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So after over a year of wanting to get invisalign,...

So after over a year of wanting to get invisalign, I finally decided to bite the bullet since I am getting married next year. I figured, if I'm ever going to do this, now is the time. After a couple of dentist visits, I finally received my first set of aligners yesterday. Now, I was never told that invisalign could include 'attachments' and that I couldn't drink anything other than water with them in. I had to learn this after the fact.
I was given 5 attachments on the top and 7 on the bottom. Without the trays (?) in, these look ridiculous and do not allow me ability to bite down all the way making it incredibly difficult to eat. The thing that bothers me the most is that one of these attachments is on my front right tooth so that even with the invisalign aligner on my teeth, that tooth has this random blob poking out and is very noticeable. I am so self conscience about smiling, it looks ridiculous.
Here is the other thing, the aligners are killing my teeth due to movement and causing headaches, but I hear that this will only be the case the first couple of days that you wear a new aligner. Also, the edges of the aligners are causing rawness to the inside of my lips and underneath my tongue. I did some research and people suggested filing down the edges. I did this and my files are small enough. So I got out our dremel tool and filed them down a bit. Well this made it worse (although several people had luck with this). The underside of my tongue hurt so bad that I left work to go to CVS in search of braces wax and of course they were out. I then went to Walmart and picked some up and oh my god it was such a lifesaver. Also, I have a horrible lisp. My job requires me speaking on the phone several times a day so I hope that the lisp goes away soon.
So far (even though it has been exactly 28 hours since I've had by aligners in) I am very unhappy. I only have to wear Invisalign for 6 months but it seems very daunting to think that I could feel this way for that long. So far I don't regret my decision since I know that once this is all said and done I will be so incredibly happy. I can only hope that things will get better.

2 weeks in

Yesterday I changed to to my second set of aligners. I will say that I have gotten much more used to them being in my mouth but I still hate them. I thought that putting in the second set would cause a lot of pain but they haven't so far which is great. This set wasn't the same as before and there were areas that I needed to file down quite a bit to that the edges wouldn't jab into my gums.

I am having a lot of issues with my dentist and they refuse to answer a lot of my questions which is frustrated. I didn't know until a few days ago how many aligners I would have and this was after calling and emailing repeatedly. Turns out they told me 5-6 months and it's actually closer to 8. That is 3 months longer than I expected so I am not happy about that at all.

The other issue is that the resin that was used to create my attachments is much yellower than my teeth and since it covers the entirety of every other of my top teeth in front I look like a hillbilly. I called to have this replaced with whiter resin and they said that they could but I would get charged- whatever at least I won't look so ridiculous.

I am ready for the time to come when these feel normal and I get used to them being in my mouth. I doubt that will happen anytime soon but I can still hope.
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Before going thru the process your dentist should have told you how many trays and how many months the procedure would take before ordering your trays.... Hope the experiance gets better for you.
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Don't regret your decision. It does get better!!! Consider yourself lucky that you only have to wear them for 6 months. I have been wearing mine now for 1 year and 9 months and have a few months left to go. I did research before I got them so I knew about the lisp until you get used to them and the headaches the first or second day. The lisp goes away and you do get used to them so eventually you won't have this problem. Headaches are usually just the first or second day of a new tray set but you can take aleve if needed. I used the wax too until I got used to them. I don't need that now. I did have to file two trays before but the majority of the trays were fine as is. I have 33 trays (and went through 15 before my mid-case adjustment where I got the additional 33). I can't wait to get them off - not because they are annoying but I'm just ready mentally! True the buttons are not that beautiful but I have noticed that they don't show in photos unless you are super close up! They show more w/o wearing the trays vs with the trays in! Hope this helps some.
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thanks for sharing the beginning of your journey!. I am also yet to wed Next year. I am on tray 12/19 (almost there) I also have 7 attachments on top and 4 on bottom, which are noticable but i have gotten used to them, the lisp slowying vanished with the exception of the "s". I have learned advil and a nap is my best friend when im in pain. brace wax is great. when you file your tray smooth it out aswell. Also the more you wear the aligners (21-22) hours a day the more you will get used to them and the pain will cease. not to mention time will fly... I drink mostly everything except coffee or dark drinks with aligner in using a straw. i brush and soak the aligners when im done drinking. I drink water more then anything thouh, less maintenace.. Good luck on your journey!
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p.s. Remember to carry floss and waterless toothbrush for on the go!
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You are very correct. I noticed that after only 2 days or so the soreness and pain of my teeth moving had all but ceased. I am now 4 days in and there is no pain or tightness and I can easily pop the aligners in and out. Also, if it wasn't for wax I would not have been able to do this. It is a lifesaver and I keep a pack in my purse, living room, bathroom, and work. Thanks for the support. I'm glad to hear that it gets easier and the time flies! I can't wait for it to be March already.
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If you go more then one hour without aligners it feels tight when popping in the trays. also the attachments i was told by my dentist are to allow teeth to move. Glad you are feeling some releif :)
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