12.5% TCA Peel to Face - Raleigh, NC

I have severe acne scars and sun damage to my face...

i have severe acne scars and sun damage to my face. i made the decision to do a peel after alot of research and consultation with a dermatologist. I used Triluma cream for 4 months before this peel. It feels like a sunburn and I am keeping it moisturized frequently. It covers somewhat with heavy makeup.

more pics of the TCA phase....

Its a process... requires patience & moisturize, moisturize! Aquaphor has been my friend and don't pull or pick. Cut away flapping peeling pieces.
I looked at your photos, I'm surprised your peeling this much from a 12% peel. It looks as though it keep processing did you neutralize after real good. With this it will take up to 5 days to heal, it will be tight and feel irritated...yes. I do not see any damage to your barrier layer so you will heal without damage. Scars can take up to eight treatments good to do microderm in between each treatment. Try coconut oil for tight feeling. Call me anytime for any questions about Chemical Peels i'll be happy to help you. Hope Owner of Urskinsworthit xxxxxxxxxxxx.
TCA will respond more quickly to skin that has been using a retinoid A. which i have been for 6 months. It was neutalized, but I have always had incredibly sensitive skin... hense the reason I started with 12%. for someone of my skin tone and sensitivity I can't go higher.
Thank you and I always love help from someone who knows much more about this. I have done a trial TCA peel to my stomach and I am unsure of how the skin will respond.

Two weeks later

Skin has some residual redness and a scabbed area on my forehead but skin looks healthier. My forehead discoloration is completely gone.
After most superfial peels a small amount of vinegar added to a pint of water will help hasten your peeling A 12 1/2% TCA peel is a superficial peel the usually starts to peel in 2-3 days and peels for a few days to usaually less than a week. You can moisturize during that period of time. Don't worry. You will be just fine.
Great to know about the results. One of my friend is also suffering from skin issues & sun damage, I will tell her to try this out.
Two years back due to severe sun burn , my face get damaged. I did many treatments. No one give me good result. Finally I decided to do chemical peel. I really get shocked after seeing my face without scars & black spot. And now I am looking more beautiful also. http://www.cosmedical.ca/procedures/facial/chemical-peels/?a=5 
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