34A/B to 550cc....finally the Boobies I've Always Wanted!!! - Quad Cities, IA

I've almost always been a 34B and been fairly...

I've almost always been a 34B and been fairly content with the size because they USED to be perky! I have a fairly small build so on me a perky 34B is acceptable to most people.

I am now 27 with a 4-1/2 old daughter. My weight has fluctuated a lot in the last 5 or so years and unfortunately my breasts have suffered the most. They were nicely full/plump during pregnancy of course and even after I lost most of the baby weight I still maintained a decent 34D (although quite deflated). But in february of 2011 I began losing the remainder of my extra weight getting down to my pre-pregnancy size and am now a severly deflated B cup MAYBE! I don't exactly have the extra money for the operation, but when will I ever?! I'm sick of not being able to wear sexy victoria's secret bras and look good in them.my skin is soo loose that I can't stay in the cups and its disgusting to me! So I'm ready for a major change and am hoping that going to a possible 550cc will put me in a full D cup and not be way too much for my petite frame!

I have my pre-op appointment on wednesday to give my final decision on sizing and then May 21st will be here before I know it!! I'm excited and nervous but most of all just hoping the recovery is quick so I can get back to my intense, physical job in a timely manner!!
Oh and I wanted to mention the type of implants I'm going with....I will be going with silicone, high profile, under the muscle...with the small incision under the breast.
And I will eventually be posting before and after pics. :-)


Thank you for posting your story here! It sounds like you're really excited about this. Can't wait to see the change!

Oh, and congrats on losing your baby weight. I know it's not easy!

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Today was my 2 week pre-op appointment. My primary...

Today was my 2 week pre-op appointment. My primary concern (next to something going wrong of course) has been sizing. Based on the photos I've shown my PS he suggested 550cc. But I worry about it since I'm so flat and don't have a very wide chest space to work with. I compared projection and diameter of both the 500cc and 550cc and have decided I'm going with 500cc. There is really not much difference in projection...maybe .2 centimeters. But the 500 has a slightly larger diameter, which is what I would rather have over more projection.
I had my before photos taken today and can't wait to see the after pics in just a couple weeks!
Just wanted to give an update ....will post next week! :-)


I too liked how the 550cc's looked when I tried them, but after my dr visit today I changed my mind and am going with 500cc. I almost think 450 or 475 could be enough for me and hope I'm not going overboard, considering 550 is the most he would allow me to go with having a narrow frame.
I wish you luck on your upcoming operation! May 30th will be here before you know it! Please keep updating your journey as well. :-)
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Sizing is sooo important. My PS took a lot of measurements, then took them again after to be sure. He was very thorough in explaining what size implant would be best and exactly why. That is one of the reasons I chose to go with him. He didn't just say "this is what I am going to do" the way the others did. I am broad through my upper body, my shoulders, chest and ribcage. He used all of that to determine the best size for me. It sounds like your PS also pays a lot of attention to those details and is helping you chose the implants that will give you exactly what you want. Isn't is a great feeling to have that kind of confidence in someone!
Hi! I'm having 550cc silicon high profile also. IMy surgery is May 30 and it feels like the days are dragging by. I'm 5'2, 120 - 125 lbs. I loved the way I looked in the 550 sizer at my PS office. I also tried 450, 475 and 500. Keep us updated on how things are going.
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3 DAYS TO GO!!!! I'm getting nervous!!!! I'm...

3 DAYS TO GO!!!!

I'm getting nervous!!!! I'm only taking mon-thurs off work and its back to it on Friday. My mom has done this operation twice and the first time she had a slow recovery, but the 2nd time was a breeze because the pockets were already made and such. So I'm worried I'm gonna be in bad shape still, once next Friday gets here! And I worry about what sort of comments I will receive from my regular customers. I work in the construction industry, dealing with men all day long so I know they will have some "smart" remarks. Hopefully my skin is thick enough to brush it off and move on.
I've struggled with depression after the birth of my daugther and sometimes still do. I've read that some people have a difficult time with depression after the operation, so that is another worry of mine. Maybe these are common feelings before getting this done?? I worry about everything, so maybe it's just me.
Guess there's nothing I can do but try and relax!
Good luck to all of you out there getting ready to go through this and those of you who are now recovering afterwards! :-)


Yes tomorrow bright and early! Thank you!! :-)
I hope you continue to recover well so you can bid farewell to those blues! How are you healing? Keep feeling better....I will be updating after the procedure. Thank you for thoughtful words! :-)
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Good luck, tomorrow is the big day right?! Hope the surgery goes great. Definitely take it easy after. I had a little bit of depression/blues this past week because I couldn't do anything. It's nice your mom can give you advice on what to expect!! Keep us posted on everything!!
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Wow, you are getting so close!! I think all the things you are feeling are normal. At least I hope so, because I'm feeling much the same way. I've read a lot of women do have a bout of depression after the surgery. I'm sure it's due to a combination of the stress leading up to the big day, the medications, the trauma and healing our bodies go through with any operation and the realization that after all the months of planning, it's now "all over". Keep posting and accept the help and support of the great ladies on this site. I'm so excited for you!!
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Its all over. I'm in my 3rd day of recovery and...

