I am getting a tummy tuck!!!!!! Finally, I have...

I am getting a tummy tuck!!!!!! Finally, I have been thinking about it for quite a while, and in 2011 i decided no to tummy tuck and smart lipo all the way, less down time with sculpted results :( I wasted a lot of money doing that, after having the smart lipo twice the doc said I would have to pay again but this time you are sure to see results, ya right like I need more for nothing! I am so excited, 6 more days until a brand new me :) I have a tattoo on my stomach which my PS is almost positive he can get the whole thing so that in itself is enough for me. I am having a full tummy tuck with lipo on my back thighs and flanks and will be having it done by DR. Alejandro Enriques in Puerto Vallarta, leaving canada on Sunday I can't wait wish me luck all. I will post pictures as soon as I am able too. :)

Well 2 hours until my appointment. I didn't sleep...

well 2 hours until my appointment. I didn't sleep much last night, I can't wait for this part to be over!

Well had my tummy tuck yesterday, not what I had...

well had my tummy tuck yesterday, not what I had in mind for pain lol, but wow way worse. And then being in Mexico I am so hot and apparently I was the only one so I am sweating constantly. I haven't seen what it looks like yet, kinda nervous. It makes me light headed. anyways as soon as i get to take a look I will post some pics :)

I took my first shower and that drained me, my...

I took my first shower and that drained me, my drainage tubes leaked when i was trying to put my cg back on so thats a little scary, happy to see my surgeon tomorrow :)

I am feeling really good, down to taking pain...

I am feeling really good, down to taking pain killers only at night to help my sore back. The fluid in my drainage tubes is all yellow (ish) I think that's good, although I can't wait to get them out! They are so annoying, I have two in the front and one right in my butt crack, I have been trying so hard not to cough and have done pretty good except i am noticing i'm getting the little tickle. I love Mexico but I want to go home, I feel bad for my hubby for having to take care of me. He has not been able to enjoy his holiday much, bc I am not willing to go outside with all the tubes attached sticking out of everywhere. I managed to get all the tubes tucked into my sweat pants then had to wear a big sweater to keep everything hidden, It's just to hot for that. 7 days until we get home, I can't wait.I want everything to be healed and back to normal. I guess the biggest thing that worries me is if I go home then something happens, I don't know what I would do.

I have been so bored the last couple days I just...

I have been so bored the last couple days I just sit on realself looking at everyone's reviews over and over lol, looking to compare myself in some ways, I have only had one shower because i am scared to take my garment off, incase it wont fit back on. Just unzipping it then doing it back up changes the way everything is squished in there. I haven't been comfortable since the first time I took it off. I am also nervous about wearing the garment, it's so hot here, I am scared to sweat and cause a possible infection, :( I feel lost, I am only sleeping about 2-3 hours at a time, I am going to stiff and numb. And my hunching over is getting worse! has anyone else noticed that? Is that what happens, as the days go on you go more hunched before straightening out? I am kinda depressed, I want to go home :(

I almost slept fully through the night, wow I...

I almost slept fully through the night, wow I needed that. Today I feel good, more normal than I have felt since before the surgery. I noticed that everyday I am draining more than the previous day is that normal? 6 days post op and I am still draining around 250 per tube, is that normal?

My belly button seems to be leaking out the...

My belly button seems to be leaking out the stitches a bloody discharge. is this normal? has anyone else had this? Kinda freaks me out :( waiting to talk to my ps tomorrow,

I finally made it to one week!!!!!!! I thought it...

I finally made it to one week!!!!!!! I thought it would never come!!! I am in a bit of a downer about still have so much fluid in my drainage tubes, so I guess I will have to keep them a little longer :( I hoped for sure the one week mark would mean no more drains :(. Apparently the bleeding belly button is normal? I hope so but I can't wait for a couple more days for healing and swelling to go down. My cg has put indents all over my stomach, is that ok?

It, has been a very long week! I am day 9 today...

