So Excited to Have the Body I Once Had 24 Yrs Ago, and 3 Kids Later! :) - Puyallup, WA

Well I have been considering this for a long time....

Well I have been considering this for a long time.. but just recently decided to go ahead with it! And I am very excited to finally get rid of what exercise can't! I am 43 years old, a mother of 3. My oldest 23 and youngest 5. I feel like, with some guilt (as us mommas do) that this is my time. Am so ready!! Boy this day can't come soon enough for me! I also am pretty nervous too. Praying and hoping for a quick/smooth recovery! My pre op was on the 5th. I talked to the Anesthsiologist, OR Nurse and of course my PS. Everyone was so warm and caring. Very nice. Completely answered my questions and concerns. :) My husband came with me. Which was nice since he will be my immediate care giver over the next 2 days Post OP. So all of his concerns were answered too. Fun part was he was very happy to help me chose my breast size(of course) Now I am a 36 saggy C. We together decided on 400's and saline. DD Ahhhh my goodness! Am thrilled and this just sometimes seems like a dream.. HA! And when I awake I will be perky and with a flat tummy! I think I am most nervous about my tt! I do have a high tolerance to pain so am hoping I won't have to take my pain meds for too long! Right now I am 155lbs at 5ft 3'. I am hoping to lose a good 5lbs or more before surgery. Wish me luck! II am so glad to have stumbled across this site. So much info and so great to have support from others who have or are going to be doing the same or some sort of procedure. I will post pics sooner to my big day! :) Also since I paid with cash.. I received a little % off! Nice!!


Oh yay!!! I hope everything went great! I'm sure it did! Congrats to you!!!
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Thank you! All went great! Super happy so far from the results I've seen and am only 4 days post op. :) Pretty slow moving around muscles not as sore, just more of a tight feeling. I feel like a big ol' loompa umpa wearing this compression garment!! LOL! But I know underneath it is all nice and flat! Whoohoo!!
thank you, Amy! can not wait!!!
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Today is day 7 post op! Feeling pretty good today!...

Today is day 7 post op! Feeling pretty good today! Hubby took me to get a latte this morning. Nice to get out of the house!! On day 5 I was feeling great and decided to do some pretty DUMB stuff like, vacuum, laundry and cook dinner. Ok, I was an idiot! Day 6 I was SOOOO miserable! My groin had sharp shooting pains, I was so bloaded my stomace was seriously trying to bloat out of my compression garment on the botton above my stittches. I couldn't sit or stand.. Was very constipated, never have felt that uncomfortable trying to use the bathroom. Crying off and on all day yesterday. I talked with my PS twice and was going to meet him today (Sunday) at his office. He called me first thing this morn to see how I was. WELL, I woke up feeling much better, no sharp pains. I finally had a BM last night. Hurt like H E L L! But after that my bloating went down and no more pains. Thank Goodness! Totally taking it easy today! So hard for me, as I am not one to just sit. Always up and moving. But if I want a nice smoothe recovery I need to 'chill'! So chill I will be! ;) Have to be honest, my tt has been the worse pain ever! Even worse then my natural childbith experience I had with my last child. My breast aug and lift are coming along great I love my new girls! Tues I get one drain pump out and the foam from my compreion garment out! CAN'T WAIT! How is everyone else doing??