Its all over. I'm in my 3rd day of recovery and feeling PERFECT. The size is just right for me and as of right now I couldn't be happier with the results.
Day 2 of recovery I was severly dehydrated and felt nauseous (even with taking that tiny $70 pill before surgery monday morning). So I had to be given 2 bags of IV and some medication that made me warm and itchy for just a minute. After both bags were finished I had energy, most of my color back, and was actually ready to eat (chick-fil-a OF COURSE). And now I'm as good as new. Doing some shopping for sports bras of some sort. Got my wrapping removed yesterday too and scars are healing quite well.
So over all this has been smooth sailing and if you are nervous as I was, don't be. They knock u out and before you even know what happened u are awake and they are kicking you out. My PS was great. He was clear about all potential safety concerns that could happen and was quick to get me on the IV yesterday.
Great experience. I won't mind doing it again maybe in 5 yrs. :-)


Glad to see you are feeling good and it's nice to see another Iowa girl on here :)
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I'm glad everything went so well for you. I hope your recovery continues at the same pace. Be sure not to overdo it when you go back to work tomorrow. Let us know how it goes, and don't forget to post some before & afters.
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9 days post op today. Got my tape removed from...

9 days post op today. Got my tape removed from incisions and everything looks great. Been back to work since Tuesday and although I'm probably over-working my body I seem to be doing well and healing as I should be. My PS showed me the appropriate excercises to be doing, which weren't all that fun as of right now, but very necessary so they don't become hard.
I'm quite happy with the results. I am still a bit bloated and wishing it would go away!!!!!
I will have one additional appointment in 3 weeks to make sure recovery is still going as it should be, but so far so good!
The pain was not nearly as terrible as I expected, thank goodness and feel like I've bounced back quite well. I always hear, from people who have had multiple operations, that the first time is the worst. But if this was awful then the 2nd time will be like a walk in the park!

Good luck to everyone about to go through with your operations! :-)


Thank you! It's now nearly 3 weeks after my operation and still doing great. Have been fully back to work for 2 weeks with no complications. Love the size. I will take more pics soon!
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Glad things are going so well for you. I'd love to see updated progress pics if you don't mind sharing.
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It has been over 3 months since my BA and I've...

It has been over 3 months since my BA and I've healed perfectly, with no complications. I'm still very satisfied with my decision to finally have this operation done after multiple years of needing it. The only cons I've experienced so far, is my disappointment in sizing and how much they have dropped.
My plastic surgeon informed me I could do a lift along with my BA, but also believed that I chose a large enough implant I wouldn't necessarily need the lift. But oh how I wish I had just done them together, even though I would have needed to save money for several months to make it happen. So if you have had one or more kids and your PS says you could stand to have a lift but "might" be ok because of sizing you have chosen, reconsider adding the lift to your operation. This is something I wish I would have known beforehand, because now I'm really dissatisfied with how low they are and am hoping in the next 6 months-year I will have saved up enough/paid off my previous operation enough that I can have another.
As far as my issues with sizing, I have been a D cup and larger, naturally, during my pregnancy and for at least 2 years after. So sometimes I feel like I needed to go bigger so I could experience something I've never been before BUT when I put on a swimsuit I don't feel I am too small, in fact just the opposite. I haven't been able to find an appropriate swimsuit top for a family-friendly pool. I don't want everyone staring at my boobs when I'm trying to enjoy the day with husband and daughter. So I guess I'd rather be larger and not wear a swimsuit again, then be disappointed for the majority of the year because I feel too small under my every day clothes. So if I can re-do my BA sometime next year I imagine I will go larger, knowing what I do now.
This operation hasn't really changed my life, because it wasn't exactly intended for confidence issues, but rather just a desire to not be flat and droopy anymore and be able to wear the twenty-some D and DD bras I've had hanging around for over a year just waiting to be wore again.

Overall I am satisfied with the BA, think my PS was great. I will definitely have him operate on me again, when I can financially take on another surgery expense.


Hello platnum~ Glad to hear you're happy with the new ta ta's! Sounds like you had a great experience. Had my BA done 6 months ago and am still thrilled with the results.....No more mosquito bites!!! Lol Any piks to share? Would be nice to see the results. 
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benjamin van raalte

I had several friends and acquaintances saying some slightly negative things about him, but none of these people ever had any work done by him or anyone else for that matter. My mom has been operated on by him twice and both times there were no problems. So I highly recommend this doctor and really appreciate his helpfulness when I was dehydrated and needed some additional medication. All the ladies on his staff are super helpful. The morning of my operation a new nurse put my iv in and had me gushing blood for a minute. But it was quickly resolved and not even another small issue beyond that.

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