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I'm 19 I'm having a rhinoplasty and a revision...

I'm 19 I'm having a rhinoplasty and a revision otoplasty on May 17th, both are surgeries i've wanted to have for years. I had an otoplasty when i was 10 to have my ears pinned back a bit because they were protruding, and unfortunately the surgeon i used completely botched the job, and my ears have looked completely different from each other since then, leaving me incredibly self conscious, so much so that i never wear my hair up, and even when i'm at a hair salon getting my hair dyed, i hate that my ears are exposed. And i'm getting a rhinoplasty because i had my nose broken in middle school, and i have a deviated septum and can barely breathe from my nose, which leaves me with a ton of sore throats from sleeping with my mouth open. The main things that bother me about my nose is the huge bump on the bridge, and the tip seems to turn to the left. So i finally am able to afford to get both fixed and picked a surgeon in my area that is board certified, highly recommended, and is a facial plastic surgeon. I had my consultation back in July and i'm just now getting around to schedule it. My Pre-Op appointment is May 4th, and i'm getting pretty nervous! Any tips on supplies for my surgery or suggestions for after-care? Any help would be appreciated, thank you! :)

My pre-op has been moved up to May 2nd instead of...

My pre-op has been moved up to May 2nd instead of the 4th. I'm mainly getting this done because i hate how my nose looks from the profile and in pictures. I'm extremely insecure about my nose in pictures and whenever anyone sees me from the side. My hopes for the surgery is that it will improve my breathing, fit my face better, and balance my other features instead of being the first thing you are focused on. T minus 21 days and i can't wait!

Just left my pre-op, and just excited/anxious now...

Just left my pre-op, and just excited/anxious now because the only thing left to do is wait for my surgery date. 15 days! My surgeon gave me my post-op meds like antibiotics, arnica tablets, and percocet for pain. I feel really confident in my doctor because he asked several times, "do you have any more questions for me?" and took over an hour to answer all my questions. He was honest about how difficult fixing the tip of my nose would be, because it's been broken and my tip turns to the left, but he feels confident that with removing cartilage and using stitches he can get it straight. The main things he said he was going to work on is fixing the deviated septum, removing the hump from the bridge, fixing the tip so it's straight, and then removing some of the fullness from the tip of my nose as well. I can't wait, only two weeks left. :) I could not feel more confident in my surgeon.

I just made my last payments to the hospital and...

I just made my last payments to the hospital and my surgeon yesterday, now just 13 days to go!

Ahhh 9 days left! I just want it to be the morning...

Ahhh 9 days left! I just want it to be the morning of my surgery, the anticipation is killling me.

So my plastic surgeon's office called me today...

So my plastic surgeon's office called me today wanting to reschedule, since my surgeon will be out of town the weekend after my surgery, and the surgeon he got to be on call for him doesn't do rhinoplasties so he wasn't comfortable. So now my surgery has been moved to May 15 instead of the 17th. I'm kind of glad it's sooner though, the waiting is killing me!

42 hours to go! It's starting to hit me that i'm...

42 hours to go! It's starting to hit me that i'm finally doing this, i'm trying to keep myself busy so i'm not counting down the hours, but obviously that's not working so well.

12 hours to go! I don't think there's any way in...

12 hours to go! I don't think there's any way in the world i'm going to be sleeping tonight. I'm so excited, i don't think it'll fully hit me until i'm sitting in that hospital gown. It's surreal that i'm finally fixing this nose!

Well i survived it! I went to the hospital at 8 am...

Well i survived it! I went to the hospital at 8 am for my 10:00 surgery, and unfortunately the hospital was running late so i didn't get taken to the OR until 10:30, and the surgery started at 11:00. It took about six hours, and the OR nurse said, "Dr. Eckhardt is a perfectionist, he does a lot of rhinoplasties." So i felt much better when she said that, i definitely want a perfectionist working on my face. :) After the surgery they were crowded around me trying to wake me up, and for the first time i had a hard time waking up from anesthesia. I finally did wake up, feeling a lot of pain in my face and pressure. They transferred me to recovery, and kept asking me to breathe through my mouth deeply. I had to stay in the hospital until 8:00 tonight, and i'm finally home. Like everyone said, the packing is the worst part of it. My mouth is so dry though, and i'm having the worst time getting comfortable so i can sleep. I get the packing and stitches out Monday, and i can't wait. I just took one of my pain pills, and hopefully i'll be able to sleep. Goodnight everyone! :)

Last night was rough, i kept waking up about every...

