My upper lids were starting to get droopy and I...

My upper lids were starting to get droopy and I had a pronounced bulge under my right eye. I am 47 and work in sales and need to look my best. I had 4 weeks off and decided to have the blepharoplasty done. My surgeon insisted on doing a conservative brow lift. He explained that doing the bleph pulls the lid and brow down. He showed me photos of the blepharospasm w/out the brow lift and it made sense. I am one day after surgery and looking mighty ugly. I will be patient and keep updating.

Day 2 post op

2 days after surgery. Looking scary. Yes I am questioning my decision. Yes, I will be patient.

Day 3 Post Op

My eyes have opened up a little. My son says I now look like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad after hank beat him up. I guess that is an improvement?:) Bruises are more pronounced and I still feel loopy.

Day 4 Post Op

My eyes have opened a bit more. Bruising more pronounced and my face is swollen. I look like a chipmunk! No pain, but I am still lightheaded. I would like to get my brains back! And my GI tract has shut down. I took stool softeners, but they haven't helped yet. Blech. My forehead and the top of my head are still numb. My right eye waters off and one and it feels tight when I blink. I am looking forward to being 30 days out and more normal. I'm still not sure going through all this is worth it. Time will tell though!

Day 5 Post Op

Who are these people who say recovery from PS is no big deal? They are way tougher than me! My stomach hurts and I am still light headed. That doesn't even mention how scary I look. PS is NOT a walk in the park. That said, here I am on Day 5. I finally washed my hair, so I feel a little more human. It is hard to blink or see straight and my left eye waters constantly. I hope I am not annoying everyone with my daily posts, but the truth should be known. Plastic Surgery is Surgery! Hydracodone makes you constipated! Local anesthesia is still anesthesia and will rattle your brains! Do not undertake this endeavor lightly.

day 5 again

Day 6 Post Op

Swelling continues to subside. Gotta love the football player smudges under my eyes! My eyes are still watering, I hope once the stitches come out tomorrow that will decrease. I do feel like I am making progress. I am a little less light headed today. I may even feel like driving to the dr appt tomorrow.

Day 7 Post Op

Still feeling kind of loopy, but somewhat better. The good news is My GI tract is back on track. That maybe TMI, but if you are considering a procedure, you should know about all the ins and outs!
Brushing seems to be subsiding and the general swelling continues to improve. I am a little concerned about the pooch under my eyes and the continued droop over my right eye. Stitches come out tomorrow, so I will ask about these concerns and update my review.

Day 8 Post Op Stitches Come Out Today!

There is definite improvement on my right eye today. Selling has decreased and the bruising receded a bit. My left eye is still puffy and watery.
I am loopy when I stand up, I think that is because my eyes are still half closed.
I get my stitches out this afternoon. I will update after that appointment.

Day 9 Post Op, Stitchless! Wondering if I should have done this...

So, stitches came out yesterday. I did not see the doc, he mentioned that he would be away when I left "under the influence" last week. The nurse asked what concerns I have and if my eyes were itchy and weepy. My left eye IS itchy and weepy! She gave me antibiotic drops and that does help. She explained that the procedures cause irritation much like conjunctivitis. So I have Pink Eye in addition to Black Eye, haha. My left eye lid is very puffy. My concerns are: I look half asleep, a little hollowed out under my eyes, my eyebrows look like I am surprised and my forehead is high. The ladies in the office assure me that this too shall pass. I sure hope so! I worry I have not caused a different problem in trying to correct the first one. Whack A Mole, anyone? The nurse did tell me my loo pines when standing is from my still numb forehead and that my skin is in a different place in my head, thus changing my perspective. Wish I had known about this "change in perspective" ahead of time!

I hope I am not boring everyone with my daily rumblings. I am using this a a forum to document the ups and downs of plastic surgery. Information is power folks. I thought I was fairly well informed before I undertook this endeavor, but I feel woefully unprepared for the emotional roller coaster ride I have jumped on. I said it before, but this is not for the faint of heart!

