Just got my date. I can't believe I am actually...

Just got my date. I can't believe I am actually doing this in a little over a month. I am scared to do so much at once but I am praying for the best. I've seen photos and spoken to his patients and the results are just amazing. I've been wanting this for so long and I am finally doing it. I had weight loss surgery almost 6 years ago and had 2 children so my body took a toll. I lost 200 lbs and really need some work done.
Wow, congrats. Do you have an update?

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Congratulations on your weight loss, that a huge achievement and you've obviously worked very hard to get to where you are!

If you don't mind sharing, which type of WLS did you have? I'll be having the sleeve later this month.

Hi Kirsty I had Duodenal Switch surgery. It was the best thing I ever did.

Time is going by sooooo slow

I feel like now that surgery is scheduled time is at a stand still. The anxiety I have is just unbearable. I can't help but obsesses over the procedure and keep asking myself if I am making the right decision. At times I even feel selfish for spending this kind of money on this. BUT no turning back as deposit is paid for and I really want this. Please come quick October 16th. I am now just preparing myself buying things I will need based on recommendations I've gotten. I am renting a recliner for a month so I can be comfortable.

Awesome, I'm so pleased for you!

We'd love to see a before/after photo, if you have any you feel comfortable sharing.


Before photos from my duodenal switch

I posted some before photos

After pic

How many hours did the doctor day your surgery will be? How much skin does he anticipate to remove? Have you decided on the size of the implant?
You look amazing! It's not very often that you meet people that have so much self motivation, determination and will to lose so much weight.
Thank you. I had weight loss surgery almost 6 years ago and even having 2 kids post op I've been able to maintain my weight loss.

34 more days to go

Only 34 more days to go. I've scheduled my mammography for next Tuesday and doing all my labs and EKG on Monday. Clearance for surgery can't come soon enough.

The emotional roller coaster I am on is insane. I day dream of what I will look like and know the results may not be what I am envisioning. I am petrified of how I will handle the pain and how much this surgery will make me dependent on others and for how long. I have 2 small children who love mommy time and sitting on my lap as well as laying on top of me. How will they handle me not being able to do this with them for a while? All these thoughts are consuming me and make time go by so slowly.
You got this girl.....Look how far you have come with your weight loss! You will amaze your self with how strong you can be if you want something badly enough. Just imagine yourself this time next year in the body you worked so hard for. You are such a beautiful lady, your results will be amazing, I am sure of it.
Thanks Lferraro. I just want the time to pass so i no longer have to wonder what it'll be like and just get thru it but I still have 33 days to go, yes I am counting :-).
I honestly thought I was the only one who felt this emotional roller coaster. IT IS INSANE.

Anxiety is a bit***

I am one of those individuals that are very impatient and this waiting is playing mind games with me. I have become obsessed with reading online and looking at before an after photos.

Well I have scheduled my pre-op appointment for next week and will be getting my pre-op tests today and my mammogram tomorrow morning. I think once I have medical clearance some of this anxiety will go away or at least I hope so. I spoke to the coordinator today about staying 2 nights at the Care One facility vs. staying at the hospital one night. I think this is my best bet as I can see the first 2 days are brutal and at least I will be at the facility.

PS only 30 more days to go.
Hi Gorgeous lady!! How are you holding up? Im sure the anticipation is driving you crazy! I was just thinking of my own experiences, and all the things I learned, and the things I wish I knew before the surgery. One thing I found very helpful with the recovery of my arms was compression sleeves... When you go to your pre-op, you might want to ask your Doc if he utilizes them after surgery. I used the ace bandages for the first few days, then switched to compression sleeves for about 6 weeks, they were thin, comfortable, and took the tension off the incisions, and reduced swelling...I highly recommend it (if your Doc agrees).
Hello sweetie. I don't believe he uses compression Sleeves. I am going to ask him though. Thanks for the tip. I've seen them online.
They are well worth the money! a million times better than the ace bandages! I also recommend you get a great zip front sports bra...I purchased a few, by far the best was by Under Armour, another good one was by Champion (both available at Sports Authority or On-line). Everything feels SO much better when it is held together! If I think of anymore tips, I'll send them your way.

I ordered my first bikini ever.

So I decided to order a bikini that ties on sides of the bottoms to take my before, during and after photos. I never imagined in a million years that the possibility of wearing one is there after this procedure. I pray I will be able to
Wear it when I go on vacation in march next year.
You look so good
Thank you but we shall see what my results will be like. I don't expect miracles, LOL.
Ok but u do look good .

With these wings I should be able to fly

Here are photos of my batwings. It's amazing because even at a size 6-8 depending on the angle I look fat because of my arms in photos. Can't wait till they're gone.
Don't you worry about those arms......Very soon they will just be a distant memory! Your transformation will be amazing! I'm soooo happy for you! I remember having to push the arm flab to the back when I took photos! Having the freedom and confidence to wear what you want, without having to think about it is priceless!
I can't wait. I keep looking at myself naked and day dreaming of how i will look.
I remember prior to surgery imagining how I would look, I would pull, tug, tuck, and fold my extra skin, imagining what it would look like after surgery...I wish I had known about this site prior to surgery. Looking at similar stories, and finding similar "before" pictures is so helpful! I really hoped for an improvement, but never really thought such amazing results were possible!

Here are a few before photos

I know many people tell me I am "not that bad" and yes I will admit that for a 200 lb loss it isn't that bad but I want all that skin gone. Now I keep wondering about if I will need the medial thigh lift later on. I am also trying to decide between high profile or moderate plus silicone implants. Decisions decisions.
Hi Jass...Girl you look great in your before pics!!!! I know you are still undecided about profile.... I have 375cc Moderate Plus Profile Gel.
Yes that's what I am leaning towards. What cup size are you now?
I'm a 36 C in most bras.....I'm not that tall, so they appear bigger. Listen to all the info your PS provides, but ultimately the decision is all yours! You have obviously done your homework.....go with your gut !

My bikini has arrived

I will be taking some pics in a few days wearing it as comparison. Only 3 weeks to go. My pre-op appointment is on Wednesday. I will try on sizers to figure out how big I want my implants. I am 95% sure I am going with moderate plus silicone implants. I will listen to what Dr. Capella has to say but I think moderate plus is the way to go for me.
Wish I could autocorrect ..... After I posted.... Jass28. Dahhhhhh. There's another girl her name is Beth... She's weighed heavy on my mind all week She's been sick All week long ...Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow... You should read her story it's a good one ... If you look down from my profile page you'll see entries Beth C It's a good read and inspirational That's the best thing here at RealSelf. It is real!!! Xxoxx
Hi Beth I didn't know I was going to write an entire book.... I loved hearing from you, Such a strong woman... It's got to be because you're a Jersey girl :-) you're young enough to be my daughter ...Over the years I'm sure I've lost 200+ pounds, the ups and downs of life..... After losing 200 pounds having two children you deserve to have some work done... The skin is something we just can't do anything about ourselves. Less than a month for you and it's going to be wonderful.. It's eight days Since I had my surgery... My adrenaline hasn't stopped rushing since. How old are your kids? I have a four-year-old granddaughter. When she came over to visit the other day I was sitting in my chair We just said, Grandmom Doesn't feel good and need some extra rest ,She was so gentle usually it's like the Incredible Hulk just came through the door. Maybe your kids can pretend their doc McStuffins and take care of mommy... Children Can adjust.. And will adjust. A couple weeks without climbing on Mommy Might be refreshing ;-) You just have to set the guidelines It'll work out!!!! It has to Cause you're coming to the other side!!!!! Oh yeah!!!! I think it's wonderful that you're staying at the care one facility two nights... Just keep in mind even though you're in the hospital you have to advocate for yourself... Ask for your pain medicines they won't bring them Unless you ask ... Most of the time What I mean by Advocate is I knew it was so important especially at my age, Oh it's important at any age....... I had to get out of bed and walk frequently ....Yes it was painful, (Heck you've had two kids ....) So I didn't get any blood clots ,As soon as I could after my surgery ..... It was not easy ..... Get up and move, When I was bent over The most helpful Advice I got from an older nurse Was breathe Before getting up Take a deep breath As you're getting up push the air out Of your lungs The worst thing you can do is hold your breath... I would call the nurses, Tell them I had to use the bathroom even if I didn't, said I'm up I need to walk... I thought to myself. This is an elective Surgery and I am paying for this Don't hesitate to get what you're paying for ( hummmm That's spoken like a true senior citizen) hahaha The first time I barely made it from my bed to the door... Nausea took over And I Got back to bed .. The nurse put something in my IV For nausea It worked, I was very lucky I never was sick... I would take my phone and set the alarm clock for every two hours. I was determined to get moving from the get-go... The word is advocate for yourself!! Because you love yourself.... Damn I'm preaching again!!! Just kidding :-) About that bikini you ordered haven't looked at your profile to see if you posted your pictures yet!!!! I think that's great I wish I had thought of that. My husband and I spend hours at the South Jersey beaches I only live 15 minutes from the beaches. So I go over to Swim & get a little color. My niece says, a cooked pork chops looks better than a raw Porkchop ...In real language that means you look better if you have a little bit of color to your skin... At 60 I don't think I'll wear one of those string things a bikini that is... I should say never say never I am just totally stoked with the thoughts of having a bathing suit Body. Oh yeah!!! You'll have to stay in touch with me.... I'm so happy for your mother!!!! A love story.... Good thing you snapped out of it...(Thinking she might be too old Whatever were you thinking) Mom deserves happiness.... Us gals have a lot of spunk No matter what our age It's only a number(((hugs)))
Thank you so much. You're amazing. I have 2 boys. A 4 year old and a 2 year old. My youngest is such a momma's boy. I ended up deciding to only stay one night at care one since only reason I wanted the extra night was because of my baby. But my aunt graciously offered to have him stay overnight the first 4-5 nights. she takes care Of him during the day and he adores her. Thankfully my amazing mother in law will come be my nurse for one to 2 weeks. I haven't posted my bikini picture. I am planning on taking it this weekend. I am so excited. My mom is also going to be with me the day of surgery and the. Come after work for a few days after. She's amazing. I will check out Beth's posts. Thanks so much for all your pointers.

