Like so many other Radiesse horror stories you read about... I have one of my own - Radiesse Nightmare

Like so many other Radiesse horror stories you...

Like so many other Radiesse horror stories you read about... I have one of my own . The doctor overcorrected one side of my face - leaving me looking ridiculously lopsided , with hard lumps above the left side of my lip and dents under the lip that look like a jug handle . In addition , I developed a nickel side nodule in my inner right lip. The doctor injected the nodule with saline ..and while it relieved it somewhat , its still there. When I went back to him , he refused to help me , claiming there was nothing that he could do and implied that I he was being generous with his time as "other doctors wouldnt take the time to see me ". This is from a man who apparently forgot his hippocratic oath .. and who clearly doesnt give a damn about his patients . I have an appointment with another plaster surgeon who suggested the use of saline or steroids to dissipate the lumps and nodule my docotr refused to correct .

If you are thinking about Radiesse .. forget it . Its not worth it. Use a filler that is more easily correctable and spare yourself the nightmare !

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get a sonic care toothbruth. hold the back of the toothbrush up, against the area that has radiesse in it. it will slowly break up the area, allowing the body to absorb the radiesse. I know because I've had radiesse in the sides of my face (nasolabial lines) for 5 years. I was overfilled & only the top 1" part dissolved. the rest (going down to almost my jawline has remained - about 50-60% since. I started using my sonicare toothbrush because no one had any answers (including all the doctors on here). they're no help. no one wants to surgically remove the radiesse, as it'll probably cause more problems. any filler will always dissolve faster in more mobile areas of the face. I've been doing the sonicare toothbrush remedy for about 3 weeks now & can start to see a difference. I was only doing it 2x a week. but now that I'm seeing improvement, I've moved it up to every day. (I just do it while watching tv & have a small mirror to make sure I'm holding it right on top of the area). I hope that helps! I can truly empathize with you. I personally think radiesse should be banned, as there's no way to remove it & it mimics bone more than fat tissue.
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Please help. I had radiesse injected under my eyes 3 months ago and one eye is red with a buldge and the other is totally black and blue. Ive talked to so many specialists ( dermatologists and ps) and the best advice I've been given is to let it heal. I don't think it's ever going to go away :-(. And thoughts?
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Hi anonymous26, 

Oh my, I'm so sorry this happened. The community always mentions how important the knowledge of the doctor is, I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this. You might want to go check with another doctor to see if they can help. Please keep  us updated as things progress. 

Thank you, 


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Radiesse is a nightmare. I was happy the first time and Very unhappy the next in the same hands. It's a game of luck and your face is on the line.
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