Last night was rough, i kept waking up about every thirty minutes, even though i was exhausted. I don't see any bruising other than swelling under my eyes, so that's good. The worst part is your mouth and throat being so dry from having it constantly open. Dr. Eckhardt's office called me today asking how i was doing, and scheduled my post - op for monday, to get the packing out and my splint and the gauze around my ears off. Now i'm counting down to that date because this is honestly miserable!

Well last night was better, i woke up less often...

Well last night was better, i woke up less often than the night before. It's really hard to find a comfortable position with my ears all bandaged, and of course my nose. The swelling has gotten pretty bad under my eyes and cheeks, i look like a chipmunk! Still no bruising though, so that's great. And i've only been nauseous once, just briefly last night. I hate not being able to shower, i feel so gross. My nose is finally starting to drip less too, so i don't need to change the pad too often anymore.

So today is day four since my surgery, and i still...

So today is day four since my surgery, and i still haven't had any nausea really, and i just have a small yellow bruise underneath my right eye, and the swelling from my cheeks has now gone to my jaw, so hopefully it's just working its way down until it's gone. I was watching a movie earlier today and i started laughing, and you REALLY don't want to do that, i thought my stitches were going to come out, it was too painful. Definitely try to avoid laughing for the first week! I also took a bath today because i couldn't stand it any longer, and i just kind of sat down to avoid getting anything above my neck wet. The pain's pretty controlled as long as i keep up with the percocet, unfortunately i don't have many left and my Doctor said he can't prescribe more without seeing me, and since he's out of town, i can't see him until monday when i get my stitches, splint and my huge helmet of gauze on my ears off. The healing is just more of a neuisance right now than painful, because i have cotton in my ears and gauze my hearing is muffled, and of course the packing and splint on my nose makes it impossible to breathe or smell, i'm just so ready to get this all out monday! Oh, i had an open rhinoplasty, not sure if i said that or not. So monday is the day, just one full day to go!

Today is day 5 since my surgery, and i feel much...

Today is day 5 since my surgery, and i feel much better, there's even a big improvement from how i felt yesterday. The swelling in my cheeks and jaw is still hanging around, so is the small bruise under my eye. I cleaned my stitches with a q tip and the tip of my nose is so hard, it's pretty numb. Such a weird feeling! Also my upper lip doesn't move well, but i'm sure that'll go away soon. I'm not really in any pain, just minor discomfort, mostly on my ears though. Also under my splint has been itching and it's been driving me crazy. Overall i just can't wait to get this splint off and the stitches and everything out so i can take a shower, FINALLY wash my hair, and get back to my regular life and activities.

So i just got my splint off and my packing and...

So i just got my splint off and my packing and stitches out, and that was not the most pleasant experience, haha. The splint was just a lot of pressure and he kind of just peeled it and then popped it off, not too much of a big deal. But the packing was really uncomfortable, it looked like a tape worm that never ended, kind of gross. Then he took out the small stitch on my tip and then across my columella, which just pinched but wasn't really that painful. The first thing i though was, "wow i can actually breathe!" My breathing before was nothing compared to this, i can breathe out of both nostrils now and it's incredible - i really didn't think you could breathe this well.

As i said before the tip of my nose was turning, so he had to put in a stitch to straighten the tip, and i'm so happy to say it's straight now. He also took off some of the fullness, but it's swollen so i can't really tell too much. My nose is still pretty bruised though. As for the hump on my bridge, it seems to not be as bad as it was, but i can still see a bump. He ran his fingers down it a few times and said he didn't feel any bone there, so it's just swelling, so i hope that's true, because i really hated that bump. I asked if my swelling was excessive or just normal, and he said it was normal. He told me to smooth down my bridge with my fingers if i feel any sort of bone or anything a couple times a day to smooth it out.

So i'm obviously not thrilled with my nose yet now, and i'm hoping the bump is swelling, and i know it's just going to improve as time goes on. I go back in two weeks for a check up, so let's just pray it's only swelling! And excuse the pictures i posted, they were right after i left the surgeon so they aren't the prettiest! :)

I'm getting pretty worried that this bump isn't...

I'm getting pretty worried that this bump isn't swelling and won't go down. It really bothers me and i don't see myself getting a revision rhinoplasty. I see my plastic surgeon in two weeks and i'm praying it will be gone by then, if not i don't know what i'll do.

So i'm getting pretty worried, my profile looks...

So i'm getting pretty worried, my profile looks basically looks just as it did before i had this surgery. I still have the bump, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. It's really making me upset, thinking i went through all that for nothing. I posted a new picture of the profile, and i go back to my surgeon on June 6th. But for right now, it's really getting me upset. I guess i'll see what my surgeon has to say when i see him. : /

22 days post op - So this is the second time since...

