I'm a 28 year old mother of a 4year old boy and 6...

I'm a 28 year old mother of a 4year old boy and 6 month twin boys. At one point in my life I weighed 346lbs.I lost 180 lbs and now I'm holding steady. I'm scheduled to have a full body lift done in one procedure on January 15, 2012. I can't believe my big day is almost here. I can't believe I will someday be the woman thin woman I've been all my life.

For some time I've been researching body lifts and my search has led me to Dr. Capella in Ramsey, NJ. I love the fact that he has done over 5000 body lift surgeries, is highly educated, experienced and knowledgeable in this field of plastic surgery. He's written journal articles, attended and lectured seminars and even on tv..So technically he's one of thee top body lift surgeon.

When I met him I loved that he was friendly, handsome and humbled. He was more than patient with my husband and I, especially since we came to the consultation armed with questions.

My only concern is that from his history his notoriety is evident but, his patients aren't active on sites like these. I rather have documented evidence instead of hearsay but whatever, maybe his patients are soo happy with their results that their out in the world oiling down and showing off their new sexy bodies. I don't know but I feel like I'm making a good decision.

My Body is FLAPPY and I certainly believe that my figure is extreme and I absolutely need a professional to tighten me up. Maybe it's my flappy delusions but, dammit I know I'm a hot flappy mess and need to be knotted down and yanked up... lol

It's important for me to document and display my results. Mainly for myself but also for the people who are considering this surgery. Maybe I can help out the dozens of people searching for Dr. Capella patients. I would've loved to run into myself during these last few moments before surgery.

I'm nervous, anxious, curious, I may have been a big girl but I always felt thin inside. This time it will be reversed. Wow the suspense.. lol

I hope to keep everyone updated as best as I can.

Love NLF


Congratulations on your weight loss and upcoming new body! I can't wait to see how it goes! :)
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Congrats on your weight loss and upcoming surgery! I've been doing lots of research on lower body lift and Dr. Capella does amazing work....you're in good hands. I am anxious to watch your transformation! Best of luck!! I'm so happy for you :)
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Best wishes on your journey & congrats on your weight loss. I'm sure you will be wonderfully surprised to see how small your waist is under there! Keep us posted & God Bless
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Hey guys soo far so good. Surprisingly I'm in pain...

Hey guys soo far so good. Surprisingly I'm in pain but not in horrible pain. I suppose that can be attributed to every other episode of pain I've had in my life. Dr Capella took off 12 lbs and moved me back into position I still have a lot of swelling but, the nipples feel like nipples and sides feel like sides. I'm in good spirits. My husband has been there for me 1000 percent and I can't wait for the wounds to fully heal. I take my pills as I should and the minute I go without my pain meds too long these stretched sides will let me know. Now I'm at the point where only time will tell. Ok I'm tired...I will add the pic dr Capella took of my skin and more pics. A big thank you to all of the people who wished me well.


congrats!!! thanks for sharing... My surgery is going to be in April. thanks for sharing ... so far things look good... can't believe he did all that i 1 surgery ... happy healing.
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You're a trooper!! You'll get through this! I had my surgery on the 3rd and I am still slowly recovering. I agree with the other posts, give yourself time, and you will be just fine! We are all thinking about you!
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Im so sorry that your having a hard time right now. Hang in there and know that youll be feeling so much better very soon. I also had my surgery on the 15th. Im so glad to have it over with but the recuperation is hard. My pain is slowing down but Im so stiff and have spasms in my lower back. Im tired of feeling like a bedridden, homely woman. We'll feel differentely within a few months. And much better within just a few weeks. Hang in there- will be thinking about you. Congrats!!
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I'm going to wait to add more pics...because i...