It's official

Ok it's really happening. I am paid in full and implant size has been chosen. I am hoping I didn't get boob greed when I chose 500 ccs moderate plus silicone implants. I am sooooo excited and so ready for the day to get here already. Dr. Capella is so amazing. He assured me that I would have the same curvy shape but much smoother and no more rolls. Now my concern is showing up at work 3 weeks post op and my boob job being obvious LOL. We shall see how it goes. He recommended I wear bras now with more stuffing so my boobs appear bigger now and then the change will be subtle. I think I will do that. I told him I want my boobs to fall like natural breast and to look normal when I wear a regular bra during the week and then on weekends if I want to wear a push up and push them up to my neck then I have that option LOL. He laughed when I said that. Working in a very corporate environment I want to make sure that's how they are. OMG this is really happening. Three weeks from today at this time I will be on the flat side. I can't believe this is really happening. Somebody pinch me and wake me up please.
Where are you? I Have a pair of tongs.... I want to pinch you. LOL This is all good news.... I don't know much about boobs.... But when it comes to the tummy tuck.. I'm your go to girl.... Very happy for you... I'm going to be posting New incision pictures.. I just got back from my 10 day post op check up It's all good! ((((Hugs)))) LLB
I loooooove it, LOL. You're looking amazing my love. I hope your energy and positive attitude is contagious and that I'll be half as cheerful after all I am getting done at once.
Jass28 I can tell already you have attitude.... It's that Jersey girl thing.... LOL Having your husband on board will make the journey of that much sweeter!!! I personally have embraced my inner self...i Gush on the outside outside... Some might say I overflow At the mouth.... My comeback would be "Better the mouth then the belly... " Overflowing at the belly... Been there done that!!! Haha LiveLoveBelieve. I think you do have those three words Ingrained into your life.... (((Hugs)))

Got a little scare today

So I got a voice mail from my primary doc's office to please call them immediately about my surgery clearance. My heart dropped as they were supposed to send this yesterday. Immediately I thought the worse and called with my heart on my "ass" (excuse my french). THANKFULLY they just wanted to let me know that they faxed it over and had a copy waiting for me in case I wanted to pick it up at their office. I CAME BACK TO LIFE :). I am officially cleared for surgery and I couldn't be happier. Now there's nothing holding me back (god willing nothing comes up). I have it all figured out as far as after care and my kids. Even found out today that not only will I have my mother in law to pamper me my aunt is also coming to Dominican Republic to help take care of me. This is working out soooo well and I couldn't be happier. Now if only the 16th can get here already.

On another note my boss got promoted and she immediately came running to tell me to apply for her position (at my current company you apply and interview for promotions as if you were applying for a new job). I am soooo excited about this as I've only been at this company 8 months and have been recognized for my abilities and I am constantly told I am over qualified for what I do. Now I won't hold my breath since 4 other people on my team have applied but I feel very good as I think I have a very good chance at this. My boss told me that our VP told her that as far as she's concerned I will be interviewed and will make sure my interview is done before I go out for surgery. Now fingers crossed but if it doesn't happen I will be ok. Someone pinch me because way too many good things are happening.
See.....You get back what you put out! That's great news about your job...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. If they were giving out the promotion based on looks, you would have it in the bag! I'm sure your Tia from DR will be spoiling you rotten! You are in good hands for your recovery!
It's truly surreal. I keep waiting for the rug to be pulled from under me. It almost feel too good to be true how things are working out for me. Thanks for your compliments girl.

It's coming up soon

I am still anxious for the day to get her. Playing over and over in my head what my recovery will be like? Will I have the same amazing results as I've seen online? Then my mind switches gears and I start making a list of all the things I need to buy for my recovery. In the next few days I'll make a list of all the things I've read online are a must have for a smoother recovery. I am going on a business trip for a couple of days next week and have my interviews on Monday and Tuesday for the promotion I applied for so I have a busy week ahead. After my business trip I have to make a custom cake for a friend so I am almost grateful for the busy week ahead so it can fly by without many thoughts of my upcoming surgery.

Yikes less than 2 weeks away

The anxiety is setting in. Still need to buy so many things to make post op life easier. Already filled all my prescriptions, made my first post op appointment, have a ride for that appointment, pretty much have worked out everything. I feel truly blessed to have such a big family and have great friends and great bosses who are being super supportive and will be there every step of the way.

Still debating on whether to buy the toilet riser. I have bidets in both my bathrooms and if I use the riser I won't be able to use the bidet. I love that thing and prefer it over just toilet paper. Decisions decisions.
Hi Girl......so the countdown is on! Just checking in to see how you are feeling, with your big day right around the corner! Just remember I was there not too long ago, so if you have any questions, please just ask! I am really excited for you...
Thank you so much, I am super excited. Can't wait till the day arrives. I am so anxious and so nervous now. I will also admit I am so scared but there's no turning back now.
The riser was helpful but I think I could have managed without it. Exactly one week later I didn't have the need for it anymore.

So anxious that I am getting heart palpitations

As the days come closer I get so nervous. I am literally getting heart palpitations. And the fear and anxiety are making me feel depression even before the day arrives. I am praying that all these doubts and fears pay off.
OK, now it is my turn to talk you off the ledge :-) I think that you will feel better once you see me come through my surgery on Thursday. Remember, I have had surgery with Dr. Capella before and he is an excellent surgeon. The surgery team is great, too. Scott has been with him for 7 years and they work really well together. And the nurses and anesthesiologist all have worked with Dr. Capella many times. As far as the pain afterwards, it is nothing you cannot get through. Recovery is different for each person. You might have it easy. But even if not, you will be fine in a few weeks!
Ha ha ha, thanks. We seem to be doing that for each other lately. You're only days away so you must be a wreck. I am just hoping this week flies for both our sakes :-P
Good luck

I think I have thought everything out and I am good to go

I've made all arrangements necessary for help post op, transportation to my first pre-op appointment, help for my kids, etc. The planner in me has been anal about thinking everything out. I went out this weekend and bought a ton of things for post op. Here's a list of everything I've got:

*Medical recliner rented for one month
*toilet seat riser (budged and ordered a cheap one I found for $20 on amazon)
*Arnica Montana to take 1 week pre and post
*Straws to facilitate drinking post arm lift
*safety pins for drains
*Hibiclins soap to bathe a few days pre op and then post op
*Gauze pads
*Panti liners to keep armpit dry
*bralettes and another surgical bra
*front clap sports bra
*2 front closure sweaters
*tights and yoga pants (yes I am one of those weird people that don't wear tights)
*a few pajamas that button front
*pillows and more pillows
*doggie wee wee pads to put on recliner to ensure I don't stain it.
*New bath sponge to use with the special soap.
*stool softener and saline enema just in case
*tic tacs to keep my mouth fresh (allergic to gum so tic tacs it is)
*and will prepare easy meals pre-op for when I am home alone post op. Thankfully my aunt is taking care of me for min a week and she cooks AMAZING. I am only making easy meals for when she leaves and I am home alone before returning to work.

