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33 Yr Old 42lb Weightloss with Diet and Exercise 4 Kids Tummy Tuck!!!! - Raleigh, NC

11days left you guys!!!!! I'm super nervous...

11days left you guys!!!!! I'm super nervous excited all in one!!!!!! I've worked so hard to get in shape and lose weight and now that I have there is loose skin that's still in the way!!!! So I'm treating myself for a change to a tummy tuck with my husbands support!!!! Anyone else going in on march 4?? Would love to be you support buddy!!!!! And for the women who already done "how was it"??? And congrats babes you deserve to feel GREAT!!!!!!!


Yet!! Can't wait to see the before and after. I'm currently on day 10 days post op and doing good. The 1st 2 days I believe were the hardest cause I needed help to get up and to go to the bathroom but MAKE Sure you set an an alarm for your meds at night. I slept thru on the second day and the meds wore off, so the pain woke me up (it wasn't pretty waiting for them to kick in) the meds kicked in quick and and I took a little nap and woke up fine to do a 3 hr trip back home. Woman, all. I can say is GO for it.
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I meant to say Yey!!! (not yet) sorry! 0.o
Thanks for the advise!! I will remember that!! Have you posted any pics yet ?? How r u doing ?? Please keep me posted on yourself!! I know you are ecstatic to see your results!!! I'm happy for u

My before pics!!!!

Can't wait to get rid of this Big problem literal Big problem!!!! 9 days to go!!!!


Wow!!! Yes I'm so ready!!! And I know you are!!! Have you posted your before pics yet mmmoms??
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No.... I am so self continence. Maybe I will get the nerve to post one b4 the 11th
I understand !! I'm not here to judge you!! I have the same issue so whenever you are comfortable!! And just think soon we will have any of it !!! Yayyyy ###beautiful ladies

Count down

Just 6 days left everyone!!! Omg!!! So anxious!!!!


I was like you just anxious and ready - wishing you a safe journey and I will check in on you -
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Thank u!!! Did you have crazy thoughts!! And real bad butterflies???
When was your surgery

5days to go!!!!

Check out this spare tire ladies!!! 5 days and HIS azz is gone!!! LOL


U gonna look fab! Can't wait for the pics of the new and improved u! Praying for u!
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Kisses and thank u!!!!!
Where u leaving form Tottot?????????????/
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Pencil skirt gone wrong

Can't wait to rock this skirt the right way!!! 4 days left!!!!


Today is my big day pray that I get my way...and I will definitely pray for you. ..Thanks in advance!
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Prayers going up sweetie!!!!! Keep me posted!!!!!! Your consult day right???
I am eating most of the things I know I will not be eating anymore before my surgery!!!' After surgery healthy all the way!!!!!!! So getting it out my system ladies!!!!! Anybody else splurging!!'nn lol
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2days left

It's coming down to the wire ladies!!! 2 more days until surgery!!! Super excited!!! Super nervous!!! And super ready!!!!! I can't wait !!! I don't even remember not having a pouch!!!! But I soon will know!!! Happy to finally be comfortable and not worry about feeling fat!!! Thank God I'm able to do this for me!!!!! And also thank God for this blog called RealSelf!! Because the ladies up here can relate unlike others that judge!!!! Love you my Tuck Sistas!!!!!!


Thinking of you Tottot!! Xoxo
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Awwww thanks TT:)xoxo muah
I hope u have a speedy recovery and have positive thoughts and dreams...see u soon
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Less than 12hours to go

I can't sleep guys!!! I'm to anxious!!! Oh wow!!!! I'm so excited ready!!!!!!!


Oh my oh my oh my!!!!! Praying for you babe. Cant wait to see your new sexy updates.
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Best wishes to you Tot on your day tomorrow - we are here for you :)
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Today be tha day

I'm on my way you guys!!!!!keep ya posted


Ur on ur way....
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Good luck today!!
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Welcome to the flat side. Can't wait for the updates!
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I made it

Hi ladies!!!! I made it day one post op!!! Pain is ok I feel much lighter!! Can't wait to take a peek but I can't per my doctor gotta wait until Tuesday my appt date !!! Don't be afraid ladies it wasn't bad!! I was really nervous and excited when I got to the office, May doctors did the makings and I was even more excited !! It took like 3hours for a full TT and BBL!!! I got to recovery and had hardly no pain , pain level at about 3!!! My doctor is so great you guys I'm grateful !!! I have been on time with my meds because I don't want the pain to catch me by surprise!! Was a lil nausea at first but I had meds for that!!! Let me know if u have questions, I'm gonna rest for now but I will post later!!! Thanks for all of your prayers and support that meant so much more than you know!!! My husband has been great btw can't leave him out!! Until my next post ttyl!!! Kisses to you all!!!


im glad everthing came out ok!!cant wait to see ur results! keep wanting to cough but afraid stitches will open . keep us posted on ur recovery
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Yea u know what u mean!about coughing !!! You look great Hun!! I will be able to see on Tuesday I will take my pics then!!!!
Ok ladies, I think the worse thing to do is getting up and down!!! Trying not to use your stomach muscles r impossible !!!! Then switching from side to side because I can't lay on my butt because of the BBL !!! Trying to stay up on meds tho don't want to be caught by surprise with pain!!! So I stay on it!!! Getting comfortable is crazy!!!! I manage to get comfortable a couple of times do I maintain that position !!! Just an update for you guys!! Oh and my drains are filling up less so I guess that's a good thing!!! Chat with y'all later!!!
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No BM yet ladies and suggestions??? Had a better night!! Feels like I have gas pains through has anyone experience this??


