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1 March~ Yesterday I finally set my surgery day....

1 March~ Yesterday I finally set my surgery day. In the beginning of Jan I had my first consultation with Dr. Kierney. I have never just outright showed my breast to someone before but it wasn't so bad. I never thought my breast were ugly. In fact, I like they way they look. The problem is that I am 5'8 and have very wide hips. And with my tiny boobs I feel very disproportional. My long torso never seems to have the right ending to it. I have told several people about my master plan to get bigger boobs but most people seem to disapprove. I should have kept my mouth shut. It didn't make me want to change my mind just made me sad other people couldn't be happy for me. I went to Mexico last year with my boyfriend and looking at myself in a swim suit looked like a boy chest with a bikini on. Lol what's the point of even wearing the top I thought lol.
So my surgery day is on the 18th of March. Oh man am I super nervous. Other reviews in here that I read made me feel better because of how the other woman felt about themselves after and made me more confident that something I have been wanting my whole life won't turn out horrible.
This Tuesday 5th March I have my sizing appointment and pay for the treatment. I will write on Tuesday of my experiences.
P.S. I got a 3% discount for paying cash.

5 March Went in for my breast sizing. Wow was...

5 March
Went in for my breast sizing. Wow was this a very hard thing to do! My boyfriend was supposed to be there for me and ended up being late. That ok though because the first half of the appointment was just paying for the surgery, a lot of medical questions and went over the entire procedure. We also went over all of the pre-operationaa and post-operation to do lists. We also had to take the before pictures. This was kind of embarrassing. I swear my boobs werent that ugly!
Finally my boyfriend showed up just in time for the sizing. I was having such a hard time picking the best size for me. No one tried to pressure me into any certain size. I ended up picking out 450cc. They said they typically move up 25cc because they end up looking smaller than I would think because it is placed under the muscle. It seemed a little big....but with my body type and much consideration it was the size that looked best for me. I cant really remember what exactly they implant was called but I will post about it later. it was different from the regular gel implant because it was flatter. The regular ones are more all around round. like a ball.
I am so so scared.
Dr. Kierney

I chose this provider because my friends wife came to this place. Her breast look amazing. Seriously you can not tell she ever had surgery. Dr. Kierney is a little odd but completely cool. I believe that he will do a great job.

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Just checking in to see how your surgery went? What size did you end up getting and are you happy with your results?  We'd love to hear from you!

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Everyone will have their opinion...you just have to do what feels right for you!

How did the sizing appointment go?

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It went really well! When they have me the bra to stuff I didn't really realize I was a small C. So in order to get the result I want I ended up picking 450cc. I never wanted gigantic boobs but since I'm so frickn tall with long torso and wide hips it looked just right :) after I picked 450cc they said they always go 25cc ore because its under the muscle and won't have the desired look if they don't. All in all I had to go with 480cc. Wow that's a lot! My boyfriend went with me for support. I'm so glad he did because it was really stressful for me. I paid as soon as I got there and everyone is so so nice! I really like this place.
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My surgery is March 19.
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Wow! Are you excited? I hope whatever I say after my surgery can make you feel better in anyway I can. I have been a little let down with how people reacted towards it. I was so excited for myself I wanted others to be excited for me. A lot of the people thought that I was dumb or vain. I didn't see it as being vain. I'm a little weary now of going to work and having people look at me bad because of it. It makes me sad that they just couldn't be happy for me.
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My BA is w/Kierney 3/18, and my pre-op is tomorrow! What type of implant did you choose?
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I chose the round ones. Which ones are you going for?
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