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Hi girls, let me start off by saying that i've...

Hi girls, let me start off by saying that i've been checking this website for guidance for months and it's been so helpful, so to all of you who have taken the time to write about this personal experience, thank you. Im 24 yrs old and since i was a teenager i've been wanting to get breast implants, i even had a little jar where i'd put part of my allowance in hopes to save up for my surgery hahaha but that led nowhere. I finally can afford to do so and so far i've been to two consults. Both doctors are young, they only have 8 or 9 years of experience whereas others have 30+. Im 5'4'' i weigh around 115 and wear a 34b and sometimes fit in a C (no kids). I love the shape of my breasts, i just wish they were bigger, i have been using push up bras since i can use them because i love the look they give you, but im tired of buying so many expensive bras and being uncomfortable in them because even though it looks great its like 70% padding (it's like false advertising) and i love the idea of not having to wear bras with certain clothes, not to mention how fun it'll be to go shopping. So out of the 2 doctors i chose the one thats closer to my house and i personally know someone who got a lipo and a breast reduction by him and she turned out great. He has been on tv, he's got some pretty nice credentials and today i went to my pre-op, but i was disappointed :( i thought i was going to see him and talk about what I wanted in details, but instead they gave me the prescriptions and a bunch of papers to sign took pictures and that was it, when i asked the nurse that was helping with the papers why the doctor didnt see me she told me that he had already put on my record which type of implant he was going to use (high prof) and that he was going to be using a 330cc's saline implant, i was shocked! i never discussed with him the details of the implant, he hasnt even taken my measurements (the ones they take that measure the width of your breast and such), so how would he know which implant to use, he never asked me if i was ok with this or anything. On my first appointment i had told him that i wanted to have a breast augmentation and that i wanted cleavage and that i wanted saline implants, that was it, we never discussed anything in details! I have my surgery next week on the 30th, and im FREAKING out, they told me i could go on tuesday to express my worries to the Dr. Has anyone else experienced this with their doctor? is this something i should consider as a red flag??? I have so many mixed emotions, i dont know what to think...


Pretty boobs!!! I wouldn't touch them. They will never look that good again after a implant goes in them. Just sayin. :)
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To be honest, it truly is a red flag that you haven't seen your PS. I have had a few different sizes/profiles of implants, so I can honestly say that with the amount of breast tissue that you have 330 high profile implants are going to give you very large breasts that project very far. You will have difficulties finding bras that fit and you will only be able to wear the stretchy kind of shirts - no more button-ups. With saline implants your boobs will feel cold to the touch too (doctors don't tell you this). To be sure 330 is the size you want, go to your PS office, ask for that size and stuff them into your bra. Pull a shirt over it. You need to be sure that is the size you want. You need to be confident in your choice - it is your money and your body :)
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Im just gonna wait and see how it goes on tuesday when i talk to him. I have been torturing myself reading horrible stories about implants the week before my surgery... I was thinking 330 would look small! Guess i should really put on sizers to ease my mind. Thanks :)

Well today I talked to my PS, sat down with him...

Well today I talked to my PS, sat down with him and explained all my worries, I asked told him what had been troubling me. He answered everything, he was totally honest telling me what could go wrong and how you cant turn back after having this procedure, i also had a chat with his wife (the patient coordinator) and she helped ease my mind. He explained why he picked high profiles (i have a small frame and my goal was to have cleavage without having push-up bras) for me and why he chose 330ccs. I feel like a can relax now. I have to do all my lab work tomorrow and if everything is ok i will proceed with surgery as planned. This is something i've wanted since i was 15 and i think it would help me feel more confident wearing certain clothes, so I'm willing to take the risk and hope for a wonderful outcome :)


Dang girl your breasts are perfect now!! :)
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Have you actually looked at or held a implant of a 330cc size? You should. Just so you can really see what size you will be adding. When I saw my 350cc out I was like wowza!
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I held a 350cc one but it was a gel one :/

So tomorrow's the big day! I have to be there by...

So tomorrow's the big day! I have to be there by 6:30am, I'm excited and freaking out, I was wondering If i could dye my hair tonight... anyone know about that? Surgery paid in full, had prescriptions filled and talked with the Dr. one more time :) Please keep me in your prayers!


Good luck tomorrow :). Hope all goes well and keep us posted
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Thanks (: will do
If you are not sure about it don't do it! If you have a small frame that implant size will look huge as you already have nice full breasts. Unless you want to look huge- some women do.

