I Still Don't Know if It Was Worth It....

After breastfeeding two children I was very...

After breastfeeding two children I was very excited to get my breast implants. I was a 36A before and ended with a 36C. August of 2009 I got silicone gel implants, 325 moderate in my left (larger breast) and 325 moderate plus in my right (smaller breast). Initially, we planned for a larger implant in my right breast (350cc moderate profile) however,I was told this was the best he could do with my anatomy and that the larger cc amount in my right didnt look good, so he switched it out. I have been recently examined by a plastic surgeon in Florida. He told me that he definitely would have placed the larger implant with a moderate profile in my right breast to address my asymmetry. In considering my chest width, we both believed it would have been more aesthetically pleasing. I am definitely glad I got an outside opinion where I could express my concerns openly without worrying about criticizing someone's work.

Immediately following surgery I noticed a crease underneath my left breast. I was extremely upset and I knew immediately I had a double bubble. Also, when I flex I have a distinct line across the same breast. I have been told this "window-shading" of the breast when flexed is common. Around November, my doctor spoke of a possible revision, I was instructed to push down on the implant and to wear my band. A month later, the implant dropped more and the line wasn't as noticeable. Therefore, my doctor did not think I would need a revision.

Over the past almost 8 months, the double bubble has gotten alot better. I am hoping that my left breast implant will continue to drop, its almost there =) I still have the "window-shading" of my left breast though. I guess time is the best medicine for me. In researching a double bubble online, I found little information about them healing with time. I feel mine is almost there; and if not, well....we will see.

wow, they do look great... I went to this office today for a consult.. was it really 7,600 total?
very nice!!
Thanks to all for the kind words and encouragement! Im still hopeful the slight hint of my previous fold completely disappears!

As of now, a year and a half later. I still feel...

As of now, a year and a half later. I still feel the same. Some days Im good with them, others, I'm not. The pictures do not show what I see every single time I lift my arms or bend over. While this is surgery, and this is the choice I made. I don't like it. I've seen better work. I expected more. Maybe I'm a type A perfectionist who will never be happy? Probably so. However, they are my breasts and I still see that line every day. No more plastic surgery for me besides the maintenance for these boobs. Endnote, it hasn't changed or gotten much better. In addition, I will be getting the one breast repaired sooner before later from a different surgeon.

Its been awhile since I've updated. This account will be deleted (once I figure out how to do that) because I have closed the chapter on my "boobie woes!" Life's too short!

I don't have any pictures, because I have come to terms with being way too critical of something minor and cosmetic. They look pretty much the same they did in Mar 2010. A bit more relaxed/natural. Scars are completely faded. However, that took about 2 years. Didn't expect that length of time.

I have learned there are NO guarantees with surgery. They are not what I was born with and they're never going to be 100% like real breasts, because..well, they aren't. That's the risk I took. I'm worried about having to get them done again in the future when the time comes. I'm assuming I will in about 5-7 years, considering the recommendations for cohesive silicone implants (10 yrs). I do feel, when I get to a certain age, I will have them removed. I'm sure I will look strange at 70 with round, perky boobs, lol.
Any before pics?
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He is a very professional doctor who cares about his work. I checked "undecided" on whether the surgery was worth it because I still don't know if I made the right decision. I feel as if I still had my natural breasts I would be just as happy with my body! I sure didn't have to worry about massaging, double bubbles, implants dropping, etc..I guess there are pro/cons to each.

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