I am also going to take out all clothing, night gowns that are appropriate to wear during recovery so my husband doesn't go crazy when I ask him to get it for me in my closet.

One more thing I am a little paranoid about

I normally get my period around this time. I've been having boob tenderness the last 3 days but still NOTHING. Normally day after my boobs get tender AF comes. I am worried that due to my anxiety it's delaying me getting my friend and I'll have it for surgery.
My period started the day before my tt and after my surgery my period stop. Since then my period has been of track coming every six weeks instead of every twenty-eight days for the first three months now. But it starting to go back to normal for me yea at four months. Both my doctors told me that was normal because of both surgeries.
I got my period the day of the surgery!!!! I survived.
I got mine the day of surgery. Went in with a pad and didn't think about it again until the next day. All was fine. These doctors and nurses are use to it.

Ok this can't be happening...

My 2 year old just came down with a bad cold. Poor kid has a hard time breathing. I am worried as I always catch what they get. And this is a kid that's attached to my hip so avoiding him will be impossible. I pray he gets better and I don't catch this. One week from today I will be having my day before surgery freak out moment.

It's official, I am coming down with a cold...

As much as I try to avoid my 2 year old so I don't get sick it's impossible as he is extremely attached to me. While I love that he is I wish the last 2 days I could have avoided him like a plague but mommy duty comes first so I didn't. Today I have a bad headache and already have a runny nose and I am sneezing. I hope I get over this cold before surgery. One week from today I will be in the OR.
OMG, I came down with a cold today, too. My granddaughter was sick that last day I was with her in California. I hope yours goes away before next Wednesday!!! I am so sorry but I will not be able to see you in CareOne. It cost $50 for a car service to take me to Hasbrouck Heights from Ramsey. It would be more than $100 to go from Ramsey to Paramus to Suffern NY. Yikes! I thought these places were much closer together.
Are you serious? That much? OMG don't worry about it. I totally understand. Best of luck tomorrow. Get tots of rest and I will see you in the next couple of days at Care One.
Thank you!

I NEVER thought I would say this.

But I am soooo happy I got my period. I woke up with the wonderful surprise. So looks like I won't have it for my surgery after all since mine lasts about 4 days. I can't believe it's coming up so soon.
Hi Jass28 I don't want to lose touch with you, I want to follow your progress... Please stay in touch !!! Been just over three weeks for me and I'm doing wonderfully I posted lots of side-by-side Pictures... Still a bit of swelling but I can't complain. Try to remain positive throughout the weekend... I'm in your corner girl. October 16 is your day to shine... My best advice after surgery is get up and walk, No matter how difficult it is force yourself... And Breath ....exhale breathe Out as you try to get up... I just read your list sounds like you have everything together... I did the same thing with my clothes I put everything in one basket, So my wizard could find things Easily..,LOL. MEN I'm glad you have an amazing aunt, That's going to be there and prepare food for you in the first week... Just Some motherly advice, Or the voice of experience... Eat very very low sodium... And drink lots of water ..It will keep your swelling to a minimum, To ward off swell hell.... I'm very excited for you Jass.... You've done the hard work with the weight-loss... The best is yet to come :-) (((Hugs))) LiveLoveBelieve
Thank you so much. I am prepping everything this weekend. Can't believe it's almost here. Went to see another Capella patient today that had surgery on Thursday and I was so happy to see how well she is doing and got to see how tiny her arms look after the arm lift. I am sooooo excited for her and for my surgery coming up. I know I am in amazing hands with Dr. Capella. Not only is he an amazing surgeon but he has a way of making you calm and making you feel like you're the only patient he has. I am beyond excited and yes I'll admit I am beyond scared too.
Seriously, are you mirroring me? I was supposed to get my period on my surgery day. I got it early, the week before!! I'm happy for you...it's going to be so much easier to deal with without it. :))

It's almost here and I still can't believe it.

I am prepping the major stuff this weekend for my upcoming surgery. Tomorrow I will have my husband take my dreaded before photos and will take my measurements. I am so excited and nervous for what's to come. I can't believe in a few days I will no longer carry all this skin that has tormented me for so long.
Congrats on your weight loss! You look amazing, can't wait to see the final touches! Good luck!
I'm thrilled for you Jass28 Having such a wonderful connection with your surgeon, your positive attitude... That's huge, Young woman you're going to be fine... If some of us old Broads can do this ...you certainly can.. Sending all the positive energy I can...(((Hugs))) LiveLoveBelieve
I've been reading your awesome posts and have seen your amazing transformation. I hope mine is as drastic and amazing. Can't wait to post from the flat side.

Only 2 more sleeps...

I can't believe the day after tomorrow is my big day. I was calm all weekend and then last night I had a nightmare that my brother in law died suddenly and left his wife widowed. So today I am second guessing why I dreamed that. Gave my husband the "if I die speech". But then again I always do this even when I am travelling for work without my family. I always fear is the last time I'll ever see them. This weekend I was swamped but did take my measurements which I will post tonight or tomorrow with my pics. I haven't taken my before photos but will have the hubby do so tonight. I keep thinking in 2 more days I will be free from all this skin. Now I pray for smooth and complication free recovery.
Good Luck! You will have this behind you in no time! Recover was way less difficult than the anticipation of it! You are strong Blessings!
Girl, I can't believe your day is finally here!!! I am so happy for you! You are already gorgeous......but after surgery you are going to look like Barbie! You are well prepared and ready for this! Your results will be amazing, I am sure of it! You are in my prayers tonight.....I cant wait until you join the "AFTER" club!
I wrote letters and notes and left them everywhere. My husband is still finding them. LOL. As everyone said to me (and as annoying as it is), you will be just fine! :)

Oh the dreaded before photos

You are going to look amazing. Good luck xxx
I can't wait my love, it still seems surreal. I can't believe it's almost here. At 6:30 am I will be put to sleep to join the flat side.

At this time tomorrow...

I will be in the process of joining the flat side. I can't believe it's almost here. I am so anxious and so excited. My medical recliner gets delivered today. Tonight I will pack my meds and things I need for the hospital. I will also put all articles of clothing I can wear during my recovery in one bin for the hubby. I will try and take my bikini shots tonight and post along with my stats.
You are about 12 hours away from surgery and I wanted to wish you well tomorrow. Try Enjoy the experience as this is a very important moment in your life. I will see you Tuesday!
So excited for you!!! wishing you a speedy recovery, can't wait to hear all about it!
So excited for you. Your day today sounds like my day three weeks ago today....recliner delivery, getting meds and bag ready. Then boom, suddenly it's all done and you are on your way to recovery. :). Good luck!!

Oh boy not so cute in a bikini...

Well here you go guys. I don't know that I'll ever be able to wear one of those. Looking at these pics I have so much cellulite that I am not sure how "smooth" I can look after the lift but hey I am sure it'll look better than now. As promised here are my stats:

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 172
Bust: 38
Waist: 34
Hips: 44
Thighs: 25
Arms: 14

All measurements are in inches.
I know. I can't even sleep. 6 hours to go. Yikes.
Now 5 hours and 15 minutes... Wow, I am as excited for you as I was for myself!

It's show time.

Ok you all wish me luck.

At the hospital and I am early...