22 days post op - So this is the second time since my surgery that i've been to see my surgeon, i had my second post -op appointment this morning. My surgeon also saw the bump and isn't happy with it, so he told me to keep massaging it down a few times a day because the next three weeks are crucial for the bones to heal. I'm also supposed to tape my nose at night with steri strips over the bump to encourage the swelling to go down. He is a perfectionist, so he was happy with the tip of my nose but as frustrated with the bump on my bridge as much as i was. He keeps assuring me that it will go down though, reminding me i still have a year to see the full results and that for three weeks out, i look really good. So for now i'm just going to hope the bump reduces, and i go back to see him in another three weeks.

So i had my six week post - op visit today, and he...

So i had my six week post - op visit today, and he said that the bump is still there, and he said, "it's your job to massage it down several times a day" and that it's cartilage and bone trying to go back to the way it i have to "put it work to make sure it stays down." That made me pretty upset, because i'm pretty sure when i paid almost $7,000 and had surgery and took care of my nose, avoiding sunglasses, trauma, etc that i already did put it my work. I don't feel like i should have to do that several times a day when it's painful and probably won't work anyway. The taping doesn't seem to do anything either. Not to mention when he massaged it down it was painful and when i left his office, it was so swollen because of it and literally looked like my old bump from before my surgery. So i'm pretty mad right now, i don't know what to do.

I'm really bad at updating this, but i had my six...

I'm really bad at updating this, but i had my six month follow up appointment today. I also got my six month pictures taken and was given my before pictures. I love my nose and ears, i couldn't have imagined it going any better. I have zero regrets, and yes, the bump is finally gone. I love my results, and this was one of the best decisions i've ever made.
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You're gorgeous! You were beautiful before too but I'm sure you are happy now. :) congrats!
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Hey girl! Looking great! I can't believe we're 6 months post op! It seems like a distant memory now!
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I know! It was so worth it though, i seriously can't even believe where i'm at now, best decision ever.
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FT0730 - Thank you so much! Recovery hasn't been too horrible and it's exciting that i still have six more months to go to see the final results! :) gift2myself - Haha yeah it was quite a journey but i'm so glad to be where i'm at now, i seriously couldn't have imagined better results than what i have. I would say that bump finally went completely away by month 4 post op if i remember correctly. And it was around that time when that small bump was finally gone for good that i started liking it, and now when i look at it i almost want to cry because it is such an amazing improvement from my old nose. My profile is amazing, and i no longer have to try to avoid people seeing me from the side. My surgeon joked yesterday that he must have been on his A game that day, and he obviously was! Thank you! :)
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What a journey that was for you! I'm curious, when did the bump finally disappear? How long did it take for you to start to like your new nose? You look beautiful, by the way!
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Just read your story and I have to say your nose looks amazing! Even when there was a little bump, I actually thought it complimented you well and made your new nose look very very natural. There is a huge difference from your before and after pictures, especially in your profile! It looks wonderful. I hope you continue to have a smooth recovery!
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Thank you so much! I love my nose now. I'm about four months out, and the bump that was hanging around seems to be gone, along with a lot of the swelling. I love my nose now, and i can't believe i still have 8 months to go to see the final result. My results are better than i ever could of hoped.
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How are you feeling about your nose now? I have to say, I think you look fabulous.

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I'm glad your bump improved, that's amazing! And i asked my surgeon at my three week visit about taping, and he said i could wear it when i'm asleep, and unfortunately it hasn't done much since. But i'm going to try wearing it 24/7 and maybe that'll be enough pressure to push down this pesky bump. Thank you for the idea! :)
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Hey! I've been following your story for a little bit. I got my cast off and everything looked good. The next morning, I woke up and the bump was returning. On the 3rd day, it got worse. I was really worried the bump hadn't been shaved enough or that I was getting scar tissue. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I went back to the doc, and he put tape on my bridge. I've worn it for a week straight (didn't take it off at all...showered and washed my face with it on). I just replaced it today since it started looking greasy, and I can thankfully say it made a big difference! You might wanna give it a shot. I've seen plenty of MDs on here say that taping doesn't do anything, but I know what I've seen! Best of luck to you!
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Lalalaaa- Haha thank you, i never thought to think of it that way! it's kind of a souvenier, huh? Asking the question on here is a good idea, then i would get several opinions at once by surgeons, and hopefully that would put my mind at ease. Thank you very much for saying such lovely things, i really appreciate it! :)

