3rd Bosley Procedure Coming Up Soon - Raleigh, NC and Philadelphia, PA

I've had 2 procedures with Bosley,2000 grafts...

I've had 2 procedures with Bosley,2000 grafts each time. I would be completely bald back to the crown without them. It's very painful in the days after for me but my pal had the same procedure twice with the same doctor as me and only the second one as bad. I got Quasimodo like swelling and black eyes each time.

After all that, I still think it's 100 per cent worth the money. It looks completely natural and I have to show the scar at the back to convince people I had the procedure. I need a 3rd just to finish the job but no-one comments on my baldness anymore and when I see people for the first time in a while they comment.

No-one has ever said "you've got more hair" etc. They say "you look great.....younger.....so healthy...."

Have the procedure, take 2 weeks off work so the scabs can fall off and the redness can fade and wear a hat in the sun in the months afterward....(my head went a fluorescent red)

About 4-6 months later it starts to grow and from that moment every time you look in the mirror for the next 12 months...you have MORE hair....so cool!

I think it's a waste of time to have 1000 grafts, I will have 6000 by the end just to have a decent cover.


Bosley are not liars or butchers or conmen. They are just big and successful for a reason.... they're good.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Not much luck with bosley.paid 12,500 for 1 procedure and not much hair.looking to get 2nd procedure and wondering where to go.take their ads and throw in the garbage
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Phil, I Went to Bosley twice. I had a great Dr, but it is all about money, period. I went to Dr Pistone in NJ and he gave me twice the graphs for 5500. Went to him twice and at 45 have a full head of hair. Good luck Bud. You can still have more procedures hopefully. I had 4 and still have enough for another one. If I didn't go to Bosley, I would of only had 2 procedures. Should of done my homework, but my 1st was 20 yrs ago so Bosley was Huge then
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I would not do it. Be happy with what you have.
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Seriously, I'm 46 and have a full head of hair. C'mon, I doubt your really happy combing your hair with a Shrimp Fork.....
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hahaha, Seriously, I'm 46 with a full head of hair. C'mon, I doubt your happy combing your hair with a shrimp fork.
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I had hairloss and didn't want it to get worse so I decided to get the hair transplant. I am very happy with theHair melbourne
results but it took a long time to see them and it was more painful than I expected. Also the swelling and bruising was worse Melbourne hair
than I hoped
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I have long and ugly scar which would be visible if I used number2 clippers and maybe with a number 3. I think you're wise to think carefully about.
I think that, for most men, unless you're prepared to have 3 procedures totally 6000 grafts at a cost of 25k over a 3-4 year period, you're probably best not bothering.
You may have less expectations than I did and be happy with less grafts but the only really happy patients that I've met are the ones who've had a large number of grafts...

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It looks like your Bosley professional did a great job. I'm looking into having the procedure done but still toying with the idea a little bit as I still have quite a bit of hair left on top. What is the name of the doctor who performed your procedure in Philly - I live close to their and if I get it done I want someone with experience and proven good work. Thanks! - Chris
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It's Dr Cornwell at the Bosley in Philly. Refuse to pay anymore than $4.50 a graft, meds are about $120 and don't bother with the $400 dollar "healing kit and shampoo". They used to give it away free and it makes no difference and all you really get is a good shampoo!
Its a really long day in the chair so get someone to drive you home after.
I use Propecia and Rogaine (generic version from Walmart) which has slowed down the hair loss but who knows....
Its a good idea to get it done while you've still got some left up top...after my first my scalp had no cover but after the second I had enough hair not to look so bad at all.
Good luck!!!
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Hey thanks for getting back to me! Yea i've heard the $400.00 healing kit is not worth the cost. I'm trying to do as much research as possible to see if the procedure is right for me and if my expectations are realistic. My main concerns are that I don't want to throw money away if i'm not a good candidate for the procedure and I don't want to have long ugly scars from ear to ear if I don't get enough cover on top and need to shave my head. I don't think i'm ready to make a decision yet one way or the other but thanks for sharing your experiences so far! - Chris
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I had 2 procedures from Bosley in Philly 10 years ago and 2 procedures from Dr Pistone in Jersey. Dr Pistone's procedure is so comfortable, you wake up and it is done, no pain. He said I have enough for 1 more. I am 44 and had 1st one at 28. People call me Uncle Jesse from Full House. That is how much hair I have now and would be pretty thin !
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