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Hi, I'm 23, 5'2, 110 lbs. I had my BA last week. I...

Hi, I'm 23, 5'2, 110 lbs. I had my BA last week. I choosed 375cc silicone implants (high profile, cohesive gel, double plan)... Surgery went well. I had a small C cup (32C). When I tried the implants, I found 375cc very big, but now it's definitely more small than I except. It looked totally different in the simulation. I know I have to wait 3-4 months to see the result, but I'm worried because I was hoping to have a big D cup, maybe a small DD cup =(

It's been 2 weeks since my BA. Everything is fine. I'd tried some lingerie and I think it would be a D cup. I'm so happy, because my implants (high profile) can seem not large, but it give a very big curvature and now (slowly) they seem to be less far from each other and less high. My right boob is hurting more. My doc said that is normal because I've moved more my right arm and stimule more my right muscle. He gave me another week of anti-inflammatory..Hope it will work, because the recovery is not symetric for now. I think bigger would have been to much, because i'm not very tall and pretty slim.

Hmm, it seems like with your height/weight, 375 should be awesome for you! Give it a little more time before you decide what you think (easier said than done). Thank you for sharing here and I hope your breasts turn out exactly how you want them to!


6 Weeks Post Op, Cannot Wear Any Type of Bra and...

6 Weeks Post Op, Cannot Wear Any Type of Bra and They Don't Go Down?
Hi, I'm 23, 6 weeks post op breast augmentation 375 cc silicone high profile under muscle double plan. My right one is hurting more than my left one and I can tell by the nipple that he is higher than the other. I feel my real boobs down and only the implant high..when I touch it. I know that it's supposed to go down approximatly gehind the nipple, in the center.. but I can't wear any bra because the shape doesn't fit... What should I do? Thanks
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