I'm going to wait to add more pics...because i dont want to look at my ugly body...my first issue is that I'm having wound healing issues and I don't like how I look with the swelling and extra meat that is supposed to be swelling idk ...I'm feeling a bit down...hope things look up for me in a month...may need a revision because of some meat left on my sides but I didn't want a revision I wanted it all at once and I'm mad....I don't know I'm going to try to relax and not get myself upset and let myself heal...I have to pack my belly button because its yellow and ugly and keep the area on my waist in the front covered for healing because that is also yellow and ugly...I hope the scar heals well...ugh..goodnight..see you soon and if I can stomach it ill try to take pics :>\


Take heart friend, you look great...it's a huge transition yet. You'll see You are so brave, and your tatas look awesome!!
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You look great!! Don't beat yourself up. You've been through a huge surgery and you're bound to go thru lots of emotions as your body heals and changes. Take it slow and easy and give yourself time to heal. Just think of how far you've come already. Best wishes to you! I can't wait to see your final results.
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Sometimes after life altering surgery, we feel down-do not be so hard on yourself. You had major surgery that takes a toll on the body..you will recover, you will be happy you did it-keep going one day at a time. By the time you do a revision (if needed) you will be mentally prepared for it. GIve your body time and try to relax....you will get where you want to be!!!!
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Hi Guys Thanks for the reminder I'm sorry for...

Hi Guys Thanks for the reminder I'm sorry for taking so long to post . I'm still healing and now I'm full force back in Mommy mode. I still have some pain and it isn't nearly as difficult as it once was but I'm managing. I started surgery at 168 lbs and now I'm usually at 140 people have also noticed my weight loss. I'm fitting into my too small jeans and at this point I think i may need a full wardrobe. After this post I'm going to look for my goal jeans I bought to see if it fits.

Ok now to the issues yes I'm still healing. The area below my navel, right above my pubic is still open and oozing not nearly as bad as it used to be but it is healing. My navel has closed to the point where I can't get anything , pinky finger, nothing but a qtip inside it and that I have to force in just to make sure its clean I'm glad it's healed and no longer oozing. Doctor Capella would like to do a procedure not sure of the name to open it up but I have to wait until the scar tissue go down. Also those back flaps have gotten bigger or maybe I have gotten smaller IDK but the doctor also want to do a procedure to rid me of that. I thought I would look good in every shirt but I only look good in certain shirts. The flanks are still big. It bums me out but I have to remember I did have 5 of them things. Forgot to mention I may need a scar revision near my pubic hole but that is in a few months. I was hoping to be summer ready and far from healing with this surgery but I need to get rid of the extras. Now that I had the courage to take pictures and take a thorough circumferential glance. I believe my body isn't that bad.

Yea I have the meaty (ugh) flanks, the tiny navel, and the open oozing stomach but I still look and feel better than I did previously. I was told these are easier fixes but I 'm tired of being in pain. ,I'm beyond done but these revisions need to be done. I didn't pay all this money to have "issues".

I dont want to sound ungrateful because that I am not but, these meat flanks doesn't feel or look good in jeans or tees. The doctor said it should be rectified by May and I pray it will be.

also I have to note a correction from my comments. I was high on anesthesia and I want to correct that my second time in the hospital Dr. Capella didn't change a thing I'm still as I was surgery day Just in less pain.

I still have occasional tightness and swelling but things are getting better and I cant wait for this journey to end...It has been one hell of a ride..

I will update when I have my appointment in April and I'm also loading pics of my current healing.

Sorry the Pics are not in order but I will caption each as best as I can

Friends thanks for the CYBER LOVE I needed it ...


Same as everyone else, I agree that you have to give yourself some time. Your boobs look great-and as time goes on, you can then address things that are still bothering you. FYI Kate Upton has been on the cover of sports illustrated TWICE..and it is because of her boobs!!!-so work those until you get where you want to be with the rest of your body!!!! hang in there!
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Thank you lol..Boobs...(hug)
You are making progress. Although the issues must be rough there is Such a great difference from where you started. I think you booty looks good too, plus you have great breasts. It'll come together, just keep chugging along. Sending boatloads of cyber love your way...don't be a stranger!
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I I had an appointment with Dr Capella and Scott....

I I had an appointment with Dr Capella and Scott. I'm healed. Still a little swollen. But you can still see some of my extra meat on the sides. Well YOU can't see it but if you see me naked you could see it.