Awwww good luck mmmom
Thanks soon2be

First post op pic

This is the best pic I can do right now ladies!!! Waist looking smaller tho


Look at that itsy bitsy waist!!!! Pencil skirt may too big lol
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Lol you know I thought that same thing almost sexy!!!! My doctor said as he was doing the markings" you have a very small waist under there" I said well let's find it !!!! Lol
I know thats right Almostsexy! I told her, them skirts are going to jump at her when she gets up in the mornings to get dressed! !!! Lol

Turtle walk

Still doing my turtle walk ladies!!! But I'm getting there slowly but surely!! Better day!! First day left alone , it went ok!!! I almost coughed today and panicked!!! I managed to take a peek a my booty today I see a nice curve shape so far so I'm smiling about that!!!!! Wasn't able to stand straight to get a real look but from what I could see was enough!!! This laying on my side stuff is so annoying , and then I get afraid that I'm on my butt so I panic once again and get up( smh) so until Tuesday I won't know how my stomach looks so I'm patiently waiting !!! So side to side I will continue to be laying !!! Love you my Sistas!!!!


hey tottot…. hows all that sexy hanging? ;-)
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It's hanging ok bAbe thanks!! But I really need to take a shit for real for real!!! That's my only thing!!! Ughhh


Singing my Dora The Explora > I did it I did it yea " I went in the bathroom and had a BM yea I did it I did it HOORAY!!!!!! LOL!! Man ladies I have never been more excited about talking a dump in my life!!!! I feel much better, and the bloated feeling is slowly going away!!!!! One more day until my first post op appt and I get to see my tummy and new belly button!!!! I'm slowly getting there!!! And btw today was a great day!!!!! I walked majority of the day and I'm almost straight , but I'm not gonna over do it so I'm still walking slightly bent over just in case!!!!! Hope my recovery buddies are doing well !!! Been thinking about my Sistas!!! Ttyl!!! I will be posting pics on Tuesday!!!! See ya then !!! Signed> excited TotTot;):0


Welcome to the Flatside...the feeling that seems like gas is a combination of gas and your muscles melding, I had that feeling your Doctor probably told you to drink Ginger Ale b/c it helps with that feeling. Funny I'm 2 weeks post op and I feel that feeling sometimes 14 days later just not as frequent...feels like a baby moving around..lol. Happy healing and please walk as much as possible to ward off blood clots and stiffness.~Blessings
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Thanks NaturalBeautie!!! Yes that is exactly what it feels like a baby moving !!! And a knot it my stomach !!! I'm up moving around every chance I get!!! Again you look absolutely amazing Hun!! And blessings to you as well!!!!!
Yay! Im so happy for you! Cant wait to see and read your update hun!
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Drum rolllllllll pleaseeeeee

I'm here waiting for my doc to call me back !!! I get to see my tummy for the first time!!!! Stay tuned !!!

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And the verdict is

Still swollen but I'm in LOVE!!!!! My new tummy!!!!! Not quite standing straight yet !!!!! But here it is!!!!! Doing my Carlton from " fresh prince dance"!!!! LOL oh and my drains R OUT!!!!!!!!!!! Yea buddy !!!!!

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Tummy pic



I'm thinking about doing this and after seeing your result... And reading your experience I'm getting closer to setting a consult date. My best friend got it done and her tummy looks amazing! Congrats to you! How are you doing now?
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Hey jennyatl!!! I'm doing very well!! First few days were the hardest , but after the fourth day it was ok and very manageable !!! I say go for it girl!!! I'm still swollen but it's getting there !! I go back to the doc tomorrow and I will post more pics!!!! And thanks
Im so happy for u!!! know it was killing u not to be able to see underneath lol!looking great!
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2 weeks post

Hello all!!!! I doing great!!! Return to work on Monday!!! Standing straight!!! Love how my clothes fit now!!! I am now in a size 10!! I was in a size 12!!! Also down 10 from pre op !! Pre op I was 185 now I'm 175!!!! And this pencil skirt can finally be worn in public!!! I'm loving my curves!!! My bottom is more rounded and less flat!!! I didn't want a extreme booty I just wanted it curved!!! "Not flat" and my doctor delivered!!!! I'm still swollen so I'm not completely flat yet my doctor says it takes time so I must be patient!!! But I can do return to doing activities slowly!! Treadmill slow walking no heavy cardio , so I will start off walking starting on Monday!!! I normally hit the gym 4 xs a week with a rest day Friday and Sunday other than that I go hard!!! I have been to the grocery store and loaded up on nothing but healthy items !!! I normally prepare my meals for the week so I don't cheat!!! 100 to 150 calorie snacks!! My money will NOT. Be wasted I value to stay healthy !! I have 10 more pounds to lose and I will be we're I want to be far as weight is concerned!! Then I want to tone!!!! I want abs lol!!! I think this decision I made to get a tummy tuck was a good one and I'm very proud I made it!!!! I must admit at first I was afraid and after having it done and seeing that it wasn't completely flat I got a little discouraged but my doctor assured me that it will get flatter and I trust him!!! So over all I'm happy!!! Because either way I still look 100% better than I did 2wks ago !!! And the thing that makes me the most excited is I'm able to TUCK MY SHIRTS IN!!!! Something I always wanted to do!!! " the little things" so ladies thinks for following my journey!! And the best of luck to all who will soon get surgery and happy healing to those who have had surgery!!! Luv you my beautiful Sistas!!!! I will post again soon with more pics as my swelling goes down!!!! Signed TOT


