Joseph F. Capella, Ramsey NJ, THE Master of Body Contouring after MWL

I had a tummy tuck and mons lift with Dr. Joseph F...

I had a tummy tuck and mons lift with Dr. Joseph F. Capella on April 18, 2013. My results were amazing. You may read about it here. So now I've decided to do a total body transformation. I am scheduled for a 6-hr surgery on October 10th. Dr. Capella will revise my tummy tuck to a lower body lift, do further tightening of my mons, and perform a medial thigh lift, arm lift, flankplasty, and breast lift. I am super excited! You may follow my journey on realself here.


Good luck with your surgery, I hope it all goes well for you and you have a smooth recovery!

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Thanks! I cannot wait! I am super excited to finally be doing this!
Hi I've been thinking about you I know your day is coming up I wish you luck
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Bra blubber, fat thighs, etc pre op


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A first look at my thighs, one-month post op

I am just a little more than one month post inner thigh lift (t incision) and lower body lift (no tummy tuck) and upper body lift (no implants). Here are a few blurry (sorry) photos of my gorgeous thighs. As soon as I get the before photos from Dr. Capella's office I will post them for comparison. My thighs were a mess after massive weight loss and he made them lovely and youthful. They surely don't look like surgery thighs or the thighs of a 49yo woman who was once morbidly obese.

Recovery of the thigh lift has been quite easy for me so far, just a small opening in the right groin and some swelling and skin tightness issues... No big deal.

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My before thighs

I am extremely impressed with the results of my thigh lift. My thighs are beautiful and youthful and toned. My only problem is that one leg was pulled so tight that I am having trouble extending my leg and walking. My surgeon says the skin will stretch eventually.

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6-weeks post op and thighs are swollen but looking pretty good

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My 7-mos total body transformation from FAT to FAB

These un-retouched photos show my absolutely amazing transformation from April to November 2013 -- and I am still transforming! At the beginning of my journey, I was a size 14/16. Then just 3.5-mos after my tummy tuck I was a size 8. Now at 6-weeks post body lift and thigh lift I am a size 4/6. My results will keep improving across the next few months so please check back for updates.

Love to all!

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My pre op photo shoot

So here are all the views of my thunder thighs before surgery.


I lost it by excersise and diet. No lap band and gastric bypass. It was hard but it took me 4 yrs. My insurance is actually paying for the consult. If I am going for the consult does that mean its a preop visit ? I am just wondering. I am nervous to see wat they say. I have tried to lose my bottom half for like 2yrs and there's nothing else I can do and I can't be more active likbe I want to be because of it. I am going to a very reputable person. She does thigh lifts on patients that had the gastric surgieries.
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Excellent!!! I never could have lost weight without surgery. What sort of plan did you follow? I am very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The initial consult would not normally be a pree op visit. You can expect to have another appointment for that. However if there is some reason that you would like to wrap it all up in one visit then ask the surgeon about doing that. True, there is no exercise you can do that will remove excess skin. Two plastic surgeons told me that about my thighs. I love them now, I really love them. I knew Dr. Capella would do a great job but when I saw my own thighs versus thighs he did of other patoents, it was so extraordinary.... I felt as if he had given me the best thighs of any patient I had ever seen.
Well my primary doctor did a referral for my thigh lifts through the insurance comapny and apparently they must be paying for it. I have tried for 2 yrs for loosing bottom half no luck. I started with weight watchers and then I am on 17 day diet. I love it. Been doing that for 2 yrs and weight still off. I am still same as I had surgery on my belly 2 yrs ago. I don't have any medical issues except factor five. My thighs are bad I can't be more active as I would like to be. My thighs and around knees always hit each other. I have yeast infections a lot due to this and pains in upper thighs and sores now and again. I hike a lot in the spring summer and fall. So I just hope they will do it. Then next yr my breast. I wish I lived closer to ur doc. Ill be posting pix tonight. Oh and I got a tummy tuck with out a belly button! I love it!

