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Firstly, Dr. Chu is very handsome and friendly and...

Firstly, Dr. Chu is very handsome and friendly and has an outstanding staff. Great location and comfortable office setting.
I am a 57 years of age, 100 pounds, 5'6" Spanish/ Russian with olive ton skin. 32A to a 32D. which ended up being 400cc. I am very small boned and petite.
Dr. Chu was very expressive to the type of implants and procedure that would be best suited for my frame even though I researched the different types of incisions performed. Since my areolas were too small (as he described as young as a 14 year old and I was flattered) it was best to go under the breast and I had already decided that was the way to go for me.
He measured my frame and I went for the Mentor Gels implants and the largest I could go is 400cc and that was best for my frame and natural looking however, he will put what ever size you want. I also elected to go with the pain pump since I was so flat to begin with and do not do well with pain meds this was a smart choice. It is extra and well worth it during and after the procedure was performed especially if you do not like pain. As small as I was it really stretched the skin and felt very heavy on my chest. The best part of this was my husband was with me every step of the way from beginning to end and sat in on every appointment and office visit. You do need help since you cannot move arms or lift your self for at least the first 4 or 5 days. He bathed me and fed me I felt so like a baby so it is important to have that TLC while you are in the first week of the procedure and recovery.
I wish the pain pump lasted longer than 3 days and Dr. Chu is looking into a pump that is larger to hold more meds however, I am not sure if any other patients elected to use the pain pump I just wanted my first few days to be less painful but perhaps it is something you could save money on it is extra $500.
At my age perhaps the recovery was a little longer. I stayed in bed most of the time and did not do anything for about a month and followed his orders.
The results are amazing I am so happy to have such full but natural looking breasts. I am right handed so my left breast hurt more than the right but now I am doing much better. The best part about this enhancement to my body is that I feel like a woman and look amazing in my clothes. My husband is very happy and well worth the investment in your body. I need to start wearing a bra Dr. Chu says so they stay up and not drop too much however, I love going braless and at first I could not stand anything touching them. I also have sensation in both nipples sometimes this goes away but, he will go over this during your visits which is included in the price.
I recommend that if you are considering this procedure do not wait unless you cannot afford it, I wish I did it sooner. However, the implants today are in such variety and with warranties there is nothing more than having peace of mind that what is implanted will not harm you in anyway. Dr. Chu also provides a scaring cream that will reduce the scares under the breast. I do not scare badly and over time with the cream they will fade under the breast which you cannot notice and where the drain tubes and pain pump under the arm pit was inserted, I can admit uncomfortable but after 5 days that is removed and the bra provided is very tight but that's suppose to keep you from not damaging or hurting yourself once you had the procedure performed.
I rate Dr. Chu and his staff the finest you will find on the island. I had contacted two other surgeons one who never returned my call for a consultation a friend recommended and the other canceled my appointment 30 minutes before I was to attend. That made my decision to go with Dr. Chu I never consulted with any other doctor.
I am so happy I chose Dr. Chu. He is a very successful surgeon, he performs at least one a day in every given week he has had lots of practice, so do not pass up the opportunity if this is a dream of yours. So so so happy with my girls and my friends and family are very happy for me. Most of all I still feel young and look younger with my new implants thanks to Dr. Chu.


First pic was an imaging machine at the consultation I enhanced to 350cc

10 weeks

second pic was at 10 weeks

400cc Mentor Gel High Profile implants at 10 weeks

Lace bra from Amazon felt the most comfortable in the 2nd month

Incision at 10 weeks

Doc prescribed Scarguard to apply twice a day to help fade the scare. I think my incision has healed perfectly and was done very well and straight. That area was very sensitive since the bra rest on it and when the breast begin to drop the weight hits it but now they don't hurt at all. Nipples are still a little sensitive but rather no you have feeling some woman loose that. I think Dr. Chu did an outstanding work and he is highly recommended on the island. He performs one a day in every given week so his expertise shows in the end result.