I just posted a pic day 6 Post OP. Am hunched over, so not the greatest pic of my breast, but am so happy with them! Have my one week appt tomorrow, so I will get to see my new flat(but bloated) tummy! Super Duper excited!! :) One drain comes out YAY! AND this bulky foam under my compression garment comes out!! CAN NOT WAIT! Will post more pics!!
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Im 11 days PO and feel good, almost too good. My PS saw me today and remarked how good I looked and was doing. I was like, um yeeaahh! Thats why I aid all the big $$ LOL. My do too much day was yesterday, MY PS did NOT like I went to outlet ctrs on the way to the airport to P/U my son, even though I didnt drive. So, No driving till Thur. and all the usual stuff I want to do is on hold. My CNA is till helping and my 12 yr old is going to earn allowance $$ now that hes home. Im glad your doing well, its nice to see the road on recovery :)
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So awesome you are feeling good and looking good too!! :) Did I see gingerflowers you also went to Target like, 6 days post op? You are one brave woman! You wouldnt catch me out looking like I do now! LOL! As stir crazy as I am. Funny though because I do have to go to the bank today. Hoping for this type of transaction I can do just the drive thru. I will wear my shades and a hat, haha if I have to go in. Of course it can't wait until tom, when my foam comes off and one drain! Shoot! ;) YES, here is the road to recovery for us girls! CHEERS~

Day 8 post op. SO EXCITED to finally SEE my new...

Day 8 post op. SO EXCITED to finally SEE my new flat tummy!! :) It has been 1 week since my 1st post op appt (day after procedure). I got to see a peek..but was so loopy! LOL! Anxious to take off this awful compression garment.. It is so bulky and uncomforatable!! 1 drain comes out today too! YAHOO!!!!


Thank you! :) Am loving my new bod more ea day! Except that dumb (youthful discretion) tatoo on my breast. SO DUMB! Was 18.. and oh so inlove..haha, yea! I did have my EX husbands name lasered off a few years back. My PS said he prob would end up having to take part of it off, and actually was very thrilled, hoping he could take the whole tat off. But has been there for 22 years so I don't even notice it anymore until I see a pic of myself. Ah well.. maybe will get brave and have an artist re do it for me? Was thinking of eventually having a tatoo cover my bikini scar? IDK.. just a thought.. I think I will make a Target run for some camisoles later. Already ran to Safeway this morn. Really tired me! Time to R E LA X w/my feet up! :) How is everyone else doing? Oh and 2nd drain comes out tomorrow! CAN NOT WAIT!!
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OMG you look GREAT!!!! *hugs* SO happy for you!
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You look great! I bet you are super happy with your results!
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The more I do the bigger I bloat! HELP! I am 11...

The more I do the bigger I bloat! HELP! I am 11 days post op now... I drink H20 all day and seriously go to bed looking very pregnant, lol! Ugh! I do wake up very flat :) .. So I guess the more I just chil and stay off my feet will minimize the bloat?! I fear I will get fat w/lack of excersize! Waaaa.... I already need to lose a good 15lbs!
however am still thrilled with my new bod. Just hate this bloat! Bleh! AND I get my 2nd drain out today! Oh man I can not wait! Anyone else having major bloat?

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11 days post op! 2nd drain came out today! THANK...

11 days post op! 2nd drain came out today! THANK GOODNESS!! :) Those drains were a pain! One happy girl!! Feeling more on the up side of recovery now. Took it easy today.. but feeling whiped out!


Im having a extended tt on May 10 with Dr. Kierney...scared to death! I'm definitely letting nerves get the better of me....
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How are you doing?? I would love to see some new pics!! :)
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Been a little while - hope you're doing well!!!
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Dr. Philip Kierney

Had a consultation with 2 other PS's one in Bellvue and one in Seattle. I decided to look for a hometown PS and Dr. Kierney is like literally 5 min from my house. He had great reviews and I liked how I actually talked with Nurses and the Dr at my consult. He was very kind and answered all of my questions and explained ever little detail in a gentle snd caring manor. The nurses are all so very sweet and wonderful. Not once have I ever felt rushed or like a inconvenience. (as you do at some Dr offices) Tomorrow will be one week since my surgery and I have talked with the nurse once and the Dr 3x's. He was so kind and genuinely concerned with my issues I had going on at that moment. And this was over his weekend. Such a wonderful staff! :) The other 2 PS office I only got to meet with a personal consultationist (receptionist). Wasn't very personable, esp when this was such an important and very personable decision. So happy I chose Dr. Kierney!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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