Day 10 Post Op

I think the swelling has gone down quite a bit since yesterday, the bruising looks better too. When I look in the mirror, I am still concerned about the hooded eyelids and hollowed out look under my eyes. Also, the high position of my eye brows, my larger forehead and the change in my hairline. I hope this is only temporary. I will definitely ask at next week's appointment. On the upside, I am going to attempt makeup today and go out into the world. Wish me luck!

Day 11 Post Op

Sorry if I am boring you with TMI. Here I am at Day 11. Swelling has gone down in my face, my original face shape is returning! Bruises are not quite as bad, but I still look like I was in a bar fight. Concerns at this point continue to be the right eye looking hooded and the hollowed out look under my eyes. Only time will tell.
For those of you with itchy, gritty eyes, the antibiotic drops are a HUGE relief. I still feel a little dizzy and out of it, I think it is b/c my forehead and the top of my head are still numb. I feel like I am wearing a mask. All in all, I do feel much better than I did a week ago.

Day 11. : Coming out of the fog

Today I feel less brain damaged than I did. That's an improvement! I still have one droopy eye and one watery eye and some ugly bruises, bah humbug. I have a holiday lunch to attend tomorrow, that should be interesting. I look like I have a major case of pink eye. I may go with that story:)

Day 12. Almost Human

Feeling more normal. But I'm not looking normal yet. I went to a Holiday Lunch and my friend claimed she did not think I looked weird. I think she was just being nice. I wore my glasses and I think that helps camouflage my asymmetrical eyeballs. They definitely help cover the bruises.

Day 13: not almost human after all

Today was not one of my best. My head is starting to hurt, I think the sutures from the browlift are pulling and the numbness on my noggin is wearing off. I have been exhausted all day. Bleh... I get the staples out of my head tomorrow and I'll report back then.

Day 14. Feeling Down

I saw the doc today and had the screws and staples pulled out of my noggin. Surprisingly enough, it did not hurt. I am still numb on the top of my head and in the middle of my forehead. The doc came in and said I was not as far along in healing as he would have thought. Great! I asked If I should keep icing, and he said I should not have been icing at all after day 3. Well damn, that would have been nice to know! So take note folks, icing after 3 days SLOWS down the healing process.

I am still bruised and will get lasered if things don't look better tomorrow. I start a brand new job Monday, I can't go in there looking like I've been in a bar fight!

I discussed my asymmetrical eye balls and my surprised eyebrows. Doc told me I'm still swollen and my brows should relax. If they don't in a couple of months, he says he can fix it. He said he's never had to do that, as all of his patients ended up being happy after 1-3 months. I must be patient.

I said it once, I will say it again, this is not for the faint of heart. Plastic Surgery is a BFD (thanks Joe Biden)!

Day 15. Things are looking up

This morning, I think my right eye has improved. My eyelid is not halfway covering my pupil, at least I think not. I spent my shower digging crusts off my scalp, yuck. The nurse told me when she removed the screws and staples that crusts had formed around them. Boy was she right! So, if you get a brow lift or a facelift or anything involving your scalp, prepare to dig! Thankfully, I am still numb on my noggin, so what would probably have been painful was not. As much as I have complained about my numb noggin, it was helpful this morning. Now maybe my hair will part normally! I think my eyebrows have relaxed a little. Still questioning this whole thing, but I'm not quite as horrified.

Day 16 looking Better

I went out to lunch with friends today. They said they don't think I look weird. That was good news. Bruises are better but still visible, I hope they are gone by Monday! When I go to back to work! My eyes are still kind of dry and tire easily. Now if I can just stop obsessing on celeb plastic surgery websites!

Days 17 and 18 bruising greatly improved!

Yesterday I went to see the nurse-esthetician at the PS's office. She lasered my bruises and gave me a pep talk. She described all the things I've been feeling, physically and emotionally to a tee and told me everything was normal. She said there should be a support group for recent patients to talk to patients who are further along. She didn't know about this website. Without this website, I think I would be really, really worried about what I have done. Thank you everyone for your comments and supportive input!

As for how I am looking and feeling: my eyelids are still puffy and my eyebrows are unnaturally high. The laser really helped the bruises and I feel a little less self-conscious now. I keep saying to myself, "Patience!" I may wait until Wednesday for my next post. Thank you again everyone!

