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I have stubborn belly fat as many others that have...

I have stubborn belly fat as many others that have tried coolsculpting. I feel as if this is a ideal procedure if it works. I even went to have a consultation, and have obtained lots of information and answers to my questions. I ended up being a great candidate. I have since cleaned my diet, and been excercing regularly. I would hate to try this procedure and it be a waste of time, money, and bring more harm on those stubborn parts of my body. There have also been different responses to pain listed on this page. I want to make sure I can go back to work and excercise regularly...
Remember this is called "cool sculpting" , not cool weight loss. I have had my abs done and recently my "back fat". Thrilled with results ! However I exercise every day Hard! I eat 75-80% clean. Sculpting the areas that I will never be able to change in the best exercise situation is the only solution if I wanted change. I had "numbness" in my abs and it felt weird when my "fat" would shake after I had my abs done. I wrapped an ace bandage around my waist the first few days to keep it from "jiggling". But I manipulated my body freezing my fat! I expected some discomfort! I had great results. 9 months later I am happy with my abs and went for the flanks...aka back fat. That was a week ago...maybe a little numbness & soreness left - but not any more than I get after a hard workout. I went back to work each time....and taught a cycling class 3 hours later both times. I hope this helps.
Keep in mind, you may need several treatments, like I did.
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