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I Deserve This! - Queens, NY

Second day on my 1st tray - U/18 * B/15 - I am...

Second day on my 1st tray - U/18 * B/15 - I am already counting down the days to try on the second trays - can it come any sooner? I was always conscience about my teeth - although they weren't bad but the overcrowding on the bottom was always nagging at me. I finally decided to go ahead with Invisaline. I had to have a tooth extracted, see my pic, and I simply can't wait for the changes to begin. I will provide progress/pictures once every new tray is up. Stay tuned.

4.27.12 - I am on tray #6 (how time flies) - I...

4.27.12 - I am on tray #6 (how time flies) - I have been wearing each tray for 2 weeks - I am getting used to the constant flossing and brushing - the gap is closing and that itself makes me giddy - there are some trays that you will feel the pressure for days but there are some that in one day, the pressure is over. I can't wait for this to be over! Not in a bad way, I am just anxious to see my nice teeth and being able to smile away. Will be back after six week when my Ortho looks at my progress and gives me my next set of trays.

5.20.2012 - On 5/19 went to my destist for my 6...

5.20.2012 - On 5/19 went to my destist for my 6 month check up and cleaning - the hygenist was very pleased and told me that my cleaning was 99% near perfect - some plaque still manages to sneak in no matter how well you brush and floss. So aside from all the comments that I read that Invisaligns creates cavities and so on, it wasn't the case with me. :D This was probably my first visit where I actually came out feeling very proud.

6.7.2012 Started Trays #9 yesterday - doctor said...

6.7.2012 Started Trays #9 yesterday - doctor said very good progress - I should have completed my Invisaline journey by Oct. Can't wait!! Gap is closing up - not too conscience of it anymore. Please stay tuned :D

7.19.2012 - Started Tray 12 yesterday - very good...

7.19.2012 - Started Tray 12 yesterday - very good progress - shaving next month - pic below - :D
Dr. Rolland Rogers

Sorry - its Roger Rollands DDS - My initial experience with the orthodostist and his staff was very pleasant. As a newbie, I was nervous, and they made me feel very comfortable and quickly eased my nerves. I have been with this doctor and his team since December 2011 and I do not have anything negative to say. Girls are great and Dr. Rogers is a pleasure to work with.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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I believe so - not sure how many i will be needing now. ironically, i initially went in for my bottom teeth but most of the work is being done on my uppers, not a happy camper...going to wait and see what's going to happen.
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So it sounds like you are going into refinement trays. Is that right? Do you know how many trays they are estimating?

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I just got my liners and noticed that the top liner pinches the gum between my gap. In fact, it cuts into the gum. Any advice would be helpful. With braces, you could at least use wax. What do I use for this? The gum bleeds.
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Since it sounds like from what you describe the slingers are fitting tight, rather than it being a rough edge, you may want to call you dentist/orthodontists office. If its just a rough edge you can usually file that with a nail file. If they need to relieve a portion of the tray you are better to let them do that then to possibly compromise the integrity of the tray. 

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Wow, that gap is so much smaller!! That is awesome - so fun to get to see your progress!

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Done in Oct?! Woohoo!! I'd love it if you would post an updated picture so we could see the progress of the gap. So happy for you! :)

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Thank you Megan...my latest pic was posted for everyones viewing pleasure :D Can definitely see the difference. Can't wait, can't wait!
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I'm on my second tray and also had one bottom front tooth pulled. withiin the first two weeks, I could actually floss easily. The overcrowding is much worse than your photos. My ortho just painted a bit of bonding material in the front of the liner where the tooth is missing so there is no chance of anything falling out since it's actually empty, just a smudge of white. I also am losing weight!

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That is awesome that your cleaning went so well - all your hard work is showing!! Way to go!!

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Loved reading your update, but even more loved seeing the space closing between your teeth - that is so exciting to actually see, isn't it?! :)


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Hi there! I was browsing on the web and came across your comment. Thank you for the wonderful review. Dr. Rogers and the staff are very happy that you are happy. Please call the office so I know who you are. The aligners do take getting used to but it sounds like you are doing a great job. If there are any questions, we are here for you, just give a call.
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yeah that would be a better idea it seems like.. awesome!
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I will be having a similar tooth pulled for my treatment.. does your aligner have a "fake" tooth or something covering the aligner around the extracted spot? I am curious what it looks like.
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Yes, just mention this to your orthodontist and they will fill up that section. However, my experience with the filling has been a bit troublesome, although it was glued on, it came out on a number of occasions - trying to place it back in place can take time. since i have my next appt on Wed., i will ask if maybe they can find a way to "color" it in - it would be so much better. - i will post a pic during the week for you to see.

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I'm also in queens and thinking about invisalign.you seemed to get the braces for a good price! What was the name of your othrodontist?
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Hello - in all honestly, my dental insurance was able to cover part of the cost. If you have dental insurance, find out if they do. The cost i posted reflects what i actually put out of pocket. Also, the doctors office offers a number of payment options. If you pay in full, the doctor i used, gave me a discount as well. So all this contributed to the lower cost. I posted my doctors information in my initial posting. Website is rogerdontics.com. Hope this helps :)
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Thanks for starting your review, and for posting a picture so we could see how things are starting out.

How is it going getting use to the trays?

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Hi Megan P - getting used to these trays are not so bad - again, I hear that the first trays are trainers but i do somehow feel like there are some changes when i remove them, not visible just the feel of the teeth. Good news is i lost a couple of pounds..but it is hard when i am at home and cooking. I couldn't even taste what i was cooking to see how dinner was coming out - my daughter was the taste tester :) Otherwise, i have gotten used to them and im really anxious for get the next trays on.
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You are not the first person I have heard say they have lost weight after starting Invisalign - nice little bonus, huh?! If interested you can click here to read other peoples reviews who have specifically talked about weight loss.

If you are in trainer trays your teeth will probably be pretty sore when you go to your first set of active trays. Most people say that is the worst of it, then the changes after that get better. I'm guessing its just getting your teeth loosened up & moving initially that can be a bit more uncomfortable. Take some Advil or Tylenol and switch to the new trays right before bed - and remember if it sucks, most people say it gets much better. :)

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