Right leg no longer has a range of motion issue

For a few weeks after surgery I could not straighten my right knee without pain. The skin here was very tight. Dr. Capella told me to walk to stretch it and assured me that it would indeed stretch. But for a few weeks extended walking hurt the right thigh, especially since I had a very small opening in the right groin incision. So I got the idea to wrap my binder around my upper thigh to provide support and that really helped. Then recently I noticed that the right knee could flex easily and the right leg no longer pained me even after long walks. I am 6-weeks post op... funny how everything just seems to fall into place at 6-weeks. I even went to the gym this week and began an exercise routine (no repetitive motion of raining arms above the head, though, doctor's orders). The pic is me before heading to the gym today in my new FILA leggings size XS and shirt size S. I did not have the best body in the gym but I was the best dressed!


Did you have to wear compression garment after surgery with your thighs? if so what type was it?
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Nope. No CG.
Thanks for the info! I wish i was smaller then you but it wont happen. My body just wont do it. but i am so happy that i am down from 32 to a 14/16. I will keep you posted on my consults. I wish you luck too. Next year is definitely boob job i might use your surgeon. I love his work. Thanks again. Oh is there anything special i will need after the surgery?

Low rise slim fit size 4 Lucky Brand jeans

Since my body contouring I have gone from having to wear Gap baggy cargo pants in a size 14, to Lucky Brand low rise jeans fit slim through the hips and THIGHS in a size 4.


Do you have any post op pictures without pants ? Any incision / scar placement pictures ?
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You asked for it...

For those of you that wanted to see my ass and thighs...


I just posted some.

The money shot!

OK, I told you that Dr. Capella is the master of thigh lifts and monsplasty. You'll have to take my word on how sexy he made my ugly monster crotch (hint: I would have been coming out the sides of the thong I am wearing in the pix). But I will share with you some risqué photos of my gorgeous thighs.

Even though I have good skin, my elasticity is poor owing to so many decades of morbid obesity. So unfortunately my scar migrated. You can see it in the second pic. Dr. Capella will revise it for me, but I hope it doesn't migrate after that.

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When Beauty Is Not (Exactly) Truth

More than 15 million people in the United States are morbidly obese. The solutions are out there. For me they were: Weight-loss surgery, liposuction, thigh lift, monsplasty, tummy tuck, butt lift, arm lift, breast lift, facelift. But there seems to be a lot of shame involved in perfecting our imperfections, despite the popularity of the pursuit and some recent public efforts to address the topic.

Should we be more forthcoming about what we do to enhance our looks?


How did your consult go?

Labia spreading? No thanks!

I saw the absolute worst photo of labia spreading ever: http://www.intechopen.com/source/html/19131/media/image16.png Can you imagine if a surgeon did this to you during a thigh lift?

I addressed my concern about potential labia spreading with Dr. Capella a few times. The primary reason for my concern was that I had very little mons area above my cleft left after the mons lift that was done with my tummy tuck. And during the thigh lift, Dr. Capella was going to tighten the mons medially. I was concerned that pulling the mons and labia to the groin would cause me to spread open. Dr. Capella assured me it would not. However, because he did not "show" me, I remained concerned.

It was not until my markup that while I was lying on the recliner that Dr. Capella showed me. He said something to the effect that this is how he will pull me and he spread my mons with his two fingers. And as soon as he did that, my labia popped open like a clam - even making a "sucking" noise. That part was sort of gross. But what was important to me at the time was that Dr. Capella's demonstration of how he would pull me to tighten my mons confirmed my fears of labia spreading. I wanted to say, "Look, I told you that's what would happen" and in my mind I think that I did say that. But I was petrified going into surgery and could barely utter any words that morning.

Everything turned out remarkably well. Dr. Capella did magnificent work on my mons. I have no labia spreading whatsoever, and my once hideous and disfigured mons is beautiful and sexy. I don't know how he was able to accomplish that, but I have my suspicions that he used a magic wand instead of a scalpel. LOL


I am so happy for you honey you look fabulous!! #inspiration
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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Wow fab!! I'm hoping to get thighs lifted next year I am 5weeks post op
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Thighs and incision at 3.5-mos post op

I have been feeling fat the past few days. I keep telling myself, "You are in size 4 jeans. You cannot possibly be fat!" Then I go and try on some of my old clothes from before plastic surgery when I was a size 14 just to prove to myself that I am small.

I jumped on the scale this morning and I am down to an all time low since gastric bypass surgery of 161. I am thrilled because I was afraid I'd gained weight. So I snapped this pic of myself just to see my transformation. And I like what I see. I like it very much.

What do you think?


