Tummy Tuck in Puerto Rico

I am 42 and a mother of 2 beautiful boys (6,11)who...

I am 42 and a mother of 2 beautiful boys (6,11)who were delivered by C-section. After the second one, my abdomen remained as if I was 3 months pregnant. I have always had issues about my tummy since I was a little girl, but it got worse after my pregnancies. I am not fat at all, but even though I have a good diet and exercise about 2 times/week, my tummy looks awful!!!

I will have TT this Monday, August 15. I am a little bit afraid because I have never had general anesthesia before. If everything goes fine, I know it will worth it.

I am already 3 days post-op and I am feeling a...

I am already 3 days post-op and I am feeling a little bit better every day. I am very sore in liposuction areas,but have no pain at the scar of the abdominoplasty. However, I have been having strange dreams at night after the surgery. Different things, but very vivid. Is that an effect of the anesthesia or is it just the stress related to the procedure in general? Can anyone comment about this? Thanks!!!

I am 6 days post-op and still sore at the areas of...

I am 6 days post-op and still sore at the areas of lipo. However, pain have been getting better every day. I feel very swollen, but I know it's normal. I am supposed to be out of my drainages tomorrow. Vivid dreams have already gone. I am sleeping half of the night in my bed with a wedge- shaped pillow and the other half in a chair.I am not used to sleep on my back and I get pain in my neck in the mornings. I am very happy with my decision of having a TT.I know that the healing process will be slow and I am ready for that. I am not able to walk straigth yet and I am having low back pain, just part of the process!!!

Today I am 9 days post-op and I'm still very...

Today I am 9 days post-op and I'm still very sore!!!! I cannot walk completely straight and it hurts in my back as well as in the scar. I am getting desperate to walk straight!I am bruised over my liposuction areas, but that doesn't bother very much. I know it will eventually go away. Fortunately, my drainages were taken off yesterday! Yes!!!

Today I am 12 days post-op. I am feeling much...

Today I am 12 days post-op. I am feeling much better. Pain at my lipo areas are almost gone. I woke up with my tummy very flat, with minimal swellling. Yesterday, I felt like a balloon!!! The healing of my scar is going well, as well as my BB, which remains only a little bit red. I am drinking lots of water.I quit drinking diet sodas the day before my surgery (those have lots of sodium!)and I am drinking papaya milshakes every night, which have helped my with my bruising and my swelling. I will see my PS next Wednesday for my F/U.

Last night, I could sleep the whole nigth in my...

Last night, I could sleep the whole nigth in my bed!!! I was sleeping half of the nigth in a recliner. Yesterday, I went to the movies with my kids and in the afternoon, I went to the church. When I got home, I was very swollen, but it improved with some ice packs. My bruises are fading slowly. I am eager to see my PS on Wednesday!!!

I saw my PS 2 days ago. He says that I look as if...

I saw my PS 2 days ago. He says that I look as if my surgery was 1 month ago. I am only 18 days post-op. Yes!!! I cannot stand straight yet, so he recommended some exercises to improve posture. He ask me to give circular massages to by abdomen to reduce swelling, which he said is minimal (sometimes I feel like a balloon!).Next week I am supposed to start isometric exercises for my abdominal muscles to help strengthen them and help the swelling go away.
I worked yesterday for the first time after my TT. It was very difficult. Although I am sitting most of the time, when I got home (at 8:00 P.M.!!!!!)I felt that my abdomen was extremely swollen and hard.I massaged it and used some ice packs, which helped. Recovery has been extremely slow, but at a constant pace. My scar is going great, as well as my BB. I am lucky for that. Pain is on and off, so I use acetaminophen just once in a while. I want to walk straigth againnnn!!!!!

Last weekend was not a good one. I felt sad and...

Last weekend was not a good one. I felt sad and cried several times. Even though my recovery has been good and my scar is healing very well, I have swelling around the scar and it feels very hard. I feel my tummy very numb and it feels uncomfortable not having my garment. I am 23 days post-op.
Unfortunately, I cannot tell my feelings and cannot complain at my house, since my husband doesn't like to hear complaints. Sometimes I wish I could have someone who really listens to my feelings, my fears and my pains without judging me :( I am very strong, but I am also human and have my moments of weakness. Hope to feel better soon!

It has been 28 days post-op and I can walk...

It has been 28 days post-op and I can walk straigth, Yessss!!!! I am swollen, but healing very well. I drove today for the first time after my surgery and it was OK. Since 4 days ago, I am sleeping on my side, which is great for me, because I hate to sleep on my back. My tummy is looking great!However, it is still numb and tight and I feel it as if it is not part of my body... Well, part of it...Will post pics soon..

Just few details to update my progress. I am 5...

Just few details to update my progress. I am 5 weeks and 3 days post-op and I am feeling better every day. Swelling has almost gone. I am able to sleep flat on my bed, not with many pillows. I can sleep on my side and not in my back. I am doing all my activities as usual. I do not have pain anymore, just some numbness and tightness around my scar, which improved when swelling resolved. HOPE YOU ARE ALL BETTER TOO!!!

