25% TCA Peel to Stretch Marks - Raleigh, NC

I have had 4 children and was left with sever...

i have had 4 children and was left with sever stretch marks. open to try any treatment to minimize them... I read about TCA improving texture. I am still in the healing process so I will post my journey. If you have any special suggestions let me know. I am also taking collagen pills and frequently moisturizing as well as use of aloe vera.


Any pics?
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What collegen pills will you be taking?
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Sana Naturals

Two weeks later...

OK so I didn't do my entire stomach b/c I was unsure of the results, but it definatly lifted the stretch marks to the surface. Skin is still peeling & red. Very pleased with results.


I've decided to start this regime as well. I am doing a combination of face (texture), bust, stomach and hips/thighs for stretch marks. I have used a 12.5% solution so far to test my own body's reaction. I applied 2 coats which gave it a 25% boost. I have to say that my bust showed better texture immediately. The stretchmarks are still there but noticeable if I move from side to side with light and glare. The skin is tight and feels even as I graze my fingers over it. I have ordered 15% & 18%. I know that the deeper marks on my hips and stomach will require a stronger solution but am giving my skin time to adapt. So far, I have had no peeling but the skin was a bit sensitive to the touch the day after. I will do one more treatment of 12.5% before my shipment comes in. As for my face, again no stinging or peeling but my skin is tighter and pores are not visible in certain areas. I did 2 applications of the solution. I should also mention that the brand I bought allows the solution to stay on for 5 mins. Overall, it was a great investment in my opinion.
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I came across a clinical study that proved 20% glycolic acid to be effective on stretchmarks. I just posted this information to my blog today. The post title is Tretinoin: An Effective Treatment for Stretchmarks. Check out the two studies that I linked to. The findings were exciting. I look forward to reading your update! Thanks for sharing :)
The reason why I chose TCA as opposed to glycolic acid was because TCA penetrates to the first layer of the dermis and glycolic acid goes as far as the epidermis. My stretch marks range between the 2 layers. I haven't read the study but once I have, I will comment. Thanks for the message!

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