It, has been a very long week! I am day 9 today and I am feeling pretty awesome, I stayed in bed all day yesterday (well tried too) because I am trying to get the fluids down in the drains, I think it helped, but not enough. Tomorrow is my last post op appointment and then home to Canada on Sunday!I can't wait to get home, but I am extremely sad about having to bring the drains with me. Other than that I am feeling fantastic, done pretty much all my meds, I am still taking some anti-inflammitory. I am not sure if it is helping. I am so totally swollen it's crazy! My everything feels good on the other hand, other than a now stiff neck and my back is a little sore, I have found it a bit easier at night to sleep on my side a bit. I don't think it hurts anything It is just a nice relief. Anyways I am glad I am mentally and physically feeling good. :) Happy healing to everyone!

11 days post op and I get to finally go home! I am...

11 days post op and I get to finally go home! I am so happy to bee leaving Mexico, (although it's very beautiful, and warm) I think recovery for me would have been a little better in Canada. I had my last post op visit yesterday with my ps, and he says everything is fantastic. I sadly have to bring my nasty drains with me :( So not really looking forward to the flight but oh well... My scar is healing nicely and everything looking good, but my swelling is still crazy, :( I hoped it would go down a little bit just give it a little more time.

It's almost 2 weeks, time went by fairly quickly,...

It's almost 2 weeks, time went by fairly quickly, I am feeling much better everyday!!! My legs are super stiff from the lipo, but not in pain anymore! I am glad to be home and can't wait to upload some new pictures. I am still very swollen, but going down slowly so that's nice! I am happy I did it more and more everyday. I went through a brief phase where I figured I had made a huge mistake, So that is passing also :)...... Oh and I still have my drains :(

The drains r out!!! What a relief it feels amazing!!!

The drains r out!!! What a relief it feels amazing!!!

I am 3 weeks post op today! My swelling has not...

I am 3 weeks post op today! My swelling has not gone down at all. Is that normal? Yesterday was my first day back to work, so being on my feet all day wasn't so good for the swelling. I swelled up a lot last night and today being my second day back yesterday's swelling hasn't gone down and I am just getting bigger :(..... I love that my drains are out. The holes closed nicely but I still have the raw feeling on the outer skin which is gross when gauze or anything gets stuck. Anyways if my swelling ever goes down I will post new pics, no point now when I just look the same.

I have noticed I have been waking myself up at...

I have noticed I have been waking myself up at night scratching my incision, I am wearing a garment but I am not sure if that is why my incision looks like this. Help I am freaked out!!!!

Day by day the last four weeks took so long, now...

Day by day the last four weeks took so long, now I'm thinking where did the time go!!! I am healing great my opened wound is doing good with the help of my gp. It wasn't infected thank goodness, I still don't know why it opened but seeing on some of your ladies reviews it has happened before. My swelling is still pretty bad, and then even worse at night. I have only worn one pair of jeans, they are the only ones that fit so far. I am going to post pics today, I just have to try and find the right angle. Happy healing everyone!!!

I have started using mederma for scar treatment...

I have started using mederma for scar treatment everywhere besides the part that opened. All is healing nicely, and my swelling is starting to go down. I have lost 7lbs since surgery.

I am 7 weeks post op tomorrow!! So happy with the...

I am 7 weeks post op tomorrow!! So happy with the healing process. The part of my incision that opened up is still healing and I assume it will still be a while yet, that is disappointing, with that sore there I am still unable to wear jeans due to the fact that the rubbing causes friction and then it tears the scab a bit. Although I am not sure if it is from swelling but All of my jeans are to tight. I can't seem to fit anything I used to wear anymore, is that normal, does it happen to everyone? I am going to start the gym again this week, I am pretty excited. I still get stiff in my back mainly a little throughout my stomach as well though if I sit to long or just waking up. I can't wait for that to go away, anyways happy healing to all.

I am 9 weeks today, I am so happy to be over the...

I am 9 weeks today, I am so happy to be over the hump of soreness and scabs :)
I started the gym a couple days ago and have been getting a pain right in the middle of my stomach. It feels like a pulled muscle or something, I am not sure if I am over doing it, has anyone else had this problem? Please help me out.

I am almost 4 months, Just wanted to post my...