Day 21

Yesterday was not a great day. I got makeup in one eye and it watered and swelled and I looked crappy all day. Today was better, I decided not to poke myself in the eye this morning! I've been reading other reviews and decided to take a deep breath. This is a day by day process. Recovery is NOT the same as healed. I will reserve judgement until day 90.

I sure wish I had known what I know now.

Day 21 one more thing...

I am getting some feeling back on my forehead and the top of my head. The incision sites on each side of my head at bumpy. I wonder if this is normal? I still feel like duct tape is stuck across my forehead though.

4 Weeks Post Op. Better, but...

My left eye still feels dry and it's watery. My bruises are MUCH better and almost gone. I still have some asymmetry, but with makeup, I feel almost like myself again. My forehead and the top of my head are still numb. Some feeling is coming back, but I still feel like I have duct tape across my brow. A doctor friend said I still have swelling and probably would for another few weeks. I have my one month follow up this Friday. I will post the results of that conversation.

Merry Christmas y'all!

Another 4 week photo. With makeup.

4 week Check Up

Yesterday, I went back to see Dr. Stein for my four week check up. One eye is still dry and watery. He gave me some steroid drops and that helped a lot. I still look surprised, but better. I now have a sense of humor about my surprised look. Dr. Stein assured me that my eyebrows would continue to relax over the next few months. He told me I would probably come back asking to have them raised. Really?! I seriously doubt I will EVER want to have elective surgery again! He also told me the numbness on the top of my head and my forehead will last many months! Ugh! Vanity, thy name is woman!

I did get the all clear to go back to the gym, get my hair colored and do my usual activities. Today the gray roots are going!

Day 31.

Week 5 post op. Happy New Year!

I am happy with my lids and under eye area. Still not liking my eyebrows, but am reminded that it has only been 5 weeks and They should continue to relax and come down. I have really been questioning the brow lift. The answers I have received from the docs on this website have not been helpful. One told me to seek a revision immediately! It is astounding that surgeons take surgery so lightly.

Anyway, I will continue to be patient, but it is hard.

Folks, consider your posts before you press send. Facial PS is a very stressful and trying experience for the patient. Keep that in mind.

Six Weeks Later. Better.

Sooo. I feel like my eyebrows have relaxed a bit. I'm not quite so surprised looking. I still have asymetry, but I guess I'm getting used to it. The upside is that after 10 days of steroid eye drops, my eyeballs feel pretty normal. As in I don't think about having eyeballs so much. I'm still loving the TheraTears though.

A good sign was my teen-aged daughter saying to me, "hey mom, remember when you got that plastic surgery?" As though it were a distant memory. I guess that means I'm looking more normal. She told me I don't look surprised any more! just skeptical. Ha, I think that is a complement?

Here's the physical weirdness I'm still experiencing: I can move my eyebrows more, but sometimes I feel a little tug when I do. Almost like I'm straining a muscle. The feeling is coming back a little on the top of my head and on my forehead. I get little prickly sensations sometimes around my hairline. The strangest part is when the numb part itches, how can a place with no feeling itch? Sometime if I scratch a difference location, it gets the itch in a different spot! Nerves are weird.

One more thing...

One eye is kind of puckered up on the upper lid. I'll be asking about this at my next appt. I hope it resolves itself!

7 Weeks. Steady Improvement, but still feeling funny

In the past two days my right eyelid settled down a bit and I think my two eyes look less asymmetrical. My eyebrows are starting to move again, yay. By the end of the day, my eyes get TIRED. Sometimes I feel like the skin over my left eye is sitting on my eyelid and I have to hold a spot on my eyebrow with me finger to make it stop. Strange feelings all around. My right eyebrow and the part of my forehead just above it still feel kind of tight and numb. This is not s short healing process. If you are thinking of doing this, be prepared to be patient. I am not blessed with that virtue!

Emotionally, I still of moments of "Oh S#^T, what have I done?!" And moments of "I'm glad I did this".

I don't know if this is normal or if I am just a whacko. I'm just telling you like I see it. At the moment, I still question some aspects of the browlift. My wrinkles are all gone, but I am not wild about where my eyebrows are. Fortunately, my doctor says that can be fixed. I just hate to think I have to go back under the knife to fix it. He also says to wait six months. Other docs have said the same thing.