WOW, what a transformation you looks awsome !!! What is scar revision??
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TY!!! I love my thighs! I love my body! Scar revision is done to lighten the scar. The plastic surgeon can cut out the scar, and the resulting scar is less dark because their is less tension on it than there was on the original surgery scar. Some surgeons use laser treatments to lighten the scars.
Wow, good to know ! Thanks :)

Old pix of thigh incision at 1-mos post op

Dr. Capella uses a pie crust incision to relieve tension from the incision site. I really like this approach. It takes about 6 weeks for the incision to lie down on the thighs. You can see photos of the more mature scars in my review above. In this post, I am showing some early photos from one month post op showing the Famous Capella Pie Crust. Hahaha, I just made that up. Dr. Capella doesn't use korny marketing names for his surgeries.


Looking beautiful!!
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TY! But I still wish I had a booty shaped like yours:-)
Those look pretty nice! I'm just having the groin incision, though. STILL concerned about it, though. hahaha. Thanks for posting these. You're thighs are looking GOOD, woman!
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4-mos Post Op with Dr. Capella

During my 4-mos post op Dr. Capella told me that I look incredible, fantastic, and he said there weren't enough adjectives to describe it. Well, I am blushing and I feel really, really lucky to have gotten these results, as if I have hit the jackpot with my surgery. Actually, I think that I hit the jackpot with my surgeon. He is one seriously brilliant plastic surgeon -- the best there is -- for body contouring after plastic surgery.

My ultimate results to date from body contouring (stages 1 and 2):
I lost 46 inches
I lost 38 pounds (11lbs and 1 liter of fat removed during surgeries)
I went down 5 sizes, from size 14 to size 4

Here's how that plays out:
4” lost from bust
2.5” lost from chest
8.5” lost from waist
10.5” lost from lower abdo
6” lost from hips (and FUPA)
4” total lost from thighs
2” total lost from knee top
6” total lost from upper arms
2.25” total lost from arms just above the elbow

I am gobsmacked and so stinking happy!!!

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Correction: body contouring after WEIGHT LOSS

I meant to write in the above post that Dr. Capella is one seriously brilliant plastic surgeon -- the best there is -- for body contouring after weight loss.


Wow wow wow bet your buzzing! Your legs look like someone else's from your pre op pics! I'm looking into a thigh lift for next year but live too far away for your fantastic surgeon. Is the recovery really bad? And did you have bum done at same time as mine is flat and blends into top of my thighs! From my knees down I look fine! Have you any pics of thighs before in pants or jeans Hun?
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I see that you are from the UK. People come from all over the world to have Dr. Capella so their surgeries. He only charges about $7k, which is phenomenal. My recovery was easy! I had four procedures, including the butt lift, and was back at the gym in four weeks. I will look for a before pic in jeans and post it.

My "before" thighs in jeans, per request

For the poster who wanted to see my before thighs in jeans...


Thank you Hun
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Good luck!
Where too is he actually based?

My "after" thighs in leggings

Never could I have worn leggings before my thigh lift and monsplasty. Now I love love love the way that they hug my body.

The pic was taken on my spree today -- I am messing around in the Abercrombie & Fitch dressing room, the store that makes clothes super tight and only up to size 10. Here I bought three tees size XS and a hoodie size M. The leggings that I am wearing are LOFT size S. Just last April my size 14 Gap cargo pants were tight on me. I am thrilled with my results.

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Finally fulfilled my thigh highs wish

In my review of Dr. Capella below, I wrote, "Over and over I look at myself in the mirror and I love how my thighs and mons look. I cannot wait to put on a pair of sheer thigh highs and heels (and nothing else). I've always wanted to look good in them and now I will." Well, tonight I wore this awesome pair of thick striped black thigh highs, black heels, a pale pink thong, and a black sleep shirt with pale pink piping all from my VS shopping spree yesterday. I was so taken with my reflection in the mirror... My first thought, "Is that really what I look like?" My second thought, "Yes. It is. Yum."

My thighs have not been this nice since I was a skinny 16yo. I don't know how Dr. Capella did it, but I am so glad he did. I love my thighs. Jass28, get ready to love love love your thighs! Good luck next week. You are in the very best of hands.


ok you....you have too many reviews for me to keep up with here! just saw the post on scar migration (which i have seen almost everyone's does a little it seems) - are you getting this revised during R3? I wonder if recovery is similar to the original or unsure if the skin is not opened and restitched so deeply?
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Hello! Yes, Dr. Capella will address that in R3. He is not redoing my entire incision so the recovery is not the same as the original. As well, he is not removing all that massive skin and fat. I will have more info when I see him in a few weeks.