Flower nipple covers found on Amazon.com

I have not used these but felt they were the best that was being offered and seem very comfortable to wear according to the reviews. Not expensive.
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

Outstanding, Professional, Handsome, and so so nice I love Dr. Chu he tells it like it is and the imaging machine is an awesome way to see how you will look with your new breasts so life like... I wish I told him a larger size its a one time imaging photo. So make sure you tell them how many CC's you want before they snap the photo.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look amazing. I hope mine come out with as good of an outcome! I think what anyone would mean by fake look, is does that body type look like it could have those kind of boob s. I have some very small friends with great D size boobs that I am sure people question but they were born with them. Because implants are available and women do check other women out I think they just wonder when they see a great pair if they are real or not. Look great and just let them wonder. I think we all would love to have a perfect pair whether we are born with them or buy them. I especially hope since mine are paid for they come out perfect. I think we are fortunate we have the option to change our appearance if we want. I mean no disrespect to anyone of any shape or size. We all have our own idea of perfect and we should each get what we want and I hope we do.
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Your pre-op looks like mine and you look amazing now. I have to agree with all the comments here that you do not look 57 at all.
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are you sure you're 57? it looks like someone in their 20's.
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Yes, thank you ganda83 so sweet of you to say. I sure am and so happy with my girls. Don't wait like I did to be my age, and find the best surgeon or come hear and have Dr. Chu perform it for you. I am 400cc. I wrote earlier that my doctor measured me and the type of implants you choose can determine the size for you. I selected the High Profile Mentor Gels and they feel and look natural. Under incision He does an imaging that enhances your body to the size you are looking for. I did 350cc and it looked good but wished I did it a little bigger and 50cc more was perfect for me. . Before my appointment I looked at my built and weight and plugged that into in the computer for what I would like others having BA done found my skin type was not of a woman my age so I looked younger and I found a match of how I would look and printed it. My doctor has such a good reputation and the results are as promised. He also does a lot of bad BA to help give those woman comfort that they will love his results. You will want to go big and never worry about the decision you made for yourself not his. I did this for me and the best part is looking so wonderful in clothes and no padded bras or under wires again. It is major and it is painful but all worth it if that make you happy, I have had good friend males tell me how natural I look. That's huge but my husband one and only stood by me thru the beginning I give him such pleasure since it is an investment and worth every penny if it makes your like happy and fulfilled he was happy with what I started with 32A and happy now for 30 years. Now a 32D I feel like a 20 year old. You sure know how to make a woman feel great. Aloha with many thanks, Ganda83. You will look great best wishes to you!! Girls in Hawaii
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wow, your boobs are my wish boobs. i actually showed your boob pic and my doc told me it might be too big for me. i still love your result. pls. keep updating.
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As I mentioned above just research everything prior and lots of U tube videos of other woman after the procedure. Also the procedure performed that made me decide no nipple incisions plus mine were too small. But a popular way today. I think the under the breast is best and less painful and speaking of pain like me I don't like it the breast pain pump is awesome. But, draining tubes in armpits can be uncomfortable but to me worth it only lasts for 3 to 4 days then removed. You are pretty much down for that at least. Keep me posted on what you decide. Girls in Hawaii
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Your results are so great, and it sounds like you had a great doctor. Keep the updates coming!
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Thank You 4everhappy! I am doing well and yes Dr. Chu is wonderful. I encourage woman to even give them a call for info or concerns they are very nice and welcome out of town people. Its almost 50% of his clients. Its on the island of Oahu and he is located next next too Queens Medical Center. He has a comfortable office and performs the procedure there. He has the staff of very nice nurse BA by Dr. C. So they know everything to expect. But so much on the internet to educate ourselves and this site is a site of real caring woman all over the world and that's awesome for me and others!! Aloha Girls
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Your results are beautiful ! They are perfect . Happy healing to you :)
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Thank you Zumba Mommy. I feel pretty good. Happy healing to you as well. I think you are looking fine yourself. Keep doing what you are doing and everything will go well. Loving all the comments thanks so much this is an awesome way to feel great about what we have done to feel beautiful and great looking in our new bras and clothes. Keep encouraging others who are having a hard time and take time with the healing!! love you all Aloha Girls in Hawaii!!
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They look great!! Very natural...might use your pics as wish boobs if thats okay with you..i really like your side profile. You boobs have a natural slope not just a boob out of no where i dont like the double bubble that some people with implants have..
