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I gained nearly forty pounds after having two kids...

I gained nearly forty pounds after having two kids. I got back into the gym once my youngest child started preschool and lost the weight I had gained. I breastfed both of my children. The weight loss and breastfeeding left me with deflated breast. This is my reason for wanting these procedures done. My husband and I did the research on the area's top plastic surgeons and decided to see Dr. Morea. I also had girlfriends that went to him that were completely satisfied with his work. I am extremely happy with my results of the breast lift and implants! The recovery was not too painful. I was just really sore for a couple of weeks. I felt like I had done too much weight with the bench press machine in the gym. I'm truly amazed with how my breast look now. They look incredible! I haven't been this excited and happy with my body since before having kids. I would recommend Dr. Morea to anyone looking to have these procedures done. He is very professional and a brilliant plastic surgeon. I will post pixctures that I took each week to show you my progress. I just can't hardly wait to see the final results.

1 Week Post Surgery

I'm very pleased with the results thus far. My pain was not bad at all. Very excited!

2 Weeks Post Surgery

I'm feeling great enough to sunbathe and my breast look amazing! Dr. Morea is the best!

3 Weeks Post Surgery

My dad and I had a blast at the beach that day! I looooooooooooove my new girls! They are still sitting up high but I'm happy with them regardless. My breasts were so saggy and ugly before! I feel like a teenager again at forty years old. This surgery has been a blessing and worth every dime!

2 Months Post Surgery

I'm back in the gym working out and feel great! My self-esteem is at a all time high!

Back In The Gym 2 Months Post Surgery

3 Months Post Surgery: Hawaiian Family Vacation

Our family just got back from Hawaii last week! It was the best vacation ever!!!... and having my new girls were part of the reason why! This will probably be my last post until the kids start back to school next month. I'm just so darn busy with the kids at home. Here are some of my favorite pictures when we were in Hawaii. Dr. Morea has before pictures that I would like to share so you can see the night and day difference in my breasts. I will contact him and get them for y'all. He is a brilliant surgeon folks. I really need to post a picture of how my scars are healing. I was so worried about the scars that a breast lift leave you. This is no longer a concern at all. They are healing so quickly and I believe that they will be minimally visible in a year. Gosh I love my smaller nipples! They were so stretched out and ugly before. I looooooove my breasts now! Thank you Dr. Morea!!!

Before and After Photos FINALLY

The kids are back in school and I finally have some time to post before and after pictures! These before photos were taken by Dr. Morea at his office and and I had already lost nearly 25 pounds since having my three year old but I really went to work to lose they last 15 before surgery. I knew that it would be a month of recovery and laying around so I was worried about gaining the weight back. I admit it drove me a little crazy not going to the gym for over month but actually I lost weight because I continued my diet of 6 small meals. I'm still shocked when I saw the before pictures that Dr. Morea sent me. Gosh I had the saggiest breast and I was so much heavier! My breasts look amazing now! I worried so much over the scars for nothing! They are healing fast! I don't think they will be noticeable in a year. I never thought my tatas would look right again. I had stretched them out so much from the weight gain and breastfeeding. My confidence from these procedures were incentives to continue working out and eating healthy. Dr. Morea changed my life! I have never been so confident in my body! I'm forty years old and I feel like a teenager! I hope this blog will help others feel more at ease about having these procedures done. Dr. Morea is your answer!
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Morea is very professional and a brilliant plastic surgeon. I would recommend Dr. Morea to anyone looking to have these procedures done.

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Thank you Aussiepomme! I'm not sure what type of life I had. I will contact Dr. Morea and find out for you :) I know it was a breast lift with high profile 450 cc silicone round gel implants under the muscle. I'm so glad that I did under the muscle because I feel like I need the extra support since I was so saggy before. I'm back working out just as hard with my upper body. I'm bench pressing with 25 pound dumbbells. I want my chest muscles to be strong to keep those tatas up! I like them perky because they were about hanging to my bellybutton before the surgery. Lol. I think I'm just paranoid. I know that they will look more natural when they drop a little more. :)
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You're looking amazing. It's good to here you're able to continue with working out the upper body. I've worked hard on mine and was concerned that I would have to go easy once I'd had mine done! Thanks for replying!
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Thanks Princess! I'm 5 feet 6 1/2 and 120 pounds. I don't want to lose anymore weight. I want to gain muscle weight to my lower body. I would love to have buns of steel. Lol. I plan to continue high reps and low weight with my upper body for lean muscle. I want more defined abs too. I'm doing heavy weights for lower body. I'm doing lots of squats to get a bigger booty to match my 32D tatas. :)
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Looking amazing! I am very similar to you in my lifestyle life style and I am not looking forward to not working out every day when I have my surgery in four weeks! I just wanted to ask what type of lift you had and whether it was under the muscle? Thanks!
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Congratulations on your weight loss and your surgery! I'm happy you've had a great experience and that your recovery has been smooth. What type and size implants did you get to achieve your new look? Looking forward to your pictures!
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I'm so sorry for the delayed response. I have been super busy with both kids out of school then our family went to Hawaii for three weeks. I'm going back and posting pics along with the dates of my recovery story. Dr. Morea gave me 450cc high profile smooth and round silicone gel implants by Mentor. I asked for a small D. I think he gave me exactly what I wanted. It's been three months since having these procedures done and I am so extremely pleased with the way my breast look and feel. I'm so confident now! I love my new boobies!
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Okay, you are one hot mama! I absolutely love your bikini pictures. Thank you for taking the time to post them. So glad you could enjoy your new look while on vacation. I realize you're busy with the kiddos...but next time you post, can you please share your workout regime with us? You look fantastic everywhere! ;)
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Thank you Beth! The kids are back in school and I now have the time to update my review with photos and answer questions. My workout routine is pretty intense! I drop the kids off at school and spend two to three hours at the gym. I run on the treadmill off and on for an hour and then lift weights for an hour or more. I plank and do leg raises in between weight lifting sets. This keeps my heart rate up and working my core. I have tried every diet out there and the only one that actually worked for me is the 6 small low calorie meal diet. I basically shrunk my stomach this way. This boost metabolism and you never get hungry because you eat every couple of hours. I never get a food coma and I maintain my weight this way. It's more of a lifestyle change than diet. I will never go back to three large meals a day. Dr. Morea gave me the confidence I needed to stay focused on eating healthy and exercising. I haven't been this happy with my body since being a teenager. Life is GOOD!
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You do look amazing!! You are an animal in the gym :-). I work out and do the small 6 meals a day, but I'm not sure I could ever be as dedicated in the gym. Kudos to you!! Congratulations! What are your height and weight stats?
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I agree that 3 large meals a day just doesn't cut it. I need protein every few hours! I have almost identical stats as you...but 9 years older with 3 kids that keep me so busy, I've lost all my muscle tone. Now that they're back in school, as of today, I plan to start focusing on getting back my muscle tone. Thanks for the great work out tips. You look wonderful. So glad you feel great inside and out! 

BTW, what did your dad say about your surgery? I see in your pictures that you went to the beach with him this summer.

P.S. Can you put your stats, implant size and some workout tips in an actual review "update?" You can even cut and paste if you're short on time. Sometimes this helpful info gets lost in the comments section! ;)
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