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I am distraught with my cheek treatment. I have...

I am distraught with my cheek treatment. I have visible lumps under my left eye and both eyes look older and more tired. My previous pretty (but aging) face is a real mess. Also, my Dr. injected near the corners of my mouth and overfilled the right side. It looks like I have a cyst!

My Dr. wants to "go back in," saying I need more. Well, no way after her first disaster...I'm probably going to seek out a plastic surgeon to attempt to help me -- he'll likely have more experience w/injectables. Otherwise, I'll have to wait it out. This stinks! LaniBee



Hello again, I posted a while back about RADIESSE injections along my jaw that became a nightmarish red raw pustuled rash that expanded alon my entire face over a two year period. This time last year I can say I had given up all hope of this debilitating and disfiguring rash resolving itself, after consulting with numerous doctors, radically changing my diet and lifestyle, cutting out 100% non edible cosmetics, thousands of $$ of laser treatments, looking homeless and unemployable, and ultimately suffering a massive blow yo my ego an self esteem. Still, my rash caused by RADIESSE had only gotten a brighter hue of purple-red, still constant flaking/peeling/pustules making any contact with my face a burning stinging touch, the strange edema from the initial flare up along the deposits of product reoccurring years later and in different places of my face, and of course the constant cycle of dozens of whiteheads on the rash requiring careful extraction only to further damage my broken skin barrier and reappear the next day.. For years!!!

The good news is.. I've reached a full, permanent, and cosmetically passable remission, without surgery or drugs. I now have a normal face.. I can shave (something I thought I would never be able to again), I can sleep on a pillow wirout burning pain, the whiteheads have stopped erupting, even the discoloring resolved to resemble normal (if a bit frost bitten) skin. I am employable and no longer get treated like a drug addict by cops, shop keepers, mothers etc. My life was ruined until I successfully self diagnosed myself with something resembling dermatitis herpetiformis.. A skin allergy caused by wheat gluten commonly seen among celiacs. I was NOT gluten intolerant before the RADIESSE. The horrific immune response it caused seems to have set off a chain reaction of immune imbalance and lymphatic blockage. I found relieve through diligent adherence to a strictly gluten free diet, avoidance of iodine (found in table salt and naturally occurring in most sea salt), salicylic acid (in fruit peels, honey and aspirin). The salysilic acid/iodine act to retain gluten antibodies in the skin. I would suggest to ANYONE still suffering from this autoimmune condition caused by RADIESSE to carefully consider a drug called dapsone, in use for 50 years to treat DH, leprosy and many other inflammatory mystery skin disorders. I was on the verge of demandin my doctor prescribe it for me, despite potential complications resuming regular blood panels and an indefinite course of treatment.. That is how desperate I was to get my life back. Luckily the strict if not bizarre diet I followed for a year was complimented by a three month stint I did in Ojai, CA where I detoxed in natural sulfuric hot springs for hours every day and ate an essentially raw vegan diet. This intensive detoxification allowed the gluten antibodies to release from my tissues, or perhaps simply reset my immune system to disrupt the cyclical inflammatory response set off by the RADIESSE. All I know is the eruptions stopped after two
Months and six months later my skin has repaired to a passable state with state of the art homemade skin care from skin actives and other high tech DIY skincare companies. I thank the stars everyday for my new lease on life, to have my youth and beauty back, something I had given up on at 23, to be able to walk down the street without disturbed stares from strangers. I will never suffer from body dysmorphia again and allow the evil evil big pharma monster to convince me that I'm not good enough without their
Toxic products in my face. Please don't take no for an answer from doctors, I self diagnosed and even received a false negative on my diagnostics tests and yet my researh and treatment protocol worked after nothing else would, and I really mean nothing (I'm a very informed person with access to professionals and technology and have tried.. Well... Everything).

Don't give up, seek to resolve systemic immune and inflammation issued before expecting the RADIESSE to dissapeat, consider dapsone, go to a skin disorder specialist, and don't listen to anyone who says they just don't know or that's it's just acne etc..

AND A BIG PASSIONATE SLOBBERING ************* *********** to RADIESSE!!!!!!!!!

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I'm really happy to hear you're doing better. It sounds as though you've suffered tremendously. It's amazing the devastation experienced by so many. I hope mine ends within the next year. It's a living nightmare. I keep hoping I'll wake up and it will be over, but it never is.
I had Radiesse put in my face, under eyes,cheekbones,and the marionette area around my mouth. I had this done 12-7-11 and today is 12-19-13 two years later. The day I did it the nurse told me I would be beautiful in time for Christmas, so I agreed. I said please just put a little so it's saddle. The nurse ended up putting 3 syringes in my face which turned out to be the biggest nightmare of my life. My smile looked like the joker, under my eyes were huge bulges with bloody red marks with new wrinkles that I did not have, and a small lump on the left side of my upper lip. Remind you I did not get my lips done. I was horrified not to mention I thought that my immune system would be ruined for life. I became instantly depressed, could not work and would not come out of my home. My two grown daughters were saddened to see the back of my head for two weeks while I lay in the pillow. I went to the ER twice and two the doctors at least 5 times due to the shaking of my body. I was 100% healthy before these injections. Finally one of the primary doctors realized that I was severely going thru an allergic reaction and I was becoming more ill by the day. One month after the injections the doctor put me on steroids and by the grace of God almighty my immune system straightened out after 3 weeks. So going near two months after I starred in the mirror with horror thinking about what a vein idiot I was to go this far. I was good looking without this product that was irreversible. So coming to now two years later my face looks older but I am thrilled to say that I no longer look like a puffy joker. I understand what you are going thru but it did get better for me and I wish the same for you. Please if you have not used this, DON'T DO IT.
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It tends to lump up and resists being "massaged into place" -- it just didn't work. Never again!

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