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I am extremely sorry that I had my dermatologist...

I am extremely sorry that I had my dermatologist inject my face this Sculptra Aesthetic. My goal was to look younger and feel better about myself. Minor bruising after injections. My face looked better for about 2 months, then my face deflated and l look much worse. What I didn't know until after my face was injected was that I had to massage around and around on the injection sites so lumps would not form in my face, this is what caused the problem. When the Sculptra stopped working after 2 months, my face looked so old. The massaging caused my face to stretch, I have so many wrinkles that I didn't have before, and my face just hangs with big jowls. My face is so hollow and sunken. I am so very sorry that I did this - what a mistake!


how did you stretch your face with massaging if you didn't know you were supposed to massage, and therefore didn't, which caused the lumps to form?
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Hmm, I wonder if the change you saw in the initial 2 months was swelling? Of course that seems like a really long time for the swelling to last. From what I understand Sculptra usually takes a series of treatments to see results so perhaps that is why there wasn't a long term change? Either way, I'm really sorry to hear you are disappointed. :(

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A family member used this dermatologist.

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