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My Tummy Tuck With Muscle Repair & SmartLipo on upper Abs - WA

I am a mother of three kids. I am 5 ft and don't...

I am a mother of three kids. I am 5 ft and don't have much room to carry my babies. My biggest weighed 8lbs 10oz. Needless to say for the last 16 years I have been doing the skin tuck. I was always to scared to go through with the surgery but I started having strange sensations when lifting and I thought Ii had a hernia & decided it was time to reclaim my body.

2 Weeks Progress

Well, Im starting to see the 4lb removed. I haven't had a pain pill for the last two days and I quit using ice then as well but I am still using the muscle relaxers here and there. I have some very tight skin on my upper left side. I wonder how long it will take for it to loosen up. All in all I'm feeling better. I cant wait to be able to stand straight up again tho. I'm also looking forward to not being so sleepy as well. I'm still feeling fatigued and its interfering with my studies. Hopefully another week and I'll be set.

In addition, I didn't take pictures of this because I felt it was to personal but I had my doc. lift one of my vaginal lips that was stretched out from birth and I must say I can tell the difference already. I am really happy I got over being embarrassed and asked him about fixing it. I hated getting xrays and seeing one side hang down. YUCK!

Not feeling it today!

I didn't fall asleep until 4:30 am and was up by 10am. My kids have been home from school since Thursday and my house is a falling apart. My hubby is doing the best he can but still ugh... I took a shower and my belly button looks pretty gross and I just realized that I don't go back to the doc until the 22nd. This tight skin is driving me NUTS! I just wanna feel normal for a few minutes. I'm an emotional wreck! I only have one friend who knows what I did & if I were to tell anyone Id just be judged. I cant count on anyone but my husband and kids & I think they are all ready sick of this as well.--We don't have any kids tonight so we were gonna try and get out of the house but I feel like crap! I don't know if we'll go or not. How fun will it be to go out walking around like a hunch back. :(

My belly button

Its day 18 and my belly button looks really gross and my next doc. apt. isn't until the 22nd. Do you think I should go in sooner to get it looked at? --On the bright side I'm down 10lbs since I had surgery.

3 Week Update

Well, this has been an complicated journey. With lots of interesting turns. My hair has been falling out since surgery and although it is lessening I was quiet surprised by it. Plus, other than the week and a half I was on pain a decent size amount of meds I haven't had a good nights rest and I am still sleeping in a recliner. In addition, Im still not standing straight up but I am very close but hopefully the muscle relaxers will help me get to standing straight soon. Within the last few days I have become more active although that has come at a price. Soreness and swelling follow but the morning after is usually the worst. Although, my PS says things are looking good & I can start massaging my tummy and incision; my belly button is still looking nasty but I guess it takes the longest to heal. I did also discover that my incision has a dog ear on the left side but the nurse said it could work itself out. I sure hope it does! If not, she said he could numb it and take it off but I'm over pain! I might just leave it doesn't go away? I don't know, we will see. On the bright side I have lost a total of 10 lbs and it wasn't in my boobs..lol & I never got a sernoma. My appetite is still not what it once was and I cant eat as much as I use to either unless I want to feel nauseas for a while. Which I think might be a good thing as well-- I'm looking forward to feeling and sleeping better as the days and weeks go by. I know it will all be worth it but patience isn't my strong suit. lol

1 Month I survived..lol

Well, things are looking up! I got a few sutchers taken out and I only have a small area on my incision leaking some green stuff but the PS says he thinks its a hair causing it. My belly button scab is almost gone too! I'm still sleeping in a recliner and Im soo close to standing at 100%! Sometimes I think I am. Others tho my muscles bring me back down. Over all I do feel better. I did just start massaging my belly and I don't like it. I have some tight spots and my skin just kind of hurts. I don't know how to explain it. My PS said I can get spanks if I want to now & I think I might. This CG is soo itchy. I still haven't had 'relations' yet but I think this weekend. Yikes! lol

I'm a sutcher spitter..lol

Well, my PS was able to get me in this morning to remove my sutchers again. I thought I only found 4 more but the nurse found 6 and 3 of them were knots. Ouch! I guess some people just reject them. The nurse did say my incision should close now. I hope so!- I still for got to ask about scar care but Im sure I cant do anything until its closed.

I did ask about weather or not it was normal for my tummy to be so hard almost to my ribs at a little over a month and the nurse said yes. It will take 6 months to go away. Whew, I feel better! I guess everyone just heals differently.