Everyone says I look thin great and all that good stuff although I feel the same..lol I do feel much better and I'm thankful that the extra issues will be resolved. Surgery hasn't been set but I plan to get this handled in September. I feel good look good so far so good geesh forgot to load pics but I will soon. It's like one am ish the babies are sleep and I need to do my hair..see you soon..

Ps guys forgot to mention..I'm getting random A!? Bills from the hospital..I thought it was over with Capella but Hackensack hospital really tacked on the fees...$312,$364,$1950,$225

Damn I thought I was done with dr Capella's 19,000. (Rounded) but damn..I'm going to pay them and get them out of my hair. Thank god my revisions will be done in an outpatient facility..smh..damn hospital. I need a damn coupon or something..

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Just got another bill.. $425 smh....damn hospitals

Just got another bill.. $425 smh....damn hospitals


Ive lost 200lbs and i have 100 more to go until i reach 142lbs. And i will be needing my arm lifted, thighs tummy and a breast lift. How is the progression now? Has everything healed up?
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So far I'm pretty healed..still a little tight in my arms and stomach. I also feel it when I twist and turn in bed. Otherwise the hard part is over. Since I was so heavy I still have a lil extra skin on the sides, so I'm in the process of being scheduled for a slight revision. I already spoke to dr. Capella and I have the go ahead for surgery and I should have my date tomorrow. When hubby comes home tonight I will have him take update pictures of me. I forgot to mention congrats on your weightloss. Although you have 100 more to go. You are already on your way and I know it feels completely different..I'm just getting used to people leaving me little spots and treating me like I'm thin. Regards... :)
Amazing you look amazing tho, it is amazing the way you look. A little extra skin isn't that bad. Was there a payment plan or did you put some down and then continue to make payments.

Hi guys!

Hi friends all is well and so far so good.
Sometimes I'm still tender when my husband hugs me too fast. Sometimes I'm uncomfortable when I'm on the floor playing with the twins but it isn't bad. That's was a tough surgery and I stil have days where I'm tight but. I'm ok I'm happy and I'm well as I mentioned in my comments I saw dr. Capella and he has said I'm ok to go for my revision which will be on the 13 th of August. I'm def not looking forward to it but I want the smooth body Iaid for in December. I was told that I will not be charged but I have no idea what the hospital have in store for me. I forgot to mention that I got another bill for 494$ that was from the laparoscopic doctors who looked in but did nothing to my body when I had the emergency. Smh they are definitely a good hospital but, I feel as if they think im rich because I self paid. I am not... :( I hope they don't tack on fees..smh.. This time around I expect a speedy recovery. I hope for a speedy recovery or if its not speedy maybe an uneventful easy simple snip snip and go . I have a ton of things coming up and no time for surgery. thanks guys cross all your digits for me. I will keep you posted and speak to you soon. :)

(Excuse all those crazy upper and lowercase letters I'm on my iPad and sometimes I can't catch them all) love me flaws and all...


Thank you for your kind words. Initially I tried to get insurance coverage although this is a medical issue I was still denied. I've been too busy to appeal but I'm grateful to have the ability to self pay. I heard he has plans idl but I gave him a cold hard certified check.

I meant to say I want the smooth body I paid for.

So I'm going back in..


u look great ! why couldnt he take out the back flap?
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During surgery he took off as much as he could. When he began to take off more the pulling began to deform my breast as in have my nipples too far out. So he wanted to have my body relax and heal before he took off more skin.
Wow not bad, it looks well done. I know you are almost there to a full recovery. You have healed up very nicely. Thank you its been a process but its worth it. I am adjusting to the looks and treatment but i understand where your coming from. I hate to ask but how much is that going to cost you?

Surgery tomorrow..