I think that is it for this week.

7 weeks again

Here's a photo with make up for a change.

8 weeks post op

I am running out of new things to say. TheraTears are still my friend. My eyes get dry during the day, especially the left one it is itchy too. I go back for a check up on Friday and will ask if another round of steroid drops are in order. My eyes felt great when I had those. As far as looks are concerned, I am still asymmetrical and the pucker over my left eye is still present. I feel like my left eye looks mor like my eye, but it sure itches. My right eye feels okay, but doesn't look like my eye.

Still wondering if this was worth the trouble.

8 weeks later with make up photo

Second photo. I think my eye brows are a little more relaxed. My right eye brow is still tight.

8 week check up. Max inflammation time!

I went to see Dr. Stein for my 8 week visit. He noticed the little flap on my left eye and said not to worry about it. He told me the skin is in its "remodeling" phase and things would be changing and settling. As for my itchy left eye, he also said weeks 6-8 were the peak for incision sites to feel inflamed, again, part of the healing process. He likened it to when you have a scab and it itches Al it right before it falls off. He also explained that the gland that produces tears is directly under where he works on an upper bleph, thus the dry eye. My itchiness has improved and I got new ketorolac drops that I hope will help. He also said my eyebrows will continue to relax and by 12 weeks should settle back to normal. He gauged my healing rate as "average". He said he's had some folks have no swelling or redness by 8 weeks, but they were not the norm. He says 6 months is when I should judge the results. I will keep repeating that!

9 weeks out Feeling better about it

Here we are 9 weeks after the "Big Event". I still have ups and downs about having done this. I had a nice talk with a friend who is a doctor and has also had several things done. She thinks I look great and has told me to stop obsessing! I should stop obsessing! Now I keep looking at people's eyelids! I do have a life....I need to get to it!

Thanks for humor ing me with the rant. Today I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought, hey I look like me! So there. I am posting a photo with no make up and one with a little makeup. I feel like my eyebrows have relaxed some more. Dr. Stein says they will keep relaxing. I will continue to reserve judgement until the 6 month mark. My doctor friend tells me 6-12 months.

Take always from all this: Patience. It is not a virtue that blessed me! Emotional roller coaster. Yes! I just read that Bachelorette Trista Sutter had her eyes done in 2012 and suffered depression afterward. Somehow, that makes me feel better. I am not generally an emotional person, this experience has rocked my world! Dry eyes. Just one. I had the sensation that my eyelid is drooping, but today realized it's the dry eye. I have new drops and that helps a lot. Kero-something's. You can stay one them. TheraTears are still my best friend. I have found I am not a very good photographer. It is hard to do a Selfie at an angle that doesn't make me look funny.

Okay, enough of all that. Here's some pictures. I think I am going to be okay.

Week 10 still improving

Here you go without make up and with make up. Still a bit asymetrical, but less than before. Left eye has an annoying fold. I have read on other reviews that this is normal. My doc said it was too. He took less skin off that side. Dry eye is much better. One eye, the one he took more skin off, is fine. The one with the FS is the one that has been the most bothersome. I notice that at night, underneath my eyes looks kind if buggy. I have to remember that I am tired and would look bad no matter what!

Week 11. What a difference a week makes!

Here I am 78 days after surgery. So far, things have gone just as Dr. Stein told me they would. He told me my eyebrows would be too high for a few weeks and then they would relax to their regular position by 12 weeks. Here at week 11, I no longer look surprised. The asymetry of my two eyes has improved and I feel like I look more like me. I have noticed that my eyes look different hour to hour, depending on how tired I am, the weather and what I have been eating, etc. My dry eye has improved dramatically. I have tried to be less obsessed with looking at my eyes and everyone else's too. It is hard! I have found myself obsessing on how eyes look to the point of distraction. Plastic surgery on your eyes is a major undertaking with a huge emotional component. Had I known what a ride this is, I probably would not have chosen to go through this. Even being mostly satisfied with the outcome at this point, I am not sure this was worth the mental anguish.

12 1/2 weeks later....