I also started wearing spanx yesterday and its soo nice not to be soo itchy!! :)

But no relations this last weekend. I chickened out. Im still swollen down under. But soon! Very soon..lol

We took our kids to a Halloween carnival after walking the mall yesterday and boy did I l pay for it! I didn't sleep hardly at all last night & Im pretty swollen and sore today. I guess I'll sleep good tonight..lol

5 Weeks!

Today makes 5 wks. And Im still unable to lay flat. And I am battling swelling as well. My sides are soft but sore still yet the rest of my tummy is still hard. Im loving my new shape ware tho!
I also just discovered more sutchers poking out again today. At this rate my incision is never going to heal. I just want it to be closed already so I don't have to worry about it getting infected. Plus, Id like to start scar treatment because it looks awful right now.
I am down 11lbs since surgery which is nice and I have gotten a some compliments from my hubby and kids on how good Im looking but that's about it. Im still not able to eat much without feeling nauseas and I still haven't had relations yet. The hubby is getting anxious..lol
I started walking, lifting 3lb weights and using the thigh master since neither effect my tummy. Walking does take its toll if I do to much tho. I have pulling in my crotch and swelling of course.
Im still happy I did this! Its just taking longer for my incision to heal than I expected and I thought I'd be able to lay flat and stand completely straight by now as well. I hear its good that I cant but its still annoying.

My new body

I decided to go through my old cloths that I had put up incase I ever lost enough weight to wear them again. I really only tried on old shirts and next summer It'll be like having a new wardrobe! :)
Im trying to get myself out of this funk I seem to be stuck in. This crappy weather, broken sleep, isolation, uncomfortableness & life is not agreeing with me at all. I took one pic of me wearing jeans and a shirt I got at a garage sale but I could never wear because of my belly.

I finally fit!

6 weeks!

6 wks today! I am feeling much better! I had my 1st period since I have been off of pain meds and it was very painful but short. I also slept in my bed last night for the 1st time and I made it all night but didn't sleep very well. I guess it will just take a little getting use to because my skin is still very tight. My incision is still not closed due to those darn sutures. But soon I hope!
I finally had relations last night and OUCH! I felt like a virgin all over again! & it still hurts today! BOO! I know my hubbys penis did not get any bigger. lol I wonder if it has anything to do with me having the PS pull my mun up because it was stretched out from birth or if this is normal? I guess I will find out!
My scale isn't going down but Im ok with it! MY tummy feels flat & that's what I wanted! Its kind of weird tho. My boobs are still as big as they were when I weighed 135 but I have a waist the size of when I weighed 115 yet I weigh 124.

Collage from the day before surgery. The day of surgery and every week up to week 7

What a change. I know I complain but I am a happy girl! :)

It didnt work. Ill try again

I tried to upload a collage but failed.

Collage of my journey from the day b4 through 6 wks

It didn't upload the last 2 times. I figure 3rd times a charm.

7 Week Update!

This week was the first week that I have been back in my bed and my back isn't to happy about it but I'll get use to it. I've been feeling pretty good other than some muscle soreness and tightness. I have been slacking on walking because Ive been trying to play catch up on school work when I'm not distracted by this site..lol
My bellybutton is starting to sink in, instead of being flat so I am happy about that! The front of my tummy is still hard but my sides are softening up and headed inward which kind of feels weird and sore.
My incision is still isn't closed and I have a few more sutchers poking through but they are so small that I cant cut them. I cant wait for them to dissolve so my incision will close and I can take a nice hot bubble bath and shave my legs properly..lol
Sex, is a work in progress but every time is a bit better. A little alcohol never hurts..lol
I'm looking forward to my 2 month check up next week! I hope I can start scar treatment then. And I cant wait to ask him about what I've heard about SafeLipo and what he thinks of my dog ear.
This week I have noticed people looking at my tummy. They don't say anything tho. I wonder what they are thinking? lol- I was loosing weight before surgery anyways but still Ive had a big transformation in the last 7 weeks! I really LOVE not laying down and my tummy sliding down along side me on the bed and not having to constantly pull up my jeans! I am soo glad my hubby and kids was and are so supportive of this!!

2 Months Today!

I had my 2 month check up yesterday and my PS says everything looks good! He said not to run out and buy a new wardrobe yet because Im still swollen. YAY! I really thought I was past that. I don't really feel swollen unless I exercise or overdue it. He also said I don't have to wear and sort of cg if I don't want to and I can exercise. But I need to make sure to listen to my body and not overdue it. I can even do a few ab engaging exercise here and there.
My dog ear is still a wait and see situation. He thinks it will take care of itself though. I mentioned that my lower back is still mad and he said it can take up to 6 months for it to get better.
I had a few more sutchers cut and it looks like things are almost closed.
I forgot to ask about the Safelipo but he was telling his new nurse to feel the hardness from it. I guess its different than regular lipo. He also said I need to massage it more.
Im on day 3 of 20 min. Wii stair stepping excise with 3lb weights and boy do my claves HURT! But beauty does..lol -I am soo happy with my tummy :)

Happy Thanksgiving! 9 weeks!