I am almost 4 months, Just wanted to post my status :) All is well. I am loving everything. My scab that I have had since 3 or 4 weeks just came off today!!!! What a relief, My scar is doing good nice and low. I have started doing Zumba which is a little sore on my abs still, kind of like I get a kink in them or something so I am just not moving as fast as everyone else but loving life as of right now :)


It has been one year since my tummy tuck and I feel great!! The pain I had from the surgery made me wish I never would have done it, but I would never change it for anything :) I am so happy and have built self confidence like crazy. I will post pictures this weekend at some point this weekend. I am so glad I went to the surgeon I chose. ;)

One year pictures

Here are my pictures one year later..... I couldn't be happier! :)
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Thank you for sharing your journey I have been trying to decide if this is the path I want to take but reading your post has been an eye opener you look Amazing and I'm so Happythis tuned out for you I still have to think about this
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You've recovered well :) congrats on ur new body hun, enjoy. It only gets better
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How are you doing? How is your scar looking?
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Hi, I really enjoyed your journey and progress. I am looking to having cosmetic work in Guadalajara in a couple of months and doing the research to finding a qualified and experieced surgeon. Your progress was great feedback as what to expect. Your body looks great and hope it is what you expected and more. Thanks
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so happy to hear you are doing good...I started back with Zumba last week...it is so much fun...good luck
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have you a splitting stitch in your side? sometimes a stich can cause the opening, I had a slight irritation on my scar and boob nurse scraped at scars and snipped a stitich all is well now irritation gone, mine never opened up though but that can happen xx
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Actually I have had a couple of them and they kind of just pushed themselves out. It was like the knot of the stitch I believe, the spot on my incision that opened up was about 2 inches long. It has been a very long time healing but it is slowly getting better.
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I am 7 weeks PostOp today! I am using BioCorneum scar treatment on my scar and it seems to be working. It has silicone in it. I also have a small area that opened up, but it seems to be healing okay. I too cannot fit into my jeans still, although the swelling is starting to go down a bit. I hate having anything rubbing against my scar so that is another reason for still wearing the comfy pants and dresses. I started using arnica and bromelain for the swelling the day of my surgery and continue to use it; it seems to help. I have not started exercising yet except for a little walking. You look great and we both seem to be on the same healing schedule. Best of luck to both of us as we continue our recovery.
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I also had a tattoo completely removed. So happy to have it gone!
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absolutely, I hate anything touching my stomach or back at all. It is a gross creepy feeling. I have not taken anything for swelling although some days I am sure I should. It is my first week with out the cg and it is a love hate thing. I felt so much smaller lol.
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Btw, I tried on my jeans last night and to my amazement, my skinniest jeans fit! The swelling must be subsiding but the material against my scar is still so annoying. It was great to fit into my jeans though. It gives me faith that I will be smaller than I was before getting the tummy tuck! I highly recommend arnica and bromelain to help you avoid the swell hell you are sometimes experiencing. Happy healing and positive thoughts coming your way!
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A big thanks to all of you!!!! this is a good site to come on when you start feeling down on yourself :)
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You are doing so good! Results look fantastic
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Love your new pics! You are looking great! So exciting! Happy for you! Yay on the weight loss! :)
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Happy for you! Thanks for sharing your journey. It certainly helps to know some of what lies ahead. You look fantastic!
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It doesn't look infected to me but I would definitely see our gp ASAP.
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I had a very small piece of my incision open before all of my tape was removed. For that night, I applied bacitracin and gauze and called my ps first thing on the am. I see you had yours done in Mexico, maybe give your gp a call and try to get in asap. The area is pretty large, you definitely want to get it looked at.
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I agree. Try taking benedryl before bed to help with the itching as well.
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looking gooooooooooooood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am back to staying swollen all the time sitting or standing doesn't matter. I feel for you. You still look good.
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looking good .. Happy Healing
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Hi, I'm from Canada too and trying to decide if I want to stick with my PS in Canada or go to Mexico. Who will take out your drains now that you are back in Canada? The only thing stopping me is the after care when back home. Would you still recommend going to Mexico for the surgery?
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I am having my Fiance take them out, with the help of skype from my ps. I was terrified at first thinking of having that done, but watching on youtube it is crazy the amount of people that remove them on their own. So that made it a little easier to accept lol. The only thing that bothered me on being out of Country, is you never feel comfortable because you are not at home. (For me anyways). Now that I am at home, I am happy and comfortable. Almost back to normal.
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Hi you look great!!! My mom took my drain out and it was no big deal. She said she had to pull harder than she normally does (she's a nurse) because Mine was in so long she thinks that's why. So just prepare your fiancé for that. I'm sure with Skype it will go great! Good luck!
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