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Hello everyone, I just saw the surgeon this...

Hello everyone, I just saw the surgeon this afternoon. I have a Capsular Contracture on my right side. This is the third time this happened. The doctor gave me 4 options : 1. Remove my implants with no replacement. 2. Remove the capsular contracture. 3. Option 1 + breast lift (7,500.00$) . 4. Option 1 + textured implant (were created to reduce the chance of capsular contracture)(8,500.00$). My first choice would be to remove my implant completely with no replacement. According what my doctor told me, my breast will be too flat and will look like a . If one of you did it (remove without replacement) can you please tell me honestly if it is so dramatic?
I'm getting mine out oct 14 with no replacement. Search your heart--if you're done with implants, don't let anyone talk you into getting new or smaller ones. I think your body has told you what it wants...explant.
You are so right! I feel I need to remove them soooo much! Thank you!
Definitely get a 2nd opinion. There are lots of ladies on this forum that have removed their implants with no replacement and were very happy with their results. I think it has to do with your expectations and how you feel about having breasts that may be saggy and look different than they do with implants. For me I'm ok with that and will be getting mine removed with no replacement or lift. I will keep you posted on my experience.
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