Thanksgiving went well! I was surprised that my in-laws were soo amazed by my weight loss. I thought I hid my belly better than I did..lol Oh well, I tried to say I had only lost a little bit but they said, No you lost a lot! Should I be offended..lol- I also ate a lot less than I normally do. Although, I think my appetite as almost back to normal. Darn it!..lol

My recovery process is in a weird stage where not much is changing. Im still exercising and I think my tummy is shrinking a tad more since I have a little more room in my favorite jeans. Im hoping to kick my exercising up a notch this week but we will see.

Happy healing ladies! :)

My abs are on fire today!

I went to the Y yesterday and speed walked mile, did 10 minutes on this machine that's a mix between a bike and an elliptical trainer and then did ten minutes on the rowing machine and although I didnt feel much in my abs when I was exercising I do feel it now! I woke up several times from my abs hurting last night and boy are they sore this morning! Especially my upper abs!

I guess I will take it easy today! Lesson learned! Going form 20 min. step aerobics to this was a bad idea! Hopefully Ill feel better tomorrow and I'll try it again. :)

Side by sides of the last 9 wks

Only a couple more days and I'll be 10 wks post op. Its kind of cool to look back at the changes. ( I should be studying) Shhh! Don't tell anyone..lol

2 1/2 Months Today!

Well, no to much has changed. I only wear my CG sporadically now. Mostly when I exercise or sleep. I really think it helps me not be so swollen in the morning. But it could just be my imagination. Im not sure.

My incision is finally closed other than some sutchers poking through on my sides sometimes and my belly button is still mostly flat. But there is some improvement. My dog ear is still there and I notice my sides are still shaped differently but maybe that will change? Plus, my tummy is still mostly hard and still has a sun burnt kind of feel to it often.

This week I over did it at the gym and so I have been taking it easy since then. My upper abs are still sore from it. And its killing me not to work out because I really would like to loose some more weight soon. So I can fit into more of my jeans. Right now the Jeans I was wearing b4 surgery are to big (yay) and my old jeans that I have been saving are still to small. Partly due to my thighs. But Ill get there.

My back is still killing me! Today more than usual because I sat on bleacher for 2 1/2 hours last night. I really hope my PS is right and I only have to deal with this for 31/2 more months!

I bought some Kelo Cote for my scar but Im not sure I can use it until these darn sutchers stop popping through. My PS said that could take 3 to 4 months before the sutchers dissolve completely.

Im posting a picture of my belly even tho I cant really see any change. Im still very happy I did this and I look forward to this summer! :)

I keep forgetting to share...

My Ken doll vagina is gone! It has been since the beginning of last week. I do get a bit of swelling if I over do it tho. But its nothing compared to how it was!

11 Weeks!

Wow, 11 wks. For a long journey, it sure is flying by now! I am almost feeling myself again. Although, I am having some pain on my upper abs still. Plus,exercising is still a struggle, my skin still kind of hurts, my darn tummy is still hard and my belly button is still mostly flat. Not to mention, my sutchers are still poking through here and there but not as much as before. (gee, complain much..lol)

With all this said, I have noticed some swelling around my incision has gone down just in theis last week and my dog ear is almost gone. So it looks like I may not have to have it removed after all. Thank god! I wasn't looking forward to any more pain or sutchers.

My college's Christmas party is this Tuesday. I cant believe they are doing it on a week day! Lame! But, I did get a new little black dress to wear for it! I cant wait to see my hubbys face! :) Happy healing ladies!

Little Black Dress... Not to bad...lol

We had fun at my Christmas Party! I felt over dressed tho. But the invitation said dress up or come as you are and all but about 10 guys came as they were..lol.Oh well, I always look forward to getting dresses up once a year. I don't get out much and my hubby usually has nice Christmas parties through his job but this year he has a new job and they don't throw a party for there employees.--I must say it was SUPER nice not having anything to tuck anywhere or having to constantly pull my panties up or mess around with shapeware. I love my choice!

