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Vaginal Rejuvenation - Bad Experience

I had sex after 10 weeks. It was tight the first...

I had sex after 10 weeks. It was tight the first time and after that back to the way it was before surgery.

robert rho

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The wen something balls, those work. I used them daily for a couple of months and after a week or twoo could feel the difference. It was less but after that period of time there was no doubt I was working the muscles. They r a bit weird at first to use during the day but nothing comes easy.
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Hey to anyone who feels like they want their vagina to be tighter but don't want to pay up for something that may or may not work. Try Kegel exercises. They're easy and you can do them nearly everywhere. And here's the kicker: they're absolutely free. (Unless you want to purchase the vagina dumbbell thing. But they're unneeded. At least for me.) Plus! They're good for you.
Here's a link to learn more (just add the triple w dot before the mayo and the dot com after clinic): mayoclinic/health/kegel-exercises/WO00119

Is it just me or did I just sound like an advertisement?

Anyways, enjoy ladies! And I hope it works for you all. (Remember. Everyone's different so results will vary.)
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well, just be happy you didn't pay 7900 like I did :( I got the same problem, after sex the first time after surgery my vagina went back to the old way. so far this is the only thing that helps tighten me up tighteningthevagina.com/vagina-tightening-cream-intivar-review it basically adds a soft grip like texture and helps tighten the vagina as well. Best i've used anyways. Do you girls know any others I could try?
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I had the same experience too, 4900 wasted, very disappointed.Think the doctor just didnt do a good job.
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Was it dr Robert rho
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That's disappointing. :(

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The doc was dr. {edited} in queens.

Edited by Sharon: We've added your doctor's info to the review. Thanks!
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Exact same thing happened to me. Wasn't sure if it was the Doc, or if that's just how the procedure is. Total waste of my money.
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