When fantasy becomes reality...

I have ALWAYS wanted to look good in a pair of thigh highs... so very happy that Dr. Capella brought my fantasy to life.

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Dr. Capella charges ~$6-7k all-inclusive for a thigh lift

The $18,000.00 listed in my review is a little misleading. That was not the cost of the thigh lift alone. I had four procedures, one of which was a thigh lift, and the total cost including surgeon's fee, anesthesia, OR, ambulance transport, and three nights in the care center was $18,020.30. A thigh lift alone is only $6-7k all inclusive. That is money very well-spent, as Dr. Capella is the world's leading surgeon for thigh lifts, with the largest published series.

A selfie taken yesterday shows me in a mini skirt. Never did I think I would ever be able to wear this and look nice. I am so tickled to now be able to do so. Dr. Capella did an amazing job on my thunder thighs, turning them into beautiful thighs.


You look great! I may have to talk to your doctor if my husband gets out of the military (he may get medically retired, and I'm from NJ so we'd be moving back there) because I'm a post massive WL patient and I definitely want a thigh lift as well as a butt lift. He did a great job.. and he's in Ramsey? That's like.. 5 minutes away from where my dad lives and the area I'd be moving back to! Score.
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Oh wow, that is fabulous for you!!! Dr. Capella is simply the best and with such affordable prices, it is an easy decision to use him. I have a few WLS friends who had their thighs (well their whole bodies, actually) done with him and they love love love their results. I am sure you will, too!
You are freely a woman transformed. Amazing...I'm so jealous. I was 118 in 2010 and now due to illness etc I'm 150 wow.
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Size 2 Lucky Brand Skinny Jeans!

In my wildest dreams I never would have imagined that Dr. Capella would get me into size 2 skinny jeans. Wow! I love my figure.


could you also be generous enough to post a recent picture of how your thigh incision looks like now if you don't mind? :)
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wow! you look fab!..I am also interested in a thigh lift..I was just wondering since I do like to do pilates or yoga off and on,,,how long do you think post surgery would it take to be actually able to do these stretches? thank u...
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Incision 6-mos post op - per request

Here is my right thigh incision at 6-mos post op. It is in the dark angry stage and should begin to lighten now. Ultimately it takes 18-months to reach maturity. At this point, I will not wear short dresses without leggings or opaque thigh highs in public because the darkest part of the incision is on the lowest part of my thigh, unfortunately. I may try waterproof airbrush makeup for cover-up.


You look fabulous. I lost 100 pounds and have saggy knees and inner thighs and I can't wear shorts to skirts. The surgeon I went to said it can't be done. I can't believe I have to be stuck with this. I see your results and I'm hopeful.
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Thank you! Yes, it can be done. But going to a surgeon with a huge experience is vital. Many surgeons say the thigh lift is hard to do and the results are not good. But if the surgeon knows what he is doing like Dr. Capella, then it is not hard and the results can be amazing. I think he has done 1000 or more thigh lifts. There are a few surgeons who are really good with body contouring after massive weight loss, so choose carefully, especially with thighs.

Views of My Bariatric Life's Thighs 6-mos Post Lift

I ordered several bikinis from Victoria Secret. I have not worn bikini bottoms since my early 20s. Booyah!

Dr. Capella does really nice thighs.

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My Bariatric Life thigh lift incisions 6.5-months post op

My scars are beginning to lighten on my inner thighs, especially the left thigh. I am very careful to keep them covered in the sun or at least wear a 50 sun block. I am hopeful that next summer I will be able to wear my short shorts and dresses! I cannot wait to show these beauties off! My thighs were so ugly for so long.

Dr. Capella does the best thighs ever! Recovery was pretty easy. And his prices are good.


Thanks for the up dated pictures, the healing seems to be coming along nicely. Nice thin scars, which should fad nicely by next summer...I hope my thigh lift will be as long as yours, most that I see are about 6 inches above the knee and my worst area is my knees...I can't wait just one more week!!!
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Why did your surgeon not show you, or at least tell you, where your scars would be? It is your body. Don't let the surgeon decide what to do with it.