I'm just one day away from my 3 month PO Anniversary and in this last week I have noticed that my flexibleness and range of motion is getting better. My tummy muscles are relaxing and feeling more normal. I didn't wear my binder once this week. Although, I do still sleep with a pillow up against my tummy for support...

Sex, well, I have learned that a little black dress makes for a really good time!! lol- I also learned that when I had the doc pull up my mun that it changed the alignment of things so what was my favorite position. Is no longer my favorite but at least everything still works :)

more pics

3 months! WHoo HOoo!

I survived 3 months!!! And it if I heal as fast from now to the 6 month mark, I think I might just be at 100% by then?

My tummy is softening up a little more now which kind of feels so weird because it has been soo long since I had abs that I could feel without pulling my skin tight. I love my Choice! I know I have said it b4 but I do! I LOVE my choice!!!

I feel soo much better these days! For all you ladies struggling through the transition, it does get better! This is just one of those surgeries that take a long time to heal from! But I tell you being able to wear a little lack dress without the constant tucking is well worth the hassle you are going through right now!

Today I took my 1st Zumba class and it was a very good work out! These ladies are so up beat and coordinated! Hopefully it will rub off on me..lol

I didn't add a pic this time. I figured my lil black dress was enough this month since I really cant see any difference right now. Happy healing ladies!!! :)

13 Weeks! Merry Christmas!

Well, I really don't have anything to report this week other than I have over eaten for last 4 days and my skin is tight and I feel like crap..lol Back on track as of tomorrow!

My hubby & kids go me two hoodies and I thought they'd be way to small but they fit just right! That was a nice feeling for a change!

I hope all you ladies had a great holiday with your families!

14 wks! Happy Birthday to me!

Well, not much has changed. I have noticed that when I over eat I need to wear my CG. Which I have been doing a lot of but starting today I am getting back on track! I hope..lol

I am sure glad I count my TT as my Christmas & Birthday gifts because ever since I had this done I have been hit with one bad thing after another!. Maybe Im being punished for being vein? Its not like Im running around telling people or dressing slutty & strutting my stuff tho!? I don't know, but I sure hope my luck turns around soon!

I'll post pics on my 4 month anniversary!

Happy healing ladies!

15 wks!

Well, my tummy is feeling much softer these days. Except around my belly button. My muscles don't really hurt anymore either. Although, I am still almost completely numb. It will be interesting to see if I get the feeling back or not.

I was reaching for something the other day and opened up my incision a little. I was quiet surprised! I also still have a few sutchers poking through.

I have been working out and counting calories. Sadly, I gained 5lbs over the holidays but I have lost all but 1 of it now. I go back to the PS on the 13th and Im hoping to be down to 120-121 but we will see if I can keep my calories low and my workouts long & good. I am also looking forward to asking him about weather or not its true that when you have SmartLipo that fat will never grow back and weather or not it will show up other places. And if the slight red patches on my tummy will go away in time. I also want to find out what these sharp poking pains are when I turn or stretch sometimes are. And weather or not he will do anything about my dog ear and if the unevenness on one side will need fixed or not.

Last week was a bad week for me. But all in all things are a million times better! I am very thankful for my kids and hubbys support through all of this and the fact that I was able to do it at all. Now, if only life would be a little nicer to me I'd be one tremendously happy lady!

Happy healing ladies! :)

4 Months! :)

Well, I had my PS appointment and he says everything looks good but my dog ear wont be going away on its own but if I want to remove it I should loose more weight first, otherwise it may do it again. I also asked about my left side being bigger than my right and it can be fixed with lipo but that's an additional cost.

I forgot to ask about the slight redness of my skin but I did ask if it was true about the controversy of what happens after having Smartlipo or any lipo. Which is, wheather fat will grow back or not and if it will show up in other places. And I guess we are all born with a certain amount of fat cells and when they lipo not all the fat cells are evenly taken. Some may be all gone but in other areas there may be a little bit left. So when we gain weight the fat cells get bigger. In addition, we wont gain more weight in other places. Other than when you gain weight you gain it all over.

I cant believe its been 4 months already! Time sure flew by! I am soo happy with my results and I am looking forward to this summer!

Happy healing ladies! :)

6 Months Baby!

I m happy to say at six months I think all of the swelling is completely gone. Which has made both sides have a slight dog ear. Also, have one are of skin left that seems to be attached to the muscle or something. I had other spots but they have resolved. I am assuming its from SmartLipo since I haven't heard anyone else talk about it. I do still have occasional muscle pain on my upper abs as well.
Another thing I haven't really heard people talk about is the fact that when things were pulled up my inner thigh moved forward causing the fat that is usually not noticeable to the front. And man am I having a hard time getting rid of it! I totally dislike my thighs touching!

