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I'm 32 yo, single mum with a 2.5yo and 1.5yo My BA...

I'm 32 yo, single mum with a 2.5yo and 1.5yo
My BA is scheduled for next Thursday. I've been so excited up until yesterday, now I'm starting to doubt the whole thing. Am I being vain? Is this a stupid thing to pay $10k for? I don't know at the moment. I know I want bigger boobs, but I dont if I want to take the risk,
All of those feelings are normal! How long have you been wanting a BA? Do you feel prepared and ready? I did but still had moments of I can't believe I'm really doing this. All the best to you. :)
I have done all my homework with the PS's and the one I picked wants me to stay on harmones for awhile then it is 100% go for me. My surgury is quite extensive and I will have close to 25,000 US in all I want. Probably won't hit until after the 1st of the year. Best at you, Karieann
I'm glad you found a PS that's a good fit!
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