Thigh Incision at 7-mos post op

There is not much difference since I last posted, of course, but I wanted to share a couple of pix of my thigh incision as it looks in public (e.g. what people would see if I wore shorts in public). They are beginning to lighten very nicely. I keep them out of the sun or use a 50 sun block on them.


Wow, only a month~ Hmmm, Now, I really want too... My MD, said wait a few months after all this, which I have too.... his charge for "New' Patients is 7,500, but My Friend, who works there, said that won't be my price, so thinking 5,000 I did have him ck them out, and I will have to have the long scars as well, Plus have a vein taken out of my right leg, from standing so many years at My business, I guess, for that I need to go to a vein specialist...per, My friend... would be awesome to have insurance cover it.... =)
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I asked my surgeon what was his favorite area of my transformation and he said clearly my abdomen and thighs... He said that whole region (including monster crotch)... it is my favorite part of my transformation, too, because the areas were so very disfigured before he worked his magic scalpel on me. My body would not have looked complete if I did not do my thighs. There would have been a mismatch between my thighs and the rest of my body.

"You and your legs just made my day!"

I was crossing the street in downtown Carmel, CA earlier today, snapping a pix of some of the very trendy shops. And a gentleman coming in my direction, says to me, "You and your legs just made my day!" My first thought was to reply that I just had plastic surgery, LOL! But I simply smiled and said "Thank you." He proceeded to tell me that he owned a jewelry store down the street and that I should come in if I wanted my jewelry cleaned.

A jeweler in Carmel, not too shabby... If I was not married I may have taken him up on his offer.

I was wearing a short, fitted B&W dress and a pair of black thigh highs and black vegan leather jacket. I love my legs!


HI, Bar, Talked Hubby into, after showing him your results....=).... how is your scarring now???/ so Fall, for surgery....
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and do you suggest butt lift along with, mine saggy....
Wow, that is quite a compliment. Thanks! And I am glad that I could help!! The scars on the thighs are lightening. I posted some recent pix above. They are darkest by the knees, which surprised me because I thought this area would be less tension than the upper thigh. Yeah, I am headed home to Indy now - actually at SFO - when I should be going to NJ for surgery. It makes me sad but I was told it was best to wait. I am sure Sep 29 will be here before I know it, though. And now I get to enjoy summer without a recovery.

Dr. Capella has given Me a Body to Rival the Body I had in High School

Years of morbid obesity and massive weight loss did lots of damage to my once thin body. But Dr. Capella took out his magic scalpel and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, he made my wish come true! I have a body on its way to rivaling the body that I had in high school. Just wait until Dr. Capella is done with me this Fall!

The before and after photos show me last April 2013 shortly before my tummy tuck -- my first plastic surgery -- and me at 50-yrs old taken about a year later in March 2014. I don't think it gets any better than this.

I am convinced that very few plastic surgeons can do what Dr. Capella has done for me.


I think I'm having my thighs done 9/29. Now fiancee asked maybe nose??? Hmmm, a thought buy not sure...
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How was surgery? You must be feeling pretty good if you are online. So remind me, are you doing thighs with Capella or your regular surgeon?
Not Bad, I stayed asleep, I usually wake up... But good can see results already... Lips are the worst, other than that tight, face...Yay.. He may have to do upper eye lids not sure if endo forehead will be enough.. But with 2 more surgeries, I'll be set.... My MD doing thighs/butt =)

Thighs no longer rub together when I walk

I had told Dr. Capella that one of the things I wanted from my thigh lift is to be able to walk without my thighs touching. I asked if he could do that and he replied that it depends on how far apart I spread my legs when I walk. Hilarious!

So yesterday i was wearing a skirt and thigh highs and I noticed I think for the first time that my thighs no longer touch when I walk. Yahoo!

Dr. Capella does the absolute best thighs ever!


I am LOVING MY arms & Breasts...OMG Looks Like when I was a teen....I am over joyed....SO Thrilled I took the plunge like You!!!!!!! Life Changing... You are so right....Thanks
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I am so very happy for you!!! Congrats!!! Yes, I am very glad that I did this. It was very hard emotionally but at least my results are worth it.
Just amazing! You accomplished and been through so much! You should write a book! It would help so many women that are going through such a major lifestyle change!!! Congrats!!
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Running + PALEO = Amazing!