I am a ball of nerves. My stomach is making sounds it's never made out if anxiety. This is going to suck as I normally have a bowel movement at 6:30 am and by that time I will be under. Hope my body behaves. See you all on the flat side and thanks for your words of encouragement. I will try to update you all as soon as I can.
I have been in touch with Jass all morning. She is doing great with her pain and her body looks freaking gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many prayers with you :-)
Good luck will be thinking of you

I am on the flat side

I am now home and doing ok. Will post more details later as I am so out of it. Percocet are kicking my butt. Can't even keep my eyes open. Yes pain is manageable but hate the zombie feeling. Just switched to Tylenol with codeine. Wish me luck. Here are 2 photos
Jass!! I feel like I am reliving the excitement of my own surgery all over again! I can't wait until you are feeling better! Rest up, the best is yet to come!
Thanks for updating everyone so out of it.

So sorry for the delay in posting

It's been quite a ride. Not in a bad way though. I've been overwhelmed with pampering and visits from my loved ones. I am also so out of it with the narcotics but unfortunately the Tylenol only hasn't been good to help with the pain and tightness. The one thing I can't stand is that tightness and the feeling of pulling my incisions. I am walking straighter but wish I wasn't so hunched over still as my poor back is killing me.

To me the muscle repair was brutal first 2-3 days. Now it's just sore. My boobs and the pressure have been worse Than the muscle repair. My arms haven't been all that bad. I am just super careful w them but have been able to do some things for myself.

Results? So far what I've been able to see I am super happy about. Since my full length mirror is bolted on wall upstairs I've relied on quick pics my family takes. My boobs look great and so does my belly. I truly am smooth and my family tells me I look super skinny. My butt looks nice and round just like I wanted it. My arms are also so tiny. I can't wait to take decent photos to post.

Oh And how I wish I could poop

So far no bowel movement and it sucks.

One more thing...

The pie crust scars are very impressive and scary. I wasn't expecting how scary looking they are. Even hubby got taken back by them. Can't wait till they heal flat. Anyone knows when that'll happen?
Looking good and hot
Wow, looks like you've had great results!! My surgery with Dr Capella is set for Nov 15th. Did you wake up with the girdle around your waist?
Yes I did. I woke up w a binder and ace bandages around my arms. I also had a surgical bra w a boob strap. I no longer use the binder and only use a strip to hold my 2 remaining drains.

Had my one week follow up today...

All looks good and I will be switching to extra strength Tylenol. I can't handle the narcotics. The drowsiness and hallucinations were not cool. I felt like I wasn't me. Yesterday all day and last night were by far the worse. The constipation took its toll on me and I felt like I was going to explode. Thank god for my mother in law who gave me a suppository and then half an enema. I got some releif but not enough. Tonight I will do another suppository. I've tried stool softened, miralax, milk of magnesium, prunes and nothing. Last night my back started having muscle spasms. I can't sleep in that recliner tonight. I will attempt sleeping with my hubby and in my own bed with lots of pillows. Today since my appt I've been on my couch but my back is just numb and in pain. Here are some pics with clothes on today and I am still swollen. I purposely posed to show my scars. Oh and 2 drains came out and it feels so much better.
In a few months your body will change so much! If you like it now, you will be in love love love with it then!
You look fab!!
How many hours was your surgery?

Last night sleeping in my bed was epic fail....

I switched to regular tylenol extra strength. Last night I took it and took a sleep aid to help me sleep. My husband helped me get on my side and I had loads of pillows under me and around me. Well my entire body went numb and my back started itching like crazy. I couldn't get comfortable and I was just miserable. I woke my husband up frantic and crying so he could bring me back down to the miserable recliner. I took a percocet and hoped for the best. The narcotic did knock me out but I still have the awful back pain and spasms. I honestly regretted it all last night for the first time. I pray all this will be worth it. I am so depressed and miserable and wish I could go back to the days where I could sleep all day and night in the beginning. Please tell me I will turn the corner soon.
Can you try Benedryl or Dramamine to help you sleep? They knock me out.
Having hubby buy me some tonight.
Oh you just reminded of my first attempt in bed after surgery. Had the same exact meltdown for over an hour of hysterical cries. Couldn't calm down. My husband could not comfort me. I was also on my second week thinking I'm better, boy was that a mistake. Went back to the recliner as well.

Last night was a MUCH BETTER NIGHT...

Thank God for my hubby. My mother in law gave me a shower (yes I am being paranoid with my arms and won't shower on my own still so my hubby or MIL still shower me). When he came home he brought me benadryl and a medicated bengay. He massaged my back and rubbed the bengay all over back and shoulders (far from incision). Then he gave me my benadryl, one percocet and my stool softeners. He also brought me a back massager and OMG that felt amazing. I fell asleep with it on low on my back and slept on the recliner like a baby. No back spasms. Today I've been working from home already and feel so much better. The back massager has been a god sent. I am really hoping I am turning the corner. I was able to poop 2 times today and have been without any pain killers. Hoping this continues as today I feel so much more energized. Even made myself a cup of coffee. Since surgery I've been waited on hand and foot by my husband and Mother in law. Felt good to do something on my own today.
It seems you have turned a corner! I wish you continued good healing!
I sure have, hope this continues. Only thing is I have cramping on my left side on my lower stomach. It comes and goes.

So I decided to be adventurous and weigh in...

So after I had posted my stats and actually weighed myself night before surgery I was actually 176. Guess all the anxiety and extra sweets made me gain some weight that last week. Well today I am 162.4 lbs and I am sooo happy. Here are some pics I just took. Couldn't get my butt because well I just can't do it yet but will ask my hubby.
Hi, I'm new here. I'm having the surgery in one week and anxiety is setting in already! I'm obsessed reading your stories, thank you for sharing! I have two questions to anybody out there. One, how much weight was actually lost with that amount of skin and fat? Lastly, how long did it take you to be aware after surgery? (I'm scared of anesthesia ). Thank you so much
I woke up in recovery within the hour of surgery. I was fully alert and talking to everyone around me. At that point I didn't feel any pain, only discomfort. Who's your surgeon? What procedures are you getting?
Your new photos are soooo great! 3 weeks out from my surgery with Dr Capella and my emotions are all over the place. Thank you for sharing your feelings and results with us, it makes the whole process "real".

Gas pains are a bitc....

Last night the Valium did help with back spasms. Today my back fees better. Well fast forward a couple of hours and I got the worse chest pain. Really felt like I was having a heart attack. The pain radiated down my stomach. It was and is awful. I began frantically walking around and my amazing mother in law was rubbing my back and stomach and made me anise tea. I was able to begin burping. Now I just have a stomach ache. So my MIL gave me a suppository to get things moving. Now as I type this I wait for it to take effect. Never a dull moment.

Still oozing from incision...

I am still oozing from my back and it smells nasty. I emailed doctor and he said it's normal as long as there's no fever. But boy does it smell. It comes from my back only so I wonder if it's from laying on my back all the time.
Hey Gorgeous lady! You are looking SO amazing!!! I love your pictures, and am so happy you are healing so well! So tell me how much you are loving your new body!!!!
I am loving it. Can't wait till I feel much better and these drains are out so I can wear something cute and go out with the hubby.
He must be a patient man..... I am guessing you are sleeping with a big stick at your bedside to keep him at bay!!! Hopefully very soon you will be out and about looking cute (er) and shaking your tiny behind!

So I think I opened my butt crack...

I've been oozing from that area here and there and let's just say it smells nasty so I've been putting panty liners to help as guys it reeks. I can't see the opening but now feel discomfort there and it burns a
Little when I am sitting and lying down. And now it's oozing even more. This is so annoying. I will call the doctor on Monday or perhaps wait till Tuesday. I know all he will say is to keep it clean and dry but how do I do that if it's constantly oozing?

PS can't believe I am up this early. Note to self. Don't take Valium too early in the evening so you can sleep all night.
Ha ha we are sleeping on different floors as my recliner is in living room. He keeps asking when I will come back to bed. I can't wait till I can lay down beside him again. The one time I tried was awful with pain so haven't tried again.
When are they pulling the drains?
Tuesday and that day can't come soon enough. They're literally not draining anything at all. I do the massage on them to ensure they're not clogged but as of yesterday they're empty. I wish I could get them out now.

Does having body contouring increase our libido?