I went out of town this week and discovered how big of a difference lighting makes when you see yourself! My hotel had fabulous lighting and I felt like a million bucks every time I looked in the mirror. Then I came home to my badly lit bathroom and started judging myself again! But, I didn't judge as harshly. Things have calmed down. I am less asymmetrical this week and I guess things are normalizing. I had to reschedule my 12 week check up with Dr. Stein, I will be interested to hear what he has to say. My left eye still has some excess skin and I can feel it. Presurgery, my right eye was the one with that needed more attention. Dr. Stein fixed that one and was more conservative with the other eye. It is crazy how I think I can feel a difference between my eyelids!

Now that I am obsessed with examining eyes, I realize that most people have slight differences. Drew Barrymore is on the cover of a fashion magazine this month, her eyes have quite a bit of asymmetry in the photo. I was somehow comforted and surprised at the same time.

I went to see my parents for the first time since Christmas. My mom had to examine me and pronounced my eyes fabulous. She said I look 30. She gave me a thorough examination and her positive comments really made me feel better.

13 weeks

Sorry for the late update. The pictures I posted are at my 13 week "anniversary". I feel better about the results each day. I still have regretful moments, but those are happening less often. My left eye still feels like a skin flap is resting on it at times, it seems to dissipate after eye drops. Yep, I'm still using eye drops 3-5 times a day. I found GenTears for medium to dry eyes very helpful. They are kind of thick, so morning and evening for them. The rest of the time I keep TherraTears in my purse.

I am amazed that my eyes still change every few days. I went for my 3 month check up and Dr. Stein noted that my sutures are considered to be in the inflammatory phase because they are still red. I started putting Mederma scar gel on them at night and a silicone eye serum in the morning. The Mederma does seem to make a difference. Dr. Stein wants to reassess at 6 months, but he may want to take a little extra skin from under my eyes. I'm not sure I am up for any more slicing and dicing!

Week 14

14 weeks and counting... I look a little more like myself each day or maybe I am just getting used to my appearance. I still get a little bit of dry eyes and by the end of the day, my forehead feels like I have a strip of duct tape on it. Eye drops help the dryness; a little massage and my forehead feels normal again. I expressed concern about my left eye having a bit of a pucker to my PS, we agreed to wait until the 6 month mark to reassess. It is easier to be patient now that I feel better and look more normal. I am interested in your feedback.

14 weeks with make up

I goofed and accidentally cropped myself out of the photo in my previous post. I don't have the hang of the crop feature!

15 weeks and counting

Still healing, but I feel less obsessed with my eyes and everyone else's. There are even days I don't think about them at all. Today, however was not one of those days. My left eye felt wonky all day. The left one is the one that has crinkled. Less skin was removed and it has healed kind of funny. Only, I do not find it humorous at all. Dr. Stein says to wait until six months have past and then he may need to tweak it. Unless something major changes, it's going to need tweaking.

The good news is that my dry eye is mostly resolved. I thought it was all the way resolved until today. Maybe I'm just having a bad day. The weather is bad and I am sure that doesn't help my attitude. At least my eyebrows have relaxed back to their natural position. That has gone a long way in helping me feel less self-conscious. I have gone from having my eyebrows being my biggest source of consternation to my crinklely eye. I do wonder sometimes if my expectations are realistic. I had asymmetrical eyes before this procedure, I was just used to them. Now they are asymmetrical in a different way. I was not expecting that.

I didn't get around to updating at 14 weeks. I will post photos of week 14 and week 15. I finally got a close up of my crinkly eye. Oddly enough, it is more noticeable WITH make up. Go figure!

Whoops last. Update should have said 16 weeks!

I lost track of time. It's been 16 weeks since the big day. Those are photos from Weeks 15 and 16. Sorry about that.

17 weeks still healing. A little less obsessive. Just a little....

Well, here I am at just over 4 months post surgery. I can report that my eye obsession is waning. I found a great website,, that has an "Insider's Guide to Blepharoplasty", what a great resource! Dr. Meronk thoroughly details everything. I was wondering if my expectations were unrealistic, turns out they are! What do you know?! Dr. Meronk says to expect asymmetry after a Bleph, it is more common than not. Also, puckering is a normal part of the healing process. Okay, I know Dr. Stein told me this, but hearing it from someone else does help. I am just hard headed sometimes. I encourage any of you reading this to peruse Dr. Meronk's website, it was a wealth of information.