But all and all I am soo happy with my choice and results and I would do it all over again!! I hope everyone is doing well! :)
Philip Kierney M.D.

He is a very nice man. Very straight forward. Answers all my questions to the point.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Hi! Just stoppin' by to say hi! Your last pics that you posted looks awesome! :-)
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Hi Jens you look so slim and flat, I just did a double take on your before pics, amazing! I'm wondering what you mean by skin attached to the muscle? Can you describe it in more detail for me please. Nosey aren't I? lol x
  • Reply
Thanks!! You like in the beginning when your whole tummy was hard and appeared to be synched to your muscle. Its like that and I can see it indents and the rest doesn't. I tried to take a pic of it but its hard to tell. I like nosey..lol :)
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Wow sexy momma!! How happy are you now? Looking fantastic, really.
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Can't believe it's been 6 months already for you.. You look great!.I still have days that I think I'm fat still and it's not swelling but have to remind myself it is swelling that I can have swelling up to a yr so my PS says,lol Can't wait to hit my 6 month milestone next month trying to eat better and hit the Y also..my weight on scales hasn't been moving down but my clothes are fitting better
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I have been slacking on the Y. I gotta get back on it! Although, my back is better since the surgery. It went out and now Im kinda scared to make it mad again. But I will. Keep up the good work! Your lbs will come off! :)
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Lookin good Jen. I reread through your earlier posts and it made me feel better to know that you also suffered with the same feelings early on. So it does get better!? My mental state is much better that my kiddos are back which throws me back into some normalcy! Good to see you're doing well!
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You'll be feeling better b4 you know it! Be patient. I know easier said than done! Thee suns out today, I hope you get a chance to sit enjoy watching the kids play outside! The sun always seems to make things better! Take it easy! :)
  • Reply
Looking good hun! Glad to hear all the swelling is gone by 6 months. I just got a dog ear fixed.
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Thanks! Im thinking I wanna loose a little more b4 I have him fix them. We sill see what he says on the 13th tho.
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You're looking great. I see that your surgery was about a week after mine. Good to compare my own results with those who had surgery around the same time even though my surgery was a little less invasive. I ended up having a mini tummy tuck but will be having a full tummy tuck in two months to hopefully achieve optimal results. Overall I'm happy with my flat lower abdomen but not happy with prevailing upper abdominal skin rolls which have got to go!
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Thanks! I'm sure you'll be happy once you have the full tt done! :)
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Wow! Look at you lady, looking fantastically flat! Great detailed journey - love the black dress - great to read six month swelling has stop, I have a few more months to reach that milestone - the dogs ears I've read is easy fix - continue to heal well !
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Thanks! :)
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You look great!! I feel like the fat that would go to my stomach now goes to my thighs but I never thought maybe it was just pulled forward.
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Thank you! The reason I believe the upper thigh issue is because it was pulled forward is that when I lay on my back and bend my knees slightly I have a roll up top along where my leg and vaginal area connect. The one on my left is quite a bit bigger than the right side. And the left side is the side I had a mun that was stretched out so I had him pull it tighter. It could be a coincidence but I doubt it.
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Thank you! The reason I believe the upper thigh issue is because it was pulled forward is that when I lay on my back and bend my knees slightly I have a roll up top along where my leg and vaginal area connect. The one on my left is quite a bit bigger than the right side. And the left side is the side I had a mun that was stretched out so I had him pull it tighter. It could be a coincidence but I doubt it.
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Wow 6 months has gone fast. You are looking so good.
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It sure did! Thanks!
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You look great! I think I have noticed the same thing on the legs. They do look different from before the tt. I just chalked it up to not cycling and the loss of muscle tone. Its kind of an old lady look. Lol! Hopefully it'll get better with excersise.
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Thank you! The reason I believe the upper thigh issue is because it was pulled forward is that when I lay on my back and bend my knees slightly I have a roll up top along where my leg and vaginal area connect. The one on my left is quite a bit bigger than the right side. And the left side is the side I had a mun that was stretched out so I had him pull it tighter. It could be a coincidence but I doubt it.
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That makes sense. I have noticed that even though I am smaller my clothes fit different. Especially my jeans. It is kind of frustrating but do much better than tucking my stomach into jeans or wearing a stomach smoothing garment like I used to. Lol
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You look amazing jen!! Well done you xx hope this year brings you happy times x
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Thanks Amynz! I think it just might! My hubby just got a new job! :)-- I hope you are doing well! :)
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