I swear all I can think of is jumping my husband. I mean in our 14 years I've always found my 6'7" olive skin, nice built body man attractive but now all I want to do is jump his bones, ha ha ha. You see for many years I didn't understand how such a good looking and overall good man could fall in love with a fat blob like me. Yes that's how I saw myself. Also for years I was so insecure because even today his looks and attentive personality attract way too much attention. Till this day he's been with me thru all my ups and downs and even when I broke up with him for a few years to take care of my weight and health he always stuck around supporting me. So for me having this surgery for myself will work wonders for my self esteem and I can be the sexy wife with cute night gowns and nice lingerie I've always wanted to be but didn't dare to be due to first my weight and then the nasty skin.

Now I still don't feel sexy by any means. I mean I am still hunched over, my hair is a mess and haven't worn any makeup since the day before surgery. I also still have 2 drains and man my body feels soooo tight that I wonder if I'll ever feel normal again. Yet despite all that I keep planning for that first time post op and how I want it to be special. I even ordered sexy thong/crotchless panties so that while my incision is still looking ugly I can wear them and my incisions will be hidden. I also ordered some cute bralettes to wear with these thongs. It feels so good that he keeps saying how good I am looking and this is only the beginning. But he's also extra gentle and all his focus is in taking care of me. When I make sexual remarks he laughs and says that I can't handle him yet, LOL.

On another note last night I asked my mom to take my 2 boys and sent my mother in law home for the weekend to take care of my father in law so that my poor husband can get some rest. I am becoming much more self sufficient and wanted him to have a night without waking up tending to me and sleep late the next morning. He decided to take me out to eat dinner for some fresh air. I was sooo happy to go out and man in just 2 weeks it got cold in NJ. I actually wore a sweater and a coat. We went to my favorite chain restaurant TGIFridays. Of course after a few bites of my meal I was stuffed but it felt good to get out without the kids and for us to just talk. Well a lot of the talk was my boob size. I was wearing a tank top and a sweater and well lets just say it's hard to hide my DDs with a tank top. So I caught him staring at them until he finally brought them up. I finally asked him if he liked them. He smiled and said he couldn't wait to grab them and asked me if they still hurt. Unfortunately for me they are still very sore otherwise I would welcome his touch in a heartbeat. For some reason my nipples are over sensitive. I can't even touch them without feeling so much sensation and I mean in a good way. I was worried about that but man I have much more sensation now than before. Well enough with all this steamy talk. I swear my dirty mind is just playing tricks on me.

PS I finally had a bowel movement on my own this morning and OMG it was A LOT and I couldn't be happier. I feel like I lost 3 lbs, LOL. The things that bring us joy at this stage. Must have been last night's dinner and the cuban sandwich my husband bought me when he dropped off my MIL in NY.

Felt soooo good to shower on my own....

Well ok maybe I had a little help. But I was able to wash my hair on my own and pretty much shower on my own and only asked hubby for help with my back and drying my incisions well. I also dressed mostly on my own. I want to be completely independent already. I hate depending on others. I am still super tight and having some back aches but they're getting better. I only take one valium to help me sleep and help with the back spasms but during the day I no longer take any pain killers. Little by little I will continue to be more independent. Another plus was that my swelling has gone down enought that I can wear my wedding rings. I felt naked without my rings. I am finally seeing the light. I am hoping that after next week my poor mother in law can go home and not have to stay here leaving my father in law alone just to help me with the kids. She's amazing but I don't want to use her more than needed. Hoping soon I can go back to being a mommy as my boys are missing their mommy.
I'm glad you are doing good and you look amazing too.
Thank you
I am glad to see someone else discussing sex on this forum besides me. As a society, and this applies more to women than men, we are too sexually repressed. Anyway, yes, my sex drive went way up almost immediately after my tummy tuck surgery. And it has not come back down. The thing that was a b*tch for me was my mons lift left me unable to have the big O! I hope you do not have that problem!

I realized last night...

How much this is affecting my boys and now the guilt is settling in. Especially my 2 year old who is a mamma's boy and all I've been able to do has been caress him while he stands next to the recliner and give him kisses. He was very good about mommy's booboo the first week but now I see sadness in his eyes. He looks at me with sadness and extends his little arms for me to hold him. This is breaking my heart. My 4 year old also now insists in sleeping with mommy. He moved our love seat right next to my recliner so he can put a pillow near my arms and I can rub his hair. Every night he falls asleep there and then my husband takes him to his room.

Last night I just couldn't take it anymore and went to the baby's room and sat on the rocking chair and had my husband put him on my lap. He laid on my chest and was so happy to finally be in my arms. I won't lie that the pressure of a 34 lb toddler was painful but I needed to hold my baby. I count the days till I can go back to being their mom 100%.
Awww, that is such a heartfelt post about your boys. I am glad that you were able to hold him. I can relate because when I had my tummy tuck my 3yo granddaughter was visiting. I hardly ever get to see her because they live outside the US. I hated not being able to pick her up and remember how she and I devised a way for her to climb up and sit in my lap. It felt so wonderful to hold her again. And the first time that I picked her up, I remember she said, "See! That's not so bad!" Too funny.
Yes my love I really miss holding them like before. Today I was training him to gently climb on me so I can hold him. I also got to put him to sleep again on his rocker tonight. Felt so good and he was so happy. I also got to lay on my recliner with my 4 year old so he could feel mommy's warmth.
Did you get them pulled today?

Today was a GREAT DAY in so many ways...

I got to sit on my couch for much longer than a few minutes without major discomfort. I also got the call from my VP telling me I got the promotion. I was also so much more mobile today to the point that I cooked my hubby dinner and when I told him he was so happy. You see since he met me he no longer likes his mom's cooking and loves mine so he's been having to depend on take out and actually eating his mom's food. Of course I asked for her help when it came to lifting pots, washing rice and taking condiments from fridge that were in bottom drawers but a least I got to cook for my family today.

Now I am looking forward to tomorrow when my drains come out. I am also attempting to sleep in my bed tonight since last night I ventured to sleep on the couch for half the night. I don't think I can take another night on that recliner. I need my bed and hubby's warmth.
Hearing about a loving husband makes my heart swell:) Do whatever you have to do to keep him:))))))
Thank you and yes he's a good egg :-). He's also an amazing father. I can't wait to feel great to do all the little extras for the hubby when I finally feel sexy.
I knew you would get that promotion!! CONGRATULATIONS! It looks like this is truly an amazing time for you.. You deserve all of it, the amazing loving family, the fantastic job, and your new super bad body! I could not be happier for you my dear...

Sleeping in my bed last night was a total success...

Although I couldn't cuddle with hubby as my arms are still very sore I had a full night sleep with minimal discomfort in my bed. Felt sooooo good to be back in my room. This morning I also took my first shower without any help and got dressed on my own. I got my drains removed in today's appointment and I couldn't be happier. Doctor is super happy with results. He did confirm that I have a tiny opening on my butt crack and even smaller on my right armpit but everything looks great. My waist keeps getting smaller and I couldn't be happier. His PA told me he guesstimates I still have 5-6 lbs of swelling. I told him I have already lost 15 including the 9.5 they removed. The only thing that's very annoying is the gas pains. For some reason I am getting a lot of trapped gas. I know I am not eating much and according to my MIL the lack of eating traps gas. I asked the PA about it and he said I needed to eat more and drink a lot of fluids so I don't get so much trapped gas. Aside from that I am feeling better and better each day.

It amazes me that pre-op I was eating 3-4 full meals daily plus snacks and now I barely eat 3 tiny meals. Wonder if this is temporary.

Of course I asked about sex, ha ha ha. He told me with the muscle repair to wait at least 4 weeks so at exactly 4 weeks I will give it a try. Jeez 2 more weeks to go :-(.
Oh, and forgot to mention I had read your profile some time ago and never saw your after picture. WOW. Beautiful. While I have never been very much overweight, I still feel "unsexy" from time to time. If that's a word:)))))) And that does affect sexy time with hubby. I still cannot get over your transformation. Do NOT let that beauty go. Blessings.
Thank you so much.
Wow, congrats on the promotion!!! I knew you would get it. Life just keeps getting better and better, eh? Congrats on the 15-lb weight loss! You may continue to lose weight (in addition to the swelling). I read research today from the ASPS that removing the fat from the tummy increases satiety because it effects hunger hormones. I also had the problem with gas when I had my tummy tuck because I was not eating much at all. My personal belief is the muscle plication makes it so we get fuller faster. Glad that you are getting back to life as usual and that your post op appt went so well! You are seeing your results super fast! It took me 3.5-mos to see mine. I wonder if you will keep changing all that time?