Yesterday, I went to see a friend at my old job that I haven't seen for 5 months. Her first words were, "you look ten years younger, your new job must be way better!" She said I did not look tired any more. I confessed I had help. I figure it's better to get it on out there.

A couple of other thoughts...

I forgot to include that the feeling returned to the to of my head about two or three weeks ago. The top of my head itched constantly for a good while. That was strange, since I couldn't really feel anything. Now I can feel and the itching has decreased dramatically. I still itch a little, but nothing like before.

Also, occasionally, I still have the odd feeling of duct tape across my forehead. If I rub my forehead, it subsides. One tendon above my right eyebrow still feels a little tight. I noticed that eyebrow appears slightly higher in my photos. Hopefully, that will relax in the next couple of weeks. If I have one concern, it would be the brow lift. It did erase my forehead wrinkles and crow's feet though.

18+ weeks. Hydration is Important!

So here I am at the 18 week mark. I continue to marvel at how things can change day to day and from morning to evening. I drank coffee(something I rarely do) and in the afternoon, I had deep grooves under my eyes! Really bad wrinkles. I had a small panic attack, drank some water and went to bed. The next day, poof, they were gone. Lesson learned, stay hydrated!

As for my eyelids, I feel like the asymmetry is starting to decrease. I looked at old photos and my eyes were asymmetrical before. I am a little concerned that a little too much fat was taken from under my right eye. My upper left may need a tweak, but it is bothering me less now. I think my eyebrows are pretty much back to where they were 5 years ago. I feel a little tenderness over the right incision, but everything else on my head feels normal again. That is a big relief.

It is said that 80-90% of your results are evident after 12-14 weeks. Remember everyone is different. At 18 weeks, I am still experiencing changes day to day.

19 weeks and counting...

Well here I am. First the good news, my forehead seems to feel almost back to normal. Now for the kevetching... My eyebrows are still high and I feel like I was talked into a brow lift I did not really need. Why do I say this? Because every doc that answered my question about how long will it take my eyebrows to relax said I did not look like I needed a brow lift. That is 6 doctors. If I add the other two from the consults I had locally, that makes 8. Hmmm. Does a certain PS have some alimony payments I just made? I am not a happy camper today.

In addition, mentioned that my left eye was kind of wonky looking. I finally got it on camera. And also, by the end of the day, my eye lids kind of sink in to my head. When I get up in the morning, things are filled out again. Does anyone else have this happen to them? Thanks for listening to me complain. Sometimes I think that's all I do here. But dang, it when you fork over $10G's to someone who tells you how good they are, you want perfection! I thought the emotional roller coaster ride was over, but today I'm back on it. Blech.