JennOlly - I understand that, and i have been doing what he's asked since i got the cast off, almost six weeks ago. He's told me the same thing, to massage it down several times a day, and i've done that religiously. I don't see a change, and it feels like bone when i run my fingers over the bridge. He told me he's had a few patients that this happens to, so i'm not sure what to think. He said that it was my nose trying to go back to how it was, which doesn't really make sense to me.
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Gotcha - sounded like you were just "hoping" and not working at it from your post. Apologies! Keep it up and I do hope it works out well for you. The tape idea below sounds like a great suggestion. :)
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Think about it this way... you don't go get $7000 worth of lipo then say you should never have to work out again, right? Sure, he could have not "gotten it all" but why not do what he said to do? I'm sure he's been down this road before with patients. Before I ever had surgery I had a list from PS that said I would be doing "exercises" 10-20x a day with my nose after cast removal. I have done them religiously and haven't had any issues. At my two weeks post, my PS pushed on mine too, it hurt and was swollen but it felt even better the next day. He told me to continue the exercises for another week. Not trying to be down on you, but you gotta do what the doc says.
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i think that the tiny bump makes your lose look super natural and adds character to your face... it's definitely unique and it is you. i think it's really cool how you have a little part of your old nose on your new nose. but i understand why you're upset and want it gone, because of course it reminds you of the nose you disliked, not to mention you paid good $ to"fix" it. i agree with jessie marie, get a second opinion or maybe even ask the question on this website and wait for some doctors to answer it. i think your nose looks great and you're gorgeous. the bump does not take away from your beauty.. it never did :).
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Thank you, and yeah that comment really irked me...i mean i don't feel like massaging my nose will help anything. I'm definitely going to make an appointment with one just to see what they say about it, and if that is really the case.
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Hey I think your nose is adorable now but I understand why you would be upset. I also don't see why he would say it's your job to put in the work and massage it down. Personally, just because of that comment I would seek a second opinion. NOT that I think you should get a revision but just to see what another skilled facial plastic specialist would say. Either way, I think you look beautiful.
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Thank you so much for saying that. :) Yeah it's just frustrating when i've hated that hump for years and dreamed about the day it would be totally straight, and now, almost three months after surgery it's still a bit of a bump. I'm hoping that it goes down eventually, and i have to see my surgeon in another three weeks and if it's still there, i'm thinking of asking about kenalog injections to see it that will make it come down.

But thank you so much, this has helped me to feel better about it, i guess i'm just too critical over it because i had such high hopes.

Good luck to you on your surgery! If you stress to your surgeon the look you want, i'm sure it will come out amazing. :)
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I think you look really good! I know that you feel there is no change... but there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE. you had a HUMP and now you don't...yes there is a slight SLIGHT bump...but overall it makes it look so were very pretty before and now you are prettier. I know what you mean though...if you're paying all that money...natural or not, its not fair to have any bump when you wanted it to be completely straight.

Hopefully it goes down with the swelling..if not...I wouldn't do a revision if I were you...its too minimal...just give it sometime of now.

but seriously your nose looks SO GOOD! I have a similar nose to your old one...and Im just hoping that my doctor will keep my tip down and won't do anything crazy to it!
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Thanks Jessie! And no not really unfortunately, at least not that i can tell...i'm hoping since it's been only five weeks that it will go down eventually, but when i see my surgeon on wednesday i'll definitely be asking about it. I'm wondering about asking about the injection that reduces the least then i would know if it's just swelling, or will always be there.
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are you seeing any changes in your "bump" at all?
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Very pretty comparison photo!
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Thank you so much for saying that! I do feel pretty lucky that the tip swelling is practically nothing, because i know that's the swelling that hangs around the longest. I see my surgeon on the 27th again and the bump is something to bring up again, but you're right i need to stop freaking out and enjoy my (now) so much smaller nose. :)
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Honey your profile is literally half the size it was before. It was definitely touched. For three weeks out your nose looks GREAT. Keep your head up and feel reassured that since your doctor is unhappy with the bump as well that he will make sure that that will be fixed. Good luck!!! :)
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Lindsayyy- Hey! And congrats, believe me it will be such a relief to you to get that thing off, I know mine was starting to itch like crazy! Not a dumb question at all! In my opinion, i would probably wait to go to a party until at least 3 weeks after surgery, that's when the bruising should be gone and when your nose should be stable enough to not be too affected if some accident did happen. Your nose obviously won't be completely healed, but i think if you're careful and you kind of keep an eye out for potential hazards you should be free to have fun! I would ask your surgeon too, just to be safe. Good luck!

BellaLola - Thank you so much! Yeah, the bump is not at ALL what it was, and for that i am so grateful. I think the taping at night is helping reduce it, and even if this small bump hangs around, i'll still be so happy that this is my new nose. I hope so, i guess it's hard to judge objectively when it's pictures of yourself, but i'm keeping positive and i'm sure it's gonna just keep improving. Thank you! :)
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Thanks for response xo!!
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