Last night I decided to be brave...

And not take anything for pain. Slept in my bed but was super uncomfortable and woke up several times so had an awful night's sleep. Not as bad as my first attempt one week ago but bad nonetheless. Today I woke up with a super flat tummy and I was in love. Here are some photos.
Wow what an amazing transformation!!! What an inspiration!!
Thank you so much
WOW!! Your starting weight was 172? Where are you at now? INCREDIBLE....you are smoking!!

Swelling sucks...

I hate this swelling in the evenings. I feel like I will burst and can't sleep comfortable. I am in love with my new body but can't wait for swell hell to be over. Only a couple more months to go :-(.

Call me crazy...

As I sit here wearing jeans. I decided to try on my size 8 low rise skinny jeans that used to show the crack of my ass and my stomach used to hang from it. I didn't want to try on anything smaller because A. I don't want to be bursting out of them since I am still swollen and B. I measured myself and my hips are the same inches and my waist is only 1 inch smaller. My thighs and arms all went down 2.5 inches. Well the jeans fit great and you know what? they're no longer low rise, LOL. Now they're right bellow my belly button. Guess when I am able to shop I'll need to go for super low rise jeans to get the low rise effect. Well the jeans aren't super tight and in fact are a tiny bit loose and actually fit comfortable. I can't believe I've barely lost inches after 16 lbs less. Guess swell hell is real lol.

I am now walking almost completely straight which I am so happy about. I think what has helped is that I've been lying flat on my couch with only a light pillow to help stretch that tightness from the belly. It now feels more comfortable to stand straighter.
Are you going to wear a faja? Look at this woman who did http://www.realself.com/review/dominican-republic-arm-lift-duran-dollimpatiently-waiting
I don't think I am and the reason why that lady looks like that is because that surgeon in DR is known for doing extensive lipo of the waist to make them super small. I like a small waist but not that exaggerated as I just think it looks fake. In fact I saw a few women at the airport when I came from DR who I could pin point for having lipo sculpture w tummy tuck. I want a natural waistline and not something that looks obviously done.  Trust me women naturally like that you know that's how they are. I have a friend who has a tiny waist but it looks natural. When it's "done" it looks fake. At least that's what I think. And I've seen the work in person. 
Your waist looks so small compared to pre op. It is really hard to believe you are only 1 inch smaller. well what counts the most is how great you look, not the numbers!

Ok measurements are a total mind fuc...

So I only lost lots of inches from arms and thighs. Ironically 2.5 inches on each. Yet from hips I am the same and only 1 inch lost from waist. I look and feel much thinner and I am already 159 lbs. I decided to try on a pair of size 8 jeans I had that were super low rise and ran small. So small that when I was a true size I they didn't go up past my hips. Well I wore them comfortably yesterday and you know what? They were falling off me so I had to keep pulling them up. I will try size 6 next as clearly I am at least one size smaller despite swelling. So why haven't I lost anymore inches? This is a total mind game.

Now here's an update on how I am doing. I am doing quite well. I am getting my appetite back but can still only eat little amounts of food. I am walking almost erect (when swell hell kicks in at night I only hunch over a tiny bit). I am doing lots of things of my own including cooking for my family. I do have a 1/4 inch opening on each armpit that happened about 6 days ago but it hasn't gotten bigger. It oozes a little and I just keep panty liners on them to knew dry. I also have a same size opening on my butt crack and that one oozes as well. It started with oozing nasty smelling liquid and now what is coming out barely smells so I am hoping it means it'll close up soon. I've been driving for a few days and I am already putting my boys to bed. Of course I don't carry anything heavy. So I think I am turning the corner. Last night I finally figured out how to sleep in my bed comfortably. I took out my big snake pregnancy pillow and created a big donut where my butt would go. And I used 2 regular pillows on my head and of course my travel pillow. I sleep so well and thanks to my pregnancy pillow was even able to turn on my sides. So I will finally sleep in my bed moving forward.

Here are my armpit photos

As for the swelling/inches/weight loss, I am experiencing something similar. My weight is 166, about 10lbs lower than I was day of surgery. Yet my waist is 4" bigger (and thwt is visibly clear and I hate it), my thighs are 1.5" smaller, hips about a 1/2" smaller, lower abdo about the same. My low rise size 8 jeans are loose, and fit me like a glove before surgery. It is odd.
Yes, it does look fake with the faja on. I could not get a good view of her waist in the photo in which she is exposing her midrift after surgery but it looks pretty small. I do not like that my waist is now 4" bigger than it was pre op (and even pre op I was working toward a smaller waist) and wondering if the faja would be good for me to wear to train my waist to be smaller. Not abnormally small, just nice, normal. I have asked two good US surgeons if they could do anything to make my waist smaller and they said no.
In DR to accomplish those looks (mind you these were women that already had a defined waist) aside from the targeted lipo they remove ribs. Yes you read right ribs. My cousin's friend did it and it's just too much. Here in the US surgeons wouldn't do that. Try the faja and see if it makes a difference. I know we are swollen. In fact I feel the swelling when I touch even my back. I think we just need to give it time. 

Turns out my butt crack incision opened

Even more. Here's a pic. I want to point out that due to the close up it looks much larger than it is. It's no more than an inch. I hadn't noticed as it was oozing much less last few days and I've been the one bathing myself for days. I hadn't thought to take a look at it.

I called my surgeon and sent him the pic. He said to switch from panty liners to trap the fluid to gauze and keep it dry at all times. He said it looks much worse than it is. I don't have a fever and the fluid coming out of it has a very light odor compared to the rotten odor when it started. He said to change the gauze every 2 hours and it will heal. It may have a wider scar there but that can be revised once healed. He also said not to use any ointment. The black you see is the stitches.
Awww hon, praying that part of your incision heals quickly! Hope it's not painful for you
Thankfully it's not. And it only burns a little depending on how I position myself. I got peace of mind that white part actually means it's starting to heal which is why the surgeon believes it happened days ago and I hadn't noticed.  Now all I am doing differently per his instructions is use gauze instead of panty liners to keep it dry. 

Today I am finally going to get out for a few hours..

I decided to go into the office for a meeting this afternoon for a couple of hours vs. dialing in. I need to get out. So I tried on my size 8 slacks so hubby could iron them for me. Well they were literally falling off me so I went down to my size 6 slacks that didn't go past my hips before surgery. They were actually perfect. They were actually loose on the waist and hip area. Then I went on to try on my long sleeve button down shirts that I couldn't wear before thanks to my huge arms. I almost cried when they fit perfect now. A little loose on the waist area and perfect on the boob area thanks to my DDs :-). I also weighed myself yesterday again and I am now down to 157 lbs. So that's 19 lbs since surgery and still with swelling. Now I am actually worried. I don't want to get too thin. I am 5'7" and when I was a size 0-2 I looked frail and sick. I would actually prefer to stay in a 6 and at the very lowest a 4 but no less than that. Guess I need to force myself to eat more because I am barely eating now due to getting full fast and lack of desire to eat.
What kind did you pick? Did you pick the size or did Dr Capella tell you what would look right on your body
Was it pressure like you couldn't breath
No, they just felt heavy. I couldn't take deep breaths due to the tummy tuck not the boobs. It's hard to explain. It just felt like the skin was stretching. In regards to size I told him the cup size I wanted and she brought sizers for me to try. I did end up going bigger as I liked how they looked bigger. I chose moderate plus silicone implants 500ccs. I will end up being a D or perhaps even a DD. They don't look huge and actually fit my frame nicely as being that they are moderate plus they are a little wider.

My back incision is getting smaller

My hubby inspected it and he said it looks smaller and like its closing so changing gauze pads every 1.5 hours helping. I also noticed that this am the gauze pad I had all night had less oozing so I will take that and positive. Had hubby take a pic so I can send to surgeon. When I saw the pic I freaked out when I saw the black. He said it was thread from stitches but I didn't believe him. So he downloaded a magnifying app on his iPhone and took the second pic to prove to me it was thread.

