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This is no joke - infection!

I am 46 years old, Mom to 3 amazing boys aged 23,...

I am 46 years old, Mom to 3 amazing boys aged 23, 21 and 19. When I was pregnant I thought I could eat for 10 never mind 2, and gained nearly 100 pounds. This left a road map of stretch marks on my belly. About 10 years ago I decided to get healthy and fit, and started eating low carb and exercising. I feel amazing, but am left with this massive flabby belly, that no amount of diet and exercise will get rid of. I have studied this site since the beginning of this year, and read all your stories. Finally I have plucked up the courage to just do it.

The only person that knows is my husband ( who is not too happy - says he loves me no matter what). Everyone else believes that it is a hernia and muscle repair, which In a way is true, as my GP gave me a referral, as the separated muscles could have potentially serious complications and I do have a small umbilical hernia ( nothing serious). All you ladies have been so inspirational, and I love to read your stories. My surgery date is next Friday 14 September. I am a little nervous, and feel guilty, but really want this done. Have got to work up the courage to photograph my dreadful mess of a tummy,


Lannels, working up the courage to post pics can be a whole story of it's own. I must admit though.....it can be entertaining if you enlist the help of family. Just the look on their faces when you say, "Hey, I need someone to take a pic of my fat".......it's priceless. I am trying to have fun with it, so hopefully I'll have pics up later today. Just know that you are not alone.
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Thankyou....when is your big day?
My big day is Oct. 15th. Both excited and scared to pieces. I guess that is normal??? LOL

I have just taken my dreaded before photos. I was...

I have just taken my dreaded before photos. I was nervous, and having doubts today - feeling incredibly selfish, but after seeing these photos, I HAVE to get rid of this disgusting mess!


Lannels! Congrats on your decision! It does take courage to decide to finally do something for YOU! But this is not a selfish choice and you should be excited. Have you got all your items together?
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My day is next Friday Sept 14th - am scared too - we'll walk through this together!
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Five more sleeps to go. I am really, really...

Five more sleeps to go. I am really, really nervous. I ordered vitamins from Make me Heal, and received them on Wednesday, so have been taking the pre surgery formula. I really hope these help. I also ordered a stage 2 compression garment to wear after the original binder comes off, because I have read that compression is essential for good healing. I am trying my best to eat as healthy as possible, and hoping to get in as much exercise as possible before the big day. I am working until Thursday (big day is Friday). My husband is still not too happy about the whole process, so hopefully, after it is done, he will appreciate the results. To everyone out there, who are having their procedure this week - Godbless, I am praying for you.

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Got a phone call from the Surgoen's office - they...

Got a phone call from the Surgoen's office - they have brought my surgery forward one day - I am so scared, and also so excited!


YES! Get a raised toiled seat! You will be so happy you did! Walmart has them for cheap! And comfy pillows! Maxi pads......yes maxi pads they are great for covering your incision in those first few days when you are draining! And a sports cup....you know the kind with the straw. It will be hard to life and drink from a regular glass or bottle.
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And if you can spring it a shower chair also..........walmart has those for cheap also. Just go to Walmart and you will be good!
Only 3 more days! Yeahhhhh. Did you get some cough drops? Please get some cough drops lol.
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Hi All - I go in at 3.00pm today - am currently on...

Hi All - I go in at 3.00pm today - am currently on a fast - no water after 12.30pm. I am strangely calm, even after reading the hospital literature. This is definitely no walk in the park! I am a little worried about clots as my Grandmother passed away from a DVT at 49 after gall bladder surgery. She was a heavy smoker, and that was 38 years ago. I do follow a healthy lifestyle, and intend to follow all instructions to the letter. It looks like a will have a couple of nights in the hospital, maybe for the best. I will let you know how it goes. Please pray for me!


wishing you the best!
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You are in my prayers love just know that you will be OK! Take it easy and when you can let us know how you are feeling.
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Thankyou Cherrybabi - In Australia we don't have Walmart, but will have a look at another store here - I did wonder about the maxi-pads (was in the list from the hospital) now I know why!

Went into surgery at 7.00pm last night, for 3...

Went into surgery at 7.00pm last night, for 3 hours. So far so good. My drain is leaking a little. Am still in th.e Mater Hospital, which I think is a good thing. Have bee getting up a lot, and using my bladder, and each time it gets easier. Pain killers every 6 hours. - Panadine forte. Have had intravenous antibiotics, and now on oral. We took the binder off this morning and I had a quick look - wow - I have a flat stomach.Cant wait to get into jeans! God Bless you all PS Not as bad as I thought it would be (so far)


Thankyou Cherrybabi - It's done and I don't fell too bad at all!

Well ladies am now post op day 4, and am...

Well ladies am now post op day 4, and am surprised at how good I feel. Have not had any pain killers since last night and don't feel the need to. I am going to take it easy, but have loads of energy. I have just had a HUGE bowel movement TMI, and that was not painful at all. This all seems too easy! I think taking the pre and post op surgery formulas from make me heal might have something to do with it. My drain still seems outputting a far bit ( I only had one drain) but other than that I feel surprisingly well. Hope all you other ladies are doing well today - God Bless .Ps My husband has been amazing for someone who was so anti - even brought a mattress down stairs and slept on the floor by the recliner.


Congratulations on you tt, I'm 12 days PO a tt and breast reduction! Each day will get better. Sending prayers your way:)
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Hi All - how are all you beautiful, brave ladies...

Hi All - how are all you beautiful, brave ladies doing? Today is day 6 PO. Yesterday was a dreadful day, I had no energy at all, and just slept all day. Pain was not too bad, but kept breaking out in terrible sweats. My drain was out putting a far bit, so I gave myself a boost of liquid iron supplement, and felt heaps better. I was also trying to be very diet conscious, and I wonder of my body needed more nutrition. Woke up today a whole new person, and went the whole day without painkillers, and only took pescription panadeine forte tonight as I removed by CG for a wash. I showered, and had a look in the mirror, and I am thrilled. I still have a fair amount of stretch marks, which I always knew I would have because they were above the belly button, but still are a million percent better to what they were before. At my Post Op Dr told me he removed 5 pounds of excess skin and lip - oed 1 liter of fat. will post updated pictures when I can get the iPhone off hubby. Happy healing to you all and Godbless.


Thankyou sending you love and prayers

Hi All, Was doing well until last Wednesday...

Hi All,

Was doing well until last Wednesday night. Was chatting to my family and all of a sudden felt extremely nauseous. Went to Dr's on Thursday, and have an infection which started from my drain site - and has spread. So out it came, am an strong antibiotics, and if they don't work it is in to hospital for a course of intravenous ones. The Doc said due to the extent of my surgery it is very likely I will develop a seranoma (spelling) and have to go back for regular check-ups. The nurse told me to wear spans under my compression garment, to minimise the risk. Have been doing this, but it gets too unbearable after a while. Have to go back to work on Tuesday, and am wondering how I'm going to cope, as I am not feeling well at all. Don't know if I'd do this again. I also have had a million stretch marks appear - which is a bit lousy. Does anyone know of a good stretch mark treatment? Hope you are healing well - God Bless


Oh no! Just read your last update. Things were going so well. Please let us know how you're feeling and what comes of everything.
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Wish you a speedy recovery from it all! .. I hope all gets better for you. rest best you can an see if you can take extra time off... even if it's only a week. A week of rest does wonders... God Bless.
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Hope your infection goes away & u get to feeling better soon. I bet mederma would be good for your stretch marks. I've been really worried about getting more stretch marks because everything is so tight feeling.
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