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Can't believe I'm finally posting. I have been...

Can't believe I'm finally posting. I have been reading TT stories for the past like 2 months. I am a mother of 3 beautiful babies. My daughter, 10 and two boys 7 and 4. I have always been a fitness freak of some sort. I eat well on the most part. I am 5 ft 4" , 37 years old. I am 145 Ibs and hoping to drop about 5- 10 more before my up coming surgery. Which I really dont know exactly when but will be between Aug and Sept 2012. Well some of my friends and family don't see the reason why I want to get a TT but believe me, when I am naked and look myself in the mirror I see about 50 reasons why so thus all that matters. I have a smallish frame and once I tuck my tummy in like I have done of the past gazillion years you really would not ever think I have a problem. Thus the thing "I AM TIRED OF TUCKING MY TUMMY IN" Its a full time job and I keep wondering "HOW LONG WILL I KEEP THIS UP", its so hard and discouraging sometimes especially if you over eat a little. To cut a long story short, I ran into a lady that had a very flat tummy and i commented on it, she was very open with me and told me that she had a TT done by this particular PS. I was immediately interested (a TT has always been on the back of my mind) so she gave me the details, I called and got an appointment with that same PS. I really liked the PS but was not really impressed with the ladies handling the financials, they seemed to be too impatient and too much about the money. Anyway, I could not get a date that I wanted for the procedure...bad timing.. the PS and anesthesiologist, not sure of the spelling... well they take their vacations around June and July so obviously most of August is already booked....dang. I now have it scheduled for Sept 12 but they said to keep calling to see if I can get a mid August date. I am so excited and don't really wanna dragged it till September so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I will post some pics of me now as I start my journey **once I figure out how to!!*** Or and by the way, I am getting a full TT, little lipo on the flanks and hernia repair.

So, I have been reading more and more stories and...

So, I have been reading more and more stories and i am truely encouraged. I am seeing a 2nd PS on monday june 18th, I have seen his work on his website and have been in touch with one of his clients and I think if he has a sooner date I will go with him. My cousin's wedding is coming up July 21 so not sure if I should wait till after but I am so excited I think if this PS has a date available before the wedding I will go for it. Suspence is killing me. What do you all think????

I'm so excited about the consultation tomorrow and...

I'm so excited about the consultation tomorrow and I have all my questions ready on a piece of paper. Reading most of the TT journeys has made made me better prepared as to what questions to ask

So I did go an see my new PS. I really liked him....

So I did go an see my new PS. I really liked him. Unlike the previous PS, he took time to explain the entire procedure, the pros and cons. Showed me pictures of the actually process....gross but I really appreciated that. I have read that there are some PS that do not use drain anymore...well ,,drumroll please........he is one of them. He explained that its a new technique that has been around for about a year and a half. He explained how it works and that he has for the past yr perfomed over a 100 TTs without drains and has not had any issues with seromas or any other complications. The consultation lasted an hour and a half since I was the last patient. Lets just say, I was sold. I scheduled my TT the next day for July 24th. Am sooooooooooooooo excited

I have not posted much. seems my husband is up...

I have not posted much. seems my husband is up and down about this I am upset seeing for everything I do for my family I am entitled to fulfil my tt dream. I am not backing down....will see what happens. My date is july 24 ....yes... in about 3 weeks. I hope he come around.

Well finally had a productive talk with the...

Well finally had a productive talk with the husband and he explained that he would like for me to get the TT if thats what I want but "he is happy with the way I look", ha ha I am not. His main concern was that we finally sold our house and we will be moving and we have not even found a new home yet so a TT shud not be a major concern right now. Well I also explained that its always going to be something standing in the way like car breaking down, kids getting sick or whatever else so what I want to do should not always be pushed to the back coz its my happyness at stake.....blahblahblahblah. But anyway I agreed to move my date to August 21 and we'll see how it goes. Bye the way I have paid half the cost so there is really no going back. HAPPY HEALING TO EVERYONE AND YOU ALL WILL LOOK FABULOUS. Oh almost forgot that we went to the beach about 2 weeks ago and I refused to get in the water you'll but wait till I'm flat....I will be running along the beach like the Bay Watch babes....lol.

A lot has happened since the last time I posted. ...

A lot has happened since the last time I posted. I will not bother you all with too much details. Just a few tho, I have paid in full for my surgery, which is now on September 11 at 11am. My sister is coming to help me out for about 2 weeks so I am super excited about that. Thing is we are supposed to be moving either first week of September or last week of September so thats my only worry right now. I know you thinking why not just postpone the TT till later, but I cant, i have postponed far too many times and I am going home to Zimbabwe in December so I want to be semi-healed. ...make sense. anyway I have been reading all the good stories and good results and I am so motivated and anxious at the same time. I think my husband tries to avoid talking about it, that makes me mad but oh well, I know I am so looking forward to a very flat tummy. All this exercising I am doing and tummy wont go away, I deserve this TT. I started the Insanity program for the 2nd time in one year and am running 4 miles 3 times a week. I eat well 80% of the time don't know if thats good enough but will try to perfect it with two weeks to go. Well enough about that. Happy healing to everyone and all September TT's shoutout!!!!!

Finally getting there fellow TTuckers!!!! In...

Finally getting there fellow TTuckers!!!! In about 3 days I will be making my transition to the flat lands. I am not really freaked out by much. I have been getting ready all this week. My sister gets here Monday and my surgery is on Tuesday. I had to book a flight for her from Dallas and she will be here for 10 days total. My husband is happy about this coz I really dont think he would have managed well. He refuses to be domesticated so all he will be doing is driving the kids around. Anyone going in that day ladies??
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Thanks Kimmers, things do seem to be coming together a little bit.
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Definitely keep moving forward and do this!   Everything else will fall into place with some help from others with the move.  


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I have two more weeks to go my friends. Its been a long road. So much has happened and that has helped me keep my mind off the TT. Just went for my pre-op yesterday and got my prescriptions. I have been doing insanity for the past two months and feel as physically fit as I will ever be. Happy healing to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Are you still getting it done? You will never regret doing so...go for it and do it for you.....you are worth it!
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You are going to be rocking a bikini before you know it:)

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I'm so excited about the consultation tomorrow and I have all my questions ready on a piece of paper. Reading most of the TT journeys has made made me better prepared as to what questions to ask.
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Welcome to RealSelf.  

I am happy you posted your review and look forward to following your journey.  

Keep posting and I know you will make some great connections her on the site.

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