Updated photos of me.

Yesterday I went to the office for half day and drove an hour each way. I was exhausted by the time I came home. I rested a few hours since my mom graciously took my boys overnight. Then I cooked dinner for hubby and I. By end of night I was so swollen. Even had a big belly so the pressure was killer. After a restful night I woke up relatively flat with only swelling above my butt. Decided to take some pics before I balloon up again.
Actually I went ahead and listened to mom and the day I posted the pic I put the aloe on it. The burning immediately went away and it started closing next day. So I've been using it daily and as of this am the opening is now barely 1/4 of an inch so I guess the aloe worked. I was told it would take 2-4 weeks to close but it's almost closed. I've still been using aloe on my other incisions daily and they're completely closed and already flattening out. 
Wow! I am glad to hear that. I feel like my axilla are not healing. What do yours look like now? What is this aloe product that you are using on your incisions?
My mom bought me the natural aloe leaf and I cut pieces and peel it and use the crystal and put the liquid on all incisions. I don't use anything artificial. In fact now that mine finished I am now using my own aloe tree. I have a huge one at home. The liquid dries instantly.    About armpit now that I am putting it on the openings they're no longer oozing so I think they'll close up soon. Also my butt incision is barely oozing anything and what it's oozing has no smell. 

So much for waiting 4 weeks....

Well after finally being able to cuddle with my hubby lets just say he got too excited and well so did I. I went for it and it didn't hurt, quite the opposite ;-).

Went to the office yesterday all day. I've never received as many compliments. well so much for not telling people I had plastics. My transformation is quite obvious. Everyone couldn't get over how skinny and "great" I looked. Thankfully I work for the most supportive and nicest team I've ever worked with. Size 6 is beginning to fall off me so soon I'll be having to wear size 4. I am back FT as of Monday and can't wait.

Update on my butt incision: it's looking great and healing super fast. I am so glad it wasn't as bad as I thought.
How are you?
Hi Beth, I am doing great. Already back into the office full time. It's been quite the ride as by almost EOD I am swelled up as heck and oh boy am I sore. Perhaps I shouldn't be in my high heels yet :). I am down 2 sizes but still swollen. How are you doing? I'll need to update my review and take some photos soon.
With the exception of that nasty opening in your butt, you look incredible!!! I hope my outcome will be half as good as yours... I am planning on wearing a support garment to help keep everything in place down there and to keep things from pulling as it really seemed to help with my arms...I know your PS doesn't use them, my PS didn't give me mine I just read up on them and purchased mine on my own.

So it's been a month

Haven't updated in a while and certainly haven't taken any recent pictures. I am back in the office full time this week and when I get home I am so exhausted that I fall asleep by 8:30pm. My butt incision hasn't closed yet. It's now raw red but at least it doesn't burn. I know my surgeon told me because of the location it may take up to 2 months to fully heal. I just keep the gauze on it and call it a day. The opening hasn't stopped me from functioning so it hasn't been a big deal.

So I am down 2 full women sizes. From size 8-10 to a size 4. In juniors I was a size 11 and I am now wearing 5 stretch and 7 non stretch. My boobs are extremely soft now and keep changing. I am still very swollen. Heck by 2-3 pm I feel like I will burst of the swelling. I am able to eat a little more but not as much as before. And my appetite is back as well. Perhaps it has something to do with me getting back on birth control (my Implanon was removed during surgery as it was on the arm's excess skin). I am now on the nuvaring.

I will say that now that my thigh swelling has gone down I can now see how flabby my inner thighs are. Some of the cellulite in my inner thighs is back but I knew that would happen as I didn't have a medial thigh lift. My thighs did go down in size but I am so skinny from the hips and top that my thighs are actually thicker than they should be for my body. So next time I see Dr. Capella I will discuss cost for a medial thigh lift and perhaps do it sometime in Feb-March time frame. Despite my flabby thighs I am in love with my results.
Would love to see a pic of you in your new size XS sweater dress!!!
I will as soon as I change it. Ended up not being able to wear it.
I think the thigh lift would be a great surgery for you. My guess it is 8-9k. And he does the best thighs!

Each day it gets better.

Here I am with my XS sweater dress. Loving wearing tight dresses.
I have the same back opening like u. The stink is killing me :(... It's been oozing for 8 days now and it seems endless. I wonder if this will ever stop! I also hope it won't get any bigger :(
Omg, you look gorgeous! !!
Cute as a button! And, what a bodacious booty! You are rockin!!!

Update on me

My left armpit opened after 6 weeks. I think I got over confident thinking the risk was over and did too much. Now I have 2 dime size holes. They don't hurt but are quite annoying. My butt incision is healing but still open. I am keeping it all dry with gauze that I change throughout the day. Overall I am quite pleased with my results. Love my new body and know in a few months all this will be a distant memory.
Oh Wow!!! you look great in that sweater dress...Did you get fat added to your rear? It looks great! Mine is pancake flat , PS wants to add fat but I am not sure...Thanks for posting, please keep the healing photos coming of the LBL as I follow in preparation for mine!
Ha ha, no I didn't get fat added at all. I had a huge bubble butt prior to surgery so this is actually a tiny version of my old butt. I was actually worried I would loose it all since being Dominican and having a Dominican husband he is definitely a booty man.
Hi Jess. Day ten of my recovery, so far so good. Just wondering what you think caused the underarm opening? I am really surprised that you opened up at week six, I would have thought that by then you would have been past the chance of openings.


Ok here's an update on my actual incisions. The ones that have healed beautifully and didn't open. They're mostly flat and the actual line around my LBL is super thin. The ones on my arms (ones that haven't opened) are more raised but starting to flatten. The ones on my areola are almost invisible.
You look great even swollen!
Thanks my love.
You are soooooo tiny!!!

Had a great thanksgiving

A huge group of family and friends got together at my mom's house and we had a great time. Didn't get home till 2:30 am and boy was there lots of food, dancing and booze. Here was my outfit yesterday. I got so many compliments from everyone.
It's so great to finally have this wonderful body, isn't it?? I can't wait till I buy my first sweater dress and my first jeggings... Jeeeeez, I really can't wait. I tried to sleep on my side and I've been doing the same for almost two nights. I put two small pillows below my head and I sleep good on my right side but for no more than two hours cuz my arms r so swollen and they hurt. I tried to do the same to sleep on my right side but no luck :(. It was almost impossible, it hurts a lot so I keep switching between sleeping on my back and my right side. How's ur back wound? How long did it take u until it started to close? Thiss oozing seems endless and the gauze comes out with more blood. It's not bleeding but it used to come out with more yesllow discharge, now it comes out mostly with blood.. Will this ever end? Glad u had a great night, Happy Thanksgiving :)

Bra Size

So MyBariatricLife prompted me to measure my bust again. Pre op I never measured my band size, only measured my bust which was 38 (I was a 36B). I did measure a week or so post op and my bust was 40 (again didn't think to measure my band size). Today I measured my band size and I am 32 and bust is 38. I guess with the skin removed and additional weight loss I am the same bust size. I plugged in these measurements into a bra calculator and it says I am a 34DD. I can't imagine being a 34 band size. It just seems so tiny. Guess I need to take a trip to Victorias Secret and try on some bras. I have no clue when I'll be able to wear a regular bra. I will ask Dr. Capella tomorrow. I want to wear a bra so bad as weird as it may sound.
That is a small band size (34). Congrats!! 8 weeks post op is OK to wear an underwire bra. It says that in his post op instructions and website.
I don't think I fit in a 34 band, I think I am still 36. Perhaps 36D. I tried a 36C I had that the cup size ran super big when I bought it back when I was 36C while pregnant and the cup size fit perfect. I am thinking 36D is my size.
The bra size calculator I used is putting me at a very weird size... 40 F ?!?! come on! I wasn't even that size 30 lbs and 35 inches ago when I began this journey, LOL! The 36 C bra that I have seems to fit well. I was tempted to get measured at VS yesterday but I figured why bother since I am going to get implants.

