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I am scheduled for surgery on 12/4. I have decided...

I am scheduled for surgery on 12/4. I have decided on saline implants but have not yet decided on size. This has been something that I have considered for the past four years on and off. I am a 36a and I would like to be somewhere between a full B and a small C. I like Nicole Richie's size as a reference.

I find myself mostly concerned with the pain of the procedure as I have never been through a major surgery. Any advice/thoughts are welcome!


I know 4 people who have had implants the same size as you (or larger and this includes me) the pain is really manageable. 1 went back to work on day 3. The other went camping at the end of week 1 and the other also said she was fine. I was okay on the exception of back pain which kicked in on day 4. I'm on my 16th day now and I still have it but i can work. It took 2 weeks to go back to work after the pain had eased to a manageable level. The pain was non existent as long as I was on the couch or laying down in bed.
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I Will try to do that! Went to PS office today to try on different sizes and i am thinking 350 to 375. I felt better after speaking with his RN.
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me too! im scheduled for jan 8th and anxious about how painful it will be. The docs know how to manage pain, they will give you the Rx pain medicine you need to get through it. They say the more you expect the pain, the worse it will be. So lets pretend its not going to hurt at all =) hahaha good luck with your surgery. keep us posted!!
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Counting down & Happy Thanksgiving!

I am counting down to my surgery on Monday. I find myself vacillating still between excitement and fear. I think that I have been reading too many negative posts so I am going to try to stay on the positive until 12/2. How did you feel pre surgery?


Thank You!! Trying to stay calm and hydrated. I have been going to the gym and trying to be as healthy as possible and to "embrace!" Hope that everything went well!!
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Stay positive!! I had moments where I was feeling so nervous it was kind of overwhelming, now I am calm and go into surgery in the morning. I am also not looking forward to the pain when I wake up because I know it will hurt, but, that amount of pain will be so worth it when I have beautiful boobies months down the road when I am all healed up. Just take care of your body, make sure you followed and are following all of the pre-op instructions, make your home or recovery area if you are staying in a hotel sort of like a healing sanctuary, and have time scheduled to relax pre and post op. :) Thats my best advise :) I'll post a day after surgery so you can have another story to follow :) best of luck!
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How did it go ???

Two Days Left!

Prepping for the big day.. Countdown is on! I feel fairly prepared but also a bit nervous. I have been out of town so I have to get everything organized for the big day! Any last minute tips ?


my tip would be to drink as much water as you possibly can to prep/keep your body and skin hydrated and buy some canned peaches to eat after surgery so u dont get 'backed up' lol so excited for u :)
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Thank you! I couldn't really sleep last night. Would you recommend going to the gym today for light cardio? How are you feeling ? I will buy peaches today ;)
I will do that! Do you recommend going to the gym the day before/how did you relax the day prior to surgery? I had trouble sleeping last night. I will buy peaches today! Thanks for the tip! How are you feeling?

Freaking out !!

This day has been a whirlwind of emotions. I have had moments of excitement but there has been a lot of anxiety as well.
I just took a shower and plan to relax and try to quiet my mind for my 345 am wake up call! ;)

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Did it !!

Hi Ladies,

Made it to the other side this morning! I woke up trembling from the anesthesia and in pain from the pressure belt felt no nausea and have done pretty well all day. I was so thirsty when I woke up that the apple juice tasted as though it was from above ! ;) I can also relate to t Rex arms and I find that it is nearly impossible to move my upper arms. I have been taking pain meds every 4 hours sometimes with less time in between. I have my handy neck pillow which has been a savior today. My caretaker has been taking great care of me and I am excited/nervous to shower tomorrow and see where things are !! Hope that you are all well!


omg!!!!! congrats~ cant wait to see pics. are u super swollen and huge? do they look ginormous? lol glad to hear u r doing well :)
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New pics!

Less pressure today but still in pain..


Congrats!! How many cc's did you end up getting?
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375 L and 400 R ;)
How many CCs did you end up getting? Happy healing!!!! Hope you have a great recovery.
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1 week 1 day post op

The pain has finally started to subside. My chest muscles have felt extremely right and it has been difficult to sleep. I also went through a slight sadness around days 5 and 6 that I think had to do with the combination of pain and my boobs still being high and tight and uncomfortable. I feel as though I have turned a corner today. Things are normalizing a bit and I am in less pain. It was also nice to try on a few dresses that I could never wear without a super padded bra. Stretching, light massage and icing have been helpful!!


Yes! I was definitely sad and frustrated at times too! It's difficult to deal with the pain on top of such a change to the body! I had a hard time because I am so in tune with my body and the surgery threw me off so much! It's great you didn't have nausea!! That's the only thing I remember the first couple days out, yuck... Don't miss that at all. I've found sleeping up at a 45 to still be he best for me, and it's easier to get up in the morning. I tried to sleep on my back in bed last night and my boobs felt so weird, and all I could think about was morning boob intensified, so I went back to the couch with my pillows. Will prob stay here for another few days and then give the flat back another try :) and yes, when I started to try on my old clothes they are now revamped with the boobies :)
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6 mos Post Op

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