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I read about Coolsculpting before making the...

I read about Coolsculpting before making the decision. So I went in for a consultation and decided to go ahead that very same day. I was told, there were little to no side effects. Well, I understand everybody reacts different to pain, but boy was I in pain.

I had the procedure performed in my lower and upper abdomen. Each area with the big device. I told the nurse to go ahead with the two areas, because If went home to and though about it I was not going to be back.

I could not be more right. For the first 11 days I was in pain. But, hard excruciating pain. I could not carry my babies and it felt horrible. The pain was so brutal that even if it does miracles on me, I dont think I will do it againg.

Today is day 13 and it still hurts. What is worst is that today I measure more than when I had the procedure performed. My pants dont fit. None of them. It still hurts. I have read articles of people saying they started to notice change after two weeks. This is not my case.

I prefer to stay positive and think it will work. Its not easy to think you have lost that much money.

Well i will keep all you posted. I will post pictures soon.

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Its only been 13 days. But no change so far.

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Yes thank you for the review, and please continue to update us and post pictures. I really hope it works out for you!  

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