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Hello everyone, I just saw the surgeon this...

Hello everyone, I just saw the surgeon this afternoon. I have a Capsular Contracture on my right side. This is the third time this happened. The doctor gave me 4 options : 1. Remove my implants with no replacement. 2. Remove the capsular contracture. 3. Option 1 + breast lift (7,500.00$) . 4. Option 1 + textured implant (were created to reduce the chance of capsular contracture)(8,500.00$). My first choice would be to remove my implant completely with no replacement. According what my doctor told me, my breast will be too flat and will look like a . If one of you did it (remove without replacement) can you please tell me honestly if it is so dramatic?


Hey everyone! So Today I've got a call for my appointment on JANUARY 13th for the removal of my breast implant. I'm all excited but at the same time anxious!

I had these for 10yrs. I was 34B natural. With the 425cc I am a 34D. With a contracture in my right breast and it's very painful.

If you have any recommendation or suggestion to give me, please they will be more then welcome!

I want to say thank you to all the woman who posted there testimony about their removal! Just by sharing your experience it was very helpfull through this decision.

Bless to all of you and I will keep you update!
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