20 weeks. We are at the 5 month mark

Thanks for putting up with my rant last week. I feel better this week. I posed a question about my wrinkly eye and received good answers from the docs on Real Self. Mostly, they reiterated what my PS told me: wait until at least the six month mark and it is a little extra skin that probably can be addressed easily. It is calming to hear the same thing from a different doc. That said, I noticed a slight change this week too! Amazing. Do our eyes change daily without surgery, but we just are not attuned to notice? I feel the little skin fold on my wrinkly eye sometimes. Also, sometimes my forehead still feels like it has tape on it. I can rub that feeling out. One line above my right eyebrow still feels a little tight and that incision is still a little tender.
Raleigh-Durham Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stein thoroughly explained the procedure and why he does a brow lift with all of his blepharoplasties. The said he would be very conservative and is anchoring my brow. He warns me my eyebrows would look high for the first two weeks after the procedure, and then they would settle down. He called twice the first day to see how I was doing. The second day, I texted him a photo because I was worried about the continued bleeding from one eye. He said I was doing fine.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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my eyes changed daily before surgery and i'm sure they'll change more often now. since they were saggier on some days more than others i was wondering how the surgeon would approach that. on the day of surgery the skin wasn't as saggy so i was wondering if he was going to take enough skin off to compensate for when they seemed like there was more skin. i guess i'll find out soon enough. i know i still have a little extra skin there but i'm hoping it will go away completely.
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Thanks! I hope all heals well for you.
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You asked, "Do our eyes change daily without surgery, but we just are not attuned to notice?" I think this may be so, and have been wondering about this myself before I saw your comment.
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I've wondered the same thing, if our eyes change daily, and throughout the day. I'm also inclined to think they do. And I do know for certain that they look very different, in different light!
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You mentioned that you had dry eye early on-- please forgive me in advance, but I'll be posting this on others' posts as well, just to get a range of folks' experiences with dry eye) . Do you remember what that felt like in terms of sensation? Did the eye drops resolve your dry eye fairly quickly? Did you have to progress to steroids -- if so, did your PS immediately know that this was needed? Today things went south for me. I got up with an incredible pain in my right eyeball -- hurts like crazy and extremely ultra-sensitive to light! I have been putting non-preservative eye drops in all day, but the pain and light sensitivity remains intense. I'm not sure if this is dry eye -- I always thought of dry eye as a drying out sensation, similar to when one wears contact lenses too long. I don't want to panic, but I'm almost there. If it's not one thing, it's another. I've been trying not to worry about a lump under my left eye that I'm convinced is part of my eye bag that my PS neglected to remove. I realize it's not even been two weeks yet, but I pointed this lump out to him at my one-day post, and again when he removed my stitches at the 5 day post - and to this day the lump remains (he's convinced the swelling is still present); it's been gnawing away at me, though I'm really trying to stay focused on the positive. Based on today, I've concluded that we patients know our bodies best, and docs are far too quick to try to convince us to wait till the end of a magical 12-week period. So at this moment, I'm faced with a choice -- worry abut the lump under my left eye or about the excrutiating pain in my right eye!! Not a good day at all!! Aargh! :-(
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Joejah, I am so sorry you are having such a time. I did not have any eye pain, go get that checked out. My eyes were very tired and blurry. My left eye often felt like someone had their finger pressed on a part of my eyelid or sometimes like sand or grit was in my eye. I did two rounds of steroids, I think. Then my PS switched me to Kero-something that is for allergies and irritated eyes. You can stay on that for a long time an it did help. The steroids were great while I was on them, but you cannot use them very long. I even felt better physically on the steroids and then kind of a let down after the course was done. I also use GenTears for moderate to severe dry eyes. I found they work better than TheraTears and they come in different levels. I still use the GenTears 2-3 times a day. My left eye is still not all the way right. I hope that helps.
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Hi! I have been eavesdropping on this thread (good stuff) . A lot of great looking results! Your eyes look beautiful. I have my upper eye surgery scheduled for April 30th, I am 44 ! My friend (age 46) had hers done with same doctor and she was back at work three days later. She looked a little strange at first but after a few months she looked fabulous with amazing results. Yet I am getting a bit nervous. I am reading a lot about dry eye, awful results, etc. Just has me worried. I am still going through with surgery...but a little concerned. This is a great thread....any advice will be appreciated. I am going to post pics of my journey as well !
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Good luck to you. This is a big decision and not to be taken lightly. If you can have it done awake under local anesthesia, I would choose that. The propofol (sp?) or twilight anesthesia did a number on my digestive tract and I was high for two weeks! I don't know how Michael Jackson did that stuff regularly. As for the dry eye, steroid drops helped but you cannot use them long term. The allergy drops were helpful. I am now a fan of the GenTears line. You can get moderate to severe for morning and night and then I used Therratears during the day. The dry eye was uncomfortable, but not my major worry. That was my own emotions.
