Skin Died After Tummy Tuck!

I had lost 90 ponds and decided to do a tummy tuck...

I had lost 90 ponds and decided to do a tummy tuck on dec 17, 09 and now I have necrosis (skin death) in front of my belly. I'm 27, non smoker, not a diabetic...

the doctor is taking good care of me, he sees me every week. but now my tummy is kinda ruined!!!

need some words of encouragement!

why did this happen? I dont have a hole, yet, but the skin first looked burned then the doctor removed it and now i have an open wound of 3-4 inches. Is this the doctors fault? could he have prevented it? has this happened to anyone out there? did you heal? what did it look like after it healed? could the doctor fix the scar?
Yes I know.... my hubby works in healthcare and was awesome at the beginning. I felt so horrible for him. I didnt spend any time in hospital. My surgery was 3.5 hours and within about 2.5 hours after I was on my way home. That was ridiculous. He was there and watched all my debridements, changed my dressings everyday (a few times a day) did my packing and came to my appointments. It has only been since I could do it myself that he has a hard time. I think out of sight out of mind. We are both very upset about the outcome and were hoping for the best and ended up with the worst. I had to have him come home from work to feed me and take me to the bathroom and then tuck me back in bed. That lasted almost a week. Thankfully I didnt have the kids at home that week because I wouldnt have been able to look after them as I couldnt look after myself. He was awesome.... my parents drove me around to the odd appointment also but I really wanted to do things alone. My mom actually helped me have my first shower. Dont get me wrong... it hasnt been easy on any of us... my husband and I included. It is really tough to get over.
I'm so sad to hear about the issues this is causing in your marriage... My parents and my boyfriend helped me 100% along the way... specially my boyfriend, because my mos is kinda squeamish and she was extremely nervous at the time, so she took care of me in terms of cooking for me, getting me confortable in my roon, cleaning the room to minimize the germs etc. My dad took me to all my appointments, he carried me to the bathroon if I needed to, lifted my back in the bed, that sort of things, but my boyfriend, (whom at the time have been dating for 8 months) was my prime caretaker. He stayed during the days with me in the hospital, (mom was on night duty)he stayed over my parent's house for the first week and did everything for me! Afterwards he was with me the whole day and at night would go back to his place only to sleep. When I got debridded, he was the one who did all the wound cleaning for all those months, he took me to the hyperbaric chamber appointments... I'm telling you, he and my parents were the best.. I don't know what I would've done without them... So you have to talk straight with your man, and tell him that YOU NEED HIM! Tell him if it was the other way around you would be there for him unconditionally! remind him the vows he took on the day of your wedding! It's no time to talk about liposuction or another procedure, because you haven't healed yet. First you have to heal completely and then you start thinking about corrective procedures.
well ilovetwilig I am happy you are more comfortable with it as is your boyfriend... thats great. Unfortunately I dont have that. My husband cant look at it as he finds it depressing. It has affected our relationship and has been on both our minds for a long time now wondering what it is going to look like when the scarring starts to lighten. I have all sorts of lumps and bumps so it is more of an issue than the color of the scarring. I have no idea what sort of revision I could have and if it will make a difference becaus eof all the lumps. He was talking liposuction to help diminish the lumps but i really dont know if I wanna go through that. As for the forewarning... I had no idea this was a complication. My PS did very little patient education in advance. I guess some of that is my fault because I didnt ask either and didnt know what to ask. Anyway, it is getting better and you have to keep positive or it will eat you up!!
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