I spent a few glorious months in NorCal with my daughter and granddaughter recently. Wow, was I ever so blessed to be able to do that. I do not often get to see them because they live internationally. They are off to South America next week to live for a few years.

My daughter has always been athletic, whereas I am a recovering couch potato. Hahaha. I asked her to help me work on my running while I was out there and so she did. We ended up running a 3k with my granddaughter in April and it was a great moment for me on so many levels. My daughter also did her first half marathon - wow!

She and I also did Whole30 and then went PALEO after that. I already eat super clean but this it up a few more notches. I got dairy and added sweeteners out of my life. It was the only place left for me to tighten my diet.

So the combination of running and PALEO has made a huge difference in my weight. Prior to that I had been working out at the gym and just could not drop any significant weight. I would teeter back and forth from the high 150s to the low 160s. Now I am steadily losing weight and not having any bounce back. As of this morning I am 154 pounds.

That may not sound like a lightweight to some people but it is the lowest weight I have been as an adult (over age 21). I am wearing size 2 jeans and I look and feel fit and sexy. My BMI is in the normal range. What I hope to achieve is to loose my excess visceral fat and whittle my waist. I do not want to loose from other parts of my body... They are perfect just the way they are.

I've lost about 50 inches and 45 pounds since last year before my tummy tuck surgery. The transformation has been nothing short of amazing! I am so very happy!


Hi Bar, wanted to ck in Made My appointments for lower body, thighs, butt, love handles, Knees, Back, Upper eye lids, 12/1st & 8th.... then I'll be finished....All for 14.500.... so not too bad total body & Face will be 32,000 for a totally New Improved ME!!!!!! Can't wait.... Looking forward to be looking amazing at our wedding!!! Hope all well with you!
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I am SO happy for you. You look fabulous already and you are going to look amazing afterwards. I know how much you want this and I am thrilled that you are getting your heart's desire. Good luck for a safe surgery, speedy recovery, and outstanding results!
I saw Dr. Capella on Friday and I thought he was warm too. He seemed very knowledgeable and I like the fact that he specializing in thigh lifts. I have learned it's better to deal with a surgeons who specializes in a procedure. I have to loose a few more pounds for a good outcome after that I am strongly considering. My only drawback was I thought I could get a cut just around my groin he said for better results I need to go down my leg not all the way down maybe midway, because my skin isn't bad. I am so iffy about a scar down my leg. I wanted to wear shorts finally, I guess my scare could be covered by Bermuda shorts. @My Bariatric Life I need your morale support to make this decision. How has your scare turned out? I see your May picture are you ok with it. Is it that noticeable in shorts. I am also going to redo my tummy tuck (he will look at that again on my follow-up visit). The reason I am asking is because I don't want to look like a science experiment and freak my husband out. Do you stand by it's worth it? I don't want to be embarassed to take off my clothes. When were you up and walking? I am sorry I am freaking, but this is a big decision and I don't want another bad experience.
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Dr. Joseph F. Capella

Most plastic surgeons will tell you that the thigh lift is the most difficult of procedures, especially on massive weight loss patients. Some surgeons even say the thighs just don't come out good from the procedure. However, there is one plastic surgeon who is a leader in thigh lifts. Dr. Joseph F. Capella has the largest experience in the world doing thigh lifts -- and body contouring for that matter, having done more than 1000 thigh lifts and 10,000 body contouring procedures. He did an absolutely wonderful job with my thighs. They are so firm and youthful looking - all the cellulite is gone and so is the saggy skin and fat from my inner thighs and knees. All of the nurses and aids at the CareCenter where I rehabilitated kept running their hands up and down my thighs to appreciate them. My contour is perfect and my incisions are very straight. I was concerned with how my thighs might come out but they look like beautiful natural thighs, not surgery thighs. Recently a fellow patient on RealSelf wrote me, and he stated "Your thighs are almost model-like." Dr. Capella also did a monsplasty with the thigh lift and I've never looked better. Over and over I look at myself in the mirror and I love how my thighs and mons look. I cannot wait to put on a pair of sheer thigh highs and heels (and nothing else). I've always wanted to look good in them and now I will. You may read my full review here: http://www.realself.com/review/ramsey-nj-medial-thigh-lift-lbl-arm-lift-flankplasty-breast-lift-monsplasty

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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