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hehe, its amazing what people do. Thank you!! My friend had no problems whatsoever? I guess we all heal differently. Your eyes look beautiful. Those are the results I am hoping for. This has been the best thread I have found online! I also am having it done in his office. My PS does offer free touch up work if something is not perfect or something goes wrong. I will buy the gentears before hand. Are you still itchy at all?
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This helps tremendously. I called my PS first thing this morning and, given that I'm almost two weeks later, he doesn't think my symptoms are attributable to the eyelid surgery, and was very concerned. Didn't helped that I called an eye doc, and he, too, was very concerned. So they squeezed me in for later this p.m. sigh....
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dont worry about what the doctors on Q&A tell you.they are not always right.look what a few of them told me and it is obviously not correct. i just wanted to say that you are amazingly exotic and beautiful and any little wrinkles here and there will smooth out and you look beautiful.i know how it is that your eyes change moment to moment and your emotions with it.that is the same thing that happened to me,so the second time around i tried to be really does take 6 months to a year to see the final results so dont panic.
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Thank you Colleen. That means a lot. I hope you are well.
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The whole healing process is such an emotional roller coaster!  I think you look great.  I know I was always doubting myself months after surgery because I felt like I still had under eye bags.  I had to look at pre-op pictures to remind myself that I looked a lot better, even though my results weren't perfect, which is totally what I was expecting.  I know we had different surgeries but maybe you can relate.  I hope things continue to settle and heal and that you decide you are happy with everything in the end, I know what you mean about spending a lot of money on something and wanting to be happy with the outcome!
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Thanks Jill! I feel much better today. I was just having a "sinking spell" yesterday. This community is so helpful.
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I feel for you, NC. I continue to feel down every time another week goes by and I snap another picture. I keep hoping that my eye asymmetry will improve week-to-week, and that the big bag under my right eye will diminish, but it's 11 weeks now and there seems to be no change. If anything, the asymmetry seems more and more pronounced to me. I know how it feels to spend $10K and hope for perfect-looking eyes, and to see less-than-perfect eyes staring back at you in the mirror. Even though I know that things may improve over the next 3-9 months, it's hard being in this place now.
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Everyday is a new adventure on the roller coaster! Today is an up day. I hope yours is better too.
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We all have those days.  Glad you are using this Community to talk to, it is always so nice to have people who "get it" that you can vent your frustrations and fears to!  
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I certainly don't look at you as complaining -- rather just asking for a reality check during an emotionally charged time in our lives. Re: other docs' comments -- while they may not have said what you wanted to hear (or maybe they said what you suspected), perhaps, for now, just keep that info in your back pocket. Remember, they made those comments when you were merely 1 month post surgery -- so things weren't as settled as now, and it might have been premature for the docs' comments? Comparing your 1-month post pics versus your more recent ones, you can definitely see that your eyebrows are more relaxed -- you now look very natural; the surprise look is no longer there. Also, it sounds like your body is still going through the healing process, where you yourself noted that you're still seeing changes on a daily basis. Re: the wrinkle on your left eye -- unless someone has a magnifying glass, nobody would notice that! Instead, what grabbed my attention are your absolutely gorgeous, to-die-for long eyelashes! Re: the sinking look at the end of the day, I looked and looked and just don't see it! Maybe your eyes looked a tad smaller, but it seems that would be normal at the end of the day -- perhaps from fatigue and a little swelling. You continue to look REALLY, REALLY good! :-) BTW - thanks for introducing me to the word "kvetching" -- never heard of it before! What does it mean exactly? Is this a North Carolina word? Ha! Ha! :-)
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Thank you so much. Your comments lifted my spirits. I learned "kvetching" from my Yankee neighbor's Jewish granny. Not an NC term at all, if I was speaking MC, I would called it a "sinking spell":)
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NC not MC! If I was a tryin to talk NC, I would call my rant a sinking spaill. With as many syllables as possible!
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Thank you for your updates. We all need people like you to keep us going. You look beautiful!
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Thanks. I am following your journey too. I hope all is going well.
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Getting better, my eyes feel so small, I can't open them too wide yet and I still get slight headaches and feel weird from the anesthesia but other than that I am extremely excited. So far I'm glad I did it. I'm not going to rate my surgeon until I see my eyes open, haha.
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Did you say you felt lightheaded for 2 weeks? Yikes, at least it's gone now right? I'm still lightheaded, headaches too. Did you have headaches? Any suggestions to get rid of anesthesia hangover quicker? I've been drinking tons of water to try to flush it out but it's not working, all I do is pee all day, lol.
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I was drunk as a skunk for a good 2-3 weeks! I wish I could tell you something to make it wear off faster. Water, water, water. Lots of fruits and veggies. I finally just embraced the high and binge watched Scandal. I am glad to report I have my wits about me now:) although that could be debated!
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