Oh boy finding bras will be tough

So I went to target last night just to try on some bra sizes so I could order some VS bras online. Well come to find out most places don't sell DD bras or even D. What the heck? I guess I am destined to wear super expensive bras :). Not that I am complaining as I love my DDs.
Wishing you a happy new you in 2014!!!
How have you been
You popped in to my head today. How are you doing?

Long overdue update

I guess I should update since I haven't in such a long time. I've been so busy with the holidays, shopping and just living life. Update on my last open arm and butt crack incisions. They're both fully healed. But of course never a dull moment with plastics. About a month ago I pulled what I thought was a piece of dry skin on my right hip. Well turns out it was a stitch and I opened a hole and fluid just gushed out. As days went by the hole got bigger and bigger until it got to 1.5 inches in diameter. My flesh was was separated from my outer skin and I could see down my hip. Yes I know gross but no worries, I couldn't see any organs :-). Of course the hole can't be stitched back and so my super long recovery begun. Thankfully no infection thus far and the flesh has connected and the hole is starting to close THANK THE LORD. The good part is that the hole has never hurt and aside from having to change gauze several times a day it hasn't been a big deal. It's amazing that once you go thru such major surgery these complications seem so minor.

Now onto the positive. I am sooooo happy with my results. I haven't lost any more weight nor have I gained despite my normal appetite being back. However, I keep loosing inches. I am still swelling at night but not as much. My boobs have settled beautifully and I can't get tired of looking at them :-). I've started wearing bras and I am wearing a 34DD. A few weeks ago the 34 band was very snug and I wore the bra at the last hook. Today the middle hook of a brand new bra fits perfect. My waist is now 29 inches. My size 4 pants are now loose on my waist and a little loose on my hips but of course I can't go down in size because my thighs are still thick. So yes I am seriously considering doing a medial thigh lift in the spring. Now that swelling is down my inner thighs do hang and show cellulite. Is it really bad? Not really but since everything else looks so perfect (at least in my eyes) now I want my thighs to be perfect too. I am having my thigh lift consult for my 3 month post op appointment in a few weeks. I can't stress enough how happy I am with my results and of course with my amazing surgeon who has been nothing but amazing with answering my questions and addressing my "complications" which in reality haven't really been complications in my eyes.

One more thing. My husband never had an issue with my skin. After all he met me over weight and was with me throughout my weight loss surgery journey. However now that I have this body the man can't keep his hands off me. I have to keep reminding him he can't smack my butt every time he passes by as it's still sore. He also doesn't stop complimenting me and I've noticed now he want's to accompany me everywhere I ask him to when before most times he would stay home and it was a drag for him when he would go. I am loving his increased interest in me. He was always loving but now he's just more interested than ever. Perhaps is how confident I am now and how I always ensure I am dressed up and look nice. I also don't have any more inhibitions with my body if you know what I mean ;-). I am just glad and feel so blessed to have been able to have plastics. That's all for now. I will try to load pictures in the next few days.
Happy New Years Jass! Glad you are doing well! Bod is rockin' girlie! Not looking forward to that whole spitting stitches and openings thing :-/ ....but I know it very well may be part of it!
Unfortunately is much more common than I thought. It's funny because my cousin (who was a plastics PA for 5 years) came to visit us for thanksgiving and her first question to me was how many stitches popped open.
Happy new year! Your transformation still amazes me every time read your review. You've healed beautifully!! In loved hearing how hubby is so into you now, that's so awesome especially since you know he's the real deal as he's been there with you thru thick and thin (literally !).

Some quick photos I just took

In these photos I am wearing size 5 junior pants. Pre plastics I wore size 11 in juniors.
You look great!
I think I mentioned this before, but it just makes me tear up when I read your review posts. Not only have you done something amazing, but your comments about your husband are touching. You have made terrific progress, and look wonderful. On a totally different topic, once you are set with your PS, heavy weights really work in terms of tightening up the bod. I mean, since you have gone this far, why not be perfection? :) Well besides not having the time because "young children":)))))) Been there! Congratulations.
+1 on both points

Here are a few more recent photos.

I am in the process of scheduling my medial thigh lift to complete the package. I am now 156 lbs and size 4s are getting loose on my waist and some jeans even hip. But of course my thighs get in the way. Can't wait to have them done. I also do my makeup with airbrush when I go out and tried on my arm scar and it covered beautifully. So I guess I will wear shorts this dinner.

Here I am in a dress

OMG! You look awesome!!! So happy for you. Thank you for posting your journey, it was a great read! -Megan
Hello Jass28 So wonderful to see you......success BEAUTIFUL transformation!!!!! I've just caught up with your story...Wow!!!! You Rock!!! I've recently scheduled a Breast-Lift-Reduction no implants 2/12/2014.... .hummmmm it's just 3 weeks from today, I am now a 61 year old broad. LOL I've just started a new chapter to my story and profile.... Please let me know how you are my friend, I've thought about you often you look great!!!! ((((Hugs))))) waiting for smaller jugs LiveLoveBelieve

It's official. I am getting my thigh lift.

I am scheduled for 2/27 to get medial thigh lift done to complete the package. I am beyond excited. Dr. Capella is genius when it comes to thigh lifts and I can't wait to see my results. I am now 154 lbs and feel amazing. My waist is so tiny at 27.5 inches. I still can't believe it's me when I look in the mirror and now with the thigh lift I will be done. My inner thighs are pretty bad. Closer to surgery say I will put on the bikini I used for my pre op photos.
Omg you look amazing! I'm happy to hear your healing well
Hi Jass - it has been so exciting to see your transformation - I am so happy for you! I just wanted to let you know that you and "My Bariatric Life" inspired me to consult with Dr. Capella and I hope to have my LBL done on March 27th.
and (hope I am not being too forward here??) i keep thinking you were so darn lucky to have that BUBBLE ass going into surgery, as after LBL it left you with perfect sized booty without any auto aug or fat xfer! :-) most of us are not that lucky to have "too much" going in. lucky girl ;- o

4 days post op medial thigh lift and LBL revision

I went to the amazing Dr. Capella to finalize my PS journey with a medial thigh lift and perhaps at the same time revise the arm scars that opened. When I went for consult 2 weeks pre op he told me that since I lost much more weight aside from what he removed he wanted to reopen my hips and pull my outer thighs more. And he would revise my arm scar.

Fast forward 2 weeks and it's mark up time. He told me he didn't want to be conservative and would rather use time from my arm scar revision and be more aggressive with the LBL. He wouldn't charge me for his time and I would just pay any OR surcharges which I agreed. He told me we would so my arm scars in office where it would cost nothing.

Fast forward a few hours and I woke up in scrutiating pain. I went home same day. The following day I walked around but was too uncomfortable to check myself out. It wasn't till bath time 48 hours later that I took a look. Dr. Capella certainly wasn't conservative. He pretty much redid my LBL and tightened everything up as well as my thigh lift. He was very aggressive with lipo on thighs as well. I couldn't believe my eyes. I can't imagine what I will look like after swelling if I look like this now. Don't know how many more lbs of skin he removed. My butt looks so perky.

Won't lie, this recovery actually hurts. My incisions last time felt numb where this time they hurt. I've been very light headed thanks to my anemia. I pray none of my incisions open as it all looks so good now. It's surreal to start all over again with the recovery but I so happy thus far. Capella is amazing and I feel so blessed I found him.
You look amazing! I've considered doing my thighs as I've lost over 100 lbs but had so many complications with my TT. Now after seeing your results I soooo want to do it! Thank you so much for sharing, hope you & hubby are enjoying your results! :)
You looked so fantastic before the last surgery I can only imagine how good you look now.
I would love to hear updates from Jass28 - but she is probably enjoying her lovely body and the summer with her family :)
Ramsey Plastic Surgeon

So far he has been amazing. Really took his time to educate me and explain in detail what to expect. I still can't believe I can have such an amazing surgeon for that cost. Now that I am post op I can say this man is a genius. He did an amazing job with my body and so far I am so happy. His bedside manner is amazing and so is his PA Scott. I highly recommend Dr. Capella and will say the man is an expert in removing skin post weight loss. Feel truly blessed that I had this man be the one to give me the body I only dreamed of.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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