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Where to begin? For years, I battled a chronic...

Where to begin? For years, I battled a chronic medical disorder-it frankly stole years from my life and left me with a face that I didn't recognize. After long internet searches and other plastic surgery consults, I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Law-the best decsion I've ever made! I'm very picky and this practice is light years beyond any other I consulted with. For me, a natural result was absolutely paramount--his website, staff and Dr. Law, himself, made it crystal clear that they would ONLY perform cosmetic procedures that looked natural-as if you had nothing done.

First, I met with a higly educated Nurse Practioner-she really helped me narrow down what procedures I would benefit from having and helped me rule out a few that wouldn't have given me the result I was looking to gain. This initial consult allowed my first meeting with Dr. Law to be focused and not a discusion of "potential" procedures.

As Dr. Law examined my face, I could tell that he was not missing a single detail. It felt as if his suggestions were tailored to MY face-not a regime of standard recommendations. Our discussions about the procedures were very detailed and accurate. He and I decided that structural facial fat grafting and a chin lift would be the two procedures that would give me optimal results. The surgical team was AMAZING, attentive, well humored and knowledgable. I went into surgery without a worry.

The results of these two procedures are incredible! Dr. Law will NOT overfill your face, instead he uses a unique injection technique to use small amounts of fat-that are more likely to develop a blood supply and "take." He was clear about the grafting site and the bonus is a little less fat on my stomach. The chin lift is striking-yet, Dr. Law stopped at the point that would make my chin look stretched. I doubt, even a plastic surgeon would guess that I've had the facial fat grafting or the chin lift.

For the first few weeks, I truly wanted to walk side-ways to show off my new chin lift/profile! When I went back to my life's routine-people were literally doing double, triple takes and completly unable to determine "why" I looked so "rested." They just kept saying…"You've done a total transformation, have you lost weight?".. Me: Yes I did!! Even close friends who know I had these procedures, can't believe I had anything done--because "it looks so natural." I would compare my face to what I looked like 10-15 years ago.

When it comes to facial fat grating- there is no doubt-Dr. Law is the ONE to see.
Can I ask if this was the only procedure since it looks like this cost way more than most docs charge? NC is not an expensive area of the country yet this is the most charged for fat that I have seen on here. I just saw another review of a good doctor result in NYC -- a very expensive area normally -- that cost far less than this. Just curious if this was the actual cost for just fat.
I am sorry that was confusing and I had some information incorrect! I will change it! The total below is the fat gratfing AND the chin lift. (I had other procedures done and somehow I got those figures twisted.) Structural Fat Grafting: periorbital, perioral, jawline Submandibular liposuction Sub platysmal lipectomy & platysmaplasty $6500
wow I am excited for you....and for me because I want something like this someday! I really am happy for you because i too have suffered for years from a chronic medical disorder and am still coming to terms with all the lost years. So your story particularly touches me. I am pretty sure I would look a lot better had I not been ill for so long. I am working on getting better but I really need to also heal the outside along with the inside....just to feel I can get some years back. Would you be willing to send me pictures privately? I understand it's hard to bare all on a site. But I really would love to see them. And congratulations.

Exact pricing for procedures..

Structural Fat Grafting: periorbital, perioral, jawline
Submandibular liposuction
Sub platysmal lipectomy & platysmaplasty
You made me smile.. :) And yes, you deserve some rejuvination-I know how upsetting it is to have a medical condition steal years from you! I am working on a photo (that is clear and cropped.. :).. will post that.
Oh, Flowers9--I hope you didn't have a bad experience… For me, I would say-in the WRONG hands-this procedure could be a disaster. But in the RIGHT hands (Dr. Law)-the results are truly amazing. When I met with my surgeon, I brought a picture of what I didnt' want.. Facial fat grafting--for sure can be permanent (one of the benefits if done correctly).. so finding the right Dr. is critical. I found the perfect surgeon and could not be happier. Best wishes.
Thank you...things are OK.. I don't want to speak on experience just yet ..however, immediately afterwards I just realized that the risks were not worth the benefits for me to look a little bit better....I realized that I will not advocate for anyone to get this procedure given there is no good method for reversal in the event something does go wrong for a person. If someone does want to do this procedure ask the doctor for guarantees in writing, ensure that he is not going to overfill, and get guarantees that he will ensure your face will be fine and that he will do everything possible to fix your face for no additional charge. Make sure that his disclaimers matches his oral claims and definitely have an attorney read anything you must sign FIRST. Any hassles given in regards to this is a red flag, don't do a risky procedure. Other procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, tummy tuck are, in my view, less risky in the right hands and most of the time correctable if things go wrong. SO MY ADVICE WOULD BE, DO NOT DO A PROCEDURE THAT CANNOT BE SATISFACTORILY CORRECTED OR REVERSED. I hope AND pray that I have helped someone.
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Dr. Law is very compassionate and an artist. His attention to detail was amazing and his results are incredible.

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