Yes Tottot-- we did this right to recover now and be ready for summer -- oh my those halter tops and tank tops I can't wait !!
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Lol!!! Yes girl!!! I'm gettin a visual!!!! Lol
Me too !!! Lol

Butt pic

Another pencil skirt and I have a curve to my butt now!!!! Yayyy!!! Still a lil swollen I can see the pulge but patient patient!!!!! Smiling!!!!!!


You look great!! Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on the weight loss!
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Thank u Hun!!!!
You Get IT GIRL! !!!!!
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Belly button

Has anyone's belly button healing slow??? How long does it normally take for your belly button to heal??


Girly Your Looking fabulous, love the pencil skirt... :)
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Thank u missy926!! I feel great!!!
You look amazing
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1 month post

Hello ladies hope all is well!!!! As for me I'm getting there more and more !! Feeling great !!! Self esteem through the roof!!! Still a bit swollen though and that gets me down at times because I don't think it's flat enough!!!! But I tell myself be patient and let my body finish healing!!! I think my doctor said at least 3 months of swelling or to even see the real results!!! I guess time will tel!!! But I tell ya when I put on my clothes now I feel ALIVE , not having that feeling that I'm hiding or tryin to fix my clothes!!! Now I hold my head up higher and if my clothes get out of place it's not a instant thought to fix it anymore!!! Was this a good decision I made to get a TT HELL YES!!! Also if I may add I HAVE the GREATEST URGE to be more healthier and fit to maintain my weigh and this Belly;) lol!!!I live in the gym now!!!! I just needed that jump start!!!! I'm still a lil numb around my scar and middle part of my stomach and as I stated I'm still swollen and it's mostly above the scar , My va jay jay is still a lil swollen too!!!!(can you say big ass camel toe!!)LOL!! I really hope that goes down!!! Belly button healing pretty good!! Ive started to look at my belly button as my favorite part of my TT( I absolute LOVE IT) ) still can't stretch completely out because it feels uncomfortable like a pulling feeling!! I still feel a slight pain when I sneeze but it's very vague !!! My scar is getting a lil lighter I'm using bio oil, cocoa butter, and scar cream from my doctor!! Not doing any hard ab workout yet my PS said not yet !! Just basically doing baby steps!!!other than that ladies doing GREAT!!! Congrats to all the upcoming flat side Sistas you guys look Fab and those who are on their way I know you guys are gonna look FAB as well!!!!! I've posted pics below check em out !! See ya on the Flatside my Sistas and THANKS for all your prayers and support and kind words!!! This RS site helped me through this journey!!!! Muah!!!

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1 month post pics

My pics for some reason didn't load on my last review!!! Oh will Here ya go!!!!;)


Congrats! Looking like a doll:-) Ty for sharing your journey:-)
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Thanks Prinzibella!!!!

It's been 2months and 2 Wks

I feel great ladies!! Still a lil swollen but I'm getting there!!! Just wanted to share a couple of pics with you guys to show you some results!!! Not really too much to say but I'm anxious for the swelling to go away completely !! But I'm not complaining because I think my surgeon did a GREAT JOB with my TT and fat transfer!!!!!and I don't regret having this done!!!! My clothes fit great!!! And I'm happy !!! I look 1000. % better than before and I finally have the curves I've always wanted!! So what ever makes u feel good ladies especially moms you go for it!!! We only live once and we deserve to be happy too!!! Love you guys!! I'll post again in a month!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!


Looking great! Thanks for the update!
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Thxs Hun

Almost 3 months post

I feel great ladies!! Still a lil swollen but I'm getting there!!! Just wanted to share a couple of pics with you guys to show you some results!!! Not really too much to say but I'm anxious for the swelling to go away completely !! But I'm not complaining because I think my surgeon did a GREAT JOB with my TT and fat transfer!!!!!and I don't regret having this done!!!! My clothes fit great!!! And I'm happy !!! I look 1000. % better than before and I finally have the curves I've always wanted!! So what ever makes u feel good ladies especially moms you go for it!!! We only live once and we deserve to be happy too!!! Love you guys!! I'll post again in a month!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!


You look amazing, thx for sharing your journey. How are you feeling now, any recent pics?
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How are you lady?
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Hey there!!! I'm great !! Thanks for asking Hun !! I will post pics very soon!!:-) how r u hunny????
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