Implants, Lift and Full Tummy Tuck

I have met with two surgeons, Dr. Michael Self and...

I have met with two surgeons, Dr. Michael Self and Dr. Charles Pledger. Both referrals from friends. I really like both of them but think I am going to go with Dr. Pledger. I will be having 480 cc saline implants under the muscle, hip and flank lipo, and a full TT. He includes upper abdominal lipo in the fee. He recommends that I come back in 3 to 6 months to have it done. I have to pay another $800 or so for anesthesia. I am extremely excited and nervous.

Found the perfect surgeon for my procedure. Dr. Steven Warnock!!

I am a 36 yo mother of 3 beautiful children. I am currently 5’3 and weigh 170 lbs. All of my children were delivered C-section. I hate the loose skin hanging from my abdomen and have a protruding belly from my abdomen muscles falling apart. My boobs sag and I hate the way they look in pictures. I have a very sexy husband who is always very complimentary of my physique but I don’t feel good about myself and have decided to cut my belly off and perk up my girls a bit.
This decision has been really hard. I met 3 board certified plastic surgeons and have decided to go with Dr. Steven Warnock. He is very thorough, honest about expectations, and was involved through the entire consult measuring and recommending implant sizes. He answered all of our questions without hesitation and was not negative about other surgeons. He was very confident and upfront about his credentials.
As you can see from my previous posts, I initially met Dr. Self based on a very enthusiastic recommendation from my hair dresser. I’m convinced she could sell anyone anything so I have to approach anyone recommended by her with that in mind. I absolutely loved Dr. Self. He spent time explaining everything to us. I was ready to cancel my other appointment and sign right then. I started looking online and really couldn’t find a ton of information on him either good or bad. I couldn’t really find anyone else who had even heard of him. I decided to meet at least one more surgeon.
Next we met Dr. Pledger based on a recommendation from the wife of a guy I work with. She loves Dr. Pledger. I read some mixed reviews on him but was encouraged that he was well known. He was also very thorough, and honest about expectations. I still felt more comfortable with Dr. Self but my husband thought Dr. Pledger was the best choice. It was really confusing and frustrating because I doubted my instinct. Regardless, I called Dr. Pledgers office and scheduled my surgery.
I woke up the next day feeling like I should see one more person. I read excellent reviews about Dr. Warnock on this site. I don’t know anyone who has had a procedure done by him but felt like meeting him would help me make my decision between Dr. Self and Dr. Pledger.
Dr. Warnock was really great. He was so nice, and was very engaging. He did a breast examination prior to talking to me about surgery. He was very thorough when going through my medical history. He explained the recovery process and was very honest about what to expect. With anything he recommended he gave me different options of outcomes. He spent over 2 hours with us measuring and going through implant sizes based on my shape. My husband and I both knew he was the perfect surgeon to do my procedure. I knew I would sign up and pay in full that day. His nurse came in after giving us time to talk about it and to my surprise quoted me about $1,500 less than the other two surgeons. We paid in full, scheduled my surgery and I am so excited and relieved to have met him.

I can’t wait until June 20th!! Actually, I can't wait until 6 weeks after June 20th!!


Pre-Op complete. Wow, this is really happening. I am so excited and nervous. I really need to decide on my implant size and be confident in my decision.

2 weeks po with before and afters

Today is the two week mark. I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair, hip and flank liposuction, breast lift, and 500cc saline implants under the muscle on June 20th. The first 6 days were horrible. The pain was not as bad as I anticipated, in fact I really had minimal pain in my abdomen. The nausea and headaches from pain meds were the worst part. I have been really uncomfortable with swelling, tight compression garments, and sleeping on my back (stomach sleeper). My boobs have been more painful than my tummy tuck.

So far I am pleased. I wish I could see the final result overall. I love Dr. Warnock. He has a great sense of humor and answers any of my questions. I would recommend my friends or family to him.

