Carboxytherapy for Stretch Marks - Queens, NY

I just started this treatment on the stretch marks...

i just started this treatment on the stretch marks on my belly from having a child. i've had one treatment so far and the results are AMAZING! my stretchmarks are THINNER and my belly is TIGHTER! i swear i feel like crying, i've been struggling with this issue for FIVE years and have tried everything! this is nothing short of a miracle! all this after just one treatment and i paid for TEN! i cant wait to see what happens by the end of all my sessions.

oh and by the way; it does HURT, not a lasting pain but a burning feeling, sooo worth it though.

i'll continue to update with each round!


We have heard all about people who received this procedure, but we have not received even one record of the final outcome. I am very suspicious about these new treatments that are not documented to be effective scientifically! Please update us with results, pictures! Thanks,
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Flo, can you tell us where you had carboxytherapy done in NY? TY
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Any pictures for us?
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