Radiesse -- NEVER AGAIN!!!

I had Radiesse injected into N/L folds and...

I had Radiesse injected into N/L folds and marionette lines two days ago. Also had Captique done for vertical lip lines. I was told that there would be "minimal discomfort" and perhaps some mild swelling and/or bruising. Even with the injections of local anesthesia it was EXCRUCIATING! I was trying not to scream as the p.s. just told me to breathe since he didn't need me passing out in his office. (Thanks for the compassion.) He "massaged" the area by my mouth so hard I felt like I was being punched in the face! Now the whole injected area is almost black and purple...I look like a domestic violence victim and don't dare leave my house. Even makeup will not cover bruises this severe. The swelling is freaky and I am terrified that I will have this "joker" from Batman smile forever. Even with the swelling beginning to subside, I look odd...not like myself at all, and the bruising is a nightmare! Who knows how long it will take to heal or how I will explain it to people. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER put anything into my face again, and I am so disappointed in myself that I bought into the oppressive culture that tells me it is not okay to be 46, I must look 25 forever. I would pay another $2,000 to make it go away. Can't WAIT to have my lines back!


Ladys this radiesee stuff didnt give me the rsults i wanted i had it done 3 weeks ago swelling has gone and guess what the lines are back , so what i did is order this magic tape type stuff that i found online its kind of like 2 sticky tapes that are connected to a thin rubberband that pulls the face back and gives that face lift look. i know its a little strange but i got it just for special ocasionsand u can hide it underneat the hair its barely noticable i wont wear it everday becuase it gets a little uncomfortable but it was only like $25 beats the hell out of getting these costly fillers that we take the chances of disfiguring our faces i did it once and after i didnt get the results of what i was looking for and now they say i need more, no thanks after reading all the negative post on this stuff i just thank God i didnt get to much of a side affect besides the red bumpy rash line across the nose lines, my advice try the tape bands if u dont like the way it looks u can always take it off
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To all of you victims of this product, MY HEART GOES OUT TO YOU! I had two vials of Radiesse injected along my jaw line almost TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO, The initial swelling was insane. I looked like a muppet creature! Huge, painful asymmetrical lumps puffed up and lasted for days! I was stuck in the house for a week. BUT THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF MY NIGHTMARE. Slowly the swelling decreased, yet I was left with a grotesque lumpy rash that moved around my face, and constantly inflammed, crusty, deep red, even oozed out little pieces of the product. It seemed to set off an allergic type of dermatitis, and infectious pustules formed EVERY DAY, FIFTY NEW ONES EVERY DAY. There was no relief for two and a half years. I repeat, THIS CONSTANT REDNESS, PUSTULES, ITCHING LASTED OVER TWO YEARS. I've done soooooo much for it, completely changed my diet, gone 100% gluten free, organic vegan, done tests for food allergies, cut ALL irritants/chemicals from my life like soaps and detergents, hot springing constantly to take down swelling, used STEROIDS, DAPSONE, ALL THE ANTIBIOTICS, CERAMIDES, ALOE VERA, DMSO, COCONUT OIL, PROPOLIS, EVEN CANNABANOID EXTRACT TOPICALLY. I'm not a dumb *ss medically and I know my sh*t. I've exhausted EVERY POSSIBLE RESOURCE. Even paying UPWARDS OF FIVE GRAND for a series of laser treatments and levulan treatments at a world renowned laser doctor. THIS PRODUCT IS EVIL. I WILL SPEARHEAD A CLASS ACTION. I've documented all my trials. I have family connections. LETS MAKE THEM PAY. CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS

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Im so sorry to hear that you had to go through all of that. i hope that your ok now i got 1 vile of Radiesse just for my nasal folds about 3 weeks ago i didnt experience to much side affects such as yourself but i did get that red bumpy rash you described to a T , and all that fr notihng i wasted $600 for a rash along the sides of my nose and the lines are still there that rash has gone away thank God and the lines are still there the lady that gave me the injections said my lines are too deep and i need more Radiesse after what you described as th what you went through im gonna be opting out for more. the whole purpose for us gals in getting these injections are to look better not worse and from all the negative post i been reading about this stuff im just gonna except the fact that im getting older and i cant stop the affects of aging no more fillers for me. thanks for your post it has been very imformative i hope you things are going ok with you now
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