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Sure Happyat30, Thank you so much for the lovely complements. I am so pleased but I have to say it is so important the type of implants you get. I researched so many and the procedure and new I wanted to go under the breast and not the nipple but at first my doctor wanted too but, when I saw how it was performed I felt like I couldn't do it that and probably would have refused only because it looked so painful and the healing and afraid to loose feeling but I have talked to many who had it done and it was fine. Everyone is different. I was happy my areolas were too small to have that procedure done. I am so pleased with the Mentor Gel High Profile implant. I had researched this one in particular and I had made up my mind it was the best choice for me and my body size. There are so many to choose from and I felt it was the most natural looking and the feel. Also the edge of the implant was seamless. I felt my girlfriends and I could feel the edge and she wanted them loosely fitting. I wanted mine to fall nicely and at first I just entered my weight and age but not many have done the procedure at 56 years of age plus my skin type was like a 30 years olds of Spanish decent and Russian I have olive tone skin and toned not stretched out or wrinkly. Sorry everyone's skin type is different. I followed every direction my doctor advised and think that's why my result have been outstanding. I was told only to massage 2 times a day and in 10 reps. No more than that. I have read some others doing 50 is too much they will soften very naturally. Also when taking a bath at first not to have the water bead on the breast directly. Little things but to take in advisement. I also took it real easy and know I have mentioned this over and over. Although, my husband took care of me he only was off for 4 days then I was on my own.. I have to admit without him in the first week and second week I too became emotionally upset for the pain and not being able to take any meds for it made me sick and I could not keep them down and getting upset made it painful to withdraw them as you can imagine. Also it was hard to breathe at first feeling an elephant was sitting on my chest and the bra given was so tight it dug into my skin. I placed tissue under the elastic and then got wise and turned it inside out. After a month I could leave it off and it was like freedom. I still could not sleep on my side per doctors instructions and that was hard because I sleep on my side. Its a slow process for the recovery so ladies do think you wish you didn't do it no matter what procedure you choose because either way it will be better than before. Maybe the nipple incision is what is todays way of implanting most used and now the under the arm and the belly button. I just think the most direct positioning is under the breast. Look on the internet you can see how they are done and make your choice that is comfortable for you and that you can live with. Its is your body and the investment is grand it not cheep that's for sure. I never thought I would ever spend this on my body without insurance coverage. I must have spent more on my teeth and I still need to put $11k into them. Poor gums urrr. Take care a I hope that my comments will encourage you to be your own advocate. Love you all and thank God always for the blessing of being beautiful because having my new Girls makes me feel just DEVINE. Aloha from Hawaii PS if any of you are thinking about getting them my Doctor performs on half the woman who do not live in Hawaii who fly in to have him perform the procedure so take into consideration if you are not happy with the surgeons in your state consider a trip to Hawaii a double dream come true if you have never been here its is just a beautiful island Of Oahu Honolulu. His office and staff will make you feel like you have been here and live here. They are awesome and both staff member have the implants performed by Dr. Chu!!!!
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Girls were taken at the first consultation with an imaging machine before and after to 350cc but I got the largest I could go with the Mentor Gels and my measured frame of 400cc. I am very happy with them and the size. However, the first day they felt like 600cc with all the swelling and almost up to my neck. It really felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest so it is very painful at first. Now at 12 weeks no pain at all. My doc recommended wearing a bra so they do not drop too much and found one that is convertible no wire or heavy padding was suggested. I will post that bra. I bought it at Walmart as a set with undies. Its cotton and cool and hold them up. Depending on the implant you choose will determine the softness and how they fall. I did not want them drooping as some I have seen on this site. So plus I had nothing as you can see by the imaging pic I was a 32A now 32D. I am very petite and small boned so my skin was tight and had to stretch so if you have some tissue it probably won't be as painful. I also did not breast for very long so I had no size difference in each boob. I am so happy I did this but I waited till I was almost 57 in November this year and wish I did it years ago. I feel so wonderful and love the way I look in my clothes. Plus today you really have more implants to choose from but, go as big as you can once the swelling goes down you will think they look small. So go the largest you can go and enjoy them to the fullest your friends and especially husband will love the way you look and feel about yourself if you felt like a boy chest like I did. It is an expensive investment for yourself and you definitely want to find the best surgeon who has the best expertise and reputation you can find where you live. I wished I had taken the first pre op photos my doc took those so perhaps I can get them from him n post later. Thanks for you assistance I finally figured out how to post them however, I messed up and didn't get them all in one line like the others. Hope you like my results and I am welcome to your comments and anything I can add to make your experience as good as mine turned out. I have to add and probably mentioned it before my husband was the best nurse and took real good care of me because it was best not too move. So you do not disrupt the healing process. Take care and take your time in healing and you will be able to do anything in 10 weeks with no discomfort at all.
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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. It sounds like you had a wonderful experience. It's nice to hear you had your supportive husband to help you during your recovery. I didn't realize the pain pump only last 3 days. Many women will be interested in the details you mention about the pain pump. Hope the rest of your healing goes well!

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Would love to see your results
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Happyat30 I posted them but can't see them anywhere can you help me how to do it. I posted about 6 or 7 pictures and don't see them. Thanks for your Help Girls in Hawaii
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             glad your healing well! congrats! i didnt have the pain pump for my breast augumentation but i did get it fir my tummy tuck procedure! and your right it does make quite of a difference! 
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