4 week mark tomorrow

I am feeling better everyday. I am ready to get back to Jillian michaels and turbo jam ASAP. I was down about 4 lbs post op and have probably gained being on the road for work. I have been eating fried food and lots of chocolate and beer. Super frustrating. Feeling pretty sexy even though my mid-section is still thick. I knew that would be the case. I was 170 when I went in and am 5'3. I'd like to get to about 145-150 and have some decent guns on me. I like toned and muscular not super thin on me.

Couple more scar pics

9 days PO after TT revision

9 days after my revision and I feel kinda crappy about my results today. I swear I am much more swollen this time. I want to cry when I look at pics today vs. pics on day 14 last time. Ugh, I hope it improves.
Draper Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr Warnock. He is a great surgeon with a fun personality. You can tell his staff really enjoy working with him as well. He is very honest about expected outcomes. I highly recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Oh man, sorry you are not feeling well after having the revision. I hope you feel better soon. Was the revision to correct your incision or for another reason?
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Wow! I must say that I love your results so far! I seem to have basically the same type of body structure as you do. I have dropped over 60 pounds and am still at 179. Thankfully my body packs my weight on evenly. So, really looking forward to getting my surgery done January 30th! Hope I look as good as you do when I come out of it!
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Thank you so much for the compliment. You will feel so much better. I am actually having a revision this Friday that will require a full tt again. I have a lap band that is causing some problems and prohibited my surgeon from pulling my muscles together super tight. I am having the lapband removed at the same time as the tummy tuck. Sucks but will be worth it.
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I hope that your surgery goes well! I haven't had any type of lap and surgery for my weight loss.....but I have heard that it can really help with the weight loss. My meds put the weight on me....and coming off most of them has really helped the weight problem. But I don't ever expect to be down to the size that my family dr would like me at. He it thrilled that I wil be loosing the fat roll....since it will decrease the chance of me getting diabetes ... It runs in my family. Keep me updated on how things go with this new round! Will look forward to seeing how you progress!
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Lap band was the worst decision I have ever made. It has not helped in fact it hindered my weight loss. I could not eat anything like chicken or salad. Once I had the fluid drained and focused on eating healthy I dropped 20 lbs. I can't wait to get rid of that thing!! Good luck and keep me posted.
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Thanks for the review! Are you happy with everything now that you had some recovery time? Just curious if your hips and belly went down? Id love to see a current pic if you have some to put on your review.
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I don't have any new ones. Sometime swollen, other times not. Just goes along with the territory for about a year. I wake up totally flat and by bed time I am swollen again. I don't think you can expect to be totally flat if you have some weight to lose. Don't get your expectations super high with where you are now unless you are at your goal weight or you will be disappointed. Surgeons can only do so much and you will be swollen especially in the areas where you have lipo. Good luck.
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Great info! Thanks!
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What a nice job Dr W did! You look GREAT :) I'm at 6 weeks now and when you get there you will feel so much better, just about back to normal!!! I scheduled my surgery in June for a few reasons but one is because I have planned a vacation to your beautiful state of Utah with a total of 7 people. We are renting a beautiful house in between Zion and Bryce for our home base. Any suggestions on what to not miss. Should have private messaged to you. Private me if you have any suggestions. Thanks and happy healing! The worst is behind you :)
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You are sweet. Thank you. I will be at the 4 week mark on Thursday. I am so impatient and want to be able to do everything I could before right now!! I have been eating so horribly. Patience is needed. Anyway southern Utah is absolutely gorgeous. I live near Salt Lake which is up north. Arches and Capitol Reef are beautiful as well. Have a great time. Are you planning to hike? There are se difficult trails there.
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You look amazing! I am beginning to regret not getting a BA too!
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Looks awesome! Love the boobs...suits your body!!!
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wow you look amazing congratulations x
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Wow, how exciting! What led you to the decision to do this?

Looking forward to your updates as you progress.

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Angie, please help me change the "My Doctor" piece of this review. I initially scheduled with Dr. Pledger but met one more surgeon and decided to go with someone else. Is this possible?
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I just made that change for you! Good luck!!

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