So at my preop appointment I was told I have to pay for anesthesia. Didn't expect this since I was told it was free but I guess it wasnt Dr. Capella's fee is free but not anesthesia and op room it was around 2,000 ish Ill update the full amount if anyone want to know but that was the cost. Will be in tomorrow at 12 out by 4 was told it would be a one day surgery I'm not supposed to eat after 12 so I will take off all my jewelry(wedding ring) and relax for the evening. For some reason I think this will go by smoothly. They say it shouldn't be that bad and I hope their right about that because I'm tired I want this done and over with and I want a smooth back. smh until then.. Wish me luck.



Sooo I'm home feeling good like I did 5weeks after my body lift some pain. Not that bad the surgery center treated me well when I get to my pc (on cell) I will post on what happened. . But so far so good I'm feeling confident about my recovery. .
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I hope all goes well for you tomorrow and I wish you a speedy recovery!
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lol those percocets got me posting in wrong places ...smh ill paste it as an update

Sooo I'm home feeling good like I did 5weeks after my body lift some pain. Not that bad the surgery center treated me well when I get to my pc (on cell) I will post on what happened. . But so far so good I'm feeling confident about my recovery


U look great love
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Thank you it was today and I think this may be the charm ...I'm still wrapped up so I have no idea of what I look like but you guys will see...

A week today Drain removal woofreakinghoo

Hi All,

So far I've been healthy and taking it easy. Dr. Capella said inorder to tighten me up I needed to cuts on my sides. Initially I was uncomfortable about it but felt I needed to do whatever I needed to do inorder to achieve the best result.

Surgery wasn't bad I was a lil groggy but this was nothing like before I went home uneventfully and I recovered as normal. The second night was rough but I made it through. I didn't feel like pestering the hubby for pics so I took some myself. My navel is nice and open and my body is tight. Initially I was worried about my boobs but they were just swollen from the side pulling. All in all things are well. I go in today to have my drains removed and I freaking hate these things smh. I feel the scar tissue forming around the tubes smh..I cant wait to get these suckers out..

see you soon..


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I hate healing, Anesthesia and plastic surgery

I forgot to mention the anesthesia lady did not know how to put in iv. The Bit@h kept pricking me and it hurt oh so bad. She tried 6 times then decided to give me oxygen. While breathing in this "oxygen" I knew she spiked my oxygen because I began to droop off. I still heard her and Scott talking so I began to wiggle my fingers and leg just in case so they would know I was still awoke and not to cut on me...Everything must've worked because I woke up fine and out of surgery lol..damn oxygen I know the difference. I'm tired of surgeries..I hate healing, I hate the pain ugh I hate it all. I hope my breast look acceptable for me because after all this weight loss I'm contemplating implants..smh well see how things go but Implants would definitely be my LAST elective surgery..ONLY if needed but I'm tired tired tired.. I just want to move on with my life. I have confidence things are going to look great but I believe D's are in my future.


Thank you :)

ummm yea swelling ?? :p

Now that all of the skin is gone from my body I can actually feel what official "swell hell" is like. I had swelling from my previous surgeries but being this small I feel as if I'm going to pop. Now I'm back to caring for my babies full time and alone. OMG I look forward to bedtime and naps. My days are rough. Although things are getting better I still have difficulty laying down, turning, and twisting . I wonder why I gave up my non pain lifestyle 2 weeks ago.

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half my post got cut off..a few times...tried to add in what i said spoke of being thankful grateful now im mad ill update later

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I eventful surgery no problems no issues

408$ bill Hackensack can kiss my ass! I had no issuesnoproblems and they still charged me after my paid surgery oh freaking well ill deal with them later. Until then kiss my ass


How are you doing nowadays? My surgery is a little over 2-weeks away.
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congrats! im having surgery with Dr. Capella in 3 days. any advice? im freaked out. how did you manage the first few weeks? when were you able to go back to work?
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Wow, am amazed at your results! I've lost weight before (around 8stone) but always seem to stop when I get to when the skin is becoming loose...like as if it's a greater fear then the skin being filled out. Its my mental battle to conquer. Here in Ireland, health insurance doesn't cover anything to do with a bodylift so I need to commit, and start saving! Well done again!
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