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Radiesse is NOT Made for the Under Eye Area... Don't Let Them Tell You It Is!

Went for Botox and was talked into Radiesse also.....

Went for Botox and was talked into Radiesse also... Afterward, with my "rare" allergic reaction, I was left with bulging bags under both eyes! It has been 9 months and my left eye is alot better, but my right eye is still bulging. I look like I am tired and older because of the bags under my eyes.

I have talked to the company (Radiesse) and they told me the product is not to be used under the eyes, due to allergic reactions! And the allergic reactions under the eye area are common!I have been told that Radiesse can last 6 months to 2 years! So depressing...


I deeply feel for the people who have suffered under the hands of a greedy and reckless medical industry here in the USA. I had this despicable product Injected under my jaw line over two years ago, and posted here on realself about my massive inflammatory response, marked by persistent redness along the jaw, constant infections and puss coming up, and huge swollen lumps the size of ping pong balls on some days. This initial reaction lasted a full two months, after doctor after doctor turned me away In shock and awe, afraid of injecting me w steroids longterm and baffled by the sight of me. For the following year Lumps under my skin remained distorting my face, and the redness and the endless cycle of puss filled lesions continued, actually moving from site to site on my face, up from the jaw all along my cheeks and hairline. at two years, tens of thousands of dollars of laser surgery, alternative health treatments and a univeristy's share of knowledge on holistic and high tech skin care later, I still suffer constant redness all along the bottom half of my face, with dozens of new puss filled white heads coming up daily. I lost a full two years of my life and only now am able to manage this condition, namely the constant stinging pain has finally subsided (I couldn't rest my face on a pillow at night or touch my skin without shooting stinging pain). So this is my great success. I have been unemployable In any job out in public as I have looked sick, infected, deformed and "on drugs". Cops have stopped me multiple times and profiled me as a drug user. My sex life suffered immensely save for my spiritual compassion and confident personality. I have had to reorient my career path entirely because if this problem. All caused by injections that I paid for and that were administered by a fully competent and reputable surgeon, or so I thought. This product is evil and had ruined my life, only demanding me to abandon vanity and seek spiritual and personal transcendence to overcome the judgments of people around me, employers, police, my own family, and potential lovers. I have found relieve of sorts through diligent, extremely informed high tech natural skin care, radical lifestyle changes to live near a natural sulfuric hotspring in southern California, a 100% zero gluten diet, no more plastic surgery anything, total mind body health and a dissolution of my ego.. And still I am marked, scarred, can't shave, and spend more time than I ever dreamt I would "grooming" and doing damage control. I am more informed than any medical doctor, naturopath, esthetician on skin care now, diet and lifestyle. Out of necessity. Out of desperation, out of pain and constant discomfort. This Product single handedly derailed my entire Life and career and I still suffer two years on..
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My comment is for yeahknow. I think Bioform has enough money to do its own marketing of Radiesse without your help. I have read your review of Radiesse. Good for you that you were happy with your Radiesse result, but lots of other people are not. ("Blame it on yourself for selecting a crummy Doctor." Are you serious?) Even some doctors on RealSelf do not recommend Radiesse because the PRODUCT is SYNTHETIC unlike the hyaluronic fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. See: http://www.realself.com/question/What-can-I-do-about-Sculptra-lumps-What-to-do-about-Sculptra-NewFill-lumps Radiesse might last longer than Juvederm or Restylane but so do the problems for people this product does not agree with. For this reason, Radiesse is classified by the FDA as a 'MEDICAL DEVICE' (ie an implant) and NOT a filler. Your comments are not constructive to people who are obviously devastated by their Radiesse results. Your comments are rude, offensive and, most importantly, ignorant and ill-informed.
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I agree.
Elase Medical Spa

My doctor said he uses it all the time under the eyes, but Radiesse said it should not be used under the eyes due to the possible common allergic reaction!

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