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After reading most all the reviews, I feel I have...

After reading most all the reviews, I feel I have to share my experience. A few days before the surgery I started being scared and I thought in canceling the surgery. Most of the reviews said you will need 2-3 weeks without working and I couldn't afford that. Also I couldn't quit smoking until four days before the surgery. The office people wasn't communication with me either. I was very dissapointed but i let them know when I went for my surgery.

I had the surgery Thursday January 18th. I decided to have the surgery because the asymmetry in my breast (one a large D, the other a C). The procedure took three hours and when, I wake up I didn't have any pain. I came home and as soon as I arrived I have my friends over. We talked and talked and I didn't rest. That night was bad because I wasn't used to sleep on my back. I took a pain pill that night and one more Friday night. That's it. I wasn't sore AT ALL. Not even a bruise, just in my hand ftom the IV. I was able to go to the bathroom and move around the same day.

I stayed home Saturday and Sunday. I was so bored that I left the house on Monday. It was uncomfortable to drive with a people. Also I called the office to have an appointment to check the scars. The doctor saw me and he apologized for the lack of communication. The nurses apologized too and the treatment was completely different. I supposed to take Tuesday off but I decided to go half day to work. I ended staying all day long. Today it's Wednesday and I am 100% ready. I teach so it's not a hard work but I got new students today and I stayed all day on my feet. My scars look very good, no problem at all. I still have problems to take a shower but nothing else.
If I knew it was this easy I would do it long time ago. I feel good and very happy with myself already. I supposed to be a 38B but I won't know until they heal. If you think in doing this surgery, don't focus in the recovery time. It's how you heal. I was able to go back to work 4 days later and I am not a person who eats very health or goes every day to the gym. I guess I heal well.

Yesterday, it was a week since my surgery. I am...

Yesterday, it was a week since my surgery. I am completely back to a normal life. The only way I remember I had surgery is when I take a shower. My scars look so good and healthy and they don't hurt or itch at all.
Sounds like things went great for you. Glad you recovered so quickly.

Good deal, glad to to hear are doing so well!   That's amazing..


Tomorrow I am going to the doctor to remove the...

Tomorrow I am going to the doctor to remove the stitches. I had not pain at all until I worked around the house all weekend like i didn't have any surgery. However, it doesn't hurt anymore, just a little itchy because my skin is too dry on the scars.
This Thursday will be the second week after the surgery. I can't wait to go to the gym because after the surgery, I had a bigger appetite and I am not moving that much.
WindyM- Thank you. Sometimes, I wish it hurt some so I would not my limitations. Last weekend, I got stuck in the house because the weather. I cleaned the house, did laundry and put blue tape all over the house to be "touch" painted. I didn't have any pain at all but at night I was very sore:) Anyway, I went to work this week and feel much better.

3 weeks after the surgery. I can't even remember I...

3 weeks after the surgery. I can't even remember I had surgery. However, yesterday I started feeling uncomfortable and I coudn't sleep. I just got my period for first time after the surgery and I think that is the reason. Also, I started the gym this week, just one day. It's not real pain so I don't want to take pain medicine.
I am using the silicone strips and my scars are very thin. In some parts, you can't even see the scars.

It's almost two months since I had the surgery and...

It's almost two months since I had the surgery and I couldn't be happy. My scars look very good thanks to the silicone strips. I wear them mostly all day. If you are thinking in wear the strips, buy several pairs, not just one.
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