7 weeks post op and feeling great. I am going on a...

7 weeks post op and feeling great. I am going on a cruise in 2 weeks, so I went to the mall to get a new bathing suit. I tried a very small bikini and it looked awesome!!!!I am so happy with my decision of having a TT!. I am still having some numbness and burning at both ends of the scar and some in mt thighs, but I hope it keeps improving.
The worst moment of every month is when I have my period. The swelling and bloating come back again and I feel the tightness and pain in my belly again. Luckily, symptoms only lasts for about 3 days, but it is very uncomfortable.
Last week I wore pants for the first time after my TT (I was wearing dresses all the time). I tried a size 8 and it was too big for me!!! I was size 10-12 before the surgery!!!

11 weeks post op and having swelling of my tummy...

11 weeks post op and having swelling of my tummy again!!!! This has been an up and down. I had permission from my PS to start exercising my lower abs. He told me I will have a little swelling, but this is awful! Besides that, I have been recovering well.My scar has been healing excellently. I almost feel everything, except in a small area around the scar. I thought my tummy would be numb forever. LOL. I am walking straight,but I have not been able to wear jeans again. They cause pain in my scar area, even though they are not thight. I am waiting for my follow up appointment with my PS.

TT in Puerto Rico

Hello everyone!
It has been 3 years since my TT. It has been the best decision in my life!!! I feel as I always wanted to feel about myself. It takes dedication to keep the body in shape with exercises and a good diet, but worth it. Before TT, I was size 12 and now I am size 6 or 4. I am very happy with my results. I can wear tiny bikinis! My scar is not even noticeable. I thank my plastic surgeon Dr. Joel Toro for all his work and dedication and for helping to change my life!!!!
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Can I ask what doctor you used. I am new to this site so the information maybe posted but I can't find it.

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ahhh I am so happy for you. your going to have a blast on your cruise!
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Thanks waiting! It is just a matter of time! Take care!
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Yes, it is great to walk straight again! It was awful having everyone looking at me when going to the mall!I am doing posture exercises and I am massaging my tummy every day,so I don't feel so tight.
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YeAH For walking straight that's not an easy thing~ I am still trying to do that I am about 95% there~
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Lol no i meant I am not sure if you can get meds in Puerto Rico Like you can im Mexico..lol Sorry do you live over there =) I am glad your swelling is going down. I know that is the hardest battle for all the ladies!
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Hi Waiting! Well, Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean, so to get to Mexico, it is about a 7-8 hrs flight. So I am far away! Anyway, my PS told me today that I am much better and that my swelling is slowly resolving ( although I feel like I'm going to explode)lol. I hope it is over soon!!
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sassy how far are you from puerto rico! Iam asking because you know the offer alot more meds then here in states I know in mexico there is a pill that is a non steroid pill that helps with swelling !
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yay you can walk straight that is a good thing! how are you feeling emotionally today ok!
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Waiting,I am feeling emotionally better, thanks! I am uncomfortable with the swelling and the weird sensation of numbness and tightness, but trying to keep it up. I am trying to be patient!!!!
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I hope you are having a better day today. You are just a few days ahead of me! Keep your spirits up! We are all here and this is a great place to vent when you need to :-)
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Hi Jen.P!
Thanks for your support!I am feeling emotionally better today. However, my swelling has been a little bit worse lately. My bruises are all gone and I am walking straight, but the tightness, numbness and heaviness over my tummy are really bothering me!How are you feeling?
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For the most part im doing pretty good. I do have my days like yesterday were my stomach muscles hurt pretty bad. My swelling is very mild but at times I feel like im gonna burst. My doc has told me to start massaging my stomach and incision. Thats actually been helping quite a bit. I noticed that the ridge on my incision is going down a lot.
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No problem its the least I can do lol cant offer no advice just encouragement! Please believe Sas I will be asking so many things what if and what do I do lol! It is the emotional roller coaster I dont like (I through up on roller coasters) lol. I will woman up as my BF says! So with that Sassy express what you need to on here. I will listen or read lol!
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Waiting,Thank you for your support!!! This experience is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you feel that you will never heal even though you know it takes time...Sometimes you feel blues and you don't know why... But anyway, I never regret about my decision of having a TT. I think it is the best decision I could make. I will be 6 months post-op when you have yours. I will also be here to support you and help you pass through all these stages. Everything will eventually come to normal!!!!:)
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sassy thats what we are here for so let it all out..I have not expierenced this yet but I am listening or reading!
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Ahhh heck yea that is awesome!!!!
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Papaya has been very good. Today I am 15 days pot- op and my bruises have almost gone!!
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@ sassy I heard papaya was awesome!
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I started using Arnica gel topically, but I think it did not make any difference. I think it is just the time...I also eat and drink papaya milkshakes, which my PS said is good for swelling and bruising.
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@ sassy well walking is good and from my understanding swelling always comes and goes so you got to roll with it..... Wow I agree with angie lol that was a exspensive stroll!!!
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are you taking any thing for your bruising!
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Walking through Costco. That's always an expensive stroll. :) Thanks for keeping us updated!

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