Hi girls! Im home with the new pair :) surgery...

Hi girls! Im home with the new pair :) surgery according to my Dr went great, the nurse said they look awesome, i had to vomit like 3 times thanks to the side effects of the anesthesia but besides that i was feeling ok. Got home and ate, i was starving! Took my pills and off to sleep, im waking up every 4 hours to take the antibiotics and muscle relaxer if i have pain. My whole family and Fiancé are taking turns in helping me and that makes me feel better. I see the doctor on Monday, cant wait to see how they really look like. I got 350 cc HP saline under the muscle. After i was out of surgery a nurse stayed with me for the whole time i was there, very sweet and attentive, the doctor came to check on me and then i was ready to go. I had a craving for a Subway turkey sandwich so i bought a foot long and have been eating that in small amounts everytime i've had to take my medication. Havent felt nauseous again since they gave me some medicine for that. Well thats it for now, hope all of you gals are doing great.


Hope your surgery went well!! Mine is next Tuesday, kinda nervous
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My surgery went great, or so im told, im really sore but from what i can see they look great! I have my family taking care of me so that really helps :) i got 350 ccs saline HP under the muscle what are u getting?

Day after surgery... all i can say is thank God...

Day after surgery... all i can say is thank God for netflix lol!


Glad to hear the nausea didn't continue and you have been able to snack. I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly. Keep us posted!
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Glad to hear!! They look amazing!! I want either 325 or 350cc. I am going to make the Dr decide which is best for me. You can only get better from now :)

Quick update- i had my post op appt today. The...

Quick update- i had my post op appt today. The doctor said everything looks great!!! I was skeptical at first but boy is that gone, im amazed at how attentive, professional and nice everyone has been! I couldnt be happier with my results! I hope everything continues to flow smoothly :)


You look awesome!!!
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Still looking awesome! You must be so happy with your results! I love the polka dot bra.
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thank you!!! i got the bra at VS on saleee! score!

HEY! So there's not much to really say, everything...

HEY! So there's not much to really say, everything has been great for now, they've dropped quite a lot and look a bit less pointy and weird. I couldn't help myself and went bra shopping at VS. I fit into their 32DD/DDD. i have to say that SOUNDS huge, but it really doesn't LOOK like that. I had an appt. with my doctor but had to miss it because my car was at the shop. I've put on Neosporin religiously on my incisions since i was cleared to do so, i don't know if it has any effect by now, but i swear they look better everyday. I massage them everyday when i get in the shower and just let the warm water relax my muscles and it really helps. Guess I'll update again after i see my doc. Hope u girls are all doing well and best of luck to those who are about to take the journey to boobie land ;)


You look great !!!
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Thank you :)
haha I agree with you on the comment RE: netflix being a savior! Hope all is going well for you and your results are excellent. We have similar frame and I actually think your starting point is bigger so it helps put into perspectives how many CC's I want because I def want a cleavage.
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I had my sugery on november 30 2012, i've had no...

I had my sugery on november 30 2012, i've had no problems whatsoever, i've gone jogging, hiking, i've traveled, gone to beach/pool etc. ive learned to listen to my body, if something feels weird i stop doing whatever it is im doing. Thats the best advice ive got, dont push yourself, everyone heals at different rates so dont freak out if youre not doing as well as others. Focus on taking care of yourself. i hope everyone is doing great and best of luck to those about to start on this boobie journey :)


You look great! Where did u get the black and white polka dot bra top?? It really shows and I live it
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Thanks!! I got it at victoria's secret
Are you still happy with your size? Did you ever get boob greed? They look awesome!
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Almost 8 months P.O!!

Super quick update, im doing great, it's like i've had them since forever. One of the best decisions i've ever made, they make me feel so confident even though i dont show them off, i got them for myself and myself only. It just feels great to try on clothes now.

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Gorgeous results! You look great, I love the size! I think you and your surgeon picked the right size and profile, I hope mine goes as well as yours! LOVE the braless flag tank pic, va-va-voomm!
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Thanks!! He did a really good job, i was so nervous at first but now im glad i trusted him. Trust your instincts and take care of your body (: best wishes!
I want to say your boobs look awesome!:)
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A year and a few months after...

All I can say is i wish i had gone bigger. But besides that everything's been great!


You look great!...who was you ps??
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I would like to know who was your Dr !
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