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I had Radiesse injected into my Nasolabial Folds...

I had Radiesse injected into my Nasolabial Folds 102 hours ago (~3 days). I chose Radiesse on my physician's recommendation because he indicated that it's results are generally longer-lasting than those of other injectable fillers. I chose my physician because he is an experienced plastic surgeon and instructs other physicians on Radiesse technique.

The procedure was relatively brief. I was injected with lidocaine (dental block) and then two needles of the product. There was some minimal discomfort, but no pain. After the injections, I sat with an ice compress on my face for about 20 minutes. I was sent home with more ice. Initially, I was a bit worried, as the right side of my face was significantly more swolen than the left.

I resembled an alienesque human-chipmunk hybrid. My smile looked very odd and did not move well. I continued to ice on and off for the next several hours. I also continued taking Bromelain supplements (to reduce swelling.) By the second day, the swelling diminished some but I developed minimal bruising. I am now using Arniflora cream on the right side to minimize such swelling/ bruising.

Though some swelling and bruising remains on the right side of my face, I generally am very happy with the results. My face now appears fuller and the folds are gone! I think it will look even better and more symmetrical once the right side heals. For anyone considering Radiesse, I would recommend that you thoroughly research your practitioner and don't overdo it the first time by treating too many areas with too much product.


This is a typical response to Radiesse injections. The more product that is injected, the greater the swelling and potential for bruising. Sounds like it is